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File 145602083622.jpg - (126.32KB, 560x420, K1.jpg) [iqdb]

Touhou Kenchinroku is a series of eroge by circle eden. There are currently three games in the series, all of which have been translated into English.

The first game of the series takes place at Yukari's home and features Yukari, Ran, Chen, and Aya as heroines.

It can be bought from English dlsite: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE065288.html
or melonbooks.com: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000155506
and is only 105 yen.

The English patch can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rljr8fdi2x3orb8
This is a revised patch from the original that was posted earlier. It includes various fixes to wordwrapping, message history, grammar, typos, etc. It is strongly recommended to use this patch if you plan on reading it, but the story is the same as the first patch.
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File 158868957280.jpg - (373.31KB, 1280x1818, 27.jpg) [iqdb]
kenchinroku 4?
I'd trust that about as much as I'd trust your average THP writer.

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File 159029214281.jpg - (300.16KB, 800x800, shizuwipeout.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>38360
Thread 2: >>39475

[x] Find a restraint to ambush Shizuha with.

You twist around and look through a nearby crate, finding… belts. A huge pile of belts mixed with thin, wooden blocks and small widgets. You find some of the belts long, some short, some with, wait a second. Some are very short. Far too small for her waist. Too small even for a fairy’s waist.

What on earth…

Shizuha takes her first step up the ladder. Forget the belts, you need-

Those smaller ones might just fit around her wrists. If that’s so…

No time to think. You reach in, scoop out a large handful, and leap toward the ladder. Shizuha flinches as you dump them beside that ladder.

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From and optimal standpoint we should take like a couple of weeks to properly break all four of our prisoners and turn them into loyal slaves, but unfortunately PLOT is not going to give us the time.

None of them are powerful, and none of them are loyal either.


She's also the sneakiest one about NOT being able to resist our influence, making her the most dangerous. Better to deal with the devil you know rather than the devil you don't.


>turn them into loyal slaves

Bit of a stretch innit? This ain't one of those Chinese cartoons.

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[x] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.
keep yaself smart

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File 159033208648.jpg - (230.75KB, 600x700, __kurodani_yamame_touhou_drawn_by_sonjow4__8b023a2.jpg) [iqdb]
Somewhat follows >>40675
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[X] Caution to the wind and fuck her.

Sounds like something a reasonable man would do.
(x) Yami’s mouth.
(x) Yami’s tits.

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File 154017296316.png - (367.31KB, 750x750, MystiBoobs.png) [iqdb]
Previous Thread: >>38360

[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
 - [x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

You can’t help the evil twitch at the edge of your lips. You give Mystia’s leash a tug and she approaches, one timid step at a time. You lean in close, feeling her excited breath wash over you again. “Close your eyes.”

Her eyes flutter closed as she puckers her lips. You wait only a second before you bring the ball to her lips and press. Her brow furrows and her stubborn lips twitch. Her eyes open, questioning, or perhaps pleading. You push and for another rebellious moment she resists. Then she allows the ball to slide behind her lips and through her teeth until it hits her throat, stretching her jaw wide open to accommodate its sheer, curving girth.

Satisfied, you step around her and pull at the straps, buckling it tight against her head.

You run your fingers across the rigid frame of her wings. She groans a quiet, muffled protest. You hum, rubbing the crescent depressions. No response. Your hand slides back up, out, and down, eliciting a shiver as you hit the base. You smile as your tone drops close to menacing. “Say, Mystia, did I ever tell you how I managed to satisfy Wriggle?”

“Hwogh…” She shivers.
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If anyone would be so kind as to drop one last vote, preferably on either confronting Shizuha or trying to restrain her, I would greatly appreciate it.
File 158960001573.gif - (693.26KB, 220x220, Unrelated.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Restrain her!

Hopefully she says something really cliché like "You dare to oppose a Goddess??"
Next Thread: >>40689

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File 158300925139.jpg - (2.78MB, 2500x856, a world of girls.jpg) [iqdb]

I have been afflicted.

“Curse” could be the wrong word to use. After all, my new condition could be construed in a more complex way than “well, Odou, you’ve rolled a bad pair of dice, you’ve drawn the wrong hand, you’ve been put in the proverbial shit”.

It’s complicated.

“Hahh... it’s complicated,” I lament, my voice echoing throughout the room.

I became the target of a whimsical god.
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[x] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[x] No condom.
[X] Alright, pull up Orin’s dress and fuck her missionary style.
----[X] No condom.

muh fetishes

Missionary style is your fetish? I feel like that's more of a preference than a fetish.

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File 158975625224.jpg - (127.98KB, 700x990, 68232195_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
The aloof face of the Moon slides up the night sky over the shrine’s roof. The many feminine voices of the flower-viewing party out front are no more than a muted, drunken buzz. A nature-gazing party after dusk sounded a dull idea when brought up first, but the guests have readjusted their attentions as appropriate. When you go back far enough, hops are nature too.

It is with that thought uppermost in my mind that I refocus my own attention on the natural beauty before me. Seated on the back porch of her home, Hakurei Reimu, the shrine maiden of Gensokyo, peeks up at me – pink of face but calm. I rather expected she would call our “breather” off at the first interruption, but no. Instead, she holds the bottom edge of her short, Summer vest pulled up to her chin and says,

“Just the wind. Go on, keep at it. I haven’t all night.”

I nod my assent and wrap my fingers back around my unsated erection. Reimu’s gorgeous, keen eyes lock onto my selfish motions, and she leans back to present me with an even clearer view of her nude chest. There is a certain underbite in her expression, a controlled annoyance, as I resume stroking myself to the sights and shapes of her nudity. It is an underbite I understand. A servant ought never to be serviced by their master. A shrine maiden should never leave her charges to play around. It is why, I imagine, we are both a smidge jumpy. It is why, I presume, Reimu’s cheeks are flushed pink… and her nipples stiff and cherry-red from arousal.

At the back of my preoccupied mind, the wilful little miss Reimu whom I met once years before at somebody else’s behest refuses to concede. She refuses to accept she is one and the same as the ripe, young woman now tamely baring her tits for a man behind her shrine while a besotted reception goes merrily on in her front yard – precluding her supervision. Nor am I without trace mistrust. The Reimu I am gratifying myself to is little no more. Her slim, girlish hips have widened, readying
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Damn, I don't think I've ever felt sad at the end of an /at/ update before. This was very nice.

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File 158369653748.png - (576.97KB, 960x1000, 60862857_p1.png) [iqdb]
Thread the previous: >>39853
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(X)... the thesis had been proven. The mystery that remained was: could female magicians get blue balls?

A curious question...
update machine 🅱️roke
File 158723622292.png - (108.45KB, 250x373, 1439474008766.png) [iqdb]
It did, admittedly.

OK, no drama. The Trades are off. At least, they are as the continuous story they’ve been. I won’t waste your time with how and why; I do that enough on the D. That stands for Discord. You perverts.

Anyhow. At the risk of leaving a bad taste in your mouth (stop it!), I’ll probably be re-touching on this continuity… just in another form, more suited to primarily-pornographic content upon a reconsideration. Sorry and see you soon.

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File 151504535550.png - (2.44MB, 1360x1000, 4e1de8446508006184f53ba8c2837cd5.png) [iqdb]
Content warning (tags, if you will) below the story post


Satori Komeiji trembled in inexplicable excitement. Today was it. The day. The momentous day, after nearly a year of sending Rin out to cajole, market, hawk her mistresses’ services to any who would hear. Even Satori herself, if asked, could not tell why she’d put so much effort into this project of hers, and would balk at looking inwards at it. In her heart of hearts, she knew the intentions were not wholly pure.

Regardless, now it was done. All she could do now was wait for her mark. She tapped her desk, bit at her nails, kicked her legs, got up and paced back and forth at regular intervals. Rin would laugh if she saw her master acting as such, for certain, but Satori could not contain herself. It was a wonder and a testament to Koishi and Rin’s skill that she had achieved it at all. Luring a young girl into the den of the most hated youkai to freely talk about their problems specifically should have been near impossible, but time and insistence were on the mind reader’s side. She knew first hand that Rin was a tremendous talent at getting what she wanted and annoying people, and there were a number of good arguments going for her, after all. She knew many people’s secrets already, and had never let a single one pass her lips without very good excuse. She’d been very well behaved in all fronts, ever since the underground was unsealed a good year ago. All in all, she’d made herself as trustworthy as she could have.

She paced again, running a hand through her messy hair and took a sip of her strong wine, calming herself as best she could. It was only the first session, and she wasn’t burdened with any over malicious thoughts. Only an edge, a blackened thorn in the corner of her mind that, unbeknownst to her, would come to grow and corrupt her mind into the one thing she didn’t want to become, the very fear that others held when they beheld her, ever since she was a flesh-eating, uncivilized stripling, running wild with her sister.

But for the time, no such thing went through her head. She was helping, yes
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[X] Stick to the plan and do her job properly before anything else.

Work now and strangle Orin later.
Sorry lads, finals and projects and whatnot this week and the next. I might manage one update in the meantime but I'll pick up in full again only in january.
It's been two months since January ended. Please, anonymous writer, know that I enjoyed your story and looked forward to its continuation. I hope you have not given up on this this entirely.

And yes, I am bumping this thread solely to say that.

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File 141935030557.jpg - (11.02KB, 200x300, cd784d03fb9ad577857766452b00c9b6e5b92b61-784070-10.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous thread >>33941

Cosplay threads are not hot, that's what we don't want to see.
So this time, let's start with Musou Kaihou.

Well, no lunaticmode.
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File 158420852942.jpg - (239.97KB, 685x468, tradeinprogress.jpg) [iqdb]
Youmu Konpaku had a broad education. She’d taken studies at the Konpaku School of Swordsmanship, been to lady Saigyouji’s Cookery Seminary, and was now a postgraduate at the Hakugyokurou Academy of Gardening. The count of things her swords, Roukanken and Hakurouken, youkai-forged, couldn’t cut was only forerun by those which hadn’t passed under her kitchen knives. There was not a fern or flower in the dead-realm she mightn’t name, none she couldn’t nurture into blooming. She was a warrior-servant, the best Konpaku loins had ever produced.

And she was fighting a losing battle with her own face when lady Yuyuko swished into the room. The vague widening of her lavender eyes might have been a trick of the dim lighting, or it might’ve been surprise at the two half-phantoms awaiting her at the table, one in the other’s lap. She moved on, graceful as the Sun-warm winds of the dead-realm, until seated opposite from her fantastic attendants. There was a soft, dignified cough and a faint, endearing smile.

“… Well?” lady Yuyuko said in her silvern voice. “Was there something requiring my attention?”

The older, wiser of the half-phantoms spoke first, his jolly, middle-aged voice rumbling behind and above Youmu’s left ear. “Certainly, certainly, ma’am,” he confirmed. “Yes, indeed. Yet before we rejoice you with these jubilant news… Youmu?

In his lap, the young Youmu Konpaku jolted to attention. She brought forth an obedient smile and plastered it to the front of her face with all the self-possession she could muster, which was not a great deal. The core of the warrior-servant understood the idea; the extremities of her body had their own. The busy, pantiless one underneath her skirt most of all.

Master Youki granted his student a moment’s mercy before prompting, “… Youmu?”

And Youmu, still a trifle jittery, complied, “Yes. Yes, um… thank you, lady
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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(x) Tried to make her great-uncle come first.
File 15844020367.jpg - (390.45KB, 1280x1821, _021.jpg) [iqdb]
(X) Tried to make her great-uncle come first.

Youmu would not be had. The Konpaku name was weighed in the balance, and the youngest of it would ill humble her master by foundering in the presence of their noble mistress.

“—mightn’t be Konpaku-original,” maundered on her great-uncle, “yet, I warrant you, my lady Yuyuko, on my pride, decades of contemplation have fathomed deeper into its nuances than—”

He’d underscored how deeply his insights went by poking Youmu’s womb. Itchy, oozing their combined arousal, Youmu steeled herself as her great-uncle hauled her leaky kitty inchmeal off his rigid manhood. And then, just as she’d felt his glans begin to spread out her labia—

“—but for our Youmu, who has transcended and severed the Karmic Win—nguhh.

then, Youmu thrust back with her butt: enfolding master Youki’s whole erection in one stroke, her tightened walls scrubbing it harshly from the bare tip to the throbbing hilt. A vicious twinge shuddered up his length to squirt more warm pre-ejaculate straight into Youmu’s baby-room. Striking while the iron was hot, she gingerly mashed her denuded rear into her great-uncle’s lap – cuddling his weakened and overstimulated penis inside her vagina. His breath erupted all over her nape this time.

Yes. Youmu’s kitty may as good be her great-uncle’s plaything, yet she, too, had learned bit by bit of his own, infrequent faults. The old half-phantom might earn three points for every one of Youmu’s merely through his impervious stamina, but she’d sat on, swallowed and withstood enough bullying from his manhood to recognise where it fell, as it were, short. And that was in fending off sudden counterblows. The same manoeuvre that’d let Youmu to crack her shinai on his forehead was the key to making her great-uncle spew his white surrender up
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
This was pretty hot, and I hate exhibitionism

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