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Started: 2024/07/13
Status: Active
Threads: 32148
Tags: Chen Yakumo Ran Yakumo Yukari
Synopsis: Ran struggles with her life shortly after becoming Yukari's shikigami.
Started: 2024/07/09
Status: Active
Threads: 210430
Started: 2024/06/01
Status: Short
Threads: 2883
Started: 2024/05/17
Status: Active
Threads: 31792
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Kochiya Sanae 1st Person Female Protagonist Romance Yuri
Synopsis: Sanae must win the heart of Reimu. With her spirit, her miracles, and her exuberance, nothing could possibly go wrong.
Started: 2024/05/02
Status: Short
Threads: 17300/shorts/2884
Tags: Site Event
Synopsis: A writing exhibition by various authors centered around the themes of luck and fate.
Started: 2024/04/16
Status: Active
Threads: 44630
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Yakumo Yukari Drama
Synopsis: Reimu found out that one word can change someone's life the hard way.
Started: 2024/03/31
Status: Active
Threads: 2804
Tags: 3rd Person Multiple Pov Alternative Universe
Synopsis: This thread will contain supplementary scenes and stories to the main Redo/Reimu story. Not from the main character's perspective, but from others. These are not CYOA; merely a response to the events of the CYOA itself.
Started: 2024/03/08
Status: Active
Threads: 205449205720206017206302206595206906207202207370207705208027208337208664208978209221209492209799210140210522
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Hieda no Akyuu 3rd Person Alternative Universe
Synopsis: The world has ended, but five (well, four and a half) humans get a chance to do it over, and make things right. Only problem is, for their second go around, they're not going to be 'human'...
Started: 2024/03/03
Status: Short
Threads: 41355
Started: 2024/03/03
Status: Short
Threads: 17142/at/41357
Started: 2024/02/02
Status: Stalled
Threads: 69334
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Kirisame Marisa Kochiya Sanae 3rd Person Adventure Alternative Universe Crossover
Synopsis: A cluster of feudal worlds once lost to the Imperium have been rediscovered, each brimming with value, and yet every one Inquisitor Reimu comes across is fraught with threats without and within.
Started: 2024/01/23
Status: Short
Threads: 2803
Started: 2024/01/17
Status: Short
Threads: 2801
Started: 2023/12/01
Status: Active
Threads: 205189
Tags: Kirisame Marisa Kudamaki Tsukasa Letty Whiterock Multiple Pov
Synopsis: Letty decides one winter that she's going to take a break. The situation develops.
Started: 2023/12/01
Status: Active
Threads: 44370
Tags: Sekibanki 3rd Person Touhou Protagonist Youkai Protagonist
Synopsis: Sekibanki finds a new part-time job, to her great dismay...
Started: 2023/11/03
Status: Active
Threads: 204727
Tags: 3rd Person Original Character Drama
Synopsis: An Imugi encounters a fox-spirit.
Started: 2023/11/02
Status: Active
Threads: 69194
Tags: Haniyasushin Keiki Joutouguu Mayumi Niwatari Kutaka 1st Person Original Character Unreliable Narrator Adventure Comedy
Synopsis: Two haniwa go to hell and encounter racism
Started: 2023/11/02
Status: Stalled
Threads: 41341
Started: 2023/11/02
Status: Stalled
Threads: 69188
Tags: Toramaru Shou 1st Person Contest Entry Female Protagonist Male Protagonist Original Character Poetry Origin Story
Synopsis: A Nanowrimo 2023 entry where each chapter revolves around different types of yokai and how they view beauty.
Started: 2023/11/02
Status: Completed
Threads: 29049
Tags: Reisen Udongein Inaba Wriggle Nightbug Original Character Adventure
Synopsis: A new lunar rabbit arrives to Gensokyo. She's only sure she's there for her mission and Reisen.
Started: 2023/11/01
Status: Stalled
Threads: 64440
Started: 2023/11/01
Status: Stalled
Threads: 69170
Tags: Ibuki Suika 1st Person Contest Entry Alternative Universe Comedy School Slice Of Life
Synopsis: "You can't just remix old story ideas and run for it for nanowrimo!" "Oh, yes I can!" "Oh no, you can't!" "Oh, yes I can!"
Started: 2023/10/31
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 32126
Started: 2023/10/30
Status: Completed
Threads: 2903229161
Tags: Yagokoro Eirin 3rd Person Contest Entry Female Protagonist God Protagonist Touhou Protagonist
Synopsis: Meditations on impurity. (First thread is raw Nanowrimo output. Go directly to the second thread to read.)
Started: 2023/10/01
Status: Stalled
Threads: 204650
Started: 2023/09/30
Status: Short
Threads: 2797
Tags: Yorigami Shion 3rd Person Touhou Protagonist Comedy
Synopsis: When Tenshi's not around, Shion decides to ask for a blessing at the Hakurei Shrine in the hope of getting some relief from her constant misfortune. However, her misfortune arrives there ahead of her. (A homage to a certain anime.)
Started: 2023/09/26
Status: Active
Threads: 17359
Tags: Kisume 2nd Person
Synopsis: During the events of Touhou 19, Kisume visits the Ancient City. She would then get roped into fixing smaller issues that have seemingly been caused by the larger incident. But is there more to it...?
Started: 2023/09/04
Status: Completed
Threads: 31763
Tags: Kawashiro Nitori Original Character
Synopsis: A kappa comes to terms with her grief regarding what used to be, and no longer is.
Started: 2023/08/30
Status: Short
Threads: 204552
Tags: Hong Meiling Konpaku Youmu Reisen Udongein Inaba Comedy Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Find out what goes on with the beleaguered servants of Gensokyo during the after hours of work.
Started: 2023/07/28
Status: Completed
Threads: 69107
Tags: Original Character Competition
Synopsis: Need help traversing through the crazy world that is Gensokyo? Fret no longer, as there is an interested party out there to help you on your quest!
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