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File 159357721253.png - (2.99MB, 2891x917, libita victis.png) [iqdb]
Exhibitionism, emotionless chikan, and quite a lot of sex, perpetrated by a mysteriously innocuous and rather muscular, clockmaking man. Main characters: Shinmyoumaru and Seija, and manipulated somewhat by Matara Okina, but our protagonist is most interested in Eiki-sama. And, really, whichever girls he happens to come across.

Thread 1 >>40336

Current vote:

And so we reach a pier, and step off (Satori awkwardly, as she is still very flustered and has yet to pull back up her panties).

“Man, you guys got intense back there!” Onozuka-san says with a laugh while minding her vessel from the pier. “You gonna have sex?” she asks.

“Would you like to join us?” I ask.

“Hmm...?” Komachi hums, looking me up and down, judging to herself. “You look nice. Sure, I’ll hit your dick.”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.
[x] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.

Your Eiki is very cute
[x] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.

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File 159029214281.jpg - (300.16KB, 800x800, shizuwipeout.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>38360
Thread 2: >>39475

[x] Find a restraint to ambush Shizuha with.

You twist around and look through a nearby crate, finding… belts. A huge pile of belts mixed with thin, wooden blocks and small widgets. You find some of the belts long, some short, some with, wait a second. Some are very short. Far too small for her waist. Too small even for a fairy’s waist.

What on earth…

Shizuha takes her first step up the ladder. Forget the belts, you need-

Those smaller ones might just fit around her wrists. If that’s so…

No time to think. You reach in, scoop out a large handful, and leap toward the ladder. Shizuha flinches as you dump them beside that ladder.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X] Just get a normal drink and continue the show. Okina seems pleased and now’s not the time to risk spoiling that.
Let's see this master plan
[X] Load up on high-grade booze and ready your aura. She can’t complain about a wilder party.

Chaos sounds wonderful.
[X] Just get a normal drink and continue the show. Okina seems pleased and now’s not the time to risk spoiling that.

Welp... Nakoko is totally screwed

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File 159348222761.jpg - (562.90KB, 1052x699, states of undress.jpg) [iqdb]
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File 159733009119.png - (896.55KB, 1600x2000, 2e641ae1a6439a6d6d95b8ff0fbfeb5d862b81cecd3471f032.png) [iqdb]
Keiki Haniyasushin, Sculptor Goddess of Creation, was in high spirits. She swept through the smooth hi-tech passages of her new garden with a spring in her step that her aloof, regal bearing couldn't quite hide, her long azure hair bouncing girlishly as she went. Haniwa armsmen scattered at the sight of her, sketching brief bows and curtsies before skittering back into the shadows. Their goddess was a strange woman; fey and unpredictable, her mind seemingly unable to settle on any one thing for long. She treated her subjects well—very well, as those lucky enough to catch her interest could attest—, but stories of the woman's temper hung around her like a cloud. No matter how polite she acted outwardly, Keiki was above else a deity of prodigious power, and only her closest underlings viewed her without a seed of unease in their hearts.

And that, Keiki thought as a pair of diminutive clay statuettes scuttled out of her way, was as it should be. The duo had been in the process of stripping away the wild, untamed vegetation of old and replacing it with new trappings more suited to her tastes. One, wobbling at the top of a stepladder and already overburdened by the vast heap of bright tapestries in its arms, stepped back a hair too quickly and overbalanced. Keiki clicked her tongue in annoyance, the thin shriek as the haniwa fell cutting into her thoughts like a knife. She turned and snapped her fingers, catching the animated effigy with a cushion of divine wind and lowering it gently to the ground.

“Careful now,” she said. “I understand that few can control themselves when faced with my divine beauty, but perhaps next time, you might," she placed a long, calloused finger on the top of the haniwa's cap and gently pushed it down, "avert your eyes? It would be a shame if I were forced to... rebuild you.”

The little statue bowed nervously and hurriedly collected the pile of metallic sheets it had dropped. Behind it, its companion fiddled nervously with its own burden: colorful neon lights in appropriately futuristic shades of blue and red, mattresses etched with modern-looking circuitry and towers of weird artifacts to decorate them. Several weeks ago, the
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 159733036041.png - (1.36MB, 1600x1200, 7d3bc2a10ce5648021d6bff7f087d8a1ae4fa01085835ccc45.png) [iqdb]
Yes, that was it. He was like an artist’s impression of a crossbreed, depicting something imagined but never seen. Beautiful in its own way; the rich, deep hazel of his skin, the sleek lines of his horned skull, the powerful tension in his raw muscles. She imagined the way he might move; a tall, proud step, befitting a great, hulking mythical beast. Her thoughts drifted, other images flitting through her imagination. Hot, slick flesh and smooth bone against her skin, a thick tongue against her intimacies, the satisfaction of gently teaching him to appease her needs… Needs which were growing quite real. A familiar restlessness was settling upon her, an irresistible urge to act upon her endless curiosity. Keiki felt the first pangs of genuine arousal forming inside her, firing her imagination. She saw Taisho in her mind's eye, the body she would sculpt for him hunched over hers, her back arched and her derriere raised up as he rutted at her in a union of beauty and adoration. The goddess found herself drifting closer, caressing Taisho's jawbone, her fingers running along the tendons that bound it together. Thin strings of drool stretched from his languid tongue, pattering against her arm. She let out a long, low sigh, her skin tingling as she imagined herself sat in her throne, Taisho lying next to her like a faithful mascot, ready to trample and gore on whichever poor fool next dared to oppose her. The beast hung still in his restraints. She could feel his ebony eyes on her, running across the subtle curves of her slender body, trying to look past the apron and intricately decorated robes that hid her homely figure from his gaze. Keiki had seen that same look from her previous captives, and she knew she had Taisho right where she wanted him. When confusion and suspicion warred with desire and temptation, the latter always won out.

“Toutetsu isn't the only one who can grant you a body. I can do that and more.” Keiki's hand slid down Taisho's body, over his slick, throbbing musculature. His jaws clacked. She felt his thin fur over her fingers giving way to raw skin, and kept going lower, until her fingers came to rest on the lumpen bulge growing between his legs. Her hear
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 159733987893.png - (2.14MB, 1323x1840, straponmami.png) [iqdb]
Crickets and shadow smothered the village’s evening streets. Sweat beaded on her knuckles, invited in part from the warm, muggy air. But the real reason for the moisture on her skin was, well…

It was the same one that kept her fist paralyzed, just before the humble home’s door.

Kosuzu gulped. This, this was it. Too many possibilities for her to process laid on the other side.

Possibilities hotter and wetter than the air. But also… possibilities much darker than the dimming sky.

Whatever she did here, she’d need to be back in her bookstore the next morning.

Early the next morning. Not for fear of her family’s response, nor for the health of their business.

No. If she showed up too late, her stick-in-the-mud friend would know. If her friend knew, she’d suspect. If her friend suspected her, she might not be able to come back.

And worse, she may even lose everything she’d built this all on.

Her friend-Akyuu-had to be kept in the dark, no matter what.

No. She shook her head, bells jingling. It’d be fine. The woman on the other side of this door would know and understand. That beautiful, wise, and downright intoxicating woman would help her. She’d provide all the help she could ask for.

But, but…

Before any of that mattered, Kosuzu would have to knock. Or to announce her presence. Or something.

Instead, after all the countless minutes she’d already spent, that hand remained frozen, her lips sealed shut.

She couldn’t, she just couldn’t…

This precious opportunity would be snuffed out before her eyes as the sun set and she’d-

Tap, tap.

It was su
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 133675738225.png - (100.81KB, 794x544, Era.png) [iqdb]
Or EraToho.

So guys, anyone know about this thing? I heard from my friend about this game; apparently it's a text based rpg similar to Slave Maker or something like that.
 [Reply to this thread]
>k's stuff seems dead
Nani the fuck are you talking about, it's updated multiple times a week.
>spaghetti code ate the project
Spaghett Code has spent the last like six months unfucking the git, and thanks to his efforts it now works leagues better than it used to.
>and the new JP version breaks like EVERYTHING
I'm not even sure what this means, why would you play the JP version when the eraGit version is updated and works fine.
File 159556173794.jpg - (44.02KB, 1280x720, sky.jpg) [iqdb]
Hi, my search engine sucks and my friend isnt giving me the link
There are tons of these, which one specifically are you looking for? TBH I'd recommend TW and K as they're very developed and surprisingly deep. Really fun text sandbox on TW.

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File 159604322226.jpg - (3.49MB, 2508x3541, 74652342_p1.jpg) [iqdb]
The petite, silver-haired Taoshi manacled to the wall squirms, legs shaking beneath her stuck-out ass. The disciplining chamber stinks of sex. Gnashing my teeth, I drive my hips forward, closer – ever closer – to that round, pearly bottom. The Taoshi’s thighs tremble, their insides runny with slick arousal.

Nn—aaay,” she whines down the collar of her loosened outer cloak. “Nay so deeeep… hnn!

Her pleas fall on large yet deaf ears. There is no halting the punishment. I push on, each jaw-setting moment seeing more and more of my rigid shaft vanish among the creases and folds of the Tao woman’s obedient pussy. Instincts – primal, youkai instincts to terrorise and dominate – vie in my head with the senses of loyalty and duty to my Acharya saviour. The horny, female moaning lends itself to but one of these. I continue the slow insertion even so. Until the root. Until my bare, engorged glans presses up against the mouth of the Taoshi’s virgin womb.

Only then, I give in to the masculine feeling of conquest. With my penis threatening to get her with child should she but disobey, I raise a palm… and then clap it solidly on the Tao woman’s defenceless behind.

A throaty, feminine cry rattles the disciplining room’s window shutters. Another chases it out under the barred, basement doors once I spank the other hemisphere of the Taoshi’s splendid ass. They are everything but repentant.

“… Will you now apologise, Scourge?” I try, not believing it overmuch myself.

The Scourge, Toyosatomimi’s hound, Mononobe Futo, screws up enough of her faculties to smirk back at my one-eyed face over her shoulder. “… Wood Boddhist,” she mocks, despite her insides wringing wetly around me. “Thinkest thou this enow? To me with yon long, hardy cock of thine sentence? Thou shalt woeful twice… nay, thrice thy seed in me plant a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
Another one not particularly to my own tastes, but I appreciate the craft in the words nonetheless.
Futo's archaic dialect does things to my dick that I never knew was possible. Bravo, another masterpiece of the erotic genre.

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File 145602083622.jpg - (126.32KB, 560x420, K1.jpg) [iqdb]

Touhou Kenchinroku is a series of eroge by circle eden. There are currently three games in the series, all of which have been translated into English.

The first game of the series takes place at Yukari's home and features Yukari, Ran, Chen, and Aya as heroines.

It can be bought from English dlsite: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE065288.html
or melonbooks.com: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000155506
and is only 105 yen.

The English patch can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rljr8fdi2x3orb8
This is a revised patch from the original that was posted earlier. It includes various fixes to wordwrapping, message history, grammar, typos, etc. It is strongly recommended to use this patch if you plan on reading it, but the story is the same as the first patch.
 [Reply to this thread]
Tweet says he messing around with a new (authoring?) tool. School background is probably some default asset.
Well the window's title says Touhou *Something something* 4. So it is indeed most likely just a default image while he works on the core of the game
File 159553108646.png - (685.97KB, 899x622, Ec5mTP6UEAArJ9q.png) [iqdb]
It's touhou 見鎮録 (Kenchinroku) chapter 4. So it's definitely some kind of placeholder for a sequel. And he has done a good job of reproducing the interface of the original despite working in a completely different engine. So he's doing something.

The question is whether anything will actually come of it.

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File 158369653748.png - (576.97KB, 960x1000, 60862857_p1.png) [iqdb]
Thread the previous: >>39853
 [Reply to this thread]
(X) There were magicians out there, but none in here. Someone must keep it so.
>>40767 here. Changing my vote to

[x] Check out what scraps the hyenas had left at the market for him and the night owls.

I'd rather take the mystery option.
(x) Check out what scraps the hyenas had left at the market for him and the night owls.
mystery box!

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File 159321137170.png - (156.40KB, 662x800, pursuethisgrue.png) [iqdb]
Rumia was definitely being raped.

The night was calm – a moon like a plump, toothsome dango aloft in the blackness. Scents of spring grew thick in the forest, a night breeze making the trees wave their branches, excited to waken again. And if you thought trees couldn’t wave, you hadn’t flown around the things on a windy night. On that forest’s floor, on the soft, mossy ground where small game made its home and bigger game licked its chops, a human lay relaxed, straddled by the petite youkai of darkness.

A rod of terrible girth was gripped in a fist, readied for a strike should Rumia but make a fist herself. And even with its top thrown wide open and the trousers skinned down to the man’s ankles, Rumia recognised the star-adorned robes of religious power. The man, possessed of some years and such grit as she could tell, was just that, too. An onmyouji: a fixer of all things strange, youkai chief among them. A man of either prodigious skill or long, long expertise.

Rumia didn’t need her current position or the tingly fullness inside her belly to tell; the solid trouncing she had received in the previous half-hour spoke loudly enough. Last night must have been bad. Not that she knew how or why.

Humans acted truly perplexing in the best of times and seemed to spend their entire lives that way. A gaggle of hollering men and crying women had looked such easy prey. Turned out they hadn’t been, all scattering at the mere hint of the skulking darkness. Moreover, they turned out to not be of a mind to let sleeping fears lie.

Not a sundown later, the exorcist’s long silhouette stretched into view; to snare the little youkai’s home turf must have been mere minutes. Out she had crept to prowl the night’s purple shadows and he was already on her.

The duel must have been vicious. Rumia couldn’t vouch it had be
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
I didn't like it. Snuff feels like a cheap way to get the emotional buy-in from readers.
Oh, the snuff isn't for buy in. It's just for cuteness.
As the guy who edited and posted the story, it's not a point I necessarily like myself. I didn't change it because I a) didn't want to make drastic changes plot-wise and b) ran out of steam after rewriting some of the early bits. Really, the whole set-up wasn't my deal, but it had a grue and the actual writer made an interesting (if slightly risky) proposal.

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File 159447319589.jpg - (152.91KB, 828x449, hakureiparty1.jpg) [iqdb]
Sequel to >>40675 & >>40692 (& refers to others)
 [Reply to this thread]
(x) Counting tomatoes with Sakuya.
(x) Counting tomatoes with Sakuya.

re-tying things up
[X] Counting tomatoes with Sakuya.

He might not be able to talk, but that doesn't mean he can't request for service.

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File 158300925139.jpg - (2.78MB, 2500x856, a world of girls.jpg) [iqdb]

I have been afflicted.

“Curse” could be the wrong word to use. After all, my new condition could be construed in a more complex way than “well, Odou, you’ve rolled a bad pair of dice, you’ve drawn the wrong hand, you’ve been put in the proverbial shit”.

It’s complicated.

“Hahh... it’s complicated,” I lament, my voice echoing throughout the room.

I became the target of a whimsical god.
 [Reply to this thread]
ah yeah >>40761
>I still really want to see Shinmyoumaru inserted into another girl after we creampie them.
That's a bit too up on the fetish scale for my tastes. This fantasy will have to be written by yourself or another
[x] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”
[X] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”

Much as a five-way orgy would be quite fun, the less girls involved, the more attention can be paid to Satori and Komachi.

After all, seems only right to make Satori's first time a mind blowing experience.

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