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File 140062962096.jpg - (63.15KB, 440x617, 83cebcfcefc6a77a4ebc63dd2566de67.jpg) [iqdb]
Before I get started with the story, let me just say that this new story of mine doesn't mean I drop my others. As I get inspiration I need to act on it, because it makes me motivated and inspired to work on my older stories.

This is also a BIG experiment. You'll see why in a moment.

“I didn’t mean it. I didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Oh gods, I can still see it. All the blood, their bodies lying there in pieces, the words carved into the walls, and their faces.

Oh gods, make it stop!

“Please, don’t leave me here! I won’t hurt anyone again, just let me out!”

The last nail in the coffin is hammered.

“Don’t do this! It was an accident! I’m sorry!”

Dirt is shoveled onto my prison.

“D-don’t. Please. I don’t want to die. I wish I could bring them back! I would trade my life for theirs, but I can’t! PLEASE, DON’T DO THIS!”

The noise above recedes and I know no one is there. I’ve been left here to die. I am to pay for my sins with my life. I will die of hunger and dehydration, but not before I go mad. I’m not a monster.

I’m not a monster.

I’m not a monster.

I’m not a monster.

I’m not…

I don’t want to die, but if I die then I won’t see their faces anymore. I won’t replay the scene in my head anymore. I’ll be at peace.

“Ha… Haha… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” This isn’t a punishment! They are letting me be free! Geniuses, every last one of them!

I won’t have to remember this anymore.

I won’t have to.

I don’t want to remember…

”Your wish is my command.”

“Hmm, another corpse just left here to rot.” I feel a sharp poke in my side. “Well, anything to fuel the fires.” I’m lifted into the air and dropped into something metal, causing me to groan slightly. “Oh? You’re not dead?” Whatever is carrying me is tipped over, causing me to fall right out. “Well, you probably will be soon enough, but I can’t throw you into the flames like this. Screaming tends to bother the spirits.” With a surprisingly gentle pat on the back the voice says, “Good luck out there.” The voice has a teasing tone, with a hint of superiority.

I hear a wheel squeak, along with footsteps. Whoever it was just left me.

“He was over here.” The voice from earlier is back, this time sounding admonished. The squeaky wheel is back too. Ugh, that wheel. It pains my ears.

“Honestly Rin, I thought I raised you better. If you find someone in need of help, you should help them!” A new voice scolds the first. It’s a gentle voice, unlike the first.

“Sorry,” the voice actually sounds apologetic too, which is much nicer than her previous tones. “Ah, here he is!” The wheel squeaks some more and then stops abruptly, thank the gods for that. I feel a hand being placed on my throat gently. Silence for a moment. “There’s no pulse.”

“Nor is he breathing, I know. He’s alive though.” The newer voice sounds so certain that I’m alive. I don’t feel alive. I don’t even know what it means to feel alive. “Put him in your cart, we’re taking him home.” Once again, I am picked up and placed in a metal receptacle. No, not the squeaking monster. Please. “I’m sorry, just bear with it for now.” The voice whispers into my ear gently.

Eventually I’m picked up and carried for what feels like forever. I don’t really care too much though, the squeaking is gone. I hear a door creak open and my head hits something, presumably the doorjamb, before being laid down onto something soft and warm. A bed, I think.

“Rin, I would like some tea. Bring enough for our guest as well.” The door closes after a moment. “I know you can hear me.” The voice says calmly.

I wish I could respond, but I have no idea how. How do people make words come out of their minds? Try as I might, the only sound I can muster is a light groan.

“Do not strain yourself. I can hear your thoughts just fine.”

My thoughts? I suppose that works. Everything seems so foreign to me right now. I know I knew how to talk at one point. It’s not the only thing I know I knew and can’t remember how to do! I don’t even remember how to see!

“Have you tried opening your eyes?” The voice says with an exasperated sigh.

I knew that.

I open my eyes immediately, and shut them again. Bright light is bad, why is it so bright?

“Try opening them slowly, let them adjust to the light.”

I do as I’m told and oh gods does it hurt! The light is blinding and I feel like my eyes are melting.

“Oh, stop exaggerating.”

Oh, okay. It does hurt though. Eventually my eyes are adjusted enough for me to realize that I was staring right at an orb, which is the source of light in the room.

“Alright, so you have your eyes open now. Perhaps you can turn your head to face me?” This, I remember how to do. I tilt my head to the left and see a solid white wall. “Wrong way,” she chuckles. Oops. Turning it to the right this time I see the face of my host. I should have been able to tell by the voice that it was a woman, but some men have feminine voices and I didn’t want to assume. She has short, purple hair with a black hairband and purple eyes. A strange red orb with what looks like an eye is positioned over her heart, with cords running to her head and wrists. She’s wearing a blue shirt with yellow heart buttons and pink collar, a pink skirt with faint flowery pattern and pink slippers. She’s kinda pretty. “You are a strange man.” She says this with a faint smile, it’s nice. I don’t remember the last time I saw a smi-

Smile. She’s smiling. Blood drips from her every orifice, her stomach, and her hands, but she’s smiling. The wall behind her is painted red with blood, her blood. So why?


A scream escapes me as an image fills my mind. I see nothing but that image. I don’t recognize that girl, who is she!? Why can’t I see anything but the blood and her smile? Oh gods, help me.

The image fades and I see the purple haired woman before me once again. Her face is worried and scared. “Are you okay?”

No. I’m not okay. Oh gods, did I do that to her? Why would I? Why would she smile about that!? Why?

“I don’t know,” she says to me. Kneeling down beside the bed she says, “I may not be able to read the entirety of your mind, but I can read your heart. You’re a gentle person who wouldn’t want to harm a soul. Until your memories return, or you think you can survive on your own you may stay here.”

Why? Why does she trust me? Is that what people are like? Do they just implicitly trust one another? I could be a monster!

“Stop that!” She snaps at me. “I said that I can read your heart, what you are deep down in your soul. I trust you because of what I can see.” She stands up and takes a deep breath. “I am Satori Komeji. Do you happen to remember your name?”

My name? I think it’s, Yuichi.

“Yuichi?” Another smile. I like it when this girl smiles. “I think it suits you.”

The door opens and I see another girl come in carrying a tray with two small cups on it. She has black cat ears and dark red eyes, with fiery red hair styled into twin braids and is adorned by black ribbons at the top and bottom of the braids. She’s wearing a black decorated dress with green frills. “Here’s your tea.” Her voice matches the one from earlier.

“Thank you Rin,” Satori says gently. “Leave the tea on the table next to the bed. We will get to it shortly.” The redhead does as told and leaves the room immediately. “Now then, If you would kindly sit up.”

Despite the protests from my body, I manage to do it. Just sitting up sends a burning sensation throughout my whole body, swinging my legs off the bed doesn’t help matters any. When was the last time I even moved? Oh, right. When I turned my head to look at Satori. Silly question. Speaking of silly and Satori, I must amuse her because she gave a little laugh.

“You really are a strange man.” She picks up one of the teacups and hands it to me. I’m a little surprised at how well my hands want to cooperate with me, gods know my legs didn’t want to. “Careful, Rin likes to make it scalding hot.” She takes her own cup and sits next to me on the bed.

We drink our tea in silence. I take the time to really look at the room. Plain white walls, a strange orb of light near the ceiling, a small table next to the bed, a larger table with two chairs next to it on the other side of the room, and a dresser with a mirror on it are against the wall opposite the door. It’s a sparse room, but it has a charm to it.

“Yuichi,” Satori says after finishing her tea. “I have an errand that needs to be taken care of, so I will have to leave you for now. But, please, make yourself at home here. When you are feeling up to it take a walk around the Palace.”

Thank you. She’s just accepting a complete stranger like me into her home. I want to repay her at some point, in some way. With a faint smile she exits the room, leaving me to finish what’s left of my tea.

I set my empty cup on the tray and slowly rise to my feet. Carefully, I start walking around the room. The pain I felt earlier is gone, but in its place is a sense of unease and vertigo. A few laps around the room clear those up though. Right now, I’m feeling pretty crazy. I don’t remember much, hell, I didn’t even know how to “see”. I suppose I should try and find someone so I can try and talk to them. Maybe if I hear more people talk, it’ll make more sense or jog my memory.

She called it a “Palace”, so there’s bound to be a lot of people and a lot of different rooms. Maybe I should try looking for the…
[] Kitchen/Dining Area
[] Foyer
[] Library
[] Garden
[X] Kitchen/Dining Area
[x] Foyer
[X] Garden
[X] Garden
[x] Foyer
[x] Kitchen/Dining Area

We got buried alive, then Rin digged us out and left us there long enough to make it to Satori and back, before taking us on a trip that felt like it lasted forever; we probably haven't eaten in quite a while.
[X] Kitchen/Dining Area

I wonder what it is they eat in Hell.
[x] Kitchen/Dining Area
[X] Kitchen/Dining Area

It's a pretty logical place for people to gather, depending a little on the time of day but if we're just looking for people it's a good start.
[x] Kitchen/Dining Area
[x] Kitchen/Dining Area

I'm interested
If you're going to post in a thread that hasn't had any activity in about four months, the least you can do is sage so that you don't give people false hope.
File 14162853819.png - (548.87KB, 724x1024, Definitely NOT Scrambled Eggs.png) [iqdb]
I should try and find the kitchen. People go there often because, uh, well, I’m not sure why. I just know they do. Okay, so where’s the kitchen? I slowly open the door and leave the room. The hallway is pretty empty. There are only candles lighting the halls, and nothing else of note. Plenty of doors, too, oh, wait that is something to note I guess. Anyway, kitchen. Gotta keep focused. Down that way are more doors, and down the other way are stairs. Stairs sound right to me.

As I descend the stairs I find myself counting the steps. About halfway down is when I realize that I don’t actually know if I should count the very top or bottom steps as proper steps in the staircase. Do they count? Hmmmmm….

Oh hey, I’m at the bottom now. Oh, and I just noticed that the floor is a black and white checkered pattern. Weird. I feel like I could play a game using the floor, but I can’t think of what it would be. WOW I’m getting sidetracked today.

What was I doing again?

Ah, kitchen, right. What does a kitchen look like again?

I guess I’ll just follow my instincts. And my instincts tell me to go that way!

After going down another hallway, I find myself standing in front of a set of double doors. Slowly, I open them and peek my head through and see stone countertops, pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, brick ovens built into the wall, and a large bin of water in the corner. I guess this is the kitchen. Does seem to fit the bill, whatever that means.

At one of the counters I see a tall, young woman with long black hair adorned with a green bow. She’s wearing a white blouse with green going down the middle of the front and a green skirt that goes down to her knees. She also has rather large black feathered wings. She seems preoccupied with cutting up some sort of meat. It looks grey. Meat isn’t supposed to be grey, is it?

The woman looks up and notices me for the first time. “Oh, hi there!” Her voice is soft, cheery, and warm all at the same time. I like her voice. It’s easy on the ears, kind of like Satori’s is. Both are nice in their own way.

Oh, right, I should be polite and say something. “…” Well, I tried. In absence of words I simply wave.

“I saw Mama Satori and Rin bring you in.” She says as she continues to cut the meat up into fine strips. “Rin and I were adopted by her too you know. She has a lot of pets, but we’re the only ones who are big like this!” She gestures to herself with her knife, which comes dangerously close to cutting her. “Oh, I’m sorry, are you hungry?”

While I’m not quite sure what hunger feels like, my abdomen does feel strange. I think that’s where my stomach is located. I nod and walk over to her carefully, she seems fond of moving her arms while she talks. And I don’t want to be too close if she’s going to keep holding that knife.


I find myself staring at the blade for so long I go cross-eyed.

When I look up I jump back in shock. The raven haired woman is covered in blood! Her white shirt dyed red. But she’s standing there like nothing’s wrong!

I blink and everything is back to normal. What just happened? She doesn’t seem to have noticed anything, not even my surprised look.

Well anyway, I shake my head and look at the grey meat on the counter. It seems far healthier than trying to figure out what’s going on in my head.

The woman seems to notice my confusion over the color though and gently asks, “Have you never seen Ashbeast meat before?” Ashbeast? I shake my head to indicate that I have not. “Wow, what have you been eating this whole time? There isn’t much else down here. I mean, the Oni have fruit and vegetables, but they don’t let people have them for free. And they eat a lot of Ashbeasts too.”

Honestly, what have I been eating? HAVE I been eating? Well, I guess I haven’t been awake to eat. And if I was, I don’t remember it.

“Oh, I haven’t introduced myself!” She says, slapping her forehead lightly. “My name is Utsuho, but everyone calls me Okuu. You can call me that too if you want.”

I’m grateful to finally know her name, but I literally can’t tell her mine. She’s waiting for me to tell her though. I guess I should find some way to tell her I can’t talk, so I gesture to my throat, open my mouth, and shake my head. I hope that makes sense to her.

“Ooooh, you can’t talk,” she says, nodding her head. “That’s okay, I couldn’t talk at first either. All I could do was chirp.” Chirp? What? I guess she means that she could only make small noises when she was first learning to talk. “If you want, there are empty books up in the library. I’m sure Mama Satori wouldn’t mind you using one of those to write whatever you want to say in.” That sounds good, but I don’t even know if I can write. Maybe when I get a pen in hand I’ll know for sure. “Oh right, you were hungry,” she says quickly. She sets down the knife on the counter next to the meat and goes over to a cabinet. When she opens it, I can see a large number of plates made out of various materials stacked together. Ceramic, wood, metal, and what looks to be glass.

I know I’m not one to say anything, but why would you make a plate out of metal or glass? Glass would just scratch too easily and metal would get really hot. It makes no sense. I suppose a wooden plate doesn’t make all that much sense to me either. But then again, I have no idea what is considered normal. For all I know, everyone uses glass plates and ceramic ones are just for show?

Well regardless, Okuu has picked out two ceramic plates and brought them over.

Using her knife, she slides the meat onto the plates. Half for her, and half for me. I’m not even sure I’ll eat this much, but okay. She opens a nearby drawer and pulls out a pair of smaller knives and two forks, at least I assume they’re forks. Forks have prongs, right? Well, until I’m corrected by Satori, I’m calling them forks.

Okuu hands me one of each and slides a plate over to me. “Do you know where the dining room is?” She asks sweetly. Her voice really does have a nice tone to it. It’s kind of high pitched, but not so much that it’s grating. I quickly shake my head telling her that I do not, and also to get myself focused again. “Okay, follow me! It’s just through those doors.” She points to a set of double doors on the wall to the right of the one I entered.

Grabbing my plate, I follow behind her and note how her wings are actually pretty small for someone her size. But, what do I know about wings. It’s not like I have a pair. Wait…

I glance over my shoulders quickly and sigh. Nope, no wings.

I also just realized that I don’t even know what I look like. Aside from pale skin that is. Well, I guess my dirt covered tunic and slacks are something too. I’m pretty sure the tunic is supposed to be white though. My slacks are a faded brown, with more brown from dirt. I’m also wearing Sandals, which I find weird. Mostly because Okuu isn’t wearing shoes, but she is wearing socks that go to her knees.

ANYWAY! Sidetracks aside. Heh, sidetracks, aside.

GAH! There I go again!

Right, so Okuu and I are sitting at a GIANT table right now. The room is huge, the table has to be able to seat about thirty people comfortably, and the chairs are extremely cushy. They have wooden frames, to match the table, and red cushions attached to the seat and back to make them more comfortable.

Okuu and I eat in silence, due to her stuffing her face and me not being able to talk. The meat had already been sliced into thin pieces, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time cutting it down. It also doesn’t seem to be cooked…

“What’s wrong?” Okuu asks between bites. I point to my food and tilt my head inquisitively. “Oh, right, you never had ashbeast before. Well, since you probably didn’t know, ashbeasts have a thermal sac in their chest that they use to breath fire and filter out the ash in the air they breathe. Unless they get killed just right, their sac will explode. If that happens, the resulting fire will run through their veins, cooking them from the inside out.” I must have some kind of horrified expression, because Okuu quickly adds, “Oh, don’t worry. The sacs are completely destroyed at that point, and any meat gotten from an Oni butcher will have killed them properly and removed the sac themselves. There’s nothing to worry about.” I’m more disturbed by how we are eating something that was possibly cooked from the inside out…

Still, I get over that disturbing though rather quickly and find that the meat isn’t bad. It’s not good either, but not bad. It has a weird taste to it though. It’s sweet, but also kind of gamey.

I don’t finish my plate though. I don’t have that funny feeling in my stomach anymore. But instead it feels heavy. I guess that means I’m full.

Okuu, noticing that I’m done asks, “Do you mind if I have the rest?” I shake my head and slide my plate over to her. “Thanks! If you want to go explore the palace, I don’t mind. I need to clean up everything anyway.”

I nod in both thankfulness and understanding. I stand and stretch before heading over to the door that leads to the hallway. I wonder what I should do now?

-Choose One
[] Foyer
[] Library
[] Garden
[x] Library
[X] Library

Hooray for attempting to communicate!
[x] Library
here have vote
[x] Foyer

Nothing like a nice foyer.
[x] Foyer
File 150007174939.jpg - (110.25KB, 850x850, Eye See You.jpg) [iqdb]
Okuu said that there were books in the library. Empty books. That means if I can write in them, I can be understood! If I know how to write. Regardless! TO THE LIBRARY!

That feels like something most people wouldn't be excited to say.

Oh well. Time to find the library. To that end, I retrace my steps up to the room I woke up in. I don't know why there, specifically. It just feels like it makes the most sense. I know how to get there already, so if I just retrace my steps back there if I ever get lost. Though I suppose that I can do that for the kitchen and dining room now too. Not that it matters, since I'm already at the bedroom.

From there I go in the opposite direction I took earlier.


I wind up wandering around for what feels like ages.

But my aimless wandering succeeds! Who needs maps when you have luck on your side?

That and the plaque on the door specifically reads “Library”. So that helped.

Pushing the door open I look around for any signs of another person. I've only seen three people here so far, and it's positively huge! There's no way that it's just three people!

“That's because it's not three people, silly!” A young voice calls from a large comfy looking chair. In the chair is a young girl with greenish-gray hair that extends past her shoulders, dark green eyes, and around her is that same floating orb-eye that Satori had. Only hers is purple instead of red. The eye in the orb watches me as I make my way over to the girl. She keeps looking up at me from her book, smiling brightly the whole time. As I get closer I can see her outfit a bit better. She wears a yellow shirt with diamond-like blue buttons and dark green collar. The skirt is also green with a faint flowery pattern, but is lighter than the collar of her shirt. And those sleeves look a little too long, but maybe she'll grow into them?

“I wouldn't count on it!” She laughs, her voice having a similar sound to Satori's. Higher pitched, and less refined though. “Hey!” Oops, I guess she can read minds like Satori too. “Yup!” I stop a little ways off from her and smile down at her. “You must be the man Orin brought home! Nice to meet you, I'm Koishi Komeiji!” Oh, so they're sisters. That makes sense. “Right again! What's your name?” Well, everything is foggy. But I think it's Yuuichi. That's what I told Satori earlier, at least.

“Yuuichi? That's a nice name!” She closes her book and hops up to her feet. She's pretty short, I could probably rest an arm on her like I would a railing or something. “Hey! I'm not a piece of furniture!” I never said you were... just that you were at the right height. “I know, I was just playing with you!” Oh. It's hard to tell with people. Since I don't remember people. “Well, you'll remember me! Even if it is only as 'that darn satori'!” That seems like a rude way to remember someone. “It is! But that's how the oni see me...” Well, Koishi seems nice. So I don't think it'll be a problem. Oh? Now she's smiling even brighter than before.

“Oh! Hey! You haven't been talking? Why's that?” I've been wondering when she'd ask that. “No you weren't!” Shush you. I totally was. She just looks at me with slightly narrowed eyes and a grin. Anyway... I came here for a blank book to write in, since I can't talk or anything. “Oh! Give me a moment! I'll be right back!” She dashes off to the wall, which is just one long bookshelf. There's also a bunch of other bookshelves making quite a few aisles. I get the impression that no one actually reads all these books, since there's a lot of dust in here. But it does seem like there's too much for one person to read.

When Koishi returns she hands you a slim book, a quill, and a jar of ink. Riiiiight... this might be a little impractical if I ever go out. Wait, I should go out. I can't just stay here and take advantage of their kindness! “Why not be one of my sisters pets? Like Okuu and Orin?” I, uh, what? “You know! Live here and do chores around the house! Satori and I will make sure you have a place to stay and food in your tummy!” Well, that doesn't sound too bad, I guess... “Great! Let's go see her and let her know!”

-Pick ONE!
[] Sure, I guess being a pet wouldn't be so bad.
[] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.
[] I'd rather not. Your sister has done enough for me, I'm not sure I can repay it.
[] No thanks. I'd much rather be independent... once I learn how to do that.
[X] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.
[X] Sure, I guess being a pet wouldn't be so bad.

[X] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.
[X] Sure, I guess being a pet wouldn't be so bad.
[X] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.
[X] Sure, I guess being a pet wouldn't be so bad.
[X] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.

W-Why does everyone want to be a pet!?
[X] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.

W-Why does everyone want to be a pet!?
[X] Sure, I guess being a pet wouldn't be so bad.
>Not wanting to be a cute girl's pet.
What's wrong with you?
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