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File 171186048786.png - (1.95MB, 1586x1610, 171159218632.png)
This thread will contain supplementary scenes and stories to the main Redo/Reimu story. Not from the main character's perspective, but from others. These are not CYOA; merely a response to the events of the CYOA itself.

This and the next two shorts will be epilogues to Reimu's arc, and they'll be attached as extra chapters to Reimu's arc on Ao3. Let's start by getting a peek at a certain other jidiao's mental state, shall we?

Current Main Thread:

Previous Threads:
Redo/Reimu >>/th/205449 >>/th/205720

Or read the story archive on Ao3:

Yachie watched closely, as her daughter drifted off to a much-needed sleep. Reimu’s face was marked with darkening bruises; she’d already made sure their home had some hearty painkillers. Once her daughter had completely left this world for the realm of the baku, she carefully extricated herself, and got up out of the bed.

She kept quiet as she left the room - probably unnecessary considering the girl’s exhaustion, but it never hurt to be cautious. Except when being cautious was what everyone expected and then your daughter got chased across the city and nearly killed by that fucking goat- Yachie caught herself before she slammed the bedroom door, instead closing it gently.

Today was a day she never wanted to experience. Never again. The feeling of coming upon the crash site, of realising Reimu wasn’t there. Of realising that she’d failed her. The facts burned in her throat, and using the flame to roast that fucking goat had been strong but only fleeting relief.

Slowly, she stepped down to one of their meeting chambers. “Is Miss Ichi here as she promised to be?” The otter nodded, stiffly. “...Send her in, then. And everyone else leave the room. Go join the festivities if you want.” They scurried away to do as they were bid.

Yachie did her best to compose herself as she waited for Ichi to enter. Her clothes were still a mess, and she hadn’t had time to put any makeup on, but… that was fine. Doing something else would just tell Ichi that she was nervous, and whatever this woman wanted, that would be a bad thing.

Ichi strode in quietly. She was a strange one, even by the animal realm’s very low standards - garbed entirely in a heavy red robe to obscure her features, yet cheerfully describing said robe as ‘ominous prophecy chic’, as if it was a fashion statement. Most of the time she was bombastic and dramatic, and she’d half expected to have to shoosh her for fear of waking up Reimu. However, she was surprisingly quiet - clearly either valuing Reimu's rest, or perhaps the feeling of having an intact throat. “Lady Yachie… She’s safe, right?”

Yachie nodded stiffly. “Yes. Reimu is fine.” She strongly debated adding ‘no thanks to you’, but held back. After all, it was no thanks to her either. “...Your prediction was correct. She awoke to her other heritage.”

Ichi breathed a sigh of relief. “And the old man, he’s safe too?” Another nod. “...Good. She’s done well, then.” Ichi smiled, pulling up a chair to sit.

Yachie folded her arms. “I wouldn’t expect some kind of fortune-teller to ask if things worked out well. Wouldn’t you know it yourself? Or were you involved in these schemes?” She puffed a small bit of smoke through her nose.

“Neither!” Ichi shrugged. “I just don’t like spoiling myself. There’s no fun if you know everything, you know.” Yachie scoffed, sitting down opposite the strange woman. While she was inclined to agree, her daughter’s safety was not a matter where her personal fun should factor into it.

“But with that said… your daughter’s a time-travelling miko from the future. Gotta be a shock, isn’t it?” Yachie had long been expecting the question, and let it fall into the void of her controlled expression without a rise. “You’re not going to turn her away, are you?”

The matriarch rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous. She’s my daughter. I don’t care what her past lives were, she’s mine.” She flicked her tail. Frankly, while the time-travel aspect had been filed away for later… processing, her daughter being a human in a past life made no small amount of sense, considering her personality and likes. And how much she differed from her mother, in certain ways.

Though she’d never tell her daughter, the idea that she’d somehow taken Reimu from another mother… also bothered Yachie very little. Her time as the Kiketsu Matriarch had long hardened her heart to the tragedy of others… and it was somewhat expected, really, considering how she was born. She was also confident Reimu had a better life here than she would have as some destitute human miko’s daughter. …Except for the part where the other gangs were trying to kill her. …Damnit.

…Shit, if Keiki hadn’t filled in the blanks, she would do so shortly. Another problem to deal with later.

Yachie sighed, rubbing her forehead. “But… I may very well have to send her to the miko for training. And she’d be… at a safer distance there, anyways.” Safer from the gangs. Safer from her mother’s stupid decisions.

Ichi smiled, gently. “I’m sure once the heat dies down, and she’s a bit stronger, she won’t need you to defend her.” The woman leant back, grinning. “And… if she saved the old man, then everything is progressing as I hoped it would.”

Yachie looked the woman over, slowly. “...Are you being… fully honest with me? If your plan works as intended… my daughter will come back home, when all this is over?” She was tired. She couldn’t hide the hopeful note in her voice.

The red-robed woman straightened up. “Believe me, Lady Yachie. With Konpaku Youki alive, the first piece is already in place. And if the dice fall where they should, then…” She snapped her fingers. “Kicchou Reimu will leave her miko past far, far behind.”

Epilogue: Yachie Complete
Loading Epilogue: Yuuma...

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I dunno if it's okay to reply to this thread so please let me know if it's not, but...
>The red-robed woman straightened up. “Believe me, Lady Yachie. With Konpaku Youki alive, the first piece is already in place. And if the dice fall where they should, then…” She snapped her fingers. “Kicchou Reimu will leave her miko past far, far behind.”

I'm not letting this scare me into overcorrecting by making human-only choices next time we roll around to Reimu. I'm gonna stay on target.
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huh, is that Yumemi I see? Though if that is the case why would a time-travelling magic scientist want Reimu not to be a Miko anymore? or hm... could be less malevolent that I am assuming and it could be taken as she will live a long life and thus leave her previous life further and further behind...
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I mean, original Reimu was never going to be a miko forever. Even with the spell card rules lowering the odds of her just getting merc’d in the line of duty, she’d still reach a point where she’d be too old to really keep up. At which point she’d pass on the torch like every Hakurei has before her. Being a youkai just gives her more time to find/have and train her.
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Wait. If Reimu gives up her shrine maiden status, will she have to give up her divine power as well? I doubt that Hakurei god is willing to provide her with abilities if she abandons her role.
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I mean, her giving up her past would be a good thing. In fact all of them giving up their pasts as humans would be a good thing. They came to deal with the issues at hand as yokai born and raised as yokai, not as humans born and raised as humans.
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I personally see it as this; they where basically reincarnated in the past to deal with a specific issue, however once that issue is dealt with then there really isn't an obligation to be the person they where before or uphold the same duties as before. They are fundamentally different from who they where before, not just that they are yokai mind you, and I do not see them going back to how everything was before they got reincarnated as yokai, their personality might be similar to how they where before however they are still different people.
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what being isekai'd into an adjacent QPU and having no moral code does to a mf
they're still the same characters, just in a different set of circumstances, that isn't gonna change
also don't ignore central themes of the setting
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File 171229758514.png - (2.04MB, 2168x1523, __kicchou_yachie_kurokoma_saki_and_toutetsu_yuuma_.png)
Yuuma, slowly, hesitantly, lifted the cup to her lips. She braced herself, resolved to just get it over with, and downed the contents in one gulp. Every inch and piece of her throat screamed in agony, but she kept forcing it down, resisting the urge to try and spit it up. When she’d finally finished, she leaned forward, gasping with exhaustion.

Next time she met Yachie, she’d make soup out of her. She sat the cup down, reaching for the small whiteboard at the top of a pile of the same.

Go away.

The eagles around her nodded, nervously flapping away. They were timid, irritably so, and had been since Yachie’s kiss of death. Yuuma’s mood in the aftermath was not helping, but their cowardice only irritated her further, creating a death-spiral that Yuuma just didn’t have the energy to try and fix.

The otters had peeled her off the concrete, stuck her in a rickety wheelbarrow from the park they’d claimed from her, and put as much ceremony as possible in what amounted to a small, impromptu parade, bringing her up to the bridge where she’d first intercepted them before having great fun watching the wheelbarrow tumble into the canals. These were largely not the otters they’d been fighting all day, but fresh, bright-eyed recruits from other fronts, and the beleaguered eagles of the canal territory did little more than watch.

She could have just let her body be destroyed, but whatever damage the swordsman had done to her, it was having a lingering effect. She could still feel it was suppressing her ability to devour anything. While her external body had healed to the point she could fight again, if she was destroyed without her ability to devour, she might take a long, long time to reform. And Gouyoku morale was already in the pits with her just incapacitated; she had no choice but to deal with the indignities and keep her carcass running until her power came back. She’d never expected that she’d ever hate the idea of eating - not eating something generally considered gross, just eating in general - but Yachie’s blight still loomed through her, and made it a torturous experience. She’d still cough up charcoal from time to time.

Angrily, she threw the whiteboard away, making a dent in the far wall. All of the damn eagles were useless - fucking useless.

…Except for the one that brought in a stack of whiteboards. He was smart. He was destined for great things.

Yuuma sighed, leaning back and looking up at the ceiling lights. She could hear the panicked voices of the eagles downstairs, and she just couldn’t be bothered to help, even though she knew whatever situation was unfolding was likely dire. This area was getting hemmed in, more and more too. The Keiga had been getting more and more aggressive, the Otters were eager for blood still, and with Yuuma incapacitated, other, smaller families had decided this was their chance to act, or that Gouyoku was no longer a good alliance to be in. She needed to heal up, and soon, or else-

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

Or else someone would find her. A black silhouette filled the room, with hair as dark as midnight. Yuuma groaned, knowing full well what was about to happen.

The leader of the Keiga family strode in, oozing smugness as only one who wore a cowboy hat could. “My, my, my. It’s really true?” The woman put her ridiculous boot up on Yuuma’s bed. “The undefeatable matriarch laid low. I never expected to see the big bad Yuuma hooked up to an IV drip!”

Yuuma flicked her a rude gesture, which Keiga scoffed at. “Come on, Yuuma. No sassy comebacks?” Saki Kurokoma grinned, clapping her hand on a broken leg and drawing out a gasp from the taotie. “Come on, cat got your tongue?”

Yuuma grabbed one of the whiteboards and began to scrawl out an angry response.


Saki looked at the board. Then at the stack of other boards. Then at the boards on the floor. Then back at Yuuma. Then the board lodged in the far wall. She could practically hear the gears turning in Saki’s head.

It started as a low chuckle. Then, it gained depth and throatiness, starting to fill the room. Before long, the pegasus was howling with laughter, at a level that threatened to level the building.

“I-you-thehahahaha! You can’t speak?! Oh man, that is hilarious!” She guffawed. “The sheep who got roasted so badly she can’t even bleat! Man, that is great.”

Yuuuma groaned, which broke into a cough. It was bad, but of all the people who could’ve found her, Saki was probably the best worst-case scenario. She loved a good fight too much to take Yuuma out, and she was probably here for something else entirely. Which meant at the very least Toutetsu would avoid taking a battering. Or at least an intentional battering - she already knew Saki’s bedside manner would leave her in a worse state than before she entered. Here 2 hear what did this?

“Yes, yes I am.” Saki beamed, grinning mischievously. “You’ll be cooperative, won’t you, Yuuma-chan?” Yuuma shuddered, her skin crawling.

Yama sent swordsman He cut me open. Yuuma paused. The throat’s Yachie The rest was ankle-biter. Saki leaned forward, mouthing out the words as she read.

“...Ankle-biter? Is that the miko I’ve been hearing about?” Yuuma nodded, prompting a tilt of Kurokoma’s head. “Did she come from the Yama too, or someone else?”

Yachie’s secret = ankle-biter. Kurokoma stared at the whiteboard. For several seconds longer than Yuuma expected, sounding it out several times. She leaned in closer to the board, supporting her weight right on one of the Taotie’s bruises. Through the pain, Yuuma wondered if adding an equals sign was a mistake and now Kurokoma was trying to calculate it. If she was, there was only so long before the pegasus overheated.

“Yachie’s… ankle-biter?” Kurokoma half muttered the question. When her face crested the board, it was pale, and sweating. “A-are… are you telling me… the miko is Yachie’s daughter?!”

And there was the burnout. Yuuma bounced the whiteboard off of Kurokoma’s head, only succeeding in getting a ricochet straight into her chest. Coughing, she pointed at the bandages around her bitten ankle, and Kurokoma examined it. “Ohhhhhhh! You meant literally. Ohhhhh thank the prince. Gave me a shock there, you know.” Another whiteboard bounced off her skull, and was even less effective than the first.

No way Yachies kid shes way too young. The last time a male jidiao had been seen anywhere in the Animal Realm had been hundreds of years ago, and by all accounts his and Yachie’s interactions had been more like a territory dispute than anything approaching procreation. …Really, there were very, very few dragons of any sort (hopefully one less soon if Yuuma had anything to say about it) and either living in the animal realm or her position as the Kiketsu Matriarch seemed to keep the few relevant bachelors away from Yachie. The idea of her doing a human was outright ludicrous on its face. Shes just some miko brat that Yachie bewitched I think.

“...I see.” Kurokoma said, after far, far too long spent trying to figure out ‘bewitched’. “So she’s the one who did the rest to you, huh? How strong is she?”

Yuuma… shuddered. She didn’t want to think about that. What the hell had that half-form been? It was stronger than she thought Mikos should be able to get. She’d fought her fair share of powerful spirits, even a few of the famous Gensokyan Peacekeepers after their deaths, and even then, that brief burst of power… And it was pure youkai extermination, but she was pretty sure that was a youkai miko. …What in hell was Yachie playing with now?

Kurokoma raised an eyebrow at the trembling taotie. “Wow… she’s that powerful, huh?” Kurokoma mulled it over, before grinning. “You think a good kick to her skull will break Yachie’s spell on her? Cos I kinda wanna fight her myself, maybe get her in the Keiga.”

Be my guest. Yuuma leaned back, feeling exhausted. Now will you go away?

Kurokoma looked over the board, assessing Yuuma. “...You’re really in a pitiful state, huh? Alright, I’ll leave you be.” She stepped up toward the window, preparing to fly, and Yuuma leaned back. Well, if the miko and Kurokoma duked it out, maybe there’d be one less problem for her to deal with either way. Hopefully the day would be relatively easy from here.

“Oh, just one more thing.” A piercing whistle made Yuuma’s eye’s shoot open, as the pegasus suddenly leapt at her. A small crew of wolves began to file in, carrying a few battered eagles and… oh no, not that. Anything but that.

The taotie tried to struggle, but Kurokoma gripped her horn like a vice, yanking her head upright. “Come on, Yuuma, you think I was just gonna let this moment pass?” She leaned down, squishing her face up against Yuuma’s and putting two fingers up in a v-sign. “No, this was always going to happen. Gonna post this up on the billboards you can see from the Gouyoku territory.”

The horse snickered, as the camera crew began a countdown. “Now, Yuuma, I’m sure you know what we’re doing, but just in case… remember to say cheese!”

Epilogue: Yuuma complete.
Loading Epilogue: Keiki...

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Ah, the defeated foe picture. Always a classic.

Considering what Yuuma put us through, this epilogue was suitably satisfying, though I'm worried she might still be smart for the forseeable future.

Though speaking of being smart, there's something I'm wondering:

Yuuma is temporarily crippled, and the eagles' morale has absolutely tanked.

Keiki knows that Reimu is likely to take over the Kiketsu faction eventually, and would be far better for the humans in the animal realm than any other faction leader.

Kurokoma might be a great fighter, but the combination of Keiki, Yacchie, and Reimu could absolutely flatten her. And with Yuuma down, there's a real possibility here for the Otters to become the ascendant beast clan.

I suspect that Keiki doesn't trust Yacchie enough (or vice versa) for that to actually happen, but I wonder if they'll seriously consider the possibility.
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>>She’d fought her fair share of powerful spirits, even a few of the famous Gensokyan Peacekeepers after their deaths, and even then, that brief burst of power… And it was pure youkai extermination, but she was pretty sure that was a youkai miko. …What in hell was Yachie playing with now?

Either this is what the Animal Realm uses to refer to Hakurei Shrine Maidens or the Immaterial Children butterflied the timeline so hard that the Hakurei Lineage has been replaced.
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I hope she mails A copy to Yachie. That deserves to be framed.
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I've been loving these follow-ups to the main story.

I did read this when it was posted but forgot to comment on it. I don't know enough of my PC98 lore so I can't speculate anything from what we know. Especially if it's Yumemi. What would her motivation be?

I love Saki being accidentally right about Reimu being Yachie's child, and Yuuma being given a pile of whiteboards to throw, good bits of comedy there.
I've grown to like Yuuma after th17.5 and 19 but she's a convincing (and terrifying) foe here.
By the way, something to consider that I don't really see anywhere in usual fanarts or discussions is that Saki is supposed to be shorter than she looks. Zun said that she's aware that she's short so she always tries to impose herself with her wings open to be more intimidating.
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File 171282739345.jpg - (214.99KB, 850x1518, __kicchou_yachie_and_haniyasushin_keiki_touhou_dra.jpg)
Bishop stabbed his fork into the piece of chicken. He picked it up, looking at it cautiously.

“...Are you sure you want me to do this, Keiki-sama?” He spoke as if he was being asked to execute his best friend.

Keiki nodded, eagerly. “Yes, Bishop. I wouldn’t have installed that new system for you for nothing.” It had been the first thing she’d done, once she had finally gotten some rest. Well. Sleeping for three days straight, completely dead to the world, was a little more than ‘some’.

Bishop turned the fork over, looking at the meat disdainfully. “It just seems… unnecessary.” He said, glumly. “Isn’t more conventional fuel more efficient?”

Keiki resisted the urge to sigh. “Please, Bishop, just give it a chance, alright?” It wasn’t that he was wrong, technically. It was much, much less efficient than his internal combustion. But, to Keiki that was half the point of humanity. Efficiencies and inefficiencies balanced against each other, being able to rush or glide through the things they didn’t enjoy so they could revel in the ones they did.

A lot of her older models were all-efficiency, all the time. Endlessly focused on the results. They’d had to be, for her early conquests, when all they’d had was one clay pit to call a base. But it made adapting most of them to a fuller, more human life all the more difficult.

Most importantly, she had to give them things to enjoy. That meant giving them the functions to be able to enjoy them. No point in getting the time to stop and smell the roses if you had no sense of smell. Bishop was acting as a prototype of a new taste and digestion upgrade.

He eventually acquiesced, with a strangely sulky air. Some part of it made the statuesque soldier look more like a fussy toddler. Keiki bit back a chuckle, and set to work on her own plate.

She didn’t exactly get much time to enjoy it.

A nervous maid’s voice spoke up on her intercom. A human spirit who’d been living on the streets, recently recruited as a rescue. “Lady Keiki? Kicchou Yachie’s here. And she’s pi- she’s really mad.”

Keiki chuckled. Very, very tentatively, there was a basic agreement to allow certain members of the Kiketsu into Keiki’s territory. In the long term, it wasn’t supposed to include Yachie… but in the short, she’d been allowed to use it.

Keiki had been looking forward to the time when she would.

“Send her in!” She stuffed a bit more food into her mouth, knowing full well that she’d be busy talking for a while. “No need to intervene, Bishop; just keep eating.” The guard sagged, but did as he was commanded.

Yachie exploded into the room like a backdraft of flame. The jidiao was furious as she made her way towards the table. “Keiki. You know why I’m here.”

Keiki played innocent, to rile her up further. “Ah, Yachie, long time no see! I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The jidiao hissed, pulling out a mask. “Don’t play dumb. Asami found this in Reimu’s room.” She threw it down to the table with a clatter.

The sculptor goddess duly inspected the mask. It was a classic kitsune mask, porcelain white with red markings, and its surface was completely unbroken. Keiki looked up at the furious Yachie, and smiled innocently.

“Do you like it? Or would you have preferred if I made it a dragon? I could make one for you too, if you like.”


“I made sure to make the ears nice and tall, so when her horns grow in, they’ll still be hidden nicely.”


“And it’ll also stay on her face until she removes it, so her face can’t get exposed for her vigil-”

The jidiao roared, slamming her hands into the table. “Haniyasushin Keiki, why the FUCK are you trying to turn my daughter into a vigilante?!” Keiki grinned, sipping at her wine.

It had been just under two weeks, now, since she’d first met Kicchou Reimu. She’d bounced back from her harrowing first day remarkably well, all things considered, and had started acting on her own, while she waited for her mother to arrange safe passage to somewhere away from the city. Sneaking into the other territories - from anywhere she liked; she was the intended benefactor of the Kiketsu safe passage agreement - and taking potshots at saving a few humans from the Gouyoku and Keiga. Even the maid who’d sent the message was one of Reimu’s rescues. The mask on the table now was a little gift Keiki had sent to help her along, and smooth her efforts over.

The sculptor goddess had been anticipating the inevitable moment when Yachie found out, and so far it did not disappoint. “She’s been practising her ambush tactics, no? I thought you’d appreciate her refining her skills.” The jidiao’s eye twitched, knowing full well that Keiki had deliberately used the term Reimu normally hated.

Yachie growled. “Refining her skills is one thing, but this is just brazen tomfoolery. If Kurokoma was there, or Toutetsu makes a sudden recovery, she could be killed.

Keiki waved her concerns off. “Oh, I’m sure she’d just do that big crystalline thing I heard about if she had to. It worked last time, didn’t it?”

The mother jidiao didn’t shift from her position. “She doesn't even know what that ability is, or how to use it yet. If your whole meddling revolves around her using that ability, you might as well kill her yourself." She folded her arms. "It is one thing for my daughter to go out on these… escapades. But it is another thing entirely for you to be going about enabling her to do it further.” Her glare was positively venomous. “I will not abide you using my daughter for your little ploys. You are not her mother.”

An idea occurred to Keiki. She glanced over, to see Bishop starting to reach for a glass of water. Perhaps this was the perfect moment to test the digestion function under duress?

She gave a dramatic sigh, throwing her hands up in a shrug. “I suppose you have a point.there. I am not her mother, after all.”

The jidiao straightened up. “As long as you understand that, then there should be no-”

“But!” Keiki gave a malicious grin, and the jidiao stiffened. The sculptor goddess raised a single finger. “I won’t let you shut me out of her life entirely. After all… I am her father, am I not?”

Yachie glared at her, and Keiki beamed back. Out of the corner of her eye, Keiki took note of Bishop. He was sipping away at his water, an eyebrow raised but no further reaction. He naturally assumed it was a throwaway comment, or just a piece of hyperbole about her assistance.

Yachie broke first. She turned her gaze away, and her expression coloured. She muttered her retort, just barely loud enough for the people sitting at the table to hear.

“You… you have no proof of that.”

And there was the spit take.
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I'm not gonna ask or joke about how that works. I am confused by Reimu becoming Spiderman instead of being lazy, though.

I guess her Youkai side likes the thrill.
Delete Post
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Holy lore bomb. Keiki is trans?

I think Keiki is trying to get Reimu more interested in saving humans. Reimu's pragmatic side might also see this as an opportunity to train her skills too.
Delete Post
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It was yuri all along
Delete Post
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It's probably more related to her ability to create rather than something physiological, but let's see what happens.

Keiki possibly being Reimu's, eh, dad... what?

Also, for a moment I thought I forgot about the mask, glad to see it's new.
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File 17128397099.jpg - (214.65KB, 850x1518, __kicchou_yachie_and_haniyasushin_keiki_touhou_dra.jpg)
Getting sprayed with spat water did nothing to improve Yachie’s mood. Watching Yachie get sprayed did a lot to improve Keiki’s.

She chuckled. “Well, that was what you used that little token for, wasn’t it? Not like there’s any other jidiao around. Reimu herself is the evidence.”

Yachie hesitated, realising just stating that had already been a costly mistake. She took a deep breath, and swore, quietly.

Bishop whirled his head around, stuttering. “I- you- what-”

Keiki smiled. She raised her hand, gesturing to her aura-dragon. It spat out a small, golden line, and she began to weave it into a moving scene.

“I’m not surprised you’re not aware, Bishop. After all, it was before any of the Haniwa Corps were even sculpted.” She chuckled. “At the time, the primary clay bed that I use to this day was firmly in the Kiketsu territory. Naturally, of course - the land used to be under the Sanzu river, and the otters love their swimming."

Yachie glared at her, but didn’t respond. The golden lines began to form into two figures; Keiki and Yachie.

“Many warrior-gods had tried, and failed, to bring succour to the human spirits of the Animal Realm. The humans from the age of science didn’t have enough belief in their physical strength against the myriad beasts, and they weren’t well-known across the entirety of the ancient world. And as soon as one started to gain prominence, he’d be struck down, and torn to pieces.” Keiki hummed, a sad expression on her face. “What they needed wasn’t a single warrior. They need warriors, in masses, who could be defeated without faith in their holy power being lost. And they needed enough ‘science’ behind them that the newer humans could be brought into believing them. Fortunately… ceramics, and ceramic armies, were well-known, as was the idea of artificial soldiers. Where a hundred warriors had failed… a sculptor could succeed.”

The Keiki figure took a knee. “So I sought to strike a deal. I showed Yachie some conveniences of ceramics. Offered to barter them to her, if she just let me make some resources for the humans to use.”

Yachie spoke up. “I wasn’t fooled. I knew you were up to something. So I tried to run a hard bargain against you. Stall you out.”

Keiki hummed at that. “...For a time, yes. It was proving rather frustrating, but if I could make even a few soldiers, then fate would turn. But what could possibly attract the dragon of the Kiketsu? What could she possibly want? And then… inspiration struck me.”

…In hindsight, that must have been it. That must have been the twist of history that allowed Reimu to be born where she was. Keiki could have made some deal otherwise, but the idea had been too sudden, the effect too great. The golden figure of Keiki held up her arms, producing an egg from woven golden strands and proffering it to the jidiao’s facsimile.

“I offered Yachie… a miracle. No strings attached, no knowledge on my part of what she would do with it. No conditions on what that miracle was. It could be an act of resurrection, a miracle of walking on water… and…” She grinned. “Of course, I mentioned that most famous of miracles. The miracle of the virgin birth.”

Yachie flinched. Bishop's jaw hung loose. Keiki waved her fingers, and the jidiao’s facsimile snatched for the golden egg.

“All of a sudden, the whole negotiation changed. It went from how she could try to hamstring me, to how far she could bend over backwards for that miracle. She was smart enough to wait a little past the hook, so for a while I expected she was planning to turn the whole Sanzu into wine. But… well, I never saw what she did with it, so I assumed I’d never know, or that if we ever came to blows, I’d have to kill her twice.” She sipped at her wine, chuckling. “But… when I heard that girl confess her real identity… It hit me all at once.”

Yachie sighed. “...You figured that out, did you…?”

Bishop hummed. Keiki could practically hear the gears turning in his head. …Actually, she could hear them. He’d need a tune-up later. “...So that comment about being her father… it’s like in that religion the westerners like?” Keiki nodded. “If… if word of this got out… No. Even if it was just discovered that Reimu existed, and Yachie lost control of who was investigating it…”

Keiki nodded. “The whole Kiketsu Alliance could collapse, and if the full truth came out, every single animal in the entire realm would want Yachie’s head. Reimu - nice choice of kanji, by the way, ‘spirit’ and ‘dream’ for a child wished into birth in the realm of the dead - is the living proof of Yachie’s biggest mistake. The moment when Haniyasushin Keiki got a foothold in the Animal Realm.”

The jidiao trembled. Keiki could see it in her eyes - doubt. Fear. “If you - if you harm a single scale on her back -”

Keiki chuckled, shrugging. “Why would I do that to my own dear daughter? I want nothing but the very best for Reimu. So if she says she wants to train her skills in practical combat, I of course happily help shore up her disguise a bit.”

The sculptor goddess grinned. “Oh, and I haven’t told her, of course. After all, it’s still technically just a guess. And a card I could play later, if I had to. I’d assume the whole topic is taboo in the Kiketsu?” Yachie didn’t respond. “...Well. That says it all, doesn’t it? So… if she wants to train by hunting some wolves and eagles, I’ll happily say that, as her father, we should encourage her independence.”

There was silence, for a moment. Yachie took a long breath.

“Even… even if it proved to be a fatal mistake. Even if the entire realm would turn against me for that choice, if I got the chance to make it again… I would do it. A thousand times over.” She looked down. “Reimu is my daughter. And I will protect her.”

She looked down at Keiki. “And if you ever, ever, dare to breathe a word of this to Yuuma or Kurokoma or anyone else… I will use every last breath making you suffer. I’ll bring this whole realm down. No matter what it takes.” At length, she sighed. “You want to have Reimu train? ...Fine. But do not let her fall into enemy hands. When she goes through your realm to strike, you notify my forces, and let otters observe.”

Keiki nodded. “Oh, she’s too valuable to risk for either of us. There’s normally a distant haniwa escort as well.” She gestured. “Shall I get my staff to get a seating ready for you? Why don’t you join us, Yachie?”

The tortoise dragon took a deep breath, and sighed. “...Fine. We’ll talk terms.” She sat down at a seat next to Keiki, and the sculptor grinned.

Yachie was always the most negotiable of the animal realm leaders. Even if it was on shaky ground, she was an ally, at least for now. And when Reimu came of age, and managed to succeed her mother - after all, the Kiketsu were that nepotistic - the Kiketsu were as good as hers. Keiki smiled, pouring Yachie a glass of wine.

“...Though, I must admit, one thing bothers me.” Keiki hummed, as Yachie ran a finger around the rim. “Are you… not concerned about the Shrine? About her going to her other family…?” It had been bothering Keiki. If Reimu got too attached to her past life, she’d lose her future prospect for an ally. Yachie chuckled, shaking her head.

“Personally? I’m not too worried.” She raised her glass. “After all, those youkai-hunting weapons in her… they’re hereditary, right?” The sculptor goddess nodded, and the jidiao gave a sharptooth grin.

“Then the answer’s simple. I’m not afraid of her family at the shrine keeping her.” Yachie took a sip. “If the orbs have come to her… then there’s a good chance any family she could have had is already gone.”

Keiki nodded in agreement, feeling a wave of relief wash over her. It’d cause her no end of temporary distress, but her family being caught by the shinigami would only ensure Reimu came back to the Animal Realm sooner, rather than later. “Ahhhh, of course. Let’s hope that’s the case, shall we?” She lifted her glass. “Cheers?”

Yachie clinked her glass against the sculptor’s. “Cheers, Keiki. Cheers.”
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>>“If the orbs have come to her… then there’s a good chance any family she could have had is already gone.”


>>Komachi has night duty the night the orbs reached Reimu.

Oh no.

Well at least Reimu's safety is more or less assurred while she practices. Three updates today? You're spoiling us.

Let's see what happens
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You know, that's two immaterial children now who were abnormal births. I'm not sure whether that's a coincidence (the vampire possibility, for instance, seems like it would've had to have a normal human birth beforehand...) or a trend, but it does kind of make sense.
Delete Post
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oh god.

i guess we have a bit of a spoiler for akyuu's arc then.

i hope she at least gets answers to the true reason behind her missing daughter...
Delete Post
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Well...I'm speechless. So Keiki managed to create Reimu. And it seems that according to the timeline...the scarlet mist will choke Gensokyo to death. Here we go.
Delete Post
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Welp. I guess I'm the fool.

I really did want to try and support the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. As Akyuu. Instead we got info about Keine that wasn't all that suprising. The Hakurei may have already been dead anyway, but shit.
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Sorry Yachie, but not if we can help it. We might not have the Crimson Slasher on hand, but two members of the Eagle Ravi should make do. and heck we might have a couple more on hand via strategem
Delete Post
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Yeah, concurring with this guy. There's no way there's this much shit talking about what's ABOUT to happen without there being a way to stop it.
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So basically the summary of this arc is that everyone wants to manipulate Reimu and Yachie in some way or another?
Reimu finds out about this and she ironically starts an incident.
Delete Post
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Same here, there must be some way to help Reimu
Delete Post
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I know its likely a really bad idea especially in regards to the secret, but i kinda want to see Yachie take Keiki up on that offer of a 2nd mask and do at least 1 night of being a vigilante alongside her daughter, give her a couple of points and the like. XP

>>2830 eh the manipulator here Keiki is being up front with her 'manipulations.' As she's already told Reimu what she told her mother.

And we have Yuuma to thank for throwing off anyone from investigating the secret!
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Yuuma unknowingly helping Yachie will never cease to amuse me.
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Nice to get glimpse of how the history changes actually manifested beyond the births. Keiki got a burst of inspiration, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Yachie had her maternal feelings cranked up at the same time. On the moon someone or several someones likely got it in their heads to try that rebellious gene-warren again and out popped Akyuu.

With these first two origins being distinctly unnatural, I wonder if that’ll hold for the rest? Miracles and baby vats are hard to come by though. So I’d be real curious to see how you pull it off.
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ah it's true so reimu will have a stepsister (Mayumi) and a close friend(Biten) maybe?
Image Source
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File 171305066037.jpg - (151.96KB, 850x584, __inubashiri_momiji_and_kasodani_kyouko_touhou_dra.jpg)
Keiki's inspiration changed. Yachie's feelings did not.
Image Source
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File 171312649589.png - (1.01MB, 733x1093, YachieWish.png)
>>The golden figure of Keiki held up her arms, producing an egg from woven golden strands and proffering it to the jidiao’s facsimile.

>>“I offered Yachie… a miracle. No strings attached, no knowledge on my part of what she would do with it. No conditions on what that miracle was."

>>"I never saw what she did with it, so I assumed I’d never know, or that if we ever came to blows, I’d have to kill her twice.” She sipped at her wine, chuckling. “But… when I heard that girl confess her real identity… It hit me all at once.”
Image Source
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File 171418446996.jpg - (230.20KB, 850x935, __reisen_udongein_inaba_and_shiki_eiki_touhou_draw.jpg)
It was around lunchtime when Eiki finally lifted the rod of remorse, and freed Inaba Akyuu from her prison. The Chronicler turned rabbit had bowed before her, uttered one last apology, saluted, and scampered away.

Eiki sighed. She hadn’t meant to go that far overboard, but… Akyuu had changed. And quite a lot, at that.

She didn’t even seem fully conscious of it - how light footed she was, for starters. As Eiki watched her bound away, she was taking strides that she never could have taken in her past lives.

And things she’d said while they’d been talking, just… bits and pieces of military lingo, coming from a mouth she’d never expected to hear it from. And she used ‘earth’ as a curse word? When had that happened?

In the end, perhaps it wasn’t surprising she had Re/Awakened. With such a dissonance between her two lives, it was essentially inevitable. And that didn’t make Eiki feel any better.

Slowly, the Yama got to her feet, walking out. There were other places she had to be today, after all, and… she didn’t want to become a looming presence over the poor girl. She’d already been through enough.

Slowly, the Yama made her way over to the hospital ward. A few of the rabbits saw her, and generally decided to keep a wide berth - undoubtedly a few had overheard the lecture she’d given Akyuu. Or perhaps the one she’d given Reisen, earlier in the morning. …Or the one she’d been giving Komachi as they arrived, when she found out exactly who was responsible for triggering Akyuu’s own state.

Still, there was one person who almost certainly hadn’t. As Eiki rounded the door, the Shrine Maiden looked at her in surprise, then gave a slightly-strained smile.

“Ah. Lady Eiki. Here for Akyuu, or here for the usual?”

“Haru. I’m here for Akyuu, mostly. …Though when the young Hakurei comes in, I do hope you’ll keep my previous lectures in mind.” ‘The usual’, as Haru put it, was the simple fact of how lopsided her work around the shrine was. She focused entirely on the extermination and hunting, to the point that not many villagers these days even knew the name of the Hakurei Shrine’s God. Eiki could, oh so clearly, imagine Haru focusing so much on what someone had to do as the Shrine Maiden, that her wayward daughter would never learn how or why.

Haru gave a weak smile. “Well… hopefully Reimu remembers enough of her past life that we can get to the less important stuff sooner. Kidding, kidding!” She wasn’t, but Eiki let it slide with a scowl in the Shrine Maiden’s direction. “...Anyway, I have to focus on healing up. Though… if you’re here for Akyuu, what brings you to my little room?”

The judge sighed, sitting down on a visitor’s chair. “...I’m worried about Akyuu. About… everything that’s happened to her.” She looked away. “There’s a risk she’s turning youkai-like, down to her soul.”

The shrine maiden hummed, looking up. “...But when she reincarnates, she could do it as a human again, right?”

Eiki sighed. “...Yes, but… unlike the others… some part of her memories will stay with her, and… that may lead her down a dark path.”

Haru chuckled, and seemed to regret it. “Well, Aunn was telling me the Yin-yang Orbs landed in the Animal Realm, so… I’m worried about Reimu, too. She may be a bit of a thug by the time I get to her.” She smiled. “I guess we’ll both be worrying about our daughters for a while, won’t we?” Eiki flinched, but didn’t object. She’d been as distraught as any of the biological mothers had been when Akyuu had gone missing, and when previous generations had needed some form of parental counsel, it had normally be Eiki who had stepped into the position. It wasn’t exactly an inaccurate assessment. “...And this… apocalypse I’m hearing about. Is it… really true?”

“It is, it is! Though we’re off to a good start already.” Both of the women jumped up, looking at the intruder. A blonde girl in a white robe was standing by the open window, grinning at them.

Eiki stepped defensively in front of Haru, as the latter struggled and failed to bend herself enough to grab some talismans. “Go. What are you doing here?”

“We-ell, I came to check in on the Hakurei, of course. Y’know? Because she’s gonna be super critical to the plan?” Go sat back on the windowsill, grinning sloppily. “I mean, we need her in one piece almost as much as we need the old man.”

“Old man?” Haru tilted her head. “Who do you mean?”

The mysterious girl waved it off. “Eh, suppose it doesn’t matter at this point… we need Konpaku Youki alive. But I’m not supposed to really get in the thick of it, either. Hence the soothsayer cosplay.” She waved her robed arms around, as if to indicate them.

Eiki stepped towards Go. “Not meddle? Why not?”

“Because the running theory is that whatever the apocalypse is, it comes into place and distorts fate. After all, it’s not like you’re reading that everyone’s gonna die within a week of each other right now, are you?” Eiki hummed at that. She knew from talking to Akyuu that she wasn’t lying about what she experienced, but… like Go said, there wasn’t evidence to support it.

“So… that’s why you didn’t stop me from putting my life at risk? To see if Akyuu could distort fate?” Haru’s voice had a tone of anger to it, but Go just shrugged it off. “Or was it for that glowing thing she did?”

“The Re/Awakening specifically, yeah.” Eiki sputtered. “Oh, don’t look so surprised, Yama. After all the tipoffs, are you that surprised that I know about that secret only the Yama are supposed to know?”

The Yama folded her arms. “You know, Go, if you’re trying to get me to trust you, blurting out classified information doesn’t help. Who… are you, anyways? A resident of Gensokyo?”

Go sucked in a breath. “Complicated answer, that. More complicated than I’m supposed to say. Let’s just say I’m… rather heavily invested in Gensokyo’s continued existence. And if all goes according to plan, well… you two will both not have to worry about your ‘daughters’ being thugs or soldiers.”

Haru turned her head. “And what do you mean by that?”

Eiki looked at her. “...You promised me that earlier, as well.” The yama folded her arms. “I want to know what you mean by it.”

The blonde girl chuckled. “Well… I can’t give away too much yet. But let me put it this way.” She snapped her fingers. “What I want is for Hieda no Akyuu and Hakurei Reimu to be restored back in place. For them to cast off their current selves, and return to being what they once were.” She looked out the window. “...Assuming they can save Gensokyo, my win-con is all the Immaterial Children fully ‘material’ again. But to do that, we need the help of a lot of things.”

“And what sort of things would those be?”

“We-ell, it’s hard to say the whole list.” Go shrugged. “Sorta making this up as it goes, a bit. So it’s hard to answer definitively."

Eiki had to protest at that. “Wait, what do you mean you’re making it up?!”

“Timey-wimey soul stuff isn’t my field. Heck, I’m surprised it’s anyone’s field.” The girl shrugged. “Sorta just trying to stack all the nonsense possible to get the outcome we want, you know?”

The two older women shared a nervous glance, which Go laughed off. “Relax, relax! Call it luck or fate, but so far we’re three-for-three of the Immaterial Children and the people we need lining up. At this point, it just seems like it’s all working out for us, you know? And if Reimu Re/Awakens, and saves the old man… well, that’s the biggest one done, we’re pretty sure.”

“Three for three?” Haru pulled herself up. “Who’s the third?”

“Oh, I believe that’s-” She paused. “Well, I won’t say where they are, but it's Konpaku's kid. She’ll probably be the next one to actually show her face around here.”

Haru groaned. “You know, you’re frighteningly vague for someone who claims to see the future.”

Go just laughed. “Well, sorry about that! When we’re dealing with fate-shifting, there’s only so much fortune you can actually tell. But hey-” She winked. “Anything’s better than nothing. Now, I’ve done my part, so I’d better be off.” She started pulling herself over the windowsill.

Eiki started to approach her. “Now, you wait for a second-”

“Sorry, Eiki! Gotta jet. My trick’s only got so much juice.” She pointed at the Shrine Maiden. “Hakurei? Here’s hoping you get a recovery as swift as a shooting star, da ze!”

She slipped out of the window, and disappeared.

Epilogue: Eiki Complete
Loading Epilogue: Komachi...

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Marisa's not beating the Yakumom allegations. She's acting just as mysterious and as scheming as Yukari!
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We are still leaving Marisa for last but I have so many more questions now than I did before.
Image Source
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File 171418841968.webp - (11.78KB, 641x400, spoiler.webp)
NSFW image
Personally I doubt this is Marisa. Even with the da ze.

>>Go shrugged. “Sorta making this up as it goes, a bit."

I think I've figured who this Go is:

Joking aside, I'm half asleep so take it with a whole lot of salt. (image marked as NSFW just to not spoil it, just in case):

My theory is that Ichi and Go are different versions of Yumemi, in a "chess" match. Ichi wants them to turn into youkai, Go wants to preserve the Status Quo... a battle between "good" and "evil" (white vs. red evokes this). As for why are they doing this? Well I don't know, maybe they're just bored, maybe there's something greater at stake.

The only thing I know for certain is that I really want to know more.
Most probably I'm hilariously wrong, but that's part of the fun.

Anyways, thanks again for the update!
I'm going to sleep. See you tomorrow, hopefully with new art from my part.
And let's hope even more it's a good drawing.
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>da ze!
Delete Post
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...you know, if we leave Marisa for last, she'd be number 5. And Go is 5 in japanese (Ichi is 1)


Well, there's some precedence for that. Iirc the storylines for Chiyuri and Yumemi have them meeting alternate versions of themselves from Gensokyo. The blonde Yumemi was the one from gensokyo... That might be the 'complicated answer' she was referring to, if their routes are canon to this.

But if there's two yumemis... where's Chiyuri? I was thinking Go was her from the white robe, especially now we know she's blonde.
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My theory is that not only do we have the Immaterial Children here, but we also have future versions of them or alternate versions of them coming in to try and push things in a certain direction.

Go (Marisa?) wants to resolve the incident and have everyone go back to their lives... or so she says. She also wants everyone to Re/Awaken to ensure success. Apparently Youki and Haru are key players as well.

Ichi (Reimu?) claims to mildly care about the incident and wants to help keep Reimu Kicchou as she is.

My thought is that Go is probably telling the truth, but hiding a lot of the deets. Ichi may be lying to manipulate the shit out of Yachie and Keiki which is a smart move; I can especially see this since Ichi has been a lot more vauge and secretive than Go.

I'd honestly be surprised if any version of Reimu actually abandoned her role entirely, at any rate. Might not be Reimu and Marisa, but if they were I can see this approach making sense.

Image Source
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File 171419321554.jpg - (225.11KB, 1233x2048, Eva.jpg)
Please don't accidentally create characters based on my fictional daughter.
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>>2844 here
Just remembered that Reimu sucks at lying which pokes a few holes in this. I dunno. Probably best to watch it play out.
Image Source
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File 171420299323.png - (219.25KB, 838x648, Screenshot 2024-04-27 172353.png)
Screenshot 2024-04-27 172353
Komachi hopped through a hole in the wall, cursing. A bullet whizzed by her ear - a real bullet, too. She’d really pissed them off, that much was clear.

The shinigami - now, ironically, the one running from her own inevitability - took off at a sprint into the bamboo forest. It didn’t matter what she was going towards, it mattered what she was getting away from, and that was two moon rabbits with murder in their eyes. They probably wouldn’t actually kill her, but not for lack of trying - she had a sneaking feeling she’d be better off dealing with whatever punishment Eiki came up with than the vengeance of the Inaba sisters.

And it had all been going so well. That doctor, Eirin, had approached her with a request. She’d presented a little button, explained what it did, and asked Komachi to be the one to destroy it. She was worried about the button activating haphazardly if they crushed or disassembled it, so she wanted it executed. And a shinigami with a proper understanding of the parts could cut it to ribbons in seconds, completely safely. Of course, Komachi was happy to help.

They’d called out the sisters, Reisen and Akyuu. Both of them had the glassy stares that only came from getting an earful from a certain Yama, and Komachi couldn’t help but sympathize - she’d gotten quite a talking-to this morning herself (and was probably due for another, even worse one, but one disaster at a time).

First, Eirin had to apologize for something else. It concerned a different piece of tech, a small fake distress beacon (Komachi had no frame of reference for what a real one would look like, but it had apparently convinced all of them). Supposedly the cause of the whole false moon mess.

Apparently the fake did what Eirin thought it had - which was detect two people and take them back to the moon. But not on who she thought it would. The biometric signatures it was set to detect were ‘anyone from Gene-Warren IN-8’. Both rabbits looked shocked at that, so presumably that was them.

Komachi had to ask, and gotten the gist that they were… essentially a designer breed? She hadn’t fully understood the explanation. But the point was that it was set up for Akyuu and Reisen to both touch it, and for them to be brought back to the moon, right up to the doorstep of a different pair of sisters, their former masters. Eirin suggested that Akyuu’s coincidental crash-landing right next to her sister was not an accident in its placement, but rather a (partial) success - that her drop-pod had been calibrated to land near Reisen, somehow.

She apologized for the disaster the night had turned out to be, and Akyuu had apologized for her own part in it - assuming that this Lady Sagume might have told her more about her intentions if she’d just asked. The mood was a bit awkward, and Komachi had been the one to salvage it - pointing out that if they hadn’t done what they had done, the Shrine Maiden would have bled out outside the Scarlet Devil Mansion, rather than be resting in Eientei. Everyone composed themselves a bit, and got onto the second piece of business.

First, Eirin had looked Akyuu in the eye, and asked her to explain what she knew about the button so far. Akyuu had obliged: It exploited something innate to vat-born moon rabbits, it served to bring them in line, Eirin’d created it before they’d gotten a sense of her personality, and everyone was very, very adamant she’d be better off not knowing what it did. To the point just telling her had been a threat, once. Eirin gave her a look, told her about what Komachi was about to do, and asked, one last time, if Akyuu wanted to know what the button did.

Of course, she said yes. Curiosity killed the chronicler, as it were. Eirin took a deep breath, and started to think through her response. There was a long, long pause.

Akyuu had asked if Lady Eirin was alright, and the doctor had stuttered. Apparently she was struggling to get her words out. It might have been guilt, it might have been worry about breaking trust, it might have been an adamant feeling of not wanting to tell her something so dangerous. It might have been a lot of things. It might have been similar reasons, or different ones entirely, that meant when Akyuu had turned to ask Reisen about it, she’d clammed up as well.

But Komachi found there was one thing that they definitely were: Annoying. And, well… she was curious herself, of course.

At length, she’d gotten irritated, and snatched up the button. She’d chided the two of them for not explaining things, saying that if she wanted to know, it’d be better for her to just know. And if they didn’t know what to say… might as well just show her.

And then she’d pushed the button.
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>>And then she'd pushed the button.
Dear god, what did Komachi do?
Delete Post
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There’s a reason you’re not supposed to push the big red button, Komachi!
Delete Post
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As the great sages say:

Image Source
Delete Image
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File 171421069487.jpg - (116.29KB, 850x638, __onozuka_komachi_touhou_drawn_by_hammer_sunset_be.jpg)
What came out was a distinctly unpleasant series of tones. High, and tinny, and not even something resembling catchy. But tonal, like a little graph of something erratic converted into sound.

Akyuu’s eyes had glazed over, blank. Komachi already had a line in mind when she’d done it.

>Akyuu, from now on, end random sentences with ‘pyon’. And make it sound cute.

At once, Akyuu’s eyes lit up again, and she asked what happened. The other two nervously shared a glance, and Komachi hummed, disappointed.

And then Akyuu had turned to Komachi, with big, bright eyes, and asked did the button not work, pyon? …And immediately Komachi was having to stifle giggles. Akyuu belatedly caught what she’d said, and tried again. Confused pyons came out intermittently, and Komachi’s giggles turned into outright laughter.

Eirin had sighed, and with the proverbial band-aid removed, began to explain it in full. The explanation had a lot of choice words in it, the really fun kind you normally only here in psych-dramas. Like subliminal, ooh, that was a good one.

Put simply, the button - the sound it made, really, along with a psychic resonance - put a particular moon rabbit into a hypnotic state. Then, you could tell that rabbit pretty much anything, and they’d subconsciously be compelled to do it. The version Komachi had used was relatively mild - but there were more dangerous possibilities. Ones that’d compel her to see things differently than how they actually were.

Apparently it had been used to great effect to cut off rabbit rebellions in the past. One could essentially create double-agents on the spot, as long as you knew which rabbit had which code. And most of the rabbits were completely oblivious to the secret hidden in them. Eirin had created the button version as a precaution in case Akyuu had turned violent, but… believed it was unnecessary, now.

Akyuu, for her part, was equal parts disturbed and fascinated. She could see why they’d all wanted to hide it from her - anyone who could read her mind about the former could probably pull the sound itself from her head. Maybe even put her in a hypnotic state with nothing, pyon. Eirin had nodded, while throwing a glare the giggling shinigami. The doctor said that many of the most common ways to neuter its effects - like blurring out the subconscious memory of the trigger, or distorting it - just weren’t going to be available to Akyuu.

But the next best thing was available. Though it’d take some time, her sister would be able to break the hypnotic effect, and there were ways to learn how to resist it, as well. Reisen had offered a supporting hand on Akyuu’s shoulder, and promised she’d happily teach Akyuu how to resist the effects, if she wanted to. Akyuu had nodded, and for a moment, all had been well.

And then… a terrible mistake. Partially on Eirin’s part, mostly on Komachi’s. Because both had spent a long time in work environments where closely working with one’s boss was inevitable, and there was an implicit level of understanding reached at a certain point in doing so - where there was no need for words.

But just because they both had that understanding with their own coworkers, didn’t mean those understandings were the same across them.

The doctor had gestured to the shinigami, and asked if you would, Miss Onozuka? And Komachi’s fun had been had, so she was happy to end it. She threw the little button into the air, prepared her scythe, and sliced through it. And then, she’d used her power over distance - the moment there was any space between the pieces, there was thousands of kilometers between the pieces. The fragments shot out the nearby window, and probably left orbit. Komachi was pretty proud of that.

Then she’d turned to the group, looking at her in abject horror. What? What were the stares for? …The realization seemed to not quite catch her. Akyuu had mumbled something, and Komachi leaned in to hear it, still confused.

And then Akyuu had looked at her, her face bright red, and told her that she hadn’t been fixed, pyon. Komachi blinked, and then it hit her. Oh. That ‘if you would’ had either been to hand it over or to undo the first hypnotic effect. It was in fact still in place, and what could have fixed it was probably past the ozone layer.

Hence, what Komachi was doing now - running like her life depended on it, which it very well may. She ducked and weaved through the bullets and the clumps of bamboo, and came out to a small clearing. Good, that meant she could really put in the strides, and get a bit of distan-

On her third step, the ground beneath her suddenly wasn’t. Komachi fell forward, smacking her stomach against the wall of the pitfall. She bounced backwards, gasping for air… and only barely catching her own scythe from drilling out her eye.

Quickly, the two rabbits caught up, silhouetted by the afternoon sun. Two sets of furious red eyes glared down at her, assuring her dissonantly that she’d be fine. The taller one assured her that Eirin could fix up anything she’d broken in her fall. And, coincidentally, she could fix up anything they broke, as well.

Perhaps Komachi could have gotten away with only a minor beating. A few bruises, a checkup at Eientei, and all would be well. But she wouldn’t get a chance. Because then the smaller silhouette had leaned over, radiating fury, and asked Komachi one question.

And that question was simple: if she had any last words before they beat her so hard Eiki would have to get another shinigami to drag her home, pyon?

Well. At least Komachi would get her last laugh.

Epilogue: Komachi Complete
Loading Epilogue: Kaguya...

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Shikigami shouldn't play with the lives of living people like that.
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Nice set of epilogues!

Hm though that Da ze is very interesting... As well as the apparent cross purposes of the plan... Though i think i thought up a solution some time ago, i might have mentioned it too. The idea of perhaps separating the reincarnation from their past lif(/v)e(s) with help of Youki.

As for go... Yanno recently i have read the most fascinating theory about Marisa, though on the other hand did the da ze start being said after the pc-98 games? Because the theory is that Marisa left with Mima after th5 and the one that we know as Marisa is actually the magical perpetual liar Ellen who has forgotten she isn't Marisa in the years since.

Though in this case i wonder where Chiyuri is, being the 2nd member of the hyper probability vessel and all.
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Continuation of >>2853

I would also point out that go san was also mentioned in the animal realm and Yacchie and Keiki weren't under thr impression that she was at cross purposes to Ichi, so i don't think they are working off of different plans.
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I hope the whole “Akyuu finishing her sentences with pyon” thing can be fixed. But if it can’t, then let me be the first to say:

Delete Post
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A small tidbit of information I remembered (and had to check again). The whole "da ze" thing was originally Chiyuri's. Marisa stole adopted it from EoSD onwards if I'm not mistaken.

Now we get what the beacon was and why the button was so important. Oh well, at least it's not a problem now! (disregarding whatever Akyuu has to say about that).
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Komachi's epilogue was hilarious but I hope it's fixed for Akyuu to say pyon
Delete Post
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of course she did! XD

and looks like I was right about the beacon being intended to catch the IN-8 sisters!, neat!
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How many fucking things has Marisa stolen?!

It looks like it already was fixed given how Youmu woke up. Unless the wording of the suggestion made it so that it didn't apply to psychic stuff.
Delete Post
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it would be absolutely hilarious if it still wasn't by the time the gang all meets up
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Since the pyons were random to begin with, and the quick fix was lost, perhaps Akyuu has merely managed to gradually phase them out to a point where they're rare. In which case she may have to live forever haunted by the possibility that the chance of pyon never quite hit zero.
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though since Eirien was the one who made the button, wouldn't she be able to make one more, fix it, then have Komachi destroy it again?

also, I wonder if we are getting an explaination of how Aunn seemed to have indicated in her dialogue that she had some future knowledge

>"I just didn’t expect them to start causing trouble just yet."

which does leave some wiggle room in regards to whether her ability to know where shrines are would extend to hearing or getting into them to hear about them... but I'm still curious if she somehow came back too with the immaterial children, either via shikigami'ing into her alternate self somehow, or if there was a piece of her statue with one of the heroines when everything went down.
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File 171436353918.jpg - (120.17KB, 850x1062, __reisen_udongein_inaba_kazami_yuuka_inaba_tewi_se.jpg)
Well, the epilogue did say that Reisen would be able to break the hypnosis. I'm sure by the time they all meet up, it'll be mostly fixed.
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File 171467133321.png - (408.73KB, 1535x651, Screenshot 2024-05-03 033123.png)
Screenshot 2024-05-03 033123
Kaguya smiled, grabbing another piece of mochi. Once again, that especially clean and crisp taste filled her, and she couldn’t help but grin smugly. “Told you two that mochi pounded by Lunar Rabbits tastes better.”

Haru picked up a piece, looking it over curiously. “...Is that really because of the rabbits? Or is it because you got some extra-special ingredients in reserve?”

“We-ell, a little from column A and a little from column B.” The princess admitted. “We do have specially treated rice, but perhaps a better word is purified - if handled by impure hands, it just becomes high-grade rice, without that sharpness to it.”

Haru turned to the two rabbits in question, who were busy pounding a second batch of mochi. The smaller of the two was turning the rice over in her hands, while the elder was handling the mallet. The two had eased into a steady rhythm for the process at this point - most likely using a psychic link to time their movements,. “I see, I see. That’s why the new recruit’s the one actually hands-on? Because she’s the purest here?” She bit into the piece she was holding, murmuring in thought.

“That and she’s not that hearty. Pounding that much mochi would tire her out really quickly.” Kaguya smiled, taking another piece. “She’s safer that way.” She picked up the plate, offering it to the third guest. “Have some, will you? It’d be rude to them not to.”

The most immediate response was a glare. “I didn’t come here for a tea party, Kaguya.” She nonetheless took a piece, pulling back a bit of her ashen hair that nearly got caught in the treat. “I came here for answers. You said you had some new insights into the Immaterial Children Incident, didn’t you?”

Kaguya made sure to chew her piece extra slowly, as if contemplating a detailed response. Eventually, she swallowed. “Oh, yes, yes.” And then immediately picked up another piece.

The third woman’s hand was around hers before the mochi reached her mouth. She could feel it heating up, until both of their hands were ablaze. “This isn’t a game, Kaguya. A life’s already been thrown into tatters by this disaster. Don’t fuck around with me.”

Kaguya just pulled her hand away from her guest’s grip, and popped the still flaming piece in her mouth. “You know, you’re a natural at grilling, Mokou. You’d make a good team with them, I think.”

Fujiwara no Mokou growled, but did her best to straighten up. “...I’m serious, Kaguya. Please, do you know anything, or did you just call me to mess with me?”

Haru nodded. “We do indeed have new intel. Eientei found a whole new source, in fact.” The Hakurei Shrine Maiden smiled at Mokou. “One that might turn the whole case on its head.”

Mokou looked at Haru, trying to read her. She knew full well that Haru wouldn’t lie about this - though it did bother Kaguya a bit she was comparatively getting so much suspicion. “Oh yeah? And who is this brand new source of intel?”


“Bless you.”

“No, no, no…” Haru pointed at the younger of the two rabbits pounding. “Inaba Akyuu, Reisen’s little sister. She’s the new source.”

Mokou looked over at the two rabbits. “...What does some recent moon escapee know?” Mokou turned back to her. “Wait, did she find evidence the Lunar Capital were responsible for moving the Immaterial Children?!”

“Oh, better than that.” Kaguya said. “She’s one of them.” Mokou went wide-eyed. “And on top of that, she’s the Child of Miare.”

“Verified by the Yama herself.” Haru said, nodding. “The Hieda’s daughter, who came to Gensokyo by escaping the moon.”

Mokou nodded. “That’s a breakthrough in and of itself! So, does that mean the others were turned into Lunar Rabbits too?” She turned. “If we can find them, then-”

“She wasn’t done, you know.” Kaguya said, cutting off Mokou with a needling tone. “There’s another reason she’s important. As the Hieda… she has perfect memory. Memory unaffected by alterations to history.”

Mokou’s furrowed her brow. “So… what does that mean?”

Kaguya sighed, putting up her hands. “I swear, Mokou, you’re the dullest detective in the world.”

“What it means is that she remembers history from before. From when all the Immaterial Children grew up together, as humans.” Haru smiled at Mokou. “And she even remembers why the Immaterial Children Incident happened.” She saw Akyuu look over, nervously.

Mokou was on her feet in seconds. “You mean-” She grinned. “You mean she can clear Keine’s name?!”

“We-ell…” Kaguya hummed, putting her feet dramatically. “Maybe, maybe not.”

The momentary brightness dimmed to a dull, angry flame. “What does that mean, princess? If she can remember, surely she didn’t say Keine did it, did she?”

Kaguya looked up at Mokou, grinning impishly. “That’s exactly what she said, in fact.”

Mokou glared, smoke starting to billow out. “...No. Keine would never. Not. Ever.”

The exiled princess chuckled. “Oh, but she showed us her memories herself. In fact, not only did they say that Keine did it, but that you were an accomplice as well. Well, Mokou, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Mokou leapt to her feet. “Yeah, that all of that is a load of bullshit! I’d never do something like that!” She glared over at the two rabbits, who had stopped their pounding to move into a panicked, defensive position. “Let me at her, I want to have a little discussion with this Akyuu.”

“Now hold on a second there.” Kaguya stood up. “Akyuu is the newest resident of Eientei. I will not have you assaulting one of my pets just because you don’t like what you hear. If you want to have a go at her, you’ll have to go through me, first.”

That… brought a pause. Mokou turned to her, confused.

“Eh? Don’t the rabbits normally guard you, not the other way around?”

Nonononono she was so close- Kaguya did her best to mask her expression. “Well, she’s a very important rabbit, after all. And Haru asked me to make sure she’s safe.”

“Haru-” Ah, earth it, that was a mistake. Mokou turned her attention to the Shrine Maiden in question, who was focusing her attentions on the intricacies of the powdering on her mochi. “...Right. Haru? You’ve been one of Keine’s biggest defenders. Is all this about Keine doing it all on purpose really true?”

Now it was Haru’s turn under the microscope, and disappointingly, she faltered too. “U-um. She hasn’t lied, but… there’s missing context really. Stuff that… kinda flips the whole situation around.” She couldn’t meet Kaguya’s pleading gaze.

Mokou quickly put two and two together. “You mean… there was a reason she had to do it?” She turned to Kaguya, grumpily. “...You were just trying to pick a fight, weren’t you?”

Kaguya did her best to give a mischievous chuckle, even as she felt her opportunity slipping. “Ah, just a bit of your classic style of entertainment, that’s all.” …It was really to make sure she was burnt down before she saw the truth, so she didn’t get overexcited and do something reckless to hurt Akyuu, or go one a rampage into the human village. That was what Kaguya had been aiming to prevent, and that she was frustrated, definitely. …And she’d flay any rabbit dumb enough to suggest something like her being lonely instead.

At length, Haru looked up. “...I know you want to find Keine. But while this evidence doesn’t give us any answers on where she is, it changes the case entirely. It’s something we can give her when we do find her. A lifeline to pull her own heart back together.” The Shrine Maiden smiled. “And it was Kaguya who was insistent on you being one of the first to hear it directly.”

After a moment, the rabbit starring in the debate leaned around the door she’d half-hidden behind. “...And, um. Miss Mokou? Kaguya’s been hoping the story’s true as much as anyone. And I think she's been lommph-” Her sister had silenced her quickly from behind, when she’d seen Kaguya’s glare at the two of them.

Mokou sighed. “So that’s the truth of it, eh…” She scratched her head. Thinking.

Eventually, she let out a sigh. “...Akyuu, right? You better get back to pounding that mochi, bunny.”

Akyuu looked at her, confused. The immortal gave a slow grin, as she set her hands aflame. “Cos I’m gonna be grilling you for every detail after I’m done putting the fussy little princess to bed.”

Kaguya stood up, feeling more exposed than she’d like to be… but it had gotten there in the end. “Well then, Mokou. Shall we blow off some steam?”

The phoenix-girl grinned. “I’m only giving you one round, then it’s back to business. So you better make it one to remember, alright?”

The princess grinned back, stepping outside. “Oh, I’m sure it will be. While you’ve been chasing your tail, I’ve been coming up with very… memorable ideas. I think you’ll enjoy them.”

She smiled, reaching into her pocket… and pulled out a Spell Card. The one that would be oh-so perfect to get under Mokou’s skin.

“Divine Treasure ‘Jeweled Branch of Hourai -Dreamlike Paradise-’!”

Epilogue: Kaguya Complete
Loading Epilogue: Haru...

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Well at least it looks like mokou and kaguya are going to enjoy the fight.

They have also finely established the spellcard system. I'm looking forward to seeing Reimu and Akyuu's new spells.
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Kaguya can't help herself and Mokou will gladly turn Akyuu into grilled meat if given proper "reason". Duly noted lol.
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Hopefully the Haru epilogue will answer two questions.

- does Aunn actually have future knowledge and if so, how?

and, (note spoilers for Gooboi's A Young Girl's name which according to a comment by Gooboi is connectable to The Works of Misumaru... which Akyuu confirmed as canon to Redo/Reimu earlier

- is A Young Girl's Name is Canon to Redo/Reimu, and if so, how is Haru considered connected to the Immaterial Children Incident? (as Reimu is/was her adopted daughter, and was/is in fact Kasen's daughter!)

which... if AYGN is a part of what happened in the origional timeline, it would explain exactly why all memory of what happened to Haru in the first timeline was erased... its not because it happened at all because Reimu would still know she had a mom and now she doesn't and Haru's existence at all is still known... but well, for someone that was supposed to be raised in a shrine to make sure her Oni side doesn't manifest, she sure ended up going to places such as the Lake of blood, and depending on how you interpret one of Genji lines, to Makai either 2 or maybe even 3 times!

Image Source
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File 171542509349.jpg - (382.16KB, 752x1062, __kamishirasawa_keine_touhou_drawn_by_berusuke_ber.jpg)
“A jidiao in the Animal Realm?” Haru nodded at the question, pouring another cup of tea for the speaker. The kitsune lifted the proffered cup, rubbing her chin with her other hand. “...Are you serious…?”

The shrine maiden met her gaze evenly. “I am. According to Konpaku Youki himself, in fact.” She took a sip of her own tea. “The yin-yang orbs have chosen a young Jidiao for their new master.”

Yakumo Ran stuttered. “But… even we haven’t gotten in contact with Youki yet. He hasn’t even left the Animal Realm, has he?”

“He hasn’t. But one Miss Kutaka has gotten into contact with him, and brought the news back to Eiki. And eventually, it came through to me.”

The second visitor raised an eyebrow. “...So the rumors are true, then?” Tamatsukuri Misumaru took another sip of her own cup. “Two of the Immaterial Children have been found?”

“Yep!” Aunn, sitting opposite her sculptor, smiled. “Reimu makes two! But…” The komainu looked down. “...Hearing that she’s a jidiao… would that mean…?”

The kitsune was deep in thought. “...She’s Yachie’s daughter…? That’s…” She took a long, slow breath, trying to steady her thoughts. “That has implications.

Misumaru glanced around the room. “Forgive me, I’m not familiar with the Animal Realm’s VIPs. Can someone catch me up?”

Haru spoke up. “She’s the sneakiest of the big animal realm gang leaders. A schemer through and through, and a master manipulator in what is often otherwise a very straightforward war. Though… that does mean she’s often not ready for anyone to actually scheme against her.”

Ran smiled. “Oh, did Yukari give you some of my briefings? That’s a good way to put it. She’s often a bit flat-footed whenever someone else cunning enters the board. We’ll have to make sure to keep the amount of information that filters back to her to a minimum. I’m assuming you called me to act as liaison?”

Haru looked at the kitsune. “Partially, yes. Though officially acting on behalf of the sages, if possible.” She took a moment to think. “And of course, we’ll need some illusion magic. Strong Illusion magic, to hide her jidiao traits. Fortunately, it seems she’s caused a stir that Yachie has used to lead people to believe… something along the lines of her being a human that can invoke dragons.”

The kitsune hummed. “So it’s fine if it has to break in intense combat, as long as it can be easily reapplied. Alright, I’ll see what I can do.” The kitsune nodded. “Though… I will say that we will negotiate to have some sort of tracking device on the disguise tool. I’m not thrilled by the idea of giving Yachie’s daughter a perfect disguise.”

Aunn looked at the kitsune reproachfully. “As long as the monitoring method is well-documented in the shrine’s records, I’m sure my mistress would agree that is prudent.” The komainu’s eyes narrowed. “Of course, that’s assuming you don’t put listening devices in any of the other Hakurei tools.”

The two shikigami stared each other down, for a few moments. Misumaru coughed, looking at Haru. “Did you call me to make some new extermination gear for her?”

The shrine maiden held a hand up. “Well, I’m not sure how necessary that is? Apparently she can use the yin-yang orbs already, and she’s also had some miko equipment made for her. Though I’m sure there’s improvements you can make.” She leaned in. “In truth, there’s a whole different point I wanted to discuss. The reason why the Immaterial Children Incident occurred.”

She recounted the events, as she’d had them described to her by Akyuu. The two guests listened to her closely, only interrupting to ask a few questions.

Once she’d finished speaking, Ran went deep into thought, which Haru assumed meant she was trying to calculate something. Misumaru was doing her own analysis, though it appeared to be of Haru herself. “...That’s a heavy story to tell, Haru. One that strains credibility.”

Haru shook her head, firmly. “On the contrary - it’s the only thing that makes sense.”

Misumaru leaned in. “Is it? Are you believing it because it’s actually a logical conclusion, or because it gives the happy answers you’ve wanted?”

Aunn thumped the table. “It’s not some crackpot theory!” She glared daggers at Misumaru. “Akyuu’s actions… deviated further from predictions than I expected, but one look at her Spell Cards and it was absolutely the Child of Miare. And Lady Eiki verified it too!”

Misumaru cocked an eyebrow. “Spell Cards…? You’ve started actually distributing those rules? I thought you were keeping that secret until the Heir was found…” Her eyes widened in understanding. “Ah. You were testing this Akyuu?”

Aunn nodded. “It was a hunch. If she knew what spell cards were, but didn’t provide the sorts of spell cards I expected, it was possible she was a lunarian spy. But not only did she know what spell cards were, her spell card practically screamed she was the Child of Miare. And, of course, it was proven later that night even more clearly.”

The crafter goddess sighed. “And if I ask about how her spell card proved her, you’re just going to give the same answer you always do, won’t you Aunn?” She rubbed her forehead. “You and your mistress…”

Ran raised a finger. “On that point, we have the Yama herself to trust. I assume that Akyuu’s story has been checked by her, as well. After all, anything that can take measure of one’s deceitful choices is a lie detector by default.”

Haru smiled. “And… as much as I appreciate your concern, Lady Tamatsukuri… this is genuinely the only story that makes sense. The targets chosen, and why. The outlier in the netherworld. Why Keine was the one burdened.”

Misumaru looked down. “...Keine… If this story is true…” She sighed. “She’d still have no idea, would she?”

Haru shook her head. “We need to track her down. She’s out there somewhere, I know - maybe trying to control her powers, maybe trying to track down the Immaterial Children herself. Worse, if she tries to take matters into her own hands and fix things herself… She could undo the one good spot of this whole affair. The bright spot she’s given us.”

Ran looked over at Haru, once again looking contemplative. “...Haru. Can I ask you a question? …Why have you always been so adamant about defending Keine?”

The goddess took a glance at Ran, thinking. “...Yes, I must admit, I’ve long been curious too. Your own daughter was one of the Immaterial Children, wasn’t she? And yet, you always stood by Keine, even when it was taken as fact.” She hummed. “I held your crying shoulder when you were faced with the question… I’m just surprised I never had to hold back your fist when you were faced with the first answer.”

Haru took a deep breath. “There was absolutely no way Keine would ever do that intentionally. And even when she did make mistakes with her powers… it never happened that way.” The Shrine Maiden chuckled, pointing to the muddy tracks she’d been following. “I mean, even most youkai don’t leave hoofprints, just regular footprints. Or shoeprints, I suppose.”

“Hoof-?!” The horned girl stuttered, looking down. She was probably about Haru’s own age, if she had to guess. “N-no! I-I meant to erase them, why…?”

Haru shrugged. “Well, I’m glad they’re just fake prints, anyways.” She stepped closer, and the girl shrank back. “Come on, no need to prolong this, kid.”

The girl did her best to strike an intimidating pose. “S-stay back, Miss Ha-I mean, human! I am Keine, a powerful youkai! One more step, and I’ll smash you flat!”

Haru paused mid-step. “...And what kind of youkai are you supposed to be? A were-something obviously if you’re doing this tonight, but a were-what?” There was a long, long, awkward silence, as the girl in front of Haru wracked her brain for an answer. “...Didn’t put much thought into this, did you?” She resumed walking.

Keine did her best to get into a fighting stance. Haru had seen better from some fairies. “I-I know why you’re here. You’re here to kill me, aren’t you?!” She jammed a finger at the miko, ruining the positioning of the one arm somewhat actually ready to fight. “W-well, I’m not just some kid anymore! I’m a youkai now! I-I’m not scared of you!” She took a step back, yelping at the sound of a kicked rock in the process.

The young shrine maiden sighed. “You’re talking about me having to kill any human who becomes a youkai, right? …Keine, was it? Look, I’m just trying to do my job. Don’t make this any harder than it has to be, alright?”

“You… You…” The self-proclaimed youkai’s face was a mixture of rage and fear. “I-I’m not some job for you to fix up! H-how many times have you done this?!”

“What, this general sorta task? ‘Bout once a fortnight since I started this.” Keine’s face blanched. “Village kids always seem to run off and get themselves into some sort of trouble. Now, come on, let’s put an end to this, alright?”

Keine tripped over her own tail, and fell back. She caught herself against a tree, quivering. Haru slowly pulled out her gohei, raising it above her head, and the girl whimpered, screwing her eyes shut.

Haru slammed the gohei down, stabbing it into the ground. Keine blinked, wondering how she was still alive, giving Haru the perfect chance to close in… and hug her.

“...It’s okay, Keine. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here to bring you home.”

“U-uh?” Keine looked at her, confused. “Y-you’re not going to k-k-k-”

“Kill you? Nah, like I said, I bring villagers back home all the time. Hakurei-brand executions are only for people who actually become youkai. You’re still a human.”

The girl shook her head, weakly. “N-no, I’m not… I-I’m a youkai. C-can’t you see it?”

“What, the horns and tail? Pssshhh, they’ll be gone by the morning, I’m sure.”


Haru gently stroked the girl’s head. “...Keine. That law is meant to prevent people from willingly turning themselves into monsters. But you’re not some evil sorcerer sacrificing their humanity for power, or some cannibal who’s becoming as horrific as their diet.” She smiled. “You’re just a girl who’s having a very, very bad night.”

Keine began to sob, weakly at first, before devolving into full on bawling. Haru held the poor girl close, murmuring into her ear, and gently began to walk her back - to the Shrine for now. It was easier to get to from here, and would keep her safely from the public eye until the morning. Haru smiled,
rubbing a tear from her eye.

“Keine… when she makes mistakes with her power, it’s because she’s trying to do one thing while in the state that does the opposite. It never goes off when she doesn’t intend it to - it only did the opposite of what she’d wanted.”

Ran hummed. “I see… So the idea of it going off in such a specific way made no sense - the most likely cause for her doing it accidentally would be her trying to do something positive for the families that got reversed. But she had no memory of even that.”

Misumaru tilted her head. “...But still… That’s surprisingly detached reasoning…” Haru resisted the urge to sigh.

“Lady Tamatsukuri… I’m not saying it was a wise choice.” Haru gave a gentle smile. “Perhaps it was simply madness only proven right in the end, but… I always believed in Keine. I had to - if I started second-guessing myself on matters like that, I’d be paralyzed by indecision.”

She looked up. “I won’t be able to chase her myself, not yet - I’ve got a long-lost daughter to welcome home, and I’ll have to do anything I can to help clean up this awful, awful mess I’ve left her. …But I’m sure, in my heart of hearts, that Keine’s still out there, trying to do whatever she can to fix ‘her mistakes’. Maybe the story will get to her, or maybe she’ll just hear they’re making their own way back.”

The Shrine Maiden chuckled. “...Or maybe someone will find her first. The Immaterial Children so far have had excellent luck at saving and bringing back important people, no matter how perilous the situation.” She smiled. “...Perhaps one of them will bring my closest friend home.”

Epilogue: Haru Complete
Loading Epilogue: Eirin...

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An interesting take on Keine's beginnings.
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It's nice to hear Haru's thoughts. They are every grounded.

It will be nice when Reimu finally gets to meet her.
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File 171552295525.jpg - (11.95KB, 223x226, Smugsumaru.jpg)
Misumaru mentioned.

More relevantly, I'm glad to see that Aunn is loyal as ever, even if she is part calculator now. And I'm liking Haru too, she's kinda but pragmatic.
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I’m getting the impression that they haven’t pumped Akyuu for much information on what Reimu’s like as a person. They’re coming up with all these plans to do information control on Yachie. To monitor Reimu to make sure she doesn’t do anything nefarious with the disguise tool. All for it to soon run into Reimu’s straightforward bluntness. For a girl who’s had two incredibly intelligent strategists for mothers, that hasn’t rubbed off on her one bit.
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> For a girl who’s had two incredibly intelligent strategists for mothers, that hasn’t rubbed off on her one bit.

Ehhh... It obviously has in some ways. Like she can tell when a plan will probably go wrong and was the originator of the spell card rules in her previous life.

As far as being able to lie or hide what she's up to, though? Yeah you're probably right.
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File 171613508478.jpg - (167.76KB, 850x600, __yakumo_yukari_and_yagokoro_eirin_touhou_drawn_by.jpg)
Eirin looked out the window at the working rabbits. Now that the rubble had been cleared, pieces of electronic equipment were being installed under makeshift canopies. She was pretty sure most of the rabbits had no idea what they were doing, but as long as the two moon rabbits kept a close eye on the others, it’d be resolved soon enough.

Eiki followed her gaze, sipping at a cup of tea. “If you want, I can keep an eye on them too for a bit. ...What is that contraption, anyways?”

The Brains of the Moon turned to her. “We call it the Psydar. It’s a psychic imaging device that allows us to see where people are. Normally, we use it to keep track of potential threats but… evidently, the system has limitations.”

Haru leaned forward. “It can see where people are? …Can we use it to find the other Immaterial Children?”

Eirin looked over at it. “Not in its previous state. Having that sort of accuracy has been something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but it’s been lacking key parts of the system. We’d need two things: a psychic with a very clear mental image of the target, and to modify it from the default design to be able to go narrow-band, and single out targets at a longer distance.”

She smiled, putting her teacup down. “Fortunately, as luck would have it, we have managed to come across a moon rabbit with perfect memory, and a requirement to rebuild the psydar from the ground up. So… we’re modifying it as necessary.”

Eiki looked over at the machine, inspecting it. “...Will it hurt Akyuu?”

“It will give her a massive headache, but no permanent damage. And our suspicion is only one person may be easily called by it, so we don’t expect her to even have a need to overuse it.” Eirin gave a reassuring smile to the judge. “I promise, she’ll be fine. If anything, I’m worried about her exceeding the psychic amplitude if she gets excited. It’d both distort the message into illegibility, and leave her friend’s head ringing.”

Haru also gave the judge a pat on her shoulder. “What about the other two? Is she going forward with that book plan?”

Eirin nodded. “Yes. According to Akyuu, the Immaterial Magician and Bookkeeper are bibliophiles, so distributing some novels may be just what’s needed to get the word to them.”

Haru continued her pat into a rub. “So don’t worry too much about Akyuu, okay? She’ll make it through this.”

The judge, at length, let out a sigh. “I… just make sure to monitor her closely as possible, Lady Eirin.” She sat up, looking over at the doctor. “Is that what you called us here to discuss?”

The doctor shook her head. “...No, it’s not. I’d prefer it if this discussion doesn’t leave this room.” The other two women shared a glance, but nodded. “It concerns the Re/Awakening phenomenon.”

Eiki’s expression hardened. “If you’re asking for more details about the mechanics of it, I will not be telling you more. Not even someone immortal, who could never carry their memories over to a future life, should know how to access such a state.”

Eirin nodded. “Of course, Lady Eiki. I’m sure among the various people you know, I’m one who you feel needs to be kept especially far from the truth.” As the judge nodded, Eirin stood up. “And that… is exactly the problem.”

“For some context, Tewi Inaba. I trust you’ve both met her?” A nod from Haru, and a glower and shake of the head from Eiki. Tewi must have been avoiding her. “She was the most skeptical of Akyuu from the start, especially when she heard Akyuu’s story. The biggest reason for her doubts was a simple question: why the past selves of us immortals had chosen to reincarnate the Immaterial Children as youkai.”

Eirin started to pace around the room. “When the Re/Awakening occurred, she was satisfied. That must have been the reason we chose to do it, she said. And, for a while I was satisfied too… until I noticed the paradox in my thinking.”

Haru looked up. “After all, to know that the kids could Re/Awaken… you’d have to know what that is.” Eirin nodded, and both of them turned to Eiki. “Which raises the question… would you have told her, Eiki?”

The judge took a long, deep breath. Eirin could feel her assessing the question, looking deep inside herself, trying to consider all variables and find an answer. “...Perhaps I could have come to the conclusion that such power was necessary… but I doubt I would have thought of such an abstract solution in as short of a time as a week.”

Eirin nodded. “Inversely, with the given resources of someone who could rewrite history, and even cursory knowledge of the Re/Awakening phenomenon, I could imagine myself doing so. But… the problem is that there is no reason - no path - for me to have learned about the Re/Awakening by myself.” She leaned forward. “So… Tewi's theory is still missing a link. Something else that would give us the knowledge of Re/Awakening. Of course, that assumes our original assumption is correct, but… apparently young Reimu has experienced something similar, and lacking any knowledge of other reasons… it seems the most likely discrepancy to be addressed.”

Eiki rubbed her chin. “So, we’re looking for some path for a Hourai Immortal doctor to learn about secrets related to the inner mechanics of reincarnation, while at the same time not alerting the presiding Hakurei Shrine Maiden or the Child of Miare, at the very least.” The judge sighed. “That is… you’d need someone both good at unearthing and keeping secrets… which, to be fair, Gensokyo is not short of. But who would even consider such a plan? Who could fill such a gap?”

There was a long, slow sigh, followed by a short litany of curses. Eirin and Eiki looked over at the source, the shrine maiden now massaging her forehead. “God damn it. It’s her, isn’t it? She’d explain all of this nonsense.”

Eirin tilted her head. “I’m not sure a shrine maiden should be naming the gods in such a way, but… you have someone in mind?”

Haru let out a groan. “Un-fortunately, yes, I do. Someone who is exactly the right mix of inquisitive and intruding. Someone who wouldn’t think twice of stealing the secrets of the Yama themselves, and passing the answers on as it suits them. Someone insane enough to come up with this plan in minutes, where it took everyone else days, and yet still keep it to herself. And someone tenacious enough to survive right up to the very end, along with all of you immortals.”

Eirin got a sinking feeling, as Eiki spoke up. “I have a certain sense you may have a very plausible candidate in mind there. …And as much as it galls me to consider her learning the deepest secrets of Higan, if anyone could, it’d be her.”

The doctor let out a tired sigh. “...Yes. I think I’m on the same page as you two as well. We dealt with her on the moon as well, and… let us face the facts. If anyone else could do it better than her, she wouldn’t suffer for them to live.”

She looked up at the ceiling, commiserating with the other two in the room at the thought of the likeliest suspect. “...Yakumo Yukari. She must have known about Re/Awakening.”

Eiki lifted up her cup, slowly. After a moment’s hesitation, she downed the steaming cup whole.

“Hahhh! …Yukari. To think her tendrils could extend that deep.” The judge began to rub her temples. “That woman has caused me no small amount of headaches already… I shudder to think of her getting even more knowledge.”

Haru straightened up. “Just the thought of Yukari having access to secrets at the same level of power as Re/Awakening is giving me a headache. Or maybe it was Matara, who found out and told Yukari. They’re both equally intrusive.”

The doctor considered the thought of there being not one, but two Yukaris. The cup in her hands began to tremble. “...As much as nobody likes the idea… it does seem to have merit. Horrifying, horrifying merit.”

Eiki straightened up, looking over at them. “But with that said… perhaps it’s a security leak that can be yet plugged. When I checked our records, there was no sign they’d been disturbed since we’d last accessed them. Yukari’s intrusion may be yet to occur.”

Haru nodded. “If that woman is one thing, it’s lazy. It’s quite possible she went on one last, desperate blitz to keep the secret, at the very end of time.” The shrine maiden thought back. “...When she came to me, she was asking what Re/Awakening was. Which would suggest it was her first time hearing that term being said.”

Eirin looked between the two of them. “... And I’ve gotten some reports of her shikigami making enquiries with the rabbits here. Of course, few know anything substantial, and even fewer would be willing to risk upsetting us or Tewi. Perhaps we can work on the assumption that her knowledge has not yet been gleaned.”

Eiki stood up. “If that’s the case… perhaps I need to be off. We should do a review of our storage systems, and see if there’s any parts that don’t fully account for the hags claws. If we find something, then… At least we know the last piece of this puzzle.”

As she started to turn to leave, Haru raised a hand. “Wait. Don’t go too soon, Lady Eiki.” She took a look at the two of them. “...What if you don’t find a flaw?”

Eirin tilted her head. “...Is that not the most likely solution?”

Haru looked pensive. “It is, but… something bugs me about it. Another possibility. And my intuition’s usually pretty good at spotting these sorts of things.”

The shrine maiden put her palms together, pointing her closed hands skyward. “...What if she found out… organically? What if she came across a Re/Awakening in the proverbial field? Then, she wouldn’t know what the name was, but she would know the effect.”

The other two shared a glance. Eiki stuttered. “I… find that… highly unlikely. The weight of a reincarnator’s soul isn’t something that can be hidden. Their mere existence disturbs fate wherever they go. One who has the ability to Re/Awaken reshapes the world around them in their image, whether they like it or not.”

Eirin’s face soured. “...But the Sages would fit that description, wouldn’t they? Particularly… Yukari herself.”

There was a moment of silence. One that dragged on for far too long.

It was finally broken when Haru sat up.

“Well, maybe that’s just me overthinking another possibility. After all, it’s hard to even imagine a Yukari that’s different enough to provoke a Re/Awakening.”

The other two gave uncertain nods. Eirin spoke next. “...Quite. After all, one of the limitations that past world’s Keine cited was being unable to undo history past her own affliction, and Yukari exceeds Keine’s age by more than one order of magnitude. If Yukari were to access such a state, she’d have to do it in an entirely different way. And it could be a viable candidate who Re/Awoke some other way just hasn’t emerged yet.”

The yama let out a long sigh. “Still… sounds like I’ll have my work cut out for me.” Eiki started to leave again, this time being followed by the shrine maiden. “Let me know if any other… less horrifying scenarios occur to you, will you?”

Eirin nodded. “Of course, Lady Eiki. If we find anything out… you will be the first to know.”

As the two other ladies made their way out, Eirin stood up, turning to look out at the working rabbits.

“...Five Re/Awakeners. And perhaps Yukari at their helm.” The exile doctor muttered. She hoped they could save the world from whatever doomed it. She hoped they could save themselves from the gap youkai’s clutches.

But, most of all, and perhaps for the first time in a long, long while… Eirin truly, utterly hoped she was wrong.

Epilogue: Eirin Complete
Loading Epilogue: Remilia

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Everyone hates Yukari. Lol
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If thou has no info, blame the gap hag.
Works 100% of the time.
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a person who yukari once was? sounds familiar.

those sorts of theories aside, glad to finally have some info on yukari, even if it's technically about her future-past self.
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>I’m worried about her exceeding the psychic amplitude if she gets excited.

Well that explains why Akyuu’s telepathy was suddenly 50x stronger. Was she not warned?

No, she probably just got too excited despite being warned ten times. Youmu’s first interaction with her is probably going to be a hug and lots of apologies.
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Maybe Yukari learned about Re/Awakening from Kasen? The difference between before and after she lost her arm might be big enough.
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The bigger difference would be between Maribel and Yukari (not to mention that if that is what is being implied it also involved being sent back in time, though in Yukari's case it was well over 600 years back (gensokyo was founded and/or seperate from the rest of the world that far back and Yukari was around long before then and Maribel being from an unknown amount of years in the future.)
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File 171783172643.png - (199.18KB, 433x291, Screenshot 2024-06-08 172718.png)
Screenshot 2024-06-08 172718
Remilia Scarlet sipped at her tea, doing her best to restrain her impatience. It still showed, nonetheless, in her quivering wings.

The librarian she was waiting on side-eyed her. “Remy, I’m not going to be able to go faster just because you’re hovering over me. Don’t you have anything else to do?”

Remilia sighed, stretching. …Not really, honestly, but Patche didn’t have to be so cold about it. “Everyone’s mostly set up by now, so we’re able to start pursuing our own interests. And what I want to pursue is this gargoyle plan.”

Patchouli Knowledge rolled her eyes. “Well, I’m unlikely to get a concrete answer to this in the next five minutes, so perhaps your time is better served by doing anything else. Maybe reading some of these books yourself?”

Remilia nodded, putting down her teacup. “Well, maybe if you have an index or something I can read to help with looking, then?” Patchouli nodded, snapping her fingers, and her assistant scurried off. “After all, I’ve just about finished this cup, anyways.”

The door to the library swung open. Sakuya Izayoi stepped out, carrying a fresh teapot. “Would either of you ladies like a fresh cup, or something else?”

The mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion smiled, waving her maid over. “Impeccable timing as always, Sack-uh- Sakuya.” The librarian silently stifled a chuckle. The maid didn’t visibly react to the faux pas, just quietly bringing over the teapot, and beginning to pour it. “Your work is always appreciated.”

Patche’s familiar came back, with a few reference books. Remilia made a point of placing the teacup far away from the books, to pick one up and start reading it. Sakuya looked over the book, examining its cover.

“...You two are researching Shikigami?”

Patchouli nodded. “Mmmm. Hakurei’s Hound has given Remilia an idea.”

Remilia smiled. “It’s not all that uncommon to give children pets to teach them responsibility, is it? …But the problem is that we need a pet that will last as long as possible. At least long enough to get properly attached.” The mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion drummed her fingers along the edges of the book. “Any normal animal might run away, but a shikigami can be bound to follow certain commands. And where a normal animal might be in mortal peril, A stone body can be rebuilt and repaired with relative ease. So, if we create some familiars out of stone - our gargoyles, for example… They may make perfect companions for you-know-who.”

Sakuya smiled. “That sounds rather promising, actually. Any luck so far?”

Patchouli sighed, rubbing her head. “I wish I could say there was. The problem is finding some level of binding that will last even if the body is destroyed. That is proving… rather challenging.”

Remilia looked up, rubbing her chin. “I wonder how the Hakurei did it? I asked her, but she was… surprisingly vague about it.”

The maid shrugged. “Perhaps she was worried that you’d derive some weakness from it?” Remilia wondered about that. That… wasn’t the impression she’d gotten. The maid bowed. “Perhaps I should ask the original sculptor?”

Patchouli raised an eyebrow. “...Original sculptor?”

Remilia nodded, turning to Patchouli. “A woman named Misumaru Tamatsukuri. Makes a lot of Magatama.”

The magician’s eyes widened. “Magatama?! Oh, of course! That’s brilliant! We’re looking in entirely the wrong section then!” She stood up a bit too quick, starting to cough. Sakuya was over there in an instant, helping to settle her heart.

Remilia was next to her only a second later. “Slow down, Patche. What’s so brilliant about magatama?”

The magician took a few more coughs, and was gently pushed back into her seat. “Magatama… they have the ability to copy and store parts of souls. It’s possible one could embed a magatama into the rock of a statue, and act as a sort of physical anchor for the soul to grow from. A crystalline magatama heart. That’d at least shorten the turnover rate for creating a statuesque servant, possibly even to under a century unassisted.”

She grinned, flipping the book she already had to another page. “And that’s not all. A magatama heart would work as an excellent medium for storing a shikigami’s programming. It could be carved right into the magatama itself, even.” She tapped on an image of a magatama. “I discarded that idea earlier on, because it’d be even easier to rip off than talismans, but… if it’s embedded in its heart, that might very well be a quick path forward.”

Remilia grinned, leaning over her friend. “Oooooh, I see! So we can make a good magatama, load it up with shikigami programming, then stick it in one of our gargoyles?”

Patchouli faltered. “I’m… not so sure on that second part. Putting a magatama in after the fact would likely conflict with whatever soul is already growing in there… You’d have to create a new statue for it.”

Sakuya paused, standing up. “...What about embedding the programming on whatever soul is already in there? Would that be possible?”

“Mmmm…” Patchouli muttered under her breath, a free hand making notes. “...That’d only work if it crystallized into a fairly solid and neat form, and assuming they already have a magatama in them, it’d be… impractical. Most likely, you’d have to rip the magatama out of the statue’s chest - and even among artificial creations, there’s not many that can survive having their hearts ripped out. The even less likely alternative is pushing through the stone body to program it with pure spiritual power. To the point that you’d be much better off just making the shikigami from basically anything else, unless you were some kind of savant and that was your only option for a shikigami.”

The maid rubbed her chin. “How mysterious, then… because I got the impression that the Hound spent at least some time as a statue before coming to life. Perhaps there’s something we’re missing?”

Remilia shrugged. “We don’t need to figure out how they did it. We just need to figure out how we can do it.” She smiled. “And does that give you some plans, Patche?”

The magician adjusted her glasses. “It gives us a good avenue. I’ll keep looking into it, and let you know what I find. Now, I’ll have to be the one perusing the reference material, so… can I ask you to leave it with me?” Remilia grinned, hopping up.

“Great! I’ll stop bothering you, then.” She started to think. “Hmmm… what to do, what to do…”

“...My lady?” Remilia turned to her maid. “Were you not planning to cause some sort of… incident?”

The mood instantly soured. Remilia sighed, leaning down. “...Yeah…”

“...And what is happening with that plan? I was thinking perhaps that incident might attract certain… guests to the mansion. Like a certain purple-haired rabbit.” The maid idly pulled out a knife, starting to turn it around in her hands.

“No attacking that Akyuu, Sakuya.” Remilia scolded. “And… the Scarlet Mist is on hold for now. At… at least until the new Shrine Maiden is in place.”

Patchouli smirked. “Worried about breaking Gensokyo again, Remy?”

“It was an accident!” The vampire protested, trying her best to suppress her voice from becoming a whine. “I didn’t know she was gonna crack the world with her!”

“I’m just kidding.” The magician controlled her chuckling, so it wouldn’t break into coughing again. “But… if not in midsummer, when are you gonna do it?”

Remilia hummed, thinking back. She’d wanted to do it because it was both an appropriately fateful moment, and normally a milestone for those who dwelled in the light. She could just kick it back to next year, but… waiting for a whole year to reveal her master plan? It just didn’t feel right.

“...Mmmm. I’m still thinking.” The vampire shrugged. “I don’t want it overshadowed by another incident, you know?”

Sakuya shrugged. “Well, we can give it a couple of months, and let the Shattered Sky Incident fade from memory a bit. We should be all clear by winter, most likely.”

Remilia shook her head. “Winter’s no good. It’s so dark out, I can often go out in the day anyways. The mist is meant to help with that, after all…”

Suddenly, she stood up. The moment she’d thought of it, something in her had twitched. She knew - she just knew - that the time she was thinking of would be the perfect time for an incident.

“I’ve got it.” She smirked. “Rather than unleashing it in the depths of winter… we’ll unleash it in the thaw.”

Patchouli looked at her. “You mean… right after winter?”

Remilia looked back, beaming. “It’s perfect! The humans and youkai alike will be emerging from their wintry slumber, starting to look forward to warm glow of the spring sun. Then, and only then, will the Scarlet Mist fall upon the world, consigning them to the gloom once more!” She spread her wings out for effect, cackling.

Sakuya bowed. “If such is your wish, my Lady.”

Remilia grinned. “Yes… I can see it so clearly now. When the spring snow starts to fade… that will be the perfect, uninterrupted time… for the Scarlet Mist Incident!”

Patchouli side-eyed her. “...Are you sure? What if someone else decides to start an incident at the start of spring?”

Remilia scoffed. “Oh, come on Patchy. What are the chances of that? It’s not like there’s anyone else who’s gonna be looking for trouble at the start of spring.”

The magician shrugged. “If you say so…”

The vampire grinned, picking up her tea and starting to walk out with Sakuya. Already, there were plans aglow in her mind.

And this time… this time, she’d get her glorious moment.

After all, fate had already been overturned once. What was the chances it’d happen again?

Epilogue: Remilia Complete.
Loading Epilogue: ???

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>It’s not like there’s anyone else who’s gonna be looking for trouble at the start of spring.

oh remi. if only you knew.

then again, doesn't youki know the full story of the saigyou ayakashi? he might be able to keep yuyuko in check this time.
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Maybe Sackguya isn't so perfect and elegant if she can't take a practical joke with grace.
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Oh Lord, so many mystery loredrops
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>Oh, come on Patchy. What are the chances of that?

Around 100%

But if we’re going to start speedrunning incidents two at a time… actually, now that I think about it, it’s not that bad.

We’re going to have Reimu, Akyuu, Reisen, Marisa, Youmu, Okuu, Haru (once she’s recovered) and maybe Youki and possibly Kosuzu. Not including any side characters we drag along like quite possibly Keine or Mokou. All of them can split up to handle any new incidents.

You know what? We’re going to absolutely destroy any normal incident, bring them on, three at a time! - no, four - no, five at a time!

Just for reference Gooboi, the above statement is a joke. Please don’t make us do Hidden Legacy of the Perfectly Undefined Phantasmagoria of Double Dealing Desires. Think of Tallyanon’s sanity, please.
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File 171785748188.jpg - (524.85KB, 500x1500, __remilia_scarlet_and_kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by.jpg)

Personally, I think it's funnier to see just how far back I can justify them delaying the Scarlet Mist Incident.
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As Tallyanon, I really wouldn't mind having 7 incidents (Touhou 7, Touhou 9, Touhou 12, Touhou 13, Touhou 14, Touhou 15, and Touhou 16) occur at once. :3
Delete Post
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so we have half the puzzle of what's going on with Aunn, Yukari extracted her heart... just need to figure out how it ended up in the past now...


poor Remi, she's going to go absolutely batty a couple of incidents in... would be hilarious to see the incident revolvers wondering why Sakuya starts showing up to help out and it turns out she's there to try to get it out of the way so that the SDM can have their "proper" turn. XD
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There's something hilarious about Remilia not being able to get an incident all to herself because other people keep starting their own. I love it.
Delete Post
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Touhou 7 and 16 at the same time would be really funny. Just a tug of war between Yuyuko/Yukari and Okina over the season of spring. UFO and TD at the same time would basically be Hopeless Masquerade
Delete Post
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It would be funny if Remilia could just do her incident since no one is doing anything and inadvertently solve another incident and people forget about her scarlet mist.
Delete Post
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Fortunately Remilia is in luck. Since Youmu already knows it will end badly, there is no way she would gather up spring a second time. The only way for the endless winter incident to happen now is if Yuyuko manages to find some other clueless fool to gather up Spring for her.

... Oh God, Yuyuko is going to get Okuu to gather up Spring this time around isn't she.
Delete Post
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It'll be even funnier if Remilia was forced to grit her teeth and accept the praise after the entire SDM crew accidentally gains a reputation of being proficient incident resolvers.
Delete Post
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I was hoping that was the plan. I wonder if it can be delayed indefinitely.
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File 171896657388.png - (124.59KB, 348x437, Screenshot 2024-06-21 204221.png)
Screenshot 2024-06-21 204221
Tucked in the back of the Moriya Shrine, a girl in a white robe sat, bound. She struggled, again, to get out of the bindings, but to no avail.

Where the hell was her backup?! Shouldn’t she be here by now? Go squirmed, a dull ache through her muscles. She’d been fed by that onbashira-swinging lunatic last night, and this morning, but otherwise she’d been left essentially unattended. Which had meant a sleepless night waiting for a robot girl that apparently wasn’t coming.

She kicked her feet, trying to wiggle away again. Still no luck. She sighed, leaning back against the wall, groaning.

“...Well well well. What a sorry state to be in, hmm?” Go straightened up, looking around for the source of the voice. It wasn’t one she’d heard before. “Oh, you won’t see me. Not yet, at least.”

“...Wonderful. Who are you? Are you some new part of the Moriya Shrine?” Go stiffened up, trying to listen for where exactly the voice was coming from.

“If I told you I was someone who came from the door in your back, would that help? Or perhaps if I said I was an animal-loving hermit, could you guess from that?”

Go didn’t have a damn clue what they were talking about. “...I’m guessing those would be false leads.”

“A correct answer - and an informative one. So there is a limit on your precognition - if it can be referred to as such.” The speaker hummed. “Now, a few questions of my own; who are you? What is your purpose in coming here? And how much of Suwako’s berserk state were you responsible for?”

“...” Go wasn’t sure how to respond. “Am I going to get points for honesty, here?”

“Let me describe it to you this way. I’m aware that Lady Moriya is considering your punishment right now. She seems torn between punishing you for leading her on, and rewarding you for giving her the strongest lead she’s had on her last heiress in years. Seems to be leaning towards a curse that is only a punishment if you don’t share her tastes. But I personally think you’d rather get a shortcut out, hmm?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. Her tastes can’t be that bad, can they?”

“Well… that depends.” Go could practically hear the smirk on the speaker’s lips. “Last I heard, she was talking about the wonders of frog’s tongues.”

There was a pause. A long, pregnant pause, where Go was left alone with her thoughts.

Alone, and hopelessly outmatched.

At length, the mysterious speaker sighed. “Well, if you’re not gonna tell me anything… I guess I’ll just have to seek answers elsewh-”

“Chiyuri!” She yelled out. “My name is Kitashirakawa Chiyuri. I-I’m an assistant professor in the outside world. A-and we’re here to help with the Pyres, I swear.”

“Is that so…?” The voice hummed. “So how much do you know about us?”

“U-uuhh, not much, really. We’re more focused on the Immaterial Children - the five who reincarnated - up to this point, and the people associated with them.”


“Y-yes five, obviously five! Is that some kind of test?” Chiyuri rolled her eyes. “Reimu, Marisa, Youmu, Akyuu, and Kosuzu!”

“...I see. So the term ‘Paradox Pair’ means nothing to you?”

“...Sounds like some cringe my boss’d cook up. Wait, you don’t mean me and Ichi, do you?”

Her mysterious conversation partner chuckled. “It’s a term that’s been going around recently. Well! You at least seem to be being honest about your own understanding, so how about we talk a little more directly?”

Chiyuri stared. A small slit in… in nothing formed in front of her, widening into a hole in the open air. Within, Chiyuri could see glowing eyes, staring at her, and shivered.

From the gap in nothing, a woman ascended. She was, at least in immediate appearance, human, with long, blonde hair, and purple eyes. She wore white clothes, and a purple tabard, along with a cap of some kind Chiyuri couldn’t name.

She could name the figure, though. And it was one of the ones she wasn’t supposed to tell things to. She blanched, as the gap youkai leaned closer. “Chiyuri, huh? Well… It’s a pleasure to meet you, Chiyuri. My name is Yakumo Yukari.”

“...It’s a pleasure.” Chiyuri managed to croak out. That… reminded her of what was at stake, though, so she did her best to steady her nerves.

“Now, I have many, many questions, but I don’t know if I have a lot of time for them. So, first, tell me: what exactly was your involvement in Suwako’s berserk rage?”

Chiyuri nodded. “Um, we’re trying to provoke Re/Awakening in the Immaterial Children. And we know it occurs under sufficient stress. So I was trying to force Youmu into a situation where stress would be natural - either sneaking out of an enemy-infested city, or dealing with a berserk goddess.”

She looked down. “...I-I don’t know what happened with the black fire. We thought that wasn’t supposed to be happening yet.” She looked up, earnestly. “Please, you have to believe me! I-I didn’t know she’d burn up like that!”

The goddess tutted. “...Quite limited indeed. Perhaps a stowaway, then…? What you did was incredibly reckless, you know. I’ve had to set Ran upon the tengu for overstepping their bounds like that.” She stretched. “However, I am willing to let you get away with it… in exchange for more information.”

The girl gulped. “A-and what sort of information would that be?”

“Firstly, are you sincere in your goal of restoring the Immaterial Children back to being humans?”

Chiyuri picked her words carefully. “...One of my goals is, by the end of this, to have the five back where they were. Back with their original families.”

“You’ve been consistent on that. Fascinatingly, this ‘Ichi’ has been similarly consistent on being on the side of leaving their Youkai identities intact? Are you affiliated with her?”

Chiyuri sighed. “We’re aligned in our primary goal, at least, and sharing some resources for that.” She grumbled, squirming. “Her leaving me out to dry overnight here means she’s getting a knuckle sandwich the next time I see her, though.”

“I see. And your ability to resist various mental effects, that’s because you’re… taking remote control of a robot who produces holograms, right?”

“I…” Chiyuri blinked. The gap youkai chuckled. “...For a youkai, you sure know your technology. Especially because the tech we’re using… isn’t exactly common knowledge Outside.” …Now that she was really looking at her, Yukari did look… familiar. But that was surely a coincidence, right? “Y-yes, she’s named Ruukoto. She’s nominally a maid robot, but her creator’s stuck so many odd functions into her over the years that she’s become completely incompetent at her original purpose.”

“...There’s no way that technology is available in the outside world, correct? Not anywhere, at least yet?” The assistant professor flinched. “So, if you’re capable of somehow traveling through time… Why do you act through the Immaterial Children? Can you not save the world yourselves?”

“Aside from the fact we’re humans… like our robot, our ability to move through time is using scientific means. And that means we’re bound by certain rules. As far as we understand it, a big one’s that anything we do has already happened. So we can’t actually change fate on our lonesome.”

“I see! I see.” Yukari chuckled a bit more. “How fascinating. Now… one more question for now, if you don’t mind?”

Ah, here it came. Chiyuri tried to think of a way to stall. “C-can you untie me first, please? I’m getting very stiff here.”

“Oh, of course, of course.” The woman snapped her fingers, and for a moment, Chiyuri felt a clamminess around her hands. Then, they were free, and Chiyuri could stand up.

Err, at least in theory. The pins and needles were killer, though. Yukari sat there, watching the girl try and fail to get up on unsteady legs. “Need a hand?”

“N-no, please no thank you.” The assistant professor tried to search for where the goddess had put her gun, but couldn’t see it. “Err, I know how this is going to sound, but…”

Yukari sighed. “Yes, yes. Your little toy, correct?” She opened up another slit in reality, and stuck her arm through it. Her hand emerged next to Chiyuri, offering the hilt of her pistol.

Chiyuri took it with what not-numb fingers she could manage, getting a sinking feeling as she inspected the weapon. There was only one reason you’d give someone you almost certainly didn’t trust their weapon back; you wanted to see if they were going to try something… reckless. Chiyuri didn’t take the bait, and instead looked up.

“Let me guess. What do we know about the remaining Immaterial Children’s locations and identities?”

Yukari nodded. “If you would. Anything that… comes to mind.” She glanced over. “Surely you can give a little hint?”

Chiyuri sucked in a breath. “Well… we don’t know anything about Marisa. Frankly, she’s as much of a mystery to us as she is to you.”

The gap youkai pulled out a fan, flicking it in front of her face. “I see. And what about the fifth one? What about Kosuzu?”

Chiyuri cursed under her breath, but the threat of getting flogged (or worse, frogged) by the Moriya Goddess would have to excuse her dalliance from the intended path. Besides, they were in a stable time loop. So this was always going to happen, right? “Kudamaki Kosuzu… wakes up this morning, I believe. If the dates I’ve been given are right. She’s a fox youkai.”

“A fox youkai named Kosuzu, hmmm…?” There was a pause. The youkai’s eyes bored into her, unblinking, as she squirmed.

Then, the fan flicked back, revealing a wide grin. “Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Now… tell me everything you can about little Suzu, would you?”
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>The goddess tutted. “...Quite limited indeed. Perhaps a stowaway, then…? What you did was incredibly reckless, you know. I’ve had to set Ran upon the tengu for overstepping their bounds like that.” She stretched. “However, I am willing to let you get away with it… in exchange for more information.”

Is Yukari playing with the boundary of gods and youkai?

>…Now that she was really looking at her, Yukari did look… familiar. But that was surely a coincidence, right?

Is Yukari playing with the boundary of time?
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File 171898184431.jpg - (1.91MB, 1760x1564, __doremy_sweet_touhou_drawn_by_ise_corridor__ab0dd.jpg)

That first one was a mistake on my part. Please forgib.
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so chiyuri and yumemi have been officially confirmed. not like we already didn't know beforehand, but it's nice to see it nonetheless.

they're unaware of a lot of things. the sages, yukari herself, the paradox pair. but they do know about the first five immaterial children and how re/awakening works.

assumedly they were there for the incident either in timeline a or b, and that's how they know, but that doesn't explain how chiyuri doesn't recognize any of the sages or the paradox pair, since they were the ones who did give gensokyo a heads-up about the pyres so they could save some humans for the second batch of re/awakeners.

might change my mind as more information about them come out, but i think chiyuri and yumemi are working for someone else and are working with second-hand information. they know some stuff about gensokyo and the surrounding realms, but some important details like the sages and the paradox pair were left out. plus, ruukoto doesn't appear to have been created by either of them (chiyuri says her creator rather than mentioning yumemi directly), but they're working with her for this purpose. and she mentions that the dates for their awakening were given to her instead of her finding out naturally.

on the other hand, getting strong yukaribel vibes here. most damning of all is that chiyuri notes that yukari looks familiar. like she's seen someone similar before. and, well, chiyuri and yumemi are from the future and work in a college. we know of a college student in the future who looks like yukari, and has a similar ability to boot. and yukari does know that the level of technology ruukoto has isn't available in the current outside world, but should be in the future.
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>“A fox youkai named Kosuzu, hmmm…?” There was a pause. The youkai’s eyes bored into her, unblinking, as she squirmed.

>Then, the fan flicked back, revealing a wide grin. “Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Now… tell me everything you can about little Suzu, would you?”

I'm not gonna take the crazy theory bait. All this means is that she's got a plan that involves Kosuzu's abilities or improving them.

Very interesting.
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If Chiyuri kinda-sorta recognising Yukari means what I think it does... I'm really excited for the moment Yumemi finally runs into her former student(?). I wonder how much Yumemi's obsession with magic influenced what Merry became? I hope the professor will be proud of her most successful pupil.
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Well from what we know of canon, Yumemi was from the outside world, not gensokyo. and from context specifically from around the same time as Maribel (being apparently a teacher of Maribel and Renko.)

perhaps a couple of survivors, anyone that could get outside of Gensokyo, such as Kasen and Mamizou, as well and Sumi who would have just lost her Doppelganger, but would have still been fine in the outside world.) managed to get out or at least managed to get records out, which fell into the hands of Yumemi. and I'm guessing that the source of the Pyres was not content with just Gensokyo, possibly spreading sometime later to the outside world. so Yumemi might be working to stop the Pyres at the start, but is operating on second hand eyewitnesses, or written accounts.
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I'm getting pretty confident that Yukari is up to something and that she's able to bend fate a bit. We should probably be careful with that book.

Now that I think of it, it kinda mirrors what she did last time.

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