I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 160288092073.webp - (81.62KB, 1200x1428, nanofall2020.webp) [iqdb]
Alright, fuckboys, since you're all you, I guess it's time to get this shit started a month early. And since I'm the one to get around to it this time, we're just cramming the threads together. Don't like it? Well, we can talk about it later over tea.

Okay, so, what's Nanowrimo?

I'm glad you asked, figurative anon who's been living under a fucking rock!

NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month) is a goddamn month to write a goddamn novel. In THP's case, that means thirty uninterrupted days of updates or thirty-thousand (30,000) words total. If you can manage it, good for you. Pat yourself on the back.

How about prizes for those who finish under the conditions?


If somebody wants to do it, they can. I'm not going to hold out hope, nor do I think anyone else is. Why not give us all a pleasant surprise?

Okay, fine. Oh, and what's this crap about A.T.O.M.?

I could natter on about the history of it, but here's the TL;DR:


That's it. Just update, vote, discuss, shitpost, and do whatever the fuck you want to as long as you're injecting a little life into this site. There are no rules or conditions because it's not really a contest.

And there's the usual bonus objective of bumping this thread at least once per day (read: you can do it again even if someone else has).

Is there any prize for that?

The satisfaction that you've been something close to a contributing member of the community for once in your goddamned life.

Good enough for me. When does all of this shit start and end?

Start: 01 November, midnight in whatever sh
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 [Reply to this thread]
Day-twenty five. Five.
Day twenty-six. Four.
Day twenty-seven. Three.

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File 139746212644.jpg - (451.49KB, 1014x1202, shes probably writing 'ur a faget'.jpg) [iqdb]
In the interests of keeping the recs thread clean and limited to recommendations, let's bring all other discussion of stories here. Want to have a protracted argument about why writer x is a faget who should die in a freak kitchen accident? Fire your shots here. Want to complain about story y not having enough (or too much, if you're a sissy) grimdark tentacle death blood rape? By all means, make your voice heard here. Just keep it germane to THP stories and we're all good.
 [Reply to this thread]
This round's crop of Nano-Reimu is a treat. I really like the beast yakuza story. Faerie sidekicks are always a surefire win, and I'll not hear otherwise. But, seriously, Lala is a rare faerie in a THP story that I don't want to punch after a couple of paragraphs. Dunno what it is. Not sure what to say about Kenji other than that he's definitely a bit of an asshole, which is, well, fitting for a yakuza. P.S. Needs more dragon-turtle and Byakuboob.

Also unsure what to say about the earth gods story. It really kind of makes me want more Hakuro. I suppose one can only pray for continued updates of that at this point.

Too bad the Akis story is struggling a fair bit and the train once again derailed. I don't really care all that much about PC-98s, but having more than two active Nanner stories was nice, I guess. Something something A.T.O.M.
All I really want is for stuff to keep on going. Half of the stories dying isn't promising.
No guarantees on anything, mate. The only thing any of us as non-writers can do is read, vote, and discuss. Let the writers know you care, or else they just assume by default that no one does.

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File 153990219382.jpg - (214.24KB, 850x1202, gang signs.jpg) [iqdb]



So Nanowrimo’s approaching in two weeks. Know what that means? Yeah, you guessed it. A bunch of broken promises. Starting November, I’m pushing all you writers out there to do thirty updates in November. No, I’m not telling you that you HAVE to do one a day because I know shit happens. Your internet died for a day? Write two updates the next day. No big deal.

If you decide to write thirty updates in one day, I’m going to find out where you live and personally drown you in a kiddie pool.

Anyway. Rules are simple. Thirty updates before November ends—and no, I’m not going to give a fuck about timezones. inb4 muh 12 hour extension. They can be shorts, updates for a current story, updates for a new story—all are fine. But if you’re going to do multiple stories, remember to link them here. It’s going to be hell for record-keeping if you don’t.


“You mean there’s more to Nanowrimo than thirty days of suffering?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
hmm yes, yes, I could do this.

perhaps something to write while I am secluded from the world.
Please, feel free. If we end up with 2 on accident, that won't be a bad thing.
I finally did it. It only took like two years hahahahaha fuck me. If you squint real hard, you might be able to see romance but don't strain your eyes. Funny how I prefer to write romance when possible, but I took a big fucking detour when asked to write one.

Anyway, I might continue on and write the other stories in this thread but give me like another decade.

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File 155684628572.jpg - (85.13KB, 700x955, mobile computing.jpg) [iqdb]
Continuation of >>13959

In short, use this thread to report any issues with the site, provide general feedback or suggestions.

Since the last thread there have been a lot of changes made to THP including new features (eg in the settings menu) and to the story list among other things. I'm too lazy to provide patch notes for every update but things change regularly. Feel free to ask questions related to that as well if you have any.
 [Reply to this thread]
I can think of two somewhat feasible solutions to reaching the latest update (aside from the keyboard navigation mentioned by >>16194). I wish to avoid over-engineered code or too much internal change as there's a surprising amount of caveats and checks needed due to how the data are structured. I'll continue to have a think on what's best.

>a story has been 'adopted'.
I'm not aware of someone else just coming in and continuing something without the original author's consent but I am aware of cases where it was a collaboration and one of the writers ended up taking over completely.

Since you mentioned RSS, I'm not sure many are aware there are also feeds for each board (though I have long since thought about removing it since I don't think anyone uses them).
I use them.

Some devices lack keyboards that can be used without text boxes or fields being in focus, unfortunately. In any case, it's not a big deal.

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File 159314107076.png - (763.77KB, 1000x926, your previous champion.png) [iqdb]
9TH! "What happened to the contest last year?" Yeah, what?

Hello, THP. Even with no prize bestowed upon me two years ago I am here again, been here all this time, because I love you. Let's hold a motherfuckin contest.

I'll just take old rules. I think now's a good time to run a contest because we actually have several actives at the moment. Let's give it a shot!

Categories: General, Newbie, and Lewd. No themes.
The entry period will last 2 weeks, running from 7/9/20 to 7/23/20. Voting eill also be two weeks: from 7/23/20 to 8/6/20.

Last yeartime I was the only newbie and moved to general but hey, whatever. If you haven't written before, and want to try, go and try bro. The last time we offered prizes none of them manifested. I like "honor and satisfaction" as prizes myself, but hey. We actually got a lot of shorts written as the prize for Nanowrimo a while back. Anyone willing to offer stuff up as well? I can't offer art, of course. I'm also thinking about mentioning runners up. Like, why not really?

Anyway get off your asses, and WRITE.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
>all you puritan sissies who refused to vote in lewds
Hard to have anything to say about any of it when none of it grabbed me. It's too different of a deal from regular entries to vote on when there's no basic appeal. And there's no point in arguing about tastes in sexual matters because there's too many irrational elements to subject them to any meaningful scrutiny.
File 15986376934.jpg - (1.52MB, 1071x1200, 82861163_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
Clowning fag is me, but of course it is. Truth to tell, participating wasn’t at all my intent, but a certain Amanojaku maniac bullied me to contribute lest the category sees no competition. Which ended up overcrowding it in the end. Ironic. I feel kind of bad for cluttering it up with so few votes to go around to boot. Oh, well. Always another ten years.

The idea involved a chikan scenario at first, but after a few hours’ worth of jerking off furious speculation, I couldn’t unearth a plausible setup for chikan to occur in Gensokyo. No trains, see? So, it became what it became. Initial rough had Akyuu rather than Clownpiece catching a ride back to town, Akyuu being my known wife. Somewhere along the way, though, I got it into my head that a stealthy fairy instead would boost the lewd factor of the thing. And Clownpiece is, in my humorous take, the cutest and funniest of the lot. A bit of background Heca perving out was an added perk. Could’ve stretched it even longer if I hadn’t been so stubborn about a threat I made to a meandering someone a while ago. Hmm.

Curious how so many of my lewd ideas loop around the EET, and yet I haven’t in easily accessible memory lewded any of the actual EETs at length. Food for thought.
File 159864316149.jpg - (488.03KB, 2100x2176, patchu burger.jpg) [iqdb]
I wrote Scarlet Days / Flowering Nights, or, as I've recently taken to calling it, Scarlet Days + Flowering Nights. Or rather, just Scarlet Days and Scarlet Nights, because the second title was supposed to just be a subtitle for an optional extra.

Anyway every review about it is correct. This is what happens when I'm off my fucking chump and try to write slice of life. I don't regret it though because I'd never get a chance to do this kind of stuff otherwise.

The main incident was caused by tree roots growing through a drainage pipe, which often happens with older buildings like the Scarlet Devil Mansion as they tend to have unprotected clay drainage pipes, installed before the modern practice came about of concreting around them. The pipe gets broken open and half-blocked, and this causes the surrounding soil to become heavily waterlogged, which can then in turn lead to a leaking basement, just because no structural waterproofing is ever really perfect. (This happened to me once.)

I wasn't actually trying to flex, though. What I'd really wanted to do was get into Flandre's head, being a vampire who lives in a basement and has some funny ideas in her head about the world and isn't cute at all. Then fairies hijacked my story, so I guess I fucked up in that regard.

The Sakuya portion came about entirely as an afterthought because I saw the opportunity to make a joke about Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus that wasn't just 'lol it's incomprehensible', and I knew at least one person on THP was at least passingly familiar with it.

Look forward to the sequel, wherein Yamame Kurodani asks three questions, which is to say, asks the same question three times (about backyard tree health) before receiving an answer, makes a (correct) diagnosis of root intrusion, and bills the Scarlet Devil Mansion two dozen curtains for her time.

I also wrote Fucking Vampires, as a (more straightforward) joke. I've never written porn before, but since someone managed to like it, maybe I'll try it again some day.

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File 158898536334.jpg - (700.27KB, 869x1000, cirreading.jpg) [iqdb]
Whoops! Looks like the previous one is finally on autosage. Here's to another five years, I guess.

Let's not actually take five years, though it's most probable at this point.

Might as well take this opportunity to repeat my recommendation for From the Scarlet Moon Flows the Spring and add that Clever, Audacious, and Wise -- and most of Teruyo's stuff from the past couple of years, really -- is worth a read.
 [Reply to this thread]
Not really the thread for this, but since we're here I'd recommend DDC for its straightforward arcade-iness. It's all relatively easy -- save the stage five gimmicks. I'd also put forward HSiFS in a similar light, but with the caveat that it's a bit mean in terms of having bullets that can be hard to see at times. Same deal with WBaWC.

If you need more info on the games or, well, most other things, I'd recommend consulting Touhouwiki: https://en.touhouwiki.net

Play on lunatic for about an hour or so to get a feel for the deathbomb timing, then switch to normal.

Normal takes about 3 months to 1cc

After that, hard will be about 2 weeks

Then finally lunatic after about 3 weeks after that.
thank you bros

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File 158578087069.jpg - (128.05KB, 707x707, magical thunk.jpg) [iqdb]
For quite some time I’ve wanted to write more on the site. I know I currently have running stories but those often require time to get right and to then wait around for votes. What I miss the most from early site days is being able to write something pretty much whenever. I know that it’s impossible to get that level of activity again in a single thread but there’s other ways to get close to that feeling.

To that end I’m posing the following question: What would you be willing to read and vote regularly in?

I’m more than open to reviving my older stories that were left unfinished for one reason or another. What I enjoy the most about writing on THP is the interactivity part and so it’s important that the numbers are there. If there’s no demand then I won’t bother. In that same vein, I’m not really interested in writing shorts or long form non-interactive stories.

I’d also be willing to start something new if someone pitches a good idea. However, I’d prefer it not to be too plot-heavy as I want to focus on something easier to write as I deal with other ongoing stories. Light and fast is ideal but it can be something else that works in rotation with my other stories.

Depending on responses I may put it to a vote here. Might also be worth noting if there’s something you wouldn’t read and vote in that’s been proposed. As THP’s active voter base is small these days, I want to try to have something that keeps most people on board. That way if one or two people go away or don’t vote for a while, it doesn’t become frustrating.

I tried not to gas on too much here but if there’s any questions about my proposal or thinking/whatever, I’ll happily answer them in this thread.

Oh and one last thing: Happy Birthday, THP!
 [Reply to this thread]
Just do what you're doing now, silly.
>posting is too hard
step 1 type word
step 2 hit reply
hth fam

It's not that easy. This one time, I made a typo, and THP wouldn't let me delete the post. I'm sure thousands of people here still laugh about it to this very day.

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File 143590567726.jpg - (437.94KB, 850x1200, inchling.jpg) [iqdb]
We've been without one of these for almost ten months. Time to revive the tradition!

What have you been reading lately? What do you recommend to your fellow THPers?
 [Reply to this thread]
From the Scarlet Moon Flows the Spring is a good story. Though I'm sure all five of you left have either read it or chosen to ignore it.

I'm just sad for the lack of activity (that I care about), okay?

It had a lot of potential, that's for sure. Unfortunately, Kagerou's character was too weak to serve as a meaningful foil for any of the admitidly well executed supporting cast. Not intelligent/ambitious enough to have a fun scene with patchy, not witty/horny enough to have a fun scene with Remi, and the list continues in this fashion. The most egregious of these deficencies has to be her leadership/charisma though. I expected the contrast between Sakuya's brutal regime and whatever style Kagerou went with would be a central pillar of the story, but there was hardly any interplay at all between her and the fairy brigade.

I do have to acknowledge the interaction with Banki was well done though.

Spiritual SAGE for off-topic.

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File 158254996335.png - (824.57KB, 1006x800, updates.png) [iqdb]
>U wot?

Last year talking was had about Nanowrimo participation and some folks had to say "Updating every day for a month, during THIS time of year? No can do!" I wondered then, what about during another time of year? What about March????

It's valid: winter is a horrible time especially for working people. So, why not a less busier time? And so, Nanowrimo 2019. (2). March starts in about a week. Join, nerd.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to

a) write at least 30 updates in March
b) write at least 30,000 words by the end of March

You don't actually have to write every day, and can accomplish b) by dumping 30k words on March 31st. It's an OR statement so no you don't have to do both. Do as you will, what's important is that you DO IT

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
This was sort of a failure. I guess next time I'll try... the summer? It got a few people writing but that's the thing: a few.

I didn't accomplish this by the end of March using only one story, but was 100 away from 30k words in the story specifically for this, and across other stories put in enough work to meet the goal. I'll think about asking for a story based on a premise I suggest
I really wanted to do some kind of symbolic participation, but that didn't work out at all.

Doubt I'll manage anything in the summer either.
File 158569410556.jpg - (169.53KB, 800x800, judge legs.jpg) [iqdb]
I managed to do an update every day of the month and finish a story. Hooray. Now to join Komachi in slacking off.

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File 15827528183.jpg - (473.16KB, 800x960, protect this smile.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, since evidently none of you numbskulls are going to do it, I guess I'll do it after all.

Second verse, same as the first. Update, discuss, do whatever the fuck you need to in order to make some activity on this site every day during NaNoWriMo. That includes bumping this thread. See >>15829 if you're confused about any of this.

Start date is 01 March, ending on 31 March. Get ready to stop jacking off and start contributing, assholes.

Please don't make Okuu sad.
 [Reply to this thread]
File 158567277217.jpg - (250.54KB, 1920x1638, atomichappiness.jpg) [iqdb]
Kay, that's it, then. Okuu happiness maintained, I guess.

See you lot for another go this summer -- or whenever.

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