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File 168366591869.jpg - (234.29KB, 850x1133, __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_efukei__sample-322e1.jpg)
I have been suffering for a while from a disease called, watching too much disgaea and my brain going all tingly when I just happened to see an image of Seija and Renko traveling through hell. Hence this now exists too.

Your head hurts like a motherfucker, and you’ve had extensive experience with exactly the kind of person who warranted the term during your search. (Isami somewhat more so, if her drunken rambles could be at all trusted) so you knew exactly what you were talking about. Or thinking about. Whatever.

You just know it’s not due to alcohol, because you’ve sworn it away the day you saw drunkards fly about in a bar and throw booze and chopsticks around like it’s a normal sight and not something that almost stopped your heart.

The air is strongly scented with something like a cleaner version of a diesel-fueled firebomb, a sort of thin but intense burning scent of rotten eggs like aroma, and the ground on which you’re sprawled on in your typical thrashing prone posture felt warm and soft and moist, sort of like you’ve fallen onto a bucket full of glue on the beach, not that that ever happened to you.

You push yourself up on addled limbs, raising a heavy head, blinking the sleep from your eyes – which is immediately a sign that something is off, because your left arm hadn’t worked in a while, ever since that bitch with the cat claws had torn you up actually. But, well, that could wait, because the rough stony ceiling not a few feet up, combined with the scent of blood coming from the hexagram beneath you, promises nothing good. You move to draw your ‘legally’ obtained taser to no avail, neither do you find your ‘totally not looted’ firearm, instead only finding a flashlight and some minor girl stuff in your handbag alongside some survival items. Still the flasher is hard enough to really send off a blow to someone’s skull if you swing it hard enough so you’ll make do.

Anyway you scan your surroundings again, as expected you’re in some cave, the soil of which is made of a blackish, warm stone? The ground is too smooth and even to be of normal origins. That aside the elephant in the room...as in the shady star-shaped sign was drawn with blood, not your own of course seeing how you’re completely intact, but blood nonetheless and that implies things.

It was also glowing brightly or it did and is slowly fading away, eventually taking away the remaining light in the cave-room you’re in if you were to dawdle in place for too long.

Inside the hexagram also are drawn arrow-like symbols in a circular pattern, ones put so precisely together that every one looks like it has an eye in the center of it. More words are written in the circle but they’re not of a language that you know off. Though there is some salt on the outer edges of the whole thing just to make sure that whoever comes out can’t get out...if they aren’t human.

“Conveniently, I am a human.” You say to yourself, Usami Renko, a bad habit that you’ve gained to make do with the lack of friendly faces that you’ve encountered during your journey. Not that you can blame anyone for that as right now isn’t the most fun of times or the best of worlds to be in.

“Indeed, you are human.” responds a female voice the moment you step out of the circle, a figure priory unseen now looms at the only visible exit, shaded in a darkness that they walk out of as they enter the room, still blocking the way. “But the real question is...are you a strong one or just food?”

Youkai your mind announces with apprehension. Youkai! Your heart screams with excitement, but your face stays composed as you eye down the cloaked person, their face hidden by a hood and their only noticeable features being the gold bracelet on one wrist and their old pair of sandals.

They’re also still waiting for an answer, if the continuing silence says anything.

“I’m still alive right now, that’s proof enough!” so you reply back with bravado.

“Hm...at least you have moxie.” The figure smiled then pulled back her hood. Her black hair is flecked with white and red streaks, and two small ivory horns poked out on either side. You assume they’re a female youkai of some kind, most likely an oni. Still the smile on her felt cunning…
“The name is Seija Kishin. Your every day youkai. And I have an offer for you.” she then turned to bow, a gesture done perfectly and perhaps charming in other circumstances. “One I hope I you’ll consider, however…”

“However?” you repeat where she trailed off, one of your hands slowly getting ready to draw the flash-light into her eyes and then make a run for it if what she says is unacceptable.

“I’d like more confirmation that you can take care of yourself.” The every day youkai shrugs, then scratches the back of her neck. “You see this ain’t the most ideal place for humans to end up in and most of the weaklings that end up here get devoured right away after. So I’d rather not...yknow?”

She doesn’t want to waste her time on someone who’s not worth it. Such a cruel and darvin mindset is however pretty consistent with how most youkais tend to think. So you can only shrug at that.

“Yeah...sorry.” Seija winces sheepishly, looking genuinely embarrassed. “So would you like to go for a small spar? I won’t eat you if you fail or anything, rather I’d help you find your way back home like I did with everyone that passed here.” and that’s the line that truly gets your attention.

“By everyone..” You start and try to not sound too hopeful. “Did you happen to meet a blonde girl that’s about my height? She likes to wear a mob cap alongside a purple dress.” never mind, the way you said it was filled with telling emotions, ones the youkai blatantly recognizes as such as well.

Seija widens her eyes in surprise for a moment, followed by a gleam of suspicion before she smiles kindly again. “I doooon’t knooow…” she says while poking her chin in fake thought, confessing that she DID see her of all things. “I may need a memory refresher and I think you know how~”

Oh you do, the only question is how do you start?

[ ] The flash and body dash has never failed you before. She doesn’t seem that strong with her thin body and lack of super buffed muscles that are the features of most onis, so maybe it’ll work again?

[ ] You’ve still got some of those nasty potions the weird doc gave you, a single red potion smashed in the oni’s face and she won’t see for a while, making for an easier fight even if it’s real dirty.

[ ] Hey hold on a minute, why are you playing along with this girl when she could be responsible for your ‘being here’? Yeah, no, she better have some words justifying that or you’re getting out.
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Well, alright. Best of luck and all that.
[x ] Hey hold on a minute, why are you playing along with this girl when she could be responsible for your ‘being here’? Yeah, no, she better have some words justifying that or you’re getting out.
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[X] Hey hold on a minute, why are you playing along with this girl when she could be responsible for your ‘being here’? Yeah, no, she better have some words justifying that or you’re getting out.

I don't think bodychecking Seija will work and smashing a bottle into her face seems like something that might backfire. Also who is this doc?
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Doctor who? I don't know who you're talking about, chum and this will definitely not come back in some of flash to the past the moment Renko has a peaceful place to reminisce at.


Thanks for the good luck, I'll be sure to monopolize it and not invest it back in the market.
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File 168370943980.png - (490.00KB, 1074x835, seija answers your question.png)
seija answers your question
Also dagnabit, I just lost the opportunity to send an actual image of Dr who didn't I?

[X] Hey hold on a minute, why are you playing along with this girl when she could be responsible for your ‘being here’? Yeah, no, she better have some words justifying that or you’re getting out.

Your body tenses up a bit as you realize the youkai did not in any way explain your sudden presence, instead diverting the conversation to something of their own interest. Classic youkai move, sure. But it also reeks of manipulation, something you don’t have the time to fake-fall for.

“So where am I anyway?” you ask, and before she can answer, you add in another “And what brought me here? If you’re the one that somehow summoned me, well, I’d call that a kidnapping.”

“What does a sleepy chi-” a glare her way stops Seija from deflecting again, instead the smile on her face doesn’t change at all as she takes another step closer. “Fine, let’s answer the second one first.” then another step, both of her backs held behind her back, she starts circling around you.

“That little circle behind you is a summoning ritual, one of the kinds that keeps pouring out as many yummy humans it can so us youkai outside this cave don’t starve. It doesn’t seem to discriminate either, as people of all ages and all jobs can end up here as long as nobody else would miss them.”

“Plenty of people would miss me.” you interrupt a bit defensively, then internally scold yourself as the youkai just gives you a ‘sure buddy’ in response, such a detail shouldn’t matter after all seeing how you’ve made sure not to end up too close to anyone on purpose. “And I miss her a lot.”

“Her, me, you. It’d be a bit more polite if you gave me your name after my own introduction.” Seija shrugs then stops a few feet from you, always making sure she’s not in melee-range to either not scare you or make sure you’re not going to suddenly attack her now. “But let’s go back a bit here.”

“So..” she says while leaning against a wall, the exit now unblocked. “Long story short, you’re yet another meatbag thrown into the ruins of an old hell. Your only way out of this to ascend each layer if you ever want to see daylight and grass again. Of course, everyone else but a few want to eat ya.”

That sounds a bit too simple to be true, then again you’ve seen stranger things. “So, what do you want from me again?” you go ahead and ask again, but the youkai just raises an eyebrow back.

“That’s. a. secret~❤️” Seija winks, then gestures with one hand at the exit. “I can’t tell how strong you are but you clearly have enough cunning to not do something impulsively dumb, the wisdom to withhold whatever trump card you have and the perception to not be easily led along the nose. It’s not like raw strength is the only thing needed to be strong but for now, I’d say you’re not that bad.”

A very questionable way to compliment someone, but you ignore her assessment for now.

Not that it made you self-conscouis in any way, for even the slightests of seconds.

“So, I’ll change things up for now.” Another gesture to the exit. “Go ahead and leave, once outside keep going north from this point and you should find some trashy shop. If you manage to survive up to that point then I’ll gladly tell you anything you want to know alongside offering my support.”

‘Though if you happen to die along the way, I won’t do anything’ is what you believe her unsaid statement to be. Again, a very cruel thing to do but one any other youkai would agree with.

Still you don’t make a move yet, eyeing down the girl leaning stomach to wall as if doing so would let you read her mind. She’s been nothing if not polite and slightly whimsical but even so…

She looks and gives the vibe off those girls and boys your parents don’t want you talking to.

But enough about her, what’s really important is what you’re going to do now.

[ ] Leave, as dangerous as she makes the outside sound it’s not like you could stay here forever. Maribel is somewhere out there and the moment you find that shop is the moment you get answers.

[ ] Introduce yourself and shake her hand. As dangerous as the latter may be, the youkai hasn’t shown a desire to rip you to shreds yet and as fake as their politeness could be, playing along with it could be more beneficial for you if not make her more willing to divulge more info. Who knows?

[ ] Observe the circle where you came from some more, you’re not sure if that’s a really useful thing to do but maybe another look could give more info. It’s not like you’re going to lose anything.

[ ] “I don’t trust you one bit, so tell me where Maribel is, right now.” you say as you threaten, not threaten, say things with an intense flair to the youkai. She did say she likes moxie so maybe that would work….or it could antagonize a youkai inside a small room. Yeah, that’d be really risky.
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[x] Leave, as dangerous as she makes the outside sound it’s not like you could stay here forever. Maribel is somewhere out there and the moment you find that shop is the moment you get answers.
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[X] Leave, as dangerous as she makes the outside sound it’s not like you could stay here forever. Maribel is somewhere out there and the moment you find that shop is the moment you get answers.
Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.
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File 168379777787.jpg - (77.45KB, 800x596, underworld_by_scarletwarmth_da0djkl-fullview.jpg)
[x] Leave, as dangerous as she makes the outside sound it’s not like you could stay here forever. Maribel is somewhere out there and the moment you find that shop is the moment you get answers.

You decided to leave after all, and did so with quite the ease. No goodbye or last minute comment came from the youkai who remained where she was while you made your way through the cave.

It took you only a few seconds of walking before you saw bright light coming through a passage and….

You find yourself outside, warm summer air greets your skin immediately and the smell of rotten eggs is replaced by that of old ash and sulfur then again sulfur already smells like rotten eggs so the only change here is that the smell of rotten eggs has been replaced by a smell of ashy rotten eggs.

Pedantic aside, before you lies what can only be called a crimson-tainted wasteland. Flat plains of black rocks and small mountains of a similar color-scheme make up your current terrain, but far further ahead, in the vast distance you can see a gigantic crimson-coated sea of trashing flames.

Magma would be the more precise term and speaking off it, it’s not only there for several of the ‘small mountains’ you saw actually have rivers, waterfalls and even pools of lava on them as decoration. The sheer amount of heat all these things gather makes you wonder how you’re still alive as the law of thermodynamics demand you turn to ash regardless of your current distance.

Even more outrageous is the massive sun in the sky. A red ball that illuminates it all, yet looking at is actually less uncomfortable then giving a glance at the sun back home...but why is that a thing?

Perhaps it’s not a sun at all then, you wouldn’t be surprised if it is some big magical fireball put in the sky to act as the replacement for one, but to think someone is capable of that is scary on its own.

“Ah. So I’m really in hell.” you can’t help but state dumbly at the sight. Some of your hope going down the drain when inflicted with this kind of truth. “This isn’t a dream or even a joke, I’m really stuck inside a realm fit for monsters...and I’m the prey.” not to say the first thing that comes to mind after that are a bunch of intrusive thoughts of you being attacked by a bunch of youkai, but it is. Still you shake the image away and repress the natural fear you feel as best as you can. “Still…”

“I have to keep moving. The moment I stop, the moment I slow down, is another moment that our distance increases and I can’t allow that to happen!” so with some resolve restored, you move on.


You idly kick another rock that’s in your path, and kick it again when it happens to end up just a few feet away to where you’re going. You’ve been walking aimlessly for about ten minutes and most of your worries about how you’re a sitting duck to anyone who happens to fly by have been reduced to minor background thoughts rather than the constant sense of caution you had for a while.

Then again it’s not like you’re super visible either, if you have the slightest suspicion someone is approaching. You could just lie against a nearby stack of rocks and hopes the angle hides you from sight. You’ve done so multiple times by now, yet not once, not once has anyone actually appeared.

So much for the ‘everyone outside this cave wants to eat ya’ line that the youkai told you, not to be ungrateful but if you were a youkai and knew your lunch would come out here then you would have gone ahead and camped the spot for an easy meal. Like cats do with mice-holes, it’s only logical.

The sound of a giggle, plural. Stop you right in your track, unlike the stereotypical horror movie logic the laugh did not come from behind you, but further ahead. Just past the large boulder in your path, you can hear the sounds of several young girls giggling, laughing and having a good time.

Common sense and logic demand you just turn around and make a detour for the sake of safety.

Curiosity and their twin curiosity, suggest that you just take a closer peek to see who could have possible have fun in these drab surroundings. Who knows perhaps they’re a friendly sort?

You highly doubt the latter, but go ahead and move to take a look anyway. Before anything else you still have a duty to investigate the paranormal, yes that’s why you’re doing this, it’s not an excuse.

So with your back against the boulder, knees bend so you can do the standard sneaking crouch, you poke part of your head out to see what this is all about and are surprised by what you see.

Three figures, three pale small girls in pale small dresses, no ravening monsters, sure, but you’ve already learned to fear those with human shape the same. With a silver halo on their head and four fluttery insect-like wings on their backs, were kicking a round white object towards one another within a small circle. Every successful pass met with a girly cheer and a flap of victory from their sleeves that are a little too long for them. One could almost ignore their eery purple aura in their joy.

Or in other words, three cute fairies are playing the closest thing to football here and the way they enjoy themselves is one of the, if not the most cutest thing you’ve ever seen so far in your life!

“Ah, hey that’s far too strong!” one of them shouts as the other kicks the ball too hard, causing it fly past the fairy and land a bit closer to your location. As in so close if one of them were to come pick it up then they would definitely notice you as well. Also, now that you’ve got a better look at it.

The ball isn’t a ball at all, it’s a human skull.


The sight alone makes you jump up in fright, and you hold one hand against your mouth to wisely hold in a scream. Still things refuse to get better as the moment you move to back off some more.

The skull floats up ominously, a blue flame surrounds the thing alongside a ghostly body, then just as swiftly, a hail of burning red bullets bursts out of it, forcing you to drop to the side as some of the orbs barely graze your skin. Their mere proximity feels strangely more like being hit by electric shocks but it pains you regardless. And as you leap away from it again, you lose your cover.

“Ah! It’s a human!” one of the fairies shouts as they approach you as well, keeping their distance instead of flanking you immediately, to your luck and their idiocy. “Aren’t those a delicacy?”

“Yeah they are! Let’s catch and sell her!” yet another one says and they immediately come to the agreement that you’re some valuable product instead of a living being. The fairies then nod all together and raise their hands in unison to summon most likely a similar cloud of small lights your way.

:: Battle start! ::

(Transitioning to battle map, please wait warmly…)
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File 168379915778.png - (680.72KB, 956x825, 1st fight.png)
1st fight
HOLD UP!” screams a familiar voice, interrupting everyone.

It’s the youkai called Seija, standing on top of a short mount. Hands crossed as she looks over you and everyone else with her back turned and a cocky smile on her face. “I just realized something…”

“Hey human!” that’s you, “In case you didn’t know, here in HELL, battles are handled in a different way than those from up above. You look like a cool cucumber and all, but be honest here...”

“Do you know how to handle this or shall this humble and helpful youkai give you a little guidance?”

Tutorial? (Y/N)

Objective: Defeat all enemies OR reach the green zone to escape.


You/Usami Renko
Level 0 Ex-studentHP: 20/20 MP: 5/5
|Atk: 5| Hit 95%| Crit 23% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: 2| Evd: 20%| Will: 10% | (EQP: Basic girl clothes)

Main actions left: 2

[ ] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
[ ] Attack (Choose a target/1 main action)
[ ] Defend (Halves all dmg, restores 25% hp and ignores weaknesses/ 1 main action)
[ ] Pick up and throw (Need a foe or ally nearby/ 1 main action)
[ ] Magic (You have nobody capable of using magic in the party)
[ ] Item ( X1 Flashlight (Inflicts BLIND on all foes 3 squares in front of you once per fight ; X3 small survival kits (Heal 5 hp each)/ using any item costs 1 main action)
[ ] Flee (You cannot escape the very first fight this way.)

Additional info: Knuckle type weapons have low base dmg but high hit and crit rates, also they get to attack twice per main action spend. You can change class and weapon later on, this is just a freebie.

- Enemies have a red mark, neutral parties green and allies are blue.

- The BLIND status dramatically lowers hit accuracy and evasion.

- Clarification: You can only move twice at the max per char per turn. (So you can't move like 15 slash 30 spaces at once later)

- Moving diagonally counts as taking 2 steps, instead of just 1. (There are skills to bypass this)


Zombie Fairy A- Level 1 FodderHP: 10/10 MP: 10/10

Zombie Fairy B- Level 1 FodderHP: 10/10 MP: 10/10

Zombie Fairy C- Level 1 FodderHP: 10/10 MP: 10/10

Vengeful Spirit A
- Level 1 FodderHP: 4/4 MP: 40/40

All enemies listed above can only move about 3 spaces each per movement.
They all have their own main action too (As in they have 1 compared to your 2)


Congrats if you read all that, there won’t be any more walls of text after this.
But as you can guess, this takes more than just an inspiration from disgaea.
As in you actually get to fight in it, it’ll be a bit slower for the first fight but the ones past it will have a much faster pace, as in I’ll let you use multiple turns at once until something noticeable happens. But not this one! Oh and if you choose yes to the tuto then I’ll explain everything in detail.

Oh and you can press on the red/blue file thingy to make the image bigger.
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[X] No tutorial needed.

Pretty easy to understand if you have any disgaea or dnd experience.
One question to clarify though: I assume fists can only attack orthogonally, just like movement?

If yes, perhaps taking out the vengeful first and keeping distance would be wise.
If no, rushing in front of the middle fairy, attacking two fairies and potentially taking both out in the first turn would be.
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>>68910 here, sorry for the double post; got too excited by the prospect of Tabletop RPG-ish gameplay to really think out my post.

foolishly forgot to consider using the flashlight to blind the fairies as a 3rd option, but I'll withhold my action vote for others to have their say.

Oh, what is renko's throw range? In case we're throwing vengeful spirits at fairies today.
Delete Post
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I don't know what orthogonal means but to answer your question, fists can attack up, down, left and right. (Melee range, just to be clear)

Only a few weapon groups can attack diagonally.
Delete Post
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Np and Renko's throw range is 4, so just average compared to a weakling's 3 and normal maximun 6.
Delete Post
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Something new and with images! I always appreciate this about your stories, writer.

[X] tutorial needed.
I have never played disgaea or dnd.
Will you be rolling the dice off screen?
Delete Post
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Right angles, but that is basically what I was asking; thanks.
Delete Post
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[X] No tutorial needed.

[x] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
-[x] ...into a tile above a vengeful spirit. Three tiles total.
[x] Attack
-[x] ...the vengeful spirit twice.
I finished d1 and d3 with postgame so it ok i gotchu
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File 168383236679.png - (510.29KB, 847x710, tuto 1 fight.png)
tuto 1 fight
I’ll just show off the tutorial for now, just to be accessible to everyone.


“All right, no need to sound so demure about it. Everyone’s going to one day meet a wall that they’ll need a little hint for, but ok. Let’s start here and now with…”

Whatever Seija was about to say is never revealed as suddenly the youkai shuts her mouth and flies off to the distance, blatantly abandoning Renko even though she’s the one that offered aid, what in the-

“The basics of battle!” She finishes, now standing right next to the evil spirit. How she managed to do something like that a complete mystery to you and everyone else present. “Starting with…”

Lesson number 1: How to move and attack!

“See these blue lights now under you? That’s your movement speed, aka the maximum distance you can cover in one turn, not counting things like difficult terrain or elevations of course. You can go to any of those spots for free and even double that if you spend a main action, though only once!”

As a demonstration she starts to move down two spaces. “See how I did that? You can too! All you need to do is use the [ ] Move command and have it say [X] Move down 2.” then right after she moves back 2 up and once to the right, after which she is unable to go further. “As for the rest of my movement, I achieved that with the command [X] Move 2 up and 1 right. Do you understand it?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Renko admits exasperated, Seija’s lingo sounding too bizarre.

“Well, too bad for you then, I’m going to continue anyway!” Seija shrugs and then moves on.

Specifically, she moves 3 spaces to the right, then 2 down in order to be in melee range of Fairy A. “You might be wondering if this is an illegal move, but it’s not, I’m just spending one of your main action to move again and now that I’m in range of this fairy here…” she trails off dramatically.

“Hey! That belong to me!” Renko protests.

“Ah, shut it. Main actions are a shared resource anyway. You’ll have to learn to share it later on so you might as well do so now.” with a whimsical wave, Seija shrugs off her complaint then starts visibly stretching her legs in preparation for something. “Now to spend another one to attack.”

“That’s something you do like this, [X] Seija attack Fairy A! Now see what happens!”

“Hiya!” And she does so, mainly by kicking the fairy straight in the face, a move the latter clearly didn’t expect as it knocks them over in the air and has visible stars swirl around their head after.

*Seija used Kick!
*Fairy A took 9 damage.

“Normally this result screen would only be shown at the very end, but it’s not like that matters now. Anyway my Kick! Move here has an ATK stat of 9 and did exactly that much damage. This means Fairy A has a DEF of 0. As all straightforward attacks deal damage that way. Here’s the math…”

Total damage = ATK of attacker – DF of attacked.

“Oh, so in short the amount of damage is determined by how hard you can hit and how much your target can take...that doesn’t sound too complicated.” Renko understands, then nods in thought.

“But…” She continues, now engaged. “What about the Hit and crit thing? What do those do?”

“Simple.” Seija taps her chin for a moment, “But how to explain…” a few more seconds pass, making the fact the enemies aren’t using the opportunity not to attack all the more obvious. “Ah!” she clicks one finger, “Hit is the ability to well...HIT something, it’s reduced by the opponent’s evasion so for example if you were to attack yourself with a normal attack you’d have a chance off about 75% (HIT 95%- 20% EVD) to hit yourself and failing to do so is a miss, aka zero damage.”

Chance to hit = HIT of attacker – EVD of attacked.

“I’m touching myself right now though?” Renko questions while poking her own hand with one finger repeatedly, trying to see if she can actually somehow fail at doing something so simple.

“Anyway, hitting a CRIT lets you do double your usual damage and ignore all DEF.” Seija just continues explaining, as if to ignore the claim. “Don’t go counting on them though.”

“Why?” Renko questions again, part of her studious self at full-investigation mode.

“Because they’re unlikely to happen, otherwise they’d be far too powerful. Then again, if you survive this, you’ll have to contend with much more ridiculous abilities blocking the path.”

“Such as?” Renko leans a bit more forward, as if that would help hear more clearly.

“Well, things such as…” Seija’s about to reply but gets interrupted by a bunch of coughs.

Coming from the three zombie fairies, “Not to be impolite, but is it our turn now or what?”

“Oh, yes, yes, just one more thing.” Seija replies politely but her tone shows she couldn’t care less, regardless she snaps her finger again and for just a moment, it seems like the ground is about to fl-

*Seija flipped positions with Renko!

“What!?!” the human can’t help but shout in surprise at the sudden displacement.

“Okay, fairies it’s your time, so hurry up and show her what a team attack looks like!”

“Aye!” all three of them shout as reply, their voices bearing over the second ‘What!?!” that Renko lets out at the development, but it’s too late to change things now, as all three fairies move in a way that lets them surround the human. Then one of them uses the [X] ATK command to trigger it!


“Take this!” All three fairies leap onto Renko, creating a ball of violence that has everyone’s appendages stick out for about three seconds. Afterwards Renko is seen crouched on the ground, hands and feet chained together by a bunch of fake halos. Satisfied with their improvised football, all three fairies kick the ball around for a few shots, before all three unite for one last kick that hits the ball so hard that its sent into the sun. The impact of it creating a Renko shaped hole through it.


Despite the visual, the damage is surprisingly negligible though no less dangerous. If anything from the way Renko now looks completely disheveled, confused and partly horrified. One could almost believe that something way worse happened, then again how many have been kicked into the sun?

“Don’t worry, none of this is canon.” Seija explains, then moves on. “Anyway when two or more people are capable of attacking the same target. Then they will do so, this is what’s called a combo and a team attack is a rarer and more powerful version of it that only people with the appropriate skill or amount of trust in each other can have. Oh, and the visuals are just for show, aka it’s fake.”

“This pain isn’t.” Renko finally speaks up, their voice heavy. “And I’m not forgetting what you did to me anytime soon. Explanation or not, you don’t do things like that to people!”

“Oh, you will. And besides, the attacks aren’t over…” A cruel grin appears on Seija.

“Wh-what?” That and a feeling of intensity from behind her, fill Renko with new dread.

“To clarify, if two or more people are capable of attacking the same target. Then they will do so...even if only one of them actually used the [X] ATK command. So there’s 2 left still.”


“Oh, relax. They’ll just combo you now and if my math is right then…” Seija taps her chin again, then lets out a small ‘oh’ before continuing. “Never mind, I think you’ll survive it? Maybe not.”

“Anyway that’s the end of this tutorial, any other situations that may need guidance will naturally how their own once they inevitably show up. Until then!”

(And now back to the real game...)

Image Source
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File 168383256123.png - (574.87KB, 852x856, punch evil spirit.png)
punch evil spirit
[x] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
-[x] ...into a tile above a vengeful spirit. Three tiles total.
[x] Attack
-[x] ...the vengeful spirit twice.

Seeing the vengeful spirit as the weaker link of the bunch, you quickly make your way over to it with an impressive stride. One that in the earlier days never saved you from being late but one that has proven itself quite useful in the recent days and continues to do so even now. But enough.

Clenching your fist as hard you can (thumb out), you grit your teeth and swing your arm like a jack-hammer towards the flaming skull. Surprisingly you barely feel the impact as your hand goes through it’s skull like it’s made of hot butter, hot enough to mildly burn your fist as you extract it.

The evil spirit in response, just glares at you with it’s half-caved in skull, seeming unaffected overall but their body clearly has been damaged to a heavy extent….if that even is their body.

You ready your arm to finish the job, confident that one more punch could make it blow up like jello or maybe puff into smoke or whatever it is as long as it stays dead, but a voice interrupts again.
“Hey! That’s a nice punch you threw there!” Seija says but clearly has something in mind. “But speaking of throwing, why not actually throw the thing? I think you’ve got in you to do so and besides once thrown, these skulls tend to explode!” for a moment the sentence sounds absurd.

But then you remember where you are and what you are doing, so never mind.

“I don’t think you can throw it all the way to the fairies in your spot, but don’t worry about it! I’ll give you a freebie here, just throw it and I’ll make sure the thing will explode right in their mugs!”

She sounds clearly amused by the possibility, more so than a real desire of wanting to help out.

“Oh, but don’t think throwing is only useful for that. It can also help by picking up an enemy so they can’t attack (at the cost of fixed dmg), or you could throw an ally to a place you can’t reach (though if you throw them too far down or like in lava that would really hurt them), it has plenty of uses!”

Well that’s an option then, one you can take or you can just finish the thing off and continue the rest.


*Evil Spirit takes 3 damage (it RESISTS non-magical physical attacks, still all dmg is upscaled making 2.5 dmg into 3 dmg)
*Renko takes 1 damage (Fire damage from punching a flaming skull barehanded)


[ ] Finish off the Evil Spirit (Take another 1 fire dmg, costs no action)
[ ] Take the offer and throw the evil spirit. (1 main action.)

If you choose to finish the thing off, then you still have 1 action left. So you can use it on moving again or doing literally anything else, the choice is yours anon.
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>>68910 here, after thinking about it for a bit I'm changing my tutorial vote so every reader can enjoy.

[X] tutorial needed.

I've decided on my action vote as well so I'll just post it now for use after the tutorial if that comes to pass:

[X] Free move to directly above the middle fairy (c8 e5)
[X] Flash all 3 with the flashlight
[X] Attack the fairy in range

To make sure I made no mistake: We have 1 free move + 2 main actions per turn, correct? If I misunderstood the rules, please feel free to correct me and I will change my vote.

If everything goes to plan this should blind the majority of the enemies and ideally take out one due to our fists' inherent double attack. The vengeful spirit has very low HP but it's MP pool suggests it might cast spells at us; potentially being more of a threat than the fairies, but it's a risk I'd rather take than letting all 3 fairies do their thing. This positioning puts us in the middle of the fray, opening up the opportunity to perhaps take two out next turn while standing in the same square if they stick close enough or surround us. Maybe they'll not even move and shoot blind, giving us that opportunity for free. Of course, if the fairies have any defense or we miss any attack this is somewhat moot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I'm somewhat hesitant for Renko to show Seija one of her tricks immediately, but when you're outnumbered 4-to-1, you just gotta go with it.

I had a few more questions about the items:
-Am I right to assume the flashlight is a reusable item, albeit once per combat, batteries willing? Probably super obvious, but I like making these kinds of things clear, if only to myself.
-Are those "nasty potions" mentioned in >>68901 the healing kits (healing potions?) or something else?

Finally, I used chess notation for my move action, would you like me to continue writing them like this or do you prefer some other way? I will mention any important routing decisions regardless.
If so, perhaps it might be useful to mark the columns/rows with their letter/numbers in the future for easy reading.

P.S. I realise we could just walk up to a fairy, toss her out of the way and double move to the escape zone; but I really want to fight this one out, if only for Renko to prove herself a little.
Delete Post
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Well, I've thoroughly embarrassed myself.

[X] Take the offer and throw the evil spirit. (1 main action.)
Delete Post
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Oh, there's nothing embarassing about this. Just a funny post-time coincidence.

I'll start with the questions and then will update again.

> Are those "nasty potions" mentioned in >>68901 the healing kits (healing potions?) or something else?

Nah, those are the survival items mentioned. The 'nasty' potions is a level 1 move that can inflict a status effect, (the two first choices though very stupid, would have unlocked a move early each.)

> We have 1 free move + 2 main actions per turn, correct?

This is correct, you can spend those main actions on attacking, using items, moving again (Though only once per char), etc.

> Am I right to assume the flashlight is a reusable item, albeit once per combat, batteries willing?

It is reusable yes, it's limit per combat can even be upgraded later if not do even more. Long live human tech!

> Finally, I used chess notation for my move action, would you like me to continue writing them like this or do you prefer some other way? I will mention any important routing decisions regardless.
If so, perhaps it might be useful to mark the columns/rows with their letter/numbers in the future for easy reading.

I don't mind too much so I'll try to add column and rows stuff as you want me to.

> I'm somewhat hesitant for Renko to show Seija one of her tricks

Very good instinct, I bet you can tell the youkai is playing 'nice' for now. Good.
Delete Post
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[x] Take the offer and throw the evil spirit. (1 main action.)
mostly so that we do not get another vote for what to do with that one spare action before the turn passes
writer-side action economy!!!!!!
Image Source
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File 168383739318.png - (546.71KB, 795x838, fairy fight phase 2.png)
fairy fight phase 2
[X] Take the offer and throw the evil spirit. (1 main action.)

“Okay, I’ll do it!” you shout with some gusto, part of you almost feeling a bit fantastical as you seriously move to pick up the flaming skull and throw it as far as you possibly can for the sake of it.

Grabbing onto the evil spirit, you immediately wince at the hot sensation it’s carving into your fingers as it desperately tries to squirm out of your grasp. Even so, you tighten the uncomfortable grapple, lift it above your shoulders and then with all your strength, throw it...where to?

“The right! Throw it as far as you can right!” Seija shouts in response, so you do.

And you throw it surprisingly far away, as the spirit is about to hit the ground it instead stops in mid-air, glowers your way and seems completely unaffected by your rough way of transport.

That is until it swaps places with Zombie Fairy A, to both their confusion, but not your own. For now you’ve finally seen it, only for a moment, but seen it you did, this isn’t teleportation at all.

Within less than a second or two, both enemies have been flipped around in a clock-wise arc and so forced to change positions. The reason for doing so becomes obvious once the spirit turns red in it’s new spot, inflates mildly in height to it’s and the other zombie fairy’s horror and finally explodes in a dramatic show of smoke, fire and more crimson lights. Harming all within 4 squares off it.

“Hehehehehe, that serves em right.” Seija’s friendly grin becomes a bit more toothier at the display of damage, “Acting all friendly with each other only to be forced to harm one another, what a joke.”

“B, C!” the one unharmed fairy A shouts their names in horror, then clenches her tiny little fists in anger. “How dare you make them poof!” she says to you with a childish pout, one on the level a child would give you for denying them a candy bar. “If you played nice, then so would we have! But nooooo, you just had to fight huh? Well guess what? I can play it tough too, you jerk!”

Faster than expected, the fairy moves towards your face and hits you with a punch that contained all of their momentum, bitter emotions and determination...and it didn’t hurt even that much at all. It was like having your hand slapped away by your grandma with a fork, but nothing too painful.

“A, don’t give up!” one voice within the smoke says, “We’re still alive!” the other says and both owners of said voice reveal themselves to be the zombie fairies, covered in soot from the explosion and their clothes all messed up, but still the same zombie fairies. “So keep fighting, ya hear!”

“We’re not going down that easy!” one of them continues as both of them fly upwards by 3 squares, then one fairy lifts the other and throws them 3 spaces to the left. “Come on A, feel my power!” the one thrown shouts at the fairy in front of you, before a light leaves them to empower the other.

“Huh, aren’t they feisty?” Seija comments at their whole display, acting a bit stoic for once. “Anyway they’re just an eyesore at this point, so go ahead and get rid of em already.”

*Renko takes 1 damage (fire dmg)
*Renko takes 1 damage (Fairy punch)
*Fairy B and Fairy C take 6 damage (explosion)
*Evil Spirit takes 6 damage and vanishes
*Fairy C blesses Fairy A (they gain ATK+)


Zombie Fairy A- Level 1 FodderHP: 10/10 MP: 10/10 (ATK+)

Zombie Fairy B- Level 1 FodderHP: 4/10 MP: 10/10

Zombie Fairy C- Level 1 FodderHP: 4/10 MP: 6/10

Vengeful Spirit A- Level 1 Skull BomberHP: 0/4 MP: 40/40 (DEFEATED)


Your turn again.


You/Usami RenkoLevel 0 Ex-studentHP: 17/20 MP: 5/5
|Atk: 5| Hit 95%| Crit 23% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: 2| Evd: 20%| Will: 10% | (EQP: Basic girl clothes)

Main actions left: 2

[ ] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
[ ] Attack (Choose a target/1 main action)
[ ] Defend (Halves all dmg, restores 25% hp and ignores weaknesses/ 1 main action)
[ ] Pick up and throw (Need a foe or ally nearby/ 1 main action)
[ ] Item ( X1 Flashlight (Inflicts BLIND on all foes 3 squares in front of you once per fight ; X3 small survival kits (Heal 5 hp each)/ using any item costs 1 main action)

Does this help as a A B C, 1 2 3, chart? Cuz if not, I could look how that works.
Delete Post
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It's a little different from normal. Usually columns are letters, rows are numbers and you count from the bottom (bottom left would be a1); but as long as it's marked it doesn't really matter.
I was fully willing to just write out every move like in the tutorial, so thank you for going through the effort.

[X] Attack B3 fairy by punching her in the face (twice).
[X] Move to E4
[X] Attack E3 fairy with a running haymaker as you pass by her (finish her with free attack if whiffed).

Adding some flair because fists (and guns) are my favourite Disgaea weapons and the idea of ex-student Renko becoming a Martial Artist later amuses me greatly.
Delete Post
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[x] Attack
-[x] ...the fairy twice. If it dies after the first hit, move to E4 and hit the other fairy.

I believe this makes it easier.
Delete Post
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[X] Attack B3 fairy by punching her in the face (twice).
[X] Move to E4
[X] Attack E3 fairy with a running haymaker as you pass by her (finish her with free attack if whiffed).
Image Source
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File 168392240728.png - (320.57KB, 562x681, current status of map.png)
current status of map
Sorry for the late reply, was outside all day.

[X] Attack B3 fairy by punching her in the face (twice).
[X] Move to E4
[X] Attack E3 fairy with a running haymaker as you pass by her (finish her with free attack if whiffed).

The way the fairy in front of you sparkles with an energetic aura mildly worries you, but there’s no time to worry in a fight and in a fight you are, so instead you put up them hands and throw them her way! One punch hits the fairy straight in the stomach and the other winds upwards onto their chin, the average uppercut causes the fairy to fall back and comically explode with a loud poof!

“A, NOOOOOOOOO!” the two remaining fairies bemoan her fate, but it’s not like anything else could have happened. Had they powered her up and THEN have her attack then that could have been troublesome, instead you punched out the fairy and will go now to do the same to the others.

Well, go is kind of a humble word, as in truth. You outright side-step and jump like you’re possessed by the spirits of retro platformer mascots of yore, landing right behind yet another fairy who barely has the time to turn around, open their mouth in shock before a haymaker with all your strenght-

[ -- Magical Astronomy - Track 2: Greenwich in the Sky plays for 10 seconds -- ]

Smashes against the fairy’s face with such immense force that the momentum carries the two of you a few feet into the air. “W-what!?! how are you this stroooooooooo-” the fairy’s question dies in their throat, or well within another explosion that takes it out as you land back on the ground with your hand sizzling with smoke, as if it was set aflame from the speed and power of your blow.

*Renko learns a new Fist move! Usami Hook!

“I...what? How?” you can’t help but stare at your own fist for a while longer, not only did you jump higher than any famous basketballer you know off, but that kind of power isn’t something your body should have. Did...did that circle do something to you? Or is this one of those scifi things where lower gravity makes you a superhero on other planets? Then again, where is hell in the-

The sound of outrage from the last fairy alongside slow clapping from Seija get you out of your amazement funk, for now it doesn’t matter how you did that, but you feel like you can do it again.

You don’t even know why you feel that way, but you just know on an instinctual level that you could do it again, as if some piece of an unseen puzzle has been unlocked to you now. That’s the odd feeling.

“Hey, not to be a buzzkill.” You turn around and see that Seija has closed the distance now, standing a respectable distance away from you with an appraising smile, that same smile that hasn’t left their face since you’ve known them by the way. “But the fight’s over, so now it’s time to talk spoils!”

“What like gold and xp?” as dumb as the question sounds, that’s the vibe this fight gave you. You’re stuck in a fantasy world of your dreams, and solve problems by beating them up, just like an rpg.

“As if some dumb fairies would have anything that valuable.” The smile turns from appraising to condescending, then with a single glimmer of one teeth, it becomes mildly menacing. “But gold aside, what matters is here is that you’ve defeated all of your opponents except for one…” she points at Fairy C nearby, who instead of looking ready to fight, now looks more apprehensive and ready to just bail. “Which is prove enough you’ve got some balls on ya, but you’ll need numbers.”

“What are you implying?” you reply, more interested than you care to admit out loud.

“Recruitment.” Seija says loud and clear, then waves her hand in such a way it could be considered cute if it wasn’t to wave off your skeptical frown. “Look, girl. Hell is a big place filled with big monsters where everyone with even a hint of power sees you as nothing more than a can of meat. Sure, you’ve got some outsider toys, some good hands and a strong will to live but sooner or later that won’t be enough anymore. You really want to survive in this nightmare? Get some muscle.”

“I don’t think she’ll be eager to join my team even if I asked her nicely.”

“Then don’t ask nicely, ask meanly, that’s how we work here after all. Sure, these gals don’t fear death but if she believes for even a moment that you’ll inflict something worse on her, then she’ll be more than willing to bend over in whatever way you tell her to. Though there’s no loyalty, true.”

“But that’s the best part ya hear?” Seija clicks her finger and points it at her own skull, as if what she’s about to say is utter genuis. “You don’t care for her and she don’t care for you, which means you can run her dry and ditch her when she stops being useful. Cause she’ll pull the same trick on you if you get your ass handed to you in a fight. Ain’t no honour in hell, only power and abuse.”

“That sounds more like enslavement…” actually it totally sounds like slavery to you.

“I guess?” and Seija admits that fact, then tilts her head a bit as if she doesn’t see the problem. “So what? The strong rule the weak, if you don’t like that then you’ll need to become strong enough to overturn the whole world itself. But that’s not your main goal now is it? You want something else.”

That’s...not wrong.

“Look, think of it this way.” Seija continues, looking real intent on selling this concept to you. “If it helps you survive and get where you want to be sooner...is compromising your 'human' morals in an 'inhuman' world not the best choice here?”

*The talk! Command has been unlocked, use it as you see fit or don’t.

[ ] You don’t want to compromise anything, just finish off the fairy and let’s move on.

[ ] If you’re in hell, do as those in hell do. Besides extra help, even coerced would help you.


*Fairy A takes 5 damage (Punch)
*Fairy A takes 5 damage and poofs! (Punch)
*Fairy B takes 16 damage and poofs! (Crit plus new skill learned)
*Fairy C now out of allies, becomes AFRAID.



Zombie Fairy CLevel 1 fodder - HP: 4/10 MP: 6/10


Your turn again, the fairy skipped their own as the fight has become predetermined now.


You/Usami Renko
Level 0 Ex-studentHP: 17/20 MP: 3/5
|Atk: 5| Hit 95%| Crit 23% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: 2| Evd: 20%| Will: 10% | (EQP: Basic girl clothes)

Main actions left: 2

[ ] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
[ ] Attack (Choose a target/1 main action)
[ ] Tech ( -Usami Hook! (Deals ATK+50% dmg and hits all foes in a 1 square circle / 2 mp)
[ ] Talk (To who? / free once per turn, has a range of 2 squares.)
[ ] Defend (Halves all dmg, restores 25% hp and ignores weaknesses/ 1 main action)
[ ] Pick up and throw (Need a foe or ally nearby/ 1 main action)
[ ] Item ( X1 Flashlight (Inflicts BLIND on all foes 3 squares in front of you once per fight ; X3 small survival kits (Heal 5 hp each)/ using any item costs 1 main action)


Just to clarifiy, 50% of your ATK stat would be 2.5 raised to 3, so the dmg is 5+3 aka 8. This was also doubled because of the crit, hence the 16 damage in total done. Anyway here's your choice.
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What better way to finish a fight than with a gratuitous overkill crit!

So it sounds like Renko in this story has been through some serious shit in her search for Mary, but I don't think she's so jaded as to immediately discard her human morals at the first opportunity.
I'm not saying she will never pressgang some fairy or otherwise later down the line, just not yet.

The fairies started it, but they've had enough. I say we allow the last one a chance to leave in peace, but if she decides to have another go we punch her lights out.

[X] Talk to the remaining fairy, say she's free to leave in peace as long as she doesn't pull anything.

If she doesn't leave:

[X] You don’t want to compromise anything, just finish off the fairy and let’s move on.
Image Source
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File 168392778776.jpg - (366.60KB, 800x1130, Usami Hook.jpg)
Usami Hook
Renko, the doomgal, punching her way out of hell, one face at a time.
>but you’ll need numbers
No solo speedrun any% for now, and we can't just keep on relying on crits, right?

[X] Talk to the remaining fairy, say she's free to leave in peace as long as she doesn't pull anything.
If that doesn't work out
[X] You don’t want to compromise anything, just finish off the fairy and let’s move on.
Have to agree with the assessment that Renko may not be fully jaded, yet. Though the idea of a fairy horde calls to me.
Delete Post
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[x] If you’re in hell, do as those in hell do. Besides extra help, even coerced would help you.
-[x] name the fairy. she's our minion now.
it's disgaea, even if this fairy's statblock is terrifyingly bad, she can at least lift/throw us over dangerous terrain or kite the enemies towards another end of the map
Delete Post
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I get the practical standpoint and the fairy would definitely have her uses, but from how Renko has been so far I am still of the opinion that storywise she isn't at the point of doing that yet.

On that note, I hope Renko's situation isn't similar to Fuuka from D4; what with her apparently regaining control of an arm after being summoned(?) to hell.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168400671783.png - (837.96KB, 1274x1004, kindness confuses both youkais a bit.png)
kindness confuses both youkais a bit
I won't spoil things but will admit that yes, you can choose to stay true to your morals, occasionally take compromises or even slowly but surely get corrupted into more drastic measures as things go on. I won't judge you for any of it, of course. That'd be counterproductive to having choices.

[X] Talk to the remaining fairy, say she's free to leave in peace as long as she doesn't pull anything.
If that doesn't work out
[X] You don’t want to compromise anything, just finish off the fairy and let’s move on.

You look at the fairy, pretty sure that they’re the one who confidently said the words ‘let’s sell her!’ with an innocent smile on her face. The mere thought of them casually manhandling you and selling you off as some dairy product adds some extra temptation to Seija’s words about recruitment. After all, if you look at the deal in a different light then...you still see the slavery in it and are against it.

After a loud sigh, you take one more step in their way, but before you can open your mouth.

“Please...please!” the zombie fairy backs off the same distance, her body completely rigid and her wings beating faster than needed. “Please let me go! I was just joking!” her teary eyes and cute expression don’t make that any less of a blatant lie, but at least the fight is out of her. “Mercy!”

“Hmm. I don’t know.” Seija interrupts, one hand on her chin as she shows a sly smile. “They were awfully invested in fighting you...so either they’re really good actors or this girl is one bad liar~”

“N-no!” Her eyes caught in some head-light, the fairy starts to stutter now. “T-that was…”

“That was what?” Seija leans in, clearly enjoying herself. “Come on, try another excuse.”

“...Go.” you reply before the fairy can do anything drastic, causing both youkais to look your way with either a raised eyebrow or a shocked look. “Just don’t pull anything or I’ll know.”

“…!” The fairy doesn’t say anything back or even gives a nod, the moment you give her permission to leave, she turns around and flies off far faster than any man-made drone you’ve seen on media.

“How soft.” Seija says with a bored tone, one distinctly lacking a feeling of disappointment behind it, not that you would care if there was any behind it. “You do realize she’ll bring more trouble?”

“I do.” you reply, fully aware of the fact that the girl could, once she regained some of her bravery, tattle about you to other fairies, who will tell other fairies, who will tell other people and sooner or later the rumor fest will catch the attention of someone’s who you want to stay out of the radar off.

“Then why? Fairies can’t die, so don’t talk to me about mercy.” She questions, half-interested.

“I’ll tell you what you want to know, once I’ve reached this shop you spoke off.” you reply.

“Touché.” Seija admits, then starts walking away. “Let’s go then, there’s quite the distance left.”

“Go, as in go together?” you ask, but follow her anyway when she doesn’t reply. She walks a bit faster the moment you’re right behind her, then slows down whenever you’re not, how annoying.

Anyway you give your surroundings one last look, before the two of you head further north.

(Girls are traveling, please wait warmly...)
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 168400686924.png - (88.50KB, 576x288, renko battle over.png)
renko battle over
Renko has won the battle!

You obtain 40 xp!

The faires had no items!

You obtain 60 (P) points! (Those will come up later, as they're bassically currency)

Remainig xp needed to level up: 60 xp.

(Obligatory battle result screen done, let's continue...)

Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 168400704237.jpg - (91.19KB, 640x434, saru river.jpg)
saru river
As the seasons transition into a colder-


How does everyone adjust to the longer nights and-


“Here, use this.” Merry gives me some paper tissue to deal with my rummy noise.

Good evening. My name is Usami Renko.

The Sealing Club is currently in the land of Tono, the city of folklore.

Tono’s cold weather is piercing all the way to my bones. Yet Merry seems completely unaffected by it, instead she calmly looms over the Sarugaishi River with a sharp look, seeking the fishes under it.

How fun it must be in the peak of health.

The Sealing Club is now investigating this river in order to find a boundary to another world. The legend behind this river says that it was once a large lake dammed by the hills in Miyamori. Why it is now a river hasn’t been elaborated however Merry here believes this lake is part of the same one she saw in her dreams. To be precise, I mean the otherworldly travels she tends to do when asleep.

Hence she is now glaring at the water, sitting on her knees at the very edge of the river while I’m standing nearby, silently enduring the weather but also ready to grab her the moment she’ll fall.

“So what’s the lake like?” I start our discussion, very interested in what she has to say but also desiring to keep the silence to a minimum lest my new watch will constantly remind me of the time we have left before we have to catch the train back. It’s annoying ticks and tocks being the culprit.

“It was crystal clear.” Merry answers, being the one to have given me this item so I can’t conveniently lose it. “One could see all the fishes under the water and the reflections of the fairies flying above it.”

“Fairies?” I reply, very interested to hear more about those. “What were they like this time?”

At this point of time, I could proudly declare that the members of the Sealing Club have gone through multiple worlds for their investigations, seeing things no common man ever will.

At least in my dreams that is, however for Merry, the experience is completely real.

Part of me will forever wonder why it is that Merry can be hurt in those worlds while I can’t, but seeing how neither of us posses the answer to that, that line of thought is for now a dead end.

“The strongest.” Merry finally replies, still staring at the lake with immense intensity. “She wanted to fight me, so I accepted to have a rock paper scissor contest. She chose rock over and over though. But eventually won because I let her, sadly she left swiftly after, but I like to think I made a friend.”

Ah, I must have missed a prior line in my thinking. But I can’t admit that to Merry, “That’s great!”

“You didn’t fully listen, did you Renko?” Merry asks, and I flinch, even though she’s not looking my way, her tone of voice was so sharp for a moment it spooked me. “Ah, well, even so…”

“Don’t you think it would be great if you could make otherworldly friends too?” she asks.
It would be more than great is what I truly believe. I like to believe that all humans at some point in their life have wondered what it would be like to be friends with someone of another world, be they from a fictional one or not. So the mere thought of it, sets my heart ablaze. “I would love that!”

But it won’t happen, part of you thinks, doesn’t it?” Merry correctly guesses, after all without her I wouldn’t have been able to see half of the things we’ve witnessed together. “Not without me…”

I don’t know why, but part of me feels alarmed by the way she said that. As if she knows something is going to happen that I don’t, even so… “Then, you’ll just have to make up for it with your own!”

That may sound like a nonsensical statement to some, but it’s not reason I’m going for with that.

“...Pffft.” And it work, as Merry loses the concentrated look to hold in a laugh, then turns my way with a smile. “That’s hardly a fair exchange, Renko. Besides we are already friends, aren’t we?”

“The fact you have to ask me is rude enough on it’s own. Even so, no more negotiations.”

Another laugh comes out of her and for a moment the way she shakes makes me wonder whether she’s going to fall into the water and I have to catch her before it happens, but all is fine, she’s not the type to do something that clumsy. “Fine, fine, but then you need to give me a promise too…”

“Go ahead?”

“If I ever were to dissapear, then don’t look for me.”


“You say that so matter of factly!”

“If you dissapear, it’s only normal for me to look AND find you! Like 1+1 makes 2!”

“Why you…” Merry pouts at that, but I can tell I said the thing she didn’t and did want to hear.

“Fine, then another promise.” She huffs after a few seconds, then presses my chest with one thumb.

“If YOU were to end up another world, be sure to get some friends and introduce them to me.”

“Promised.” I reply, seeing no need to argue or question that.

After all, what are the odds of that ever happening?

*Max mp increased by 5!


(To be clear, you choosing to be kind gives you this +5 mp, as giving you absolutely nothing for doing the moral choice feels a bit too jerkish.)
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File 168400718567.png - (451.14KB, 800x411, seija and renko traveling.png)
seija and renko traveling
“Oi, you done dreaming? The next part is about to get tricky.”

“Huh?” you state dumbly, part of your head must have started reminiscing out of boredom, seeing how you’ve done nothing but walk straight ahead for yet another twenty minutes. “What is it?”

“Take a closer look on your surroundings.” Seija casually states, so you do. After which you immediately realize that your surroundings have changed from only having black rocks and the occasional puddle of lava, to you now being on top of several hill and cliffs of rock while constant streams of the deathly red liquid are pouring a few feet under you. The youkai’s standing at the edge of one with you just a few feet behind her. “See that red stuff? I bet you already know what it is and what will happen if you were to take a tumble in one. So let me give a fun fact instead: Did you know these baths were once used to torture the souls of sinners? Yeah, unlike what you might believe, you won’t instantly melt the moment you fall into one of those, nah. Slowly but surely the water will keep you afloat while burning you from toe to top in an unnatural slow manner.”

You did not need to know that and she knows it, if only for the way she smiles after. “But don’t worry about that, all you need to do is not mess up this jump and we can continue.” she point at another rock a few feet away from your point, where if you managed to jump to it, you could continue traveling. The fact you’re like 7 or 8 feet higher up should only make it easier, but…

“Can’t beat your fear, huh?” Seija guesses and before you can reply, she takes a single step forward then leaps the distance like it’s nothing, landing safe and sound at the other side. “I’m not surprised, beating up tiny girls is one thing but jumping over a pool of lava? Oh, that requires real guts.”

She’s taunting you, blatantly trying to rile you up and she doesn’t even hide her smile, one of her shoes taps against the ground repeatedly to show a mocking impatience and for a moment, just a single moment, the thought of jumping and hitting her face with your boot by accident tempts you.

Then the moment passes and you realize the complete recklessness you’d need to have to even try such a thing. There are so many, so many ways this could go wrong that it isn’t even funny.

“Oh, don’t be a coward!” Seija taunts again, “It’s not like you can even be hurt by getting close to it, only actually touching the lava will harm you, so make the jump, or go rot up there forever.”

[ ] No, nuhuh, nada, no way are you making that jump. There must be a detour, right? Look for that.

[ ] Try the jump, yes it’s insane but so is this entire world. You can’t falter here of all places.

[ ] Call Seija out, you know she can fly and she’s obviously enjoying making you choose.

(And there's your choices, I'll go post the bestiary tommorow too as I lost it in my files, anyway til then)
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[X] Try the jump, yes it’s insane but so is this entire world. You can’t falter here of all places.
Maybe the Usami hook can be used to buildup momentum for the jump
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>not only did you jump higher than any famous basketballer you know off, but that kind of power isn’t something your body should have.

She did it once, just have to do it again.
She gotta believe, as Parappa would say.

[X] DO the jump, yes it’s insane but so is this entire world. You can’t falter here of all places.
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[X] Try the jump, yes it’s insane but so is this entire world. You can’t falter here of all places.
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File 16841891752.jpg - (1.51MB, 2000x1400, d9loq2d-d02b35b8-26b3-4291-bac7-ae2f944b72f8.jpg)
[X] Try the jump, yes it’s insane but so is this entire world. You can’t falter here of all places.

You take in a deep breath to calm your nerves, as much as you like to be casual and cool about this, the primal fear of falling to one’s death isn’t something you just turn off the moment you want it to.

Even so, that doesn’t stop you from taking a few steps back and doing some stretches. After all, if you’re going to jump, then you’re better off not getting a cramp from it afterwards. This definitely isn’t a stalling method and even if it was, it doesn’t work because shortly after, you stand straight.

And make a dash for it, the edge comes closer way faster than you’d like but when the final moment comes for you to stop and change your mind, your feet push off the ground and sky-bound you are.

You don’t see the lava looming beneath you, you don’t even feel yourself roll after hitting the ground after a second or two. No, nothing out of the ordinary happens as you simply register the fact that you made a jump, succeeded at it and are now at the other side, completely unharmed.

It was like jumping over a small river, nothing too difficult. Very mundane even, but eventually the moment ends when Seija walks over to you and says, “Attagirl, was that so hard?” as faint praise.

“It wasn’t, now was it?” She continues, then tends a hand your way, making you realize you were sitting with one knee against the ground after all that. You just stand up without her help and reply:

“It was okay.” and not wanting to linger on that, “How did I do that thing earlier?” you change the subject and repeat the whole ‘Usami Hook’ move you did earlier without actually doing it for real.

“Oh, that’s a whole pickle of cans better off answered where I promised you’d get them...answers I mean.” Seija deflects the question again, then turns around, keeping up the pace, only to stop.

“Though…” her face turns thoughtful for a moment, then returns it’s no-good smile as she spins around to face you again, hands behind her back as she moves her body in a whimsical rhythm. “I’m sure you know about the occult yourself, so allow me to ask: What makes fantasy reality?

“Belief.” you immediately answer, having long studied such things, witnessed such things and are no less surprisingly, very willing to talk about them. It makes your guard drop slightly, “The whole world is a product of human cognition and belief. Things come into existence because humans believe them to be so, then stop existing once humans no longer believe in them and instead, start believing in other things.”

Seija doesn’t look too impressed, simply nodding contently to your answer. “I knew it, your calm demeanor and strange clothes were one thing, but your lack of typical reactions towards being stuck in a hostile world tells much more as well. I’m not dealing with the average human here, am I?”

“You got me.” you shrug back, putting your hands in the air for a moment as if you’ve been caught to be some criminal, then stop when you remember that’s acting too familiar to her. “What of it?”

“Eh, nothing. It’s just the majority that end up here tend to be no smarter than brats, regardless of age but let’s not talk about their morbid fates, yet.” moving on, she makes another point. “Have you ever considered the possibility that you yourself are not immune to the belief of the new majority?”

“I doubt it, because if that were true, then anyone’s belief could alter me if they had enough numbers.” and that’s something that’s never happened to you, human world or otherwise.

“Well, if you want to look at things that way. Then don’t let me change your mind,” A shrug comes out of her as she turns and moves to walk again, “But if you’ll let me speak plainly…”

“I’ve never told you to speak in a specific way, but go ahead.” you follow both her steps and words.

“The longer you stay here, the more this world’s rules will affect you, call it a curse, call it miasma, but this world isn’t meant for the likes of you. So if you don’t end up eaten along the way and linger on far too long, then the odds of you becoming a youkai or something worse aren’t below zero.”

“That’s fine by me.”

“Is that so? Care to elaborate on why?”

“Simple, in the hypothetical scenario I lose my humanity, whatever that means, I would gain several boons in exchange, such a great boost to my physical and spiritual strength, the ability to heal from most wounds and even the capacity to fly. Rationally speaking, it would be more of an upgrade.”

“Oh, well. If that’s your decision.” that tone is too similar to the one you’d give to someone about to inflict a catastrophe on themselves but not caring enough to stop them. “I’m sure she’d love it.”

“What do you mean?” you ask, half-weary and ready to dispute the moment she throws out one of the usual arguments, but also half-curious what an actual youkai’s perspective about this matter is.

“You’ll lose your freedom alongside whatever makes the current you, you.” She replies with a tone that this isn’t a big deal at all, very carefree despite the serious words she lets out. “So whoever your friend, lover or sibling is. They might get alienated by this ‘new’ you, if anything the most likely scenario would mean that you’re now a threat to their life as well. Forever having to hold in the urge to rip off their throat, something you’ll find to hard seeing how you’re a newly born, and thus something you’ll eventually fail at too. Waking up one day, feeling completely satisfied only to realize that the yummy thing in your mouth is their cadaver yet unable to stop yourself from swa-”

She doesn’t finish the sentence, because your hand grabs onto her arm. “Stop, I get it.” and you take a moment to swallow some spit before continuing. “I don’t need a horror story stuck in my head.”

“Boo.” A pulled out tongue is Seija’s answer, then a small push forces you to let go of her as she walks again, outright skipping even as if something great just happened. “Fine, long story short.”

“Humans are defined by the fact that though weak and fragile, they can do anything. Youkais no matter how strong or unique, are defined by what they’re supposed to do. The change from one to another is irreversible, so go ahead and try it on a whim, I’m sure you’ll be happy.” She ends the conversation with a bold-faced lie, a lie so straightforward you can’t possibly take it the wrong way.

Does that make the lie a warning? It sounds like that to you, but the youkai makes a show off ignoring any further attempts at conversation as the two of you continue your northward march.

(Cue the transition…)

“We’re here.” Seija finally says, then points at something just several feet ahead.

On the side off a cliff, just one earthquake away from falling into the sea of flames below lies a metallic castle that clearly has seen better days. It’s steel like pikes for legs have attached itself into the ground and even now look sharp enough to cut in half anyone who dares touch them. The castle itself has obvious eastern origins, with it’s torii gates set before and after a flight of stairs alongside the tiled roofs on the upside off it. The walls are made of a black stone and a long description made short, the atmosphere of the place made it feel more like a gigantic torture dungeon than a magnificent castle or resilient fortress. All in all, calling this a shop is like calling a cat a dog.

It could be an illusion or just the intensity of the place, but the smoky reddish tint to the sky was now a crimson-blood color, the smell of brimstone now covering all directions as if the world inside and out of it should have been on fire, yet no flames whatsoever can be seen except those below.

Finally, you see silhouettes in the red distance, flying figures. Indistinct, lacking the bulging ugliness of most feral beasts, but clearly humanoid and not dissimilar to Seija standing next to you, they have wings like exaggerated versions of ravens and hurtled with controlled carelessness, as if in a great wind. They were clearly patrolling the place while also having their own mix of fun.

“Hell ravens, evil spirits, and other gutter scum that can’t or doesn’t dare live on the upper layers of hell...those are the kind that reside in the ‘The Shop’” Seija explains and reveals at the same time that the castle’s name really is ‘The Shop’. What an uncreative name, “I’d like to call it a hive of scum and villainy, but really it’s just the ruins of an ancient torture prison now used as some place where losers who end up feeling lonely or afraid of the world tend to just gather and sell stuff.”

“Ancient torture prison?”

“We’re in hell, or what used to be it. What do you think happened to sinners here?”

“No need to say it that way.”

“Uhuh, anyway more importantly. Here’s a head ups.” Seija pauses for a moment, to gather her memory, “Ok so, avoid any floor stone marked in white. It is a trap that will kill you. Do not accept any free food from anyone. It has a drug that will kill you. Do not let yourself be led into dark alleyways because some child asked you to, they’re a youkai that will kill you. Do not under any circumstance wander off on your own until we reach my spot or I’ll assume that something has killed you, which it most likely will because the place is filled to the brim, with hungry weaklings. Make no mistake though, this castle hates everyone in it. I’m more than reasonably sure that it could be sentient, that rather than some curse, the castle will try everything in it’s power to slowly destroy anyone who enters it...to prove that it can. So, don’t be weak-minded or it’ll kill you.”

“...So the entire place is a trap and you want me to enter it, because…?”

“Because I have a cozy office in it, or well room, which happens to have food and drinks that you can actually consume. Something’s that’s quite rare here and I’m sure you’ll appreciate when I afterwards show you the map of hell that I posses and show where your friend most likely is. Whose name and your own you still haven't given me.”

[ ] Fair enough, let’s go in then. Not like you’ll be safer anywhere else for that matter.

[ ] New plan, how about she gets those things and brings them outside, while you wait here?


Bestiary comes first thing tmrw, for now, have the choice of entering your first 'town' zone or not.
The thought of punching the air to go higher is hilarouis though ngl, and I would just allow it since this world works more on rule of cool anyway.
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File 168418992149.jpg - (133.13KB, 1280x720, iron keep.jpg)
iron keep
[x] Fair enough, let’s go in then. Not like you’ll be safer anywhere else for that matter.

[dark souls area entrance sound]
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File 168419107187.png - (16.66KB, 300x50, oh no.png)
oh no
[X] Fair enough, let’s go in then. Not like you’ll be safer anywhere else for that matter.
Here you must give up all irresolution;
All cowardice must here be put to death.
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[X] Fair enough, let’s go in then. Not like you’ll be safer anywhere else for that matter.

If we're gonna punch demons on the regular we can't be afraid of, but also not underestimate, a bunch of small fries.
Overconfidence, slow and insidious, etc etc.
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File 168426533495.jpg - (94.85KB, 850x769, __zombie_fairy_touhou_drawn_by_nogisaka_kushio__sa.jpg)
Zombie Fairy - Level 1 Fodder - HP: 10/10 MP: 10/10
|Atk: 3| Hit: 100%| Crit: 0%|
|Def: 0|Evd: 33%|Will: 0%|

Skill: Crowd Rush (Whenever you and an ally flank a foe, obtain +1 atk for both of you/ Passive (Stacks per ally))

Spells: Fairy Light (Restores Atk+5 hp/ 4 mp) ; Fairy Cheer (Choose ATK+, DEF+ or MOV+/ 4 mp) Danmaku Shot (Ranged attack, ATK+3/ 2 mp)

These fairies are not real zombies, instead they wear heat-resistant makeup and enjoy making people believe otherwise. Like their counterparts above ground, zombie fairies are natural tricksters born from the faith in their environments.

Being child-like creatures, they are naturally reckless and show no fear, that is, until the moment one finds themselves on their lonesome, in front of someone who definitely did not enjoy one of their pranks. But do not fret, being truly immortal creatures, they will always return when killed so feel no need to hold back against them if encountered.

They are poor fighters after all, most often forgetting their abilities when they could save them in a pinch. So only the weakest of weaklings has a chance of losing against them.

Image Source
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File 168426549796.png - (433.87KB, 1234x1336, zombie fairy sprite.png)
zombie fairy sprite
Zombie Fairy - Level 1 Fodder - HP: 10/10 MP: 10/10
|Atk: 3| Hit: 100%| Crit: 0%|
|Def: 0|Evd: 33%|Will: 0%|

Skill: Crowd Rush (Whenever you and an ally flank a foe, obtain +1 atk for both of you/ Passive (Stacks per ally))

Spells: Fairy Light (Restores Atk+5 hp/ 4 mp) ; Fairy Cheer (Choose ATK+, DEF+ or MOV+/ 4 mp) Danmaku Shot (Ranged attack, ATK+3/ 2 mp)

These fairies are not real zombies, instead they wear heat-resistant makeup and enjoy making people believe otherwise. Like their counterparts above ground, zombie fairies are natural tricksters born from the faith in their environments.

Being child-like creatures, they are naturally reckless and show no fear, that is, until the moment one finds themselves on their lonesome, in front of someone who definitely did not enjoy one of their pranks. But do not fret, being truly immortal creatures, they will always return when killed so feel no need to hold back against them if encountered.

They are poor fighters after all, most often forgetting their abilities when they could save them in a pinch. So only the weakest of weaklings has a chance of losing against them.

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File 168426727933.png - (54.98KB, 718x568, fairies ganging up on you.png)
fairies ganging up on you
Zombie Fairy - Level 1 Fodder - HP: 10/10 MP: 10/10
|Atk: 3| Hit: 100%| Crit: 0%|
|Def: 0|Evd: 33%|Will: 0%|

Skill: Crowd Rush (Whenever you and an ally flank a foe, obtain +1 atk for both of you/ Passive (Stacks per ally))

Spells: Fairy Light (Restores Atk+5 hp/ 4 mp) ; Fairy Cheer (Choose ATK+, DEF+ or MOV+/ 4 mp) Danmaku Shot (Ranged attack, ATK+3/ 2 mp)

These fairies are not real zombies, instead they wear heat-resistant makeup and enjoy making people believe otherwise. Like their counterparts above ground, zombie fairies are natural tricksters born from the faith in their environments.

Being child-like creatures, they are naturally reckless and show no fear, that is, until the moment one finds themselves on their lonesome, in front of someone who definitely did not enjoy one of their pranks. But do not fret, being truly immortal creatures, they will always return when killed so feel no need to hold back against them if encountered.

They are poor fighters after all, most often forgetting their abilities when they could save them in a pinch. So only the weakest of weaklings has a chance of losing against them.

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File 168426775437.jpg - (81.81KB, 850x531, desktop-wallpaper-background-humor-rings-fantasy-l.jpg)
Don't mind the trio postings, it was a web problem thingy.

[X] Fair enough, let’s go in then. Not like you’ll be safer anywhere else for that matter.

As you follow after Seija yet again and head towards the fortress, the lithe figures in the sky take notice of your presences and promptly fly down, landing in a way that bars the road and surrounds the two of you with their weapons raised, “State your business!” one of the raven girls shouts.

Raven as in the bird to be precise, the three girls wear ponchos and jeans like one does in a western, the only exception being the holes in their back put to make way for their dark-colored wings. Guns are visibly holstered on their belts, but before you can ponder on why they would need those…

“I’m here to enter the shop, what else do you think, dumbass?” Seija says with confidence, earning a glare from all the crimson eyes staring her way until they all widen in sudden recognition.

“Oh, it’s you…” The raven girl that spoke first, most likely the boss of the group, lets out a sigh as she sights along her own gun, albeit halfheartedly, as if she wasn’t particularly planning to fire it; the others gave Seija of all people a lazy salute or wave of the hand. “I don’t know how many times I’ve told you this, but you gotta pay the toll if you want to enter. I can’t make exceptions, Sei-”

“And every time, I pay the toll with a nice, ripe, can of whooping your butts, right girls?” Seija’s grin, always reeking with mischief turns dangerous as she exposes one tooth again. “And I’ll do it again as usual, really girls, I’d assume you know what pattern recognition is by now.”

Another sigh, followed by a fancy twirl of her gun is the girl’s answer to that, “Fine, let’s head to the sky-hold on, who’s that behind you?” she stops her words and stares once she notices you.

“The Hakurei.” No hesitation or the slightest hitch to her voice comes out of Seija as she blatantly lies about who you are, to the belief and immense shock from the raven trio as they slightly back away, one of them looks ready to just bolt immediately, so feared is that name even underground.

“What? They’re still alive to this day?” asks the boss with some skepticism, narrowing her eyes to scan your appearance to memory from a safe distance. Part of you is offended by the blatant lie but if it lets you pass through her without a fight, then you can hold your tongue for the time needed.

“That’s the point of having generations, duh.” Seija just scoffs, then leans with one shoulder against you, using the opposite to point at your face. “Blackish-brown hair, golden brown eyes and a troublesome personality? Isn’t that the trademarks of all them shrine maidens, am I wrong here?”

Another squint of the eye, followed by a sense of horror, no that’s not it, this is more, this is primal fear. “N-no, I guess that’s accurate.” the raven replies, so easily fooled it almost feels like you’re watching a show. “What’s her business here?”

Seija opens her mouth, ready to unleash yet another lie.

“Actually, I’d like to hear it from her.” but the raven interrupts as all youkais look your way with scrutiny, fear, and a distinct lack of hunger. As for Seija, she just looks at you with the same smile.

“I’m looking for someone.” you plainly state, because the best lies have truth in them but also because you don’t think you could truly convince anyone with some other story. “It’s private.”

An additional glare is all that’s needed to make the girl back off even more and outright stammer some apology before all three step aside. Their fear and nervousness gives you a slow, luxurious sensation but you quickly identify it for what it is and shake it off, instead moving into the castle.

You take a few more steps, then stop as you turn around, awaiting Seija with crossed arms, as successful lie or not, putting you on the spot isn’t something you don’t want her thinking to be a thing that she can easily get away with. Besides, you might obtain the Hakurei’s god ire for this.

Of course, being a slimy person, youkai or not. She instantly gains an apologetic smile as she approaches you, hands slightly in the air to convey pacifism. “Sorry, guess you’re the honest type?”

You have half a mind to kick her in the shins for that, but you don’t. Not sure how she’d react to it and in no hurry whatsoever to test boundaries with help that could leave as quickly as it came.

Glaring at her and poking one sharp finger at her chest makes do for a substitute, “Never again?”

“Not without telling you beforehand.” She has the gall to haggle, but you agree to it anyway. As dirty as it is, deception is a fine tool when properly used, one you can’t discard out of silly pride.

Still, whatever tiny inch of your guard she managed to get down, has been re-raised if not set far higher than before. Mischief is one thing, but being able to lie as one breathes is extra suspicious.

Patting your once made useless left hand, you calm down some of your worries and keep moving.

(Girls are traveling, please wait warmly…)

The inside of the former torture dungeon was sparse by youkai standards, which is to say that it looked bizarrely high to you as the interior was two malls larger than what the outside implied.

Several stone stairs that lead to somewhere further in the distance, a greenish tint in the air making look everything look drab and depressive. Several beds made of rags put on the corners of each room on which lie malnourished or indifferent figures not moving their heads at your proximity. Passages etched into the walls that one could fly up to which would lead them to more halls in some sort of bizarre labyrintine geography. Dark corners under the stairs and alleys where one could feel sharp gazes coming from, discouraging them from approaching those spots lest they be grabbed and dissapear forever. The place is a fitting one for those who wish to lay down and just dissapear, like insects hiding under rocks or the very depth of the dirt. Filthy and scary, that’s how it all feels.

“I’ve got a pretty sweet setup here, human,” said Seija as you continue to take it all in. “If you follow those red crosses signs into those alleys then you’ll eventually reach the Nurse. She fixes up wounds here, kind of a cheap gig though since most youkai bodies can just heal by themselves, so her bandages and sugar only tend to speed up the process a bit. It could be useful to you though so…” her voice trailed off, or more likely you’ve started to ignore it, because the further you two went, the more lively youkais appear in the surroundings. Walking around, trading and chatting with each other and stopping whatever they’re doing to raise their heads your way the moment you’re within sight. But none of them come your way and some even lower their head the moment they register Seija next to you, contending themselves with low murmurs and occasional glances.

You refuse to think about how they would act if you were on your lonesome, instead returning your attention to the youkai who loves her own voice next to you, who naturally continues listing down places of interest to you as you both make your way to her so called ‘sweet up’. Those being….

Some candy/weapon store called Rosen-something. That has the unique quirk of only selling weapons that fit the customer rather than the customer getting to choose what they want. A strange business tactic for sure, but one that seems to work if the hundred person long row says anything.
Part of you wants to actually enter the shop, but the temptation is swooped aside for a later date when you remind yourself that ‘the talk’ you’re about to have soon is of a much higher priority.

“Anyway, see that gal over there?” Seija speaks up again, then points to an insouciant-looking cowboy-ish youkai with scarfs for crimson wings. “That’s the…” She dramatically pauses.

“Youkai recruiter.” The cowboy perked up, filling the silence as they hurdle a wall of weapons such as nets, whips and those sticks with which you catch large felines strapped on their back. They add in a rakish salute that’s so overly familiar that it almost feels irritating. “Reckon I can expl-”

“See, this gal can turn your POWER (P), the energy one builds from combat, like bloodstains on the souls, into a bunch of vessels to summon ‘generic youkai’ – totally loyal creatures who’ll follow you into and out of hell without complaint as that’s the very reason they exist, like having a familiar sort of. Though they’re always kind of weaker compared to more ‘unique’ youkais, right?”

Seija waggles an authoritative hand at the cowboy, wait, I meant cow gal, who seemed faintly put out by being preempted in her own tutorial. “More or less, yeah.” She then offers a hand, “Wanna summon some servants now, buddy?” Seija coughs unsubtly, “Ah, sorry, milady…?”

“She won’t be able to afford anything you’re offering.” Seija speaks again, then shrugs when the recruiter looks mildly surprised. “She was in like only one fight, no way that got her enough P.”

“Ah, so she does have some. In that case, that’s fine.” the cowgal continues, a merchant-like smile appearing on their face as they turn to you now. “See here, milady. The first purchase in my humble store is and always has been 50% off! I’m sure that with those prizes, even you could get one.”

“Huh.” Seija scratches the back of her head, then looks at you mildly disinterested. “So what’ll it be?” she doesn’t seem to care for these products or how you want to spend your earned money.

[ ] You need to think about it, let’s go see this map and important talk first. Know your priorities!

[ ] Hmm...okay why not? This is more 3d, uh, 4d printing than slavery, you always wanted a mon.

[ ] If you’re going to buy anything, better weapons are the priority, to the Rose-something.
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File 168426904720.png - (99.20KB, 452x498, vengeful spirit.png)
vengeful spirit
Vengeful Spirit - Level 1 Skull Bomber HP: 4/4 MP: 40/40
|Atk: 3| Hit: 100%| Crit: 0%|
|Def: 0|Evd: 33%|Will: 0%|

Resistances: Everything but Ice and Holy.
Skills: Hot to the touch (Whenever someone not resistant to fire attempts a melee attack against it, they take Atk/2 fire dmg against it/ passive) ; Ever so Vengeful (Whenever they revive, increase Atk by 3 and Crit rate by 15%)

Spells: Self-Destruct (Deal double unblockable atk dmg to all foes in 4 squares/ Life/ Can be triggered when thrown) ; Flame Blast (Atk+6 fire dmg to all foes in a straight line of 3 sq/ 5 mp) ; Neverending Grudge (Revive at full hp after 3 turns / 10 mp)

Note: If all foes are defeated yet the spirit can still revive itself, the battle is considered won regardless.

Evil spirits are the souls of humans that have died in hell or had their body stolen by a youkai before they could pass the river. Naturally they aren't happy about these circumstances and will make it everyone's problems.

Appeasing their anger is impossible so the odds of recruiting them through honest means is unlikely, if one were to make them believe that by aiding them their grudges or condition would end, that'd be another story.

The more powerful ones tend to have a humanoid appearance and even posses the ability to posses other youkais and humans to an even greater extent then their lessers, to the point they can so mid-battle allegedly...regardless one is better off avoiding them as prolonged combat will increase their ire and thus make them stronger.


And that's all of those you currently encountered, that said, I'm done for today. Cya.
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[x] Hmm...okay why not? This is more 3d, uh, 4d printing than slavery, you always wanted a mon.
take a vengeful spirit if there's a choice to get one
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[x] You need to think about it, let’s go see this map and important talk first. Know your priorities!
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[X] You need to think about it, let’s go see this map and important talk first. Know your priorities!

It's easier to strategise when you actually know what you're strategising for.
Afterwards we'll get some help and a basic weapon if possible.

Renko hasn't really given it much thought since initially meeting Seija, but now that she's seen her lie without batting an eyelid she'll reconsider her being an oni. Oni do not lie, after all.
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[x] You need to think about it, let’s go see this map and important talk first. Know your priorities!
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File 16843569883.jpg - (118.44KB, 600x584, totally trustworthy person.jpg)
totally trustworthy person
[X] You need to think about it, let’s go see this map and important talk first. Know your priorities!

“Shucks,” the youkai recruiter replies in disappointment, “Oh well, ya know where to find me.” before moving out of the way and returning to their own spot. To await other customers.

“Let’s go then.” you comment to Seija and she moves ahead after, not bothering with a reply as the two of you make a few more turns around some alleys before finally going up some stairs.

And stairs, and some more stairs, with a spice of stairs. Oh and some more stairs for the flavor!

Not to say that such movement is enough to exhaust you, but it’s draining enough to make you tempted to use the hand and feet method of climbing up like a wild animal to make it pass faster. Your youkai companion on the other hand simply flies instead and fully understands your suffering but does nothing about it, except for the occasional glance and grin that comes your way to taunt.

Finally after reaching one more hall at the higher floors of the place, Seija stops to fiddle around with a wall, eventually pressing down on a specific stone tile to reveal a secret passage leading to...

What else but a secret room? One more shaped like an office of sorts, with it’s stone table in the middle of it around which are four chairs made of stone. On the side of the room lies a closet made of stone and if it wasn’t for the lack of a bed, you’d have assumed this is the hidden place for someone to slack off at. A small window leads to a balcony outside, whereby lies yet another smaller table of stone on top of which lies a tea-set. The angle of the castle hides it perfectly while the lava from below and the sun above heat up any water that lies within the thing...you, uh think?

Long story short, the room is uncozy and only serves one purpose: To hide and chat within.

“Welcome to mi casa.” Seija says as she flies over the room to open and fiddle with the closet. “Take a seat and I’ll be right behind you,” obeying those words, you pick a random seat and wait.

“Nice room.” you say without believing it, not sure why you even said something that unnecessary.

“Why, thank you.” A polite reply comes out of Seija who still seems to look for something, then before you can even lean to take a closer look, she slams a long scroll on top of the table. “But let’s get to business now, so as I promised, here is the map of Hell that I’ve been talking about.”

She doesn’t say more, clearly waiting for you to unfurl it. So you do so with a careful hand, the oddly smooth parchment clearly displays several landscapes in a vertical manner, the most notable areas noted down from numbers 1 to 8. Every detail within the scroll is masterfully drawn as well.

“Number 7 is where we currently are, Former Hell. And between it and 8 lies the sea of flames that you’ve seen in the distance, that being called the Remains of Blazing Fires. I’m sure you can tell why it has that kind of name behind it. But...you know what, let’s make this far simpler.”

She takes in a deep breath, then takes a seat at the chair opposite from you, both of her hands intertwine and rest over her mouth as she shows a kind smile. “Not to throw random accusations, but you seem to be the quite the withdrawn type. So I don’t believe that just telling you everything I know would be particularly beneficial to either of us in the long run, hence my new offer…”

For every question that I answer, you must answer one of my own.” She points out the very moment you raise your eyebrow, “See, there you have your suspicions once more. A smart but regrettable instinct, for sure. But one I’ll simply have to keep in mind to keep our chats fluid.”

“You think that if you tell too much, I’ll just run off without telling you anything?” you plainly state, not really offended but frowning all the same. “I’ve come this far with you, haven’t I?”

“Yes, yes, but any positive relationship needs to have an equal amount of give and take.” She stops there for a moment, as if that explains anything. “So it’s only fair for you to humor me as I do you.”

“…” part of you wants to refute that, but another part is starting to wonder whether you truly are being unfair here. As shady as the youkai is, she is helping you and you’ve given her nothing for it.

“Is that a yes? Or a no?” Seija prompts again, “I’d like to have verbal consent here.”

[ ] “Yes.” you’ll answer some questions, to an extent. As long as they’re not inappropriate.

[ ] “Didn’t you have an offer for me? I’m here now, so start with that.” Deflect the subject.

[ ] “No.” you refuse, knowing you’re burning ‘good’will here but you just can’t trust her at all.


That part when you expect someone to monologue and exposition, but then they demand you do the same back. Fr, fr. Well the next updates are going to be super quick, seeing how this is really a case of seeing how much info you're willing to give away to her. Oh and the map will come back in more detail later, image included.
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[X] “Yes.” you’ll answer some questions, to an extent. As long as they’re not inappropriate.
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So, yes, spilling all the beans to a youkai we've known for a scant few hours is bad. That does not mean we should burn the only bridge we have at the moment. Being stuck in literal hell alone and without anybody who actually understands the locale is tantamount to suicide.

Yet I feel some of those questions we may not want to answer, so I suggest an alternative. It might be asanine and it probably is, so feel free to rip it apart at your discretion.

What if we set it up so she asks her question in advance, allowing Renko to vet it before committing.

This allows us to keep our cards close to our chest, while also not immediately shutting her out. The obvious downside would be if she immediately asks something we absolutely do not want to answer, but perhaps we could negotiate for a different question if that comes to pass, as I doubt she has only the one.

- Seija asks her question.
- If we're willing to answer it: we ask our question, which she answers.
- We answer hers in truth.
- Repeat until satisfied.

[X] “Yes, but...” you’ll answer some questions, to an extent. As long as they’re not inappropriate.
-[X] See if she'll agree to a system where you get to vet her questions first before answering.

Again, seems almost a little too paranoid but refusing to answer an inconvenient question after having ours answered would be breaking our word and definitely create bad blood.

P.S. Writer, feel free to ignore the nonsense write-in and just count this as a "yes" vote if you feel it adds too much unnecessary micromanaging of questions, perhaps Renko can decide for herself where her limits lie if you do go with it.
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[x] “Yes.” you’ll answer some questions, to an extent. As long as they’re not inappropriate.
how about instead of pissing her off with a wall of text, we be concisely considerate and considerately concise
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[x] “Yes.” you’ll answer some questions, to an extent. As long as they’re not inappropriate.
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File 168477184570.png - (1.48MB, 2708x1229, map of hell with renko and seija in it.png)
map of hell with renko and seija in it
BOTW2 and struggling to make a speech that doesn't have too many or too little red flag turns out to take more than a few days after all, my bad lol.

[X] “Yes, but...” you’ll answer some questions, to an extent. As long as they’re not inappropriate.
-[X] See if she'll agree to a system where you get to vet her questions first before answering.

“Sure. If that makes you comfortable,” Seija agrees surprisingly casually with the vet system you’re proposing. “Everyone has some things they don’t want known after all, but it’ll mean I get to vet your questions as well. That would be only fair, am I wrong?” she’s not, but the way she phrased it…

Never mind, maybe your nerves are getting to you, “So, what’s your first question?” you ask.

“What’s your name and if you can’t answer that, what can I call you by?” Seija replies.

Oh, that’s an easy question, hardly harmful and makes sense to ask. “….” still you hesitate.

“Are you serious?” she does not say, but the way she raised her eyebrow implies it, still she doesn’t seem offended by your non-answer. “Are you perhaps under the impression that giving me a name, true or not, would give me some sort of supernatural power over you?” she asks calmly again.

The answer to that is no, but kind of yes. You’ve read folklores about how certain devils are capable of making those whose names they know, obey every little command that comes out of their silver tongues. Not to forget the similar tales fey tend to have, giving you overall a big don’t do that sign.

And Seija is definitely not an oni, the way she speaks and moves has a charisma behind it that lacks a rough and straightforward edge to it. She looks more the type to persuade you into doing drugs and other illicit activities, but perhaps you’re simply projecting an unfair image on her because of it.

“Renko.” you say after some more deliberation, trying not to make it sound like a curse. For a moment, this makes Seija’s smile turn a bit brighter, she sure knows how to convey a lot with it.

“Renko, Renko, Renko…like a lotus child?” she repeats three times, as if to burn it within her memory. “Thank you for sharing this with me, I can tell it wasn’t the easiest decision for you to make.” again, a smile. You’re not sure why she keeps showing one, is it an attempt to look kind?

Like you’d believe a person who’s name means ‘Good and Evil’ or “Right and Wrong’ would be kind. At best you’d assume they’re either a neutral party then, if that is even her real name.

“My turn, then.” you reply, wanting to ask something for a long while. “What race are you?”

“If I answered that, you would lose any and all trust you have in me, so I won’t.” So a veto.

“Why is that?” you continue anyway, “It’s not like I particularly trust you right now either.”

The youkai visibly rolls her eyes at that, “And in whose office are you sitting right now?” but she doesn’t let it end there, “Tell me, have you ever been looked down upon? Assaulted and cursed for what you are rather than who? I hold no good recollections about sharing this fact, so I will not.”

Even as she says that, there is no edge or glare on her face. Still, you don’t push it, not a fan of burning whatever goodwill you’ve still got in her. “Another then, why are you helping me?”

“Are you sure want to ask something like that this soon?” Seija answers the question with another question, a very rude thing to do if she didn’t continue. “I kind of hoped for that to be the climax.”

You don’t think you can feel at ease around her until you do know what she wants. “Yes.”

“Curiosity, anger, because of a promise and because it’s subversive, those are my reasons.”

“Oh?” you lean a bit more forward, interest grabbed and sensing a monologue. “Go on.”

“Human beings are such fragile creatures,” She does, smile dying down as she leans backwards on her own chair, feet now on the table. “Get hit by a fireball and suffer a burn that won’t heal for weeks, fall down the rocks wrong and die instantly or break your legs. Seeing no challenge in hunting such prey –even if it is necessary to keep up the faith-- the strong all gained an idea.”

You blink, then realize that she went from polite kindness into a stoic monologue just like that. Disgust clear in her eyes as she speaks.

“What if we gave them a handicap? An opportunity to rise their strength faster than they could on their own in years? Thus making them worthy adversaries! And so, a system came to be.” Seija narrates her tale a bit dramatically, like pausing here for dramatic effect before announcing…

“The Power Battle System! By letting anyone obtain immense power through repeated straightforward fights, the brittle humans and other weaklings will finally have a way to amuse the strong without breaking into tiny bits after a single slap. The system that’s supposed to give an equal chance to those who want to see the surface again is in truth nothing more but a condescension of the strong! Seeing how they made it, turning it off would be just as easy!”

Those words are enough to give off a dreadful image: That of you losing whatever gathered strength you have the moment the so called strong no longer feel like playing around. Then to be shredded into pieces when you’ve gotten so close to your goal, like the whole journey was meant for failure.

Where the Spell Card rules give everyone a valid way to blow off steam, this is nothing more than cruelty...or at least that’s how Seija is coating the narrative to you now, regardless it sounds horrible.

“I’m not a mind reader but whether you believe me or not, you’re still going to have to try and play the game if you want to get even remotely close to where your important person could be.”

“So you don’t know where she is?” you interrupt, a bit hastily, but you have to know!

“I’ll answer that soon enough, just wait.” But she waves you off and continues, “Nor do you have anywhere to go back to but up, those are the circumstances you’ve been put in. Throughout your journey you will face many difficult decisions. There’s no right or wrong in them, just paths that will lead to different outcomes. However the obstacles of this adventure, are no joke either.”

“Those being?” You ask, knowing she’d answer it anyway, getting engaged to her energy.

She points at the map again, this time on point 7. “From the Kasha that damns all humans she grasps into eternal damnation, her control over the undead unmatched by all.” point 6 is next, “To her master, the dreadful Satori. The one who can read your every secret and revive any trauma.” next is point 5, Seija’s voice turns darker as the number goes down. “To the mightiest of Onis, the one who could engulf several villages into a never-ending blaze by just rubbing her hands…”

“Those three on their own have been the end of many of your kind,” that statement alone makes you visibly wince, noticing this, the youkai ends her tale abruptly. “My apologies, I didn’t aim to up-”

“Keep going.” you interrupt, taking in a deep breath as is usual for upsetting news. Opening your eyes once more with a sharp gaze when the latter doesn’t. “I can take it, thanks for worrying.”

“Ah,” this throws Seija off, you immediately note down the use of courtesy for later uses. A small victory that may one day be obtained again. “Well, okay….” another pause, “So where was I?”

“Something about an oni destroying villages by rubbing her hands,” you helpfully reply.

“Ah, yes, yes indeed!” She nods to you with a bit more energy than usual, making you wonder whether she’s put on the spot when you return her ‘kindness’, not knowing why the change came.

Or maybe she expected you to be a one-liner only type of asshole, it’s not like you’ve done anything to give off another image in hindsight, but she recovers quickly enough. “Exception being those who actually manage to garner the last one’s favor. Oni’s respect the strong see? And one’s race or origin doesn’t matter in the slightest if you’re capable of breaking their nose the way they can your entire body.” Seija explains half-heartedly, face twisting into a grimace as she continues. “Of course this doesn’t mean you’ve earned your freedom either. As instead of being killed on the spot by any stray youkai that feels the urge for an afternoon snack. You will instead be relocated to an autonomous region of the Underworld where they keep their other ‘respectable’ humans.”

“Like pets put in a zoo?” you garner a guess at what that really means. Dread building up.

“Oh, it’s far worse than that, Renko.” She answers as she, strangely enough, leans over the table to touch the red tie around your neck. Not even bothering to ask for permission for once as she eyes you with a pitying expression so well-made it’s either genuine or she’s the greatest actress ever.

“As much as they like to see themselves as stalwarts of honesty, even onis can be deceitful. Calling it an autonomous region to give it a good reputation but in truth...they’re imprisoning the citizens like domestic animals, making them do slavish jobs while harvesting their fear like a fine wine.”

“They wouldn’t do that, onis are honorable forces of good, you’re lying.” excuses and such pour out of your mouth, the hostility of which don’t make Seija back off in the least, nor do you push her off.

“In other words, your precious person, if she is still alive, is located inside a concentration camp.” A slight pull of your tie against the back of your neck puts you back to reality as one moment you heard her words and the next, your imagination did a fine job for you. “And so…” Seija trails off, now on her face a smile that conveys no real emotions. Reminding you again, that she’s a monster.

“Before the real battle starts, we must save them...your compatriots!” she conc-wait what the fuck?

“What the fuck.” you repeat, because come on, not in a million years did you expect her to say that!

“Well, humans.” a deadpan response fires back, then a tilt of the head as she lets your tie go. “Then again, that’s kind of a bother on it’s own. Seeing how long it takes for any of your numbers to grow….sure, 9 months and 15 years may be nothing to the long-lived youkai but that is still a ti-”

“No, no, not that!” it’s safe to say that you’ve gotten heated here. “What did you mean by save?”

“Well, I don’t mean rescue. More like find their location, then make them free themselves.”


“By that, I mean revolt. Whatever numbers they have would be too large a group to conveniently sneak out and besides if my gals were to collide with the ‘Strong Ones’ from the front, then there wouldn’t be any chance at victory. Such a factor is strength in war potential, one too overwhelming.” Another parchment is dropped onto the table, this one having statistics that Seija then reads with a serious expression. “Best case scenario, the number of humans would be between 1 to 10% of the population of the Underground, aka they are the minority. Besides Oni consisting of the elite 45% this leaves a potential of 45% various youkais, some work for the Onis, duh, but others have their affiliations unknown.”

“Though if we’re lucky, those could either already hold a grudge against the Onis or be persuaded to join our side, that alongside the humans working with us could make the revolution a reality!”

“Revolution?” Ah, now you get it. Or at least your suspicion says, “You want to flip around the structure of power and live the easy life on the top of it. That won’t change a thing though.”

“What a ridiculous thing to say, but more importantly aren’t you failing to see the bigger picture?” Seija knocks one finger against her forehead, signaling for you to think deeper. “As the minority, your race is experiencing an unfair persecution. You’ve all been taken from the lands where you were born and even had the fact that you are living beings snatched away from you!” she announces with one hand pressed against her chest and the outrage in her voice smooth as velvet, full of care. “To fight against such cruelty is the right thing to do, all for the sake of a better future.”

Another scoff comes from you, “A future that serves your better interest? Why should I believe that you would try to free humans and aid me….just out of the kindness of your heart?”

“Well, first off, why don’t you drop your cynicism and your paranoia for a moment? You know, just because something is positive and hopeful doesn’t make it silly or trite.” your sarcasm is returned by a jab just as sharp, before she seats herself again, looking mildly pissed for once. “If this is the way you are all the time, then I can see why the only friend you have is miles away.”

Before you know it, you’ve stood up and loom over her. “Watch your mouth.” you hi-

“The exit is right behind you.” you’re interrupted again, as the youkai stands up to meet your glare. “I’ve not been the best host, that I admit. But if you’re going to continue acting like a petty child, then my interest in you is clearly misplaced. Cause then you’re not special at all, you’d be just one of a dime a dozen girls out there who got hurt badly one day and decided to lash out like a child.”

“I’m not a child,” you say very unconvincingly, if anything you’re tempted to blame the supernatural here as you’ve never before felt such an intense loathing for no reason at all. A part of you wishes you had enough composure to calm down the moment you realized that, offering a nuanced explanation alongside an honest apology. Instead a silent death-glare is your answer.

“Then apologize and let us set this matter to rest. If you dislike me for anything I did, that’s fine. People have the right to choose how they see things and make their actions freely, but they are also responsible for the result of those actions. Like how your unhidden disdain led towards this.”

“Responsibility? Freedom?” the fact a youkai is saying those words is so bizarre to you that some part of this ‘disdain’ you have towards her makes way for curiosity instead.

“Do you get it? By antagonizing me for no reason, you will eventually burn through my patience and turn me into an enemy. You’d have to accept that reality and move on, is that your intent?”

“...no.” not at all, at worst you had some sensible suspicion about her and some curiosity about what race she is...yet there’s also a part of you that was bizarrely eager to get rude and violent. Could the world be already affecting you? If what Seija said is true, you mean. “I don’t want to be enemies.”

“Then you know what to say.” She crosses her arms, her tone unfriendly and serious.

Again there’s a reluctance, but you know this is the right option so you do it. “I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted.” Seija speaks formally, her tone solemn and blatantly practiced. With those words recited, she returns to her seat as you do mimic the gesture, letting out a loud sigh. “Man, that was a moment, how about we take a break for a small drink and then continue?”

“Let’s.” obviously, you agree to such a thing. Your everything feeling rather dry by now.

(Girls are drinking….please wait warmly.)

“Seija, why do you want to flip society?” you ask once you’re done with your cup of tea, even though you’d have preferred colder water, but alas that is a complete rarity inside a lavaland.

Still the drink did its job, lowering down all of the gathered tension to a point, that, just this once, you’re actually starting to feel mildly comfortable in the youkai’s presence. But just a bit, okay?

Though what’s more surprising is that you’re not afraid of her, sure, you’re ready to fight for your life were she to leap over the table and try to bash in your skull. But you’re also confident that she isn’t the kind of person to do that. She would rather talk, trick, do anything short of straight-on confrontations unless you were to push the limit and force her to do so by shooting the gun first.

And there lies a bizarre sort of safety within that, as long as you act respectful, so will she.

“Hm,” She ponders the question, cup held upside down even when it wasn’t empty as she takes another sip in again, the empty cup. “Other than the obvious morality, no reason, really. I’ve known from the day I was born how much one suffers when surrounded by strong people that mean them harm. Tired of having none, I educated myself to substitute it with cunning and now here I am.”

“So that’s the life you chose?” you ask, knowing it’s technically a second question but eh.

She doesn’t call you out on it, instead she just bobs her head up and down. “Yes. Regardless of what I hoped for, I had to make choices based on those available to me in my environment. I am here right now as a result of those choices.” Another sip before she continues, looking straight your way. “Listen, Renko… your birth… your status… these things are part of your environment, they’re what you’ve been given. People strive for the things they want and give up on the things they don’t want. Choosing not to decide is a choice as well, though then you have no right to complain about what comes after.”

“You sound like a politician, or one of those mentors that always die in stories.” you can’t help but lampshade, because seriously, having a youkai discuss this kind of things with you is exciting as it is alien. Right out of a book that you’d want to be in. “But really now, how do I fit into this?”

“Two reasons, A) Because it’d be hilarious to have the people responsible for having those drunk bullies hide underground be the reason they’re kicked back at the surface.” her toothy grin come out at that, mischief all over her face as she continues. “And because every revolution without a just cause and a champion behind it is doomed to failure from the start. There’s only so much I can do with my face as I’d be rightfully called to be nothing but a trouble-causing youkai. But with you…”

She stands up, calmly walking towards you as she removes one of her golden bracelets, then tends it to you with one knee against the ground. A smug smile showing she knows what the pose looks like, at least human culture wise, “That can all change, if you and I were to work together, then not only would you be reunited with your mob cap wearing friend but all the humans could finally lead a peaceful existence as well, be it within the underground or outside of it. So, what do you say?”

“Wanna be a hero, Renko?” she offers the bracelet as a gesture for this alliance. And with it the guarantee that you won’t be lacking in food, water or directions to follow. The only price for it being that you officialize the fact you’re going to face anyone that’’ll try to eat you in exchange.

That and...you’ll most likely will have to do a few favors for Seija, if not more than that. Perhaps it’s best to just say your thanks after all and be on your own way, if only that it’ll make you less of an obvious target...or would that be the opposite? You don’t know what the safer option here is.

“What would that entail?” you ask instead of saying ‘I refuse’ on the spot. Though unlikely, if this is a genuine heroic thing to do and it serves your own goals, then you don’t really see a reason not to.

“You’d be my sword of justice, leading the front of our flag in battle and represent the hope that even weaklings, be they man or youkai, have the ability and right to live in the underground.” Seija dutifully explains, pose perfect still and looking up to you, to perhaps give you a thrill for power. “In exchange you’ll have my full support in your own quest, alongside all the info you need to efficiently travel through this world and the ability to rest and plan things amongst many of the hidden bases that I’ve planted throughout every layer of this despair-filled landscape.”

“I’m not a hero though…” you reply with less coldness, because fuck it, the way she phrases everything to you sounds like an exceptional offer, too good to be true, but exceptional still.

“Then bring truth to the lie with your own actions! I’ll ask you again, Renko! Be my comrade!

The excitement in her voice is enough to carve an image into your imagination: that of you bravely heading into battle like a hero that many people fantasize about, growing stronger and stronger with each conflict to the point that nothing could harm or stand in your way of finding your friend again.

It’s a childish thought for sure, but the visual is enough on it’s own to make your heart skip a beat, beat in the same way it always did during your Sealing Club activities. And that scares you.

Because it means you’re tempted, which means she played her cards well and seeing how you’re now in a drab place with no idea how anything works.... Her making the offer this soon is a simple way to make you think about the consequences of rejection, but now you’re actually thinking the opposite.


[ ] She’s playing you....but a path that gives you power and Maribel is one too tempting to not take.

[ ] Refuse the offer. Going to war against an entire world? That’s just too much, even for you.

[ ] Hold on, you still got x questions (Cuz I couldn’t fit all of them, go ahead and ask them here if you want. Oh, but do choose a yes or no to the offer too, this is more me being polite)
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Accepting to play a possibly losing hand or rejecting the seemingly only way out...
[x] She's playing you... but a path that gives you power and Maribel is one too tempting to not take.
I have exhausted my thoughts thinking about the alternative choices.
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Excellent update, Seija is a real silver-tongued conniver and she played Renko so well it made my skin crawl (in a good way).

Personally, I'm for working with Seija. It's the pragmatic choice because we'd be working completely blind otherwise and exactly because she is such a schemer we'll have a better chance of locating Mary by virtue of access to Seija's connections, resources and insight.
The only alternative I see by going alone is running off to the concentration camp and hoping to get stronger and picking up allies on the way.
Of course she's playing us, but that doesn't mean we can't mutually benefit. At least temporarily. Betrayal is always an option after all (from both sides). Or we try make a friend like we promised Mary.

[X] She’s playing you....but a path that gives you power and Maribel is one too tempting to not take.

>if anything you’re tempted to blame the supernatural here as you’ve never before felt such an intense loathing for no reason at all.
>yet there’s also a part of you that was bizarrely eager to get rude and violent. Could the world be already affecting you? If what Seija said is true, you mean.

Could ask further about this if it really was as sudden as it sounds, what with the whole "possibly becoming a youkai or something worse from overexposure to hell" thing.
Otherwise I can't think of any important questions.
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[x] She's playing you... but a path that gives you power and Maribel is one too tempting to not take.

When a situation is too troublesome and can't be solved by thinking about it, it must be met head on. Going "LET'S GOOOOOOO" on it isn't empty tomfoolery or refuge in audacity. It's getting things done with great spirits!
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[X] She’s playing you....but a path that gives you power and Maribel is one too tempting to not take.
Can't resist a person on one knee, a shiny gold band, and a speech that makes the heart skip a beat.
I would say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but Renko is already in Hell. More a road to Maribel Renko is on.
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File 168519743721.png - (963.38KB, 1192x751, couldnt find a tailor shop background ok.png)
couldnt find a tailor shop background ok
[x] She's playing you... but a path that gives you power and Maribel is one too tempting to not take.

“I’ll join you.” you reply after a moment’s thought, aware that you’re most likely involving yourself into a big mess now, but still too tempted to take it instead of the harder path. “In your revolution.”

“Good.” Seija responds with mirth, her smile turning sweeter as she softly pushes the bracelet around your left arm, which makes for a surprisingly perfect fit. “Once again, you’ve made the right decision while keeping your circumstances in mind.” she stands up, to let you admire the gift.

The golden bracelet is just that, a small accessory made of pure gold as far as you can tell. Yet as it lies wrapped around your wrist, one can feel a small trace of warmth behind it, a proof of energy.

But even more than that, it is a seal, as in, a reminder from hereon whose side you’re now on. You could call it a symbol of your newfound alliance, but let’s have philosophy rambles at a later time.

“This, Renko, is no more than an accessory.” Seija speaks once you’re done pondering it, clearly about to explain why she gave it to you. “Though it has no special power behind it, it has been in my possession for a long time, thus it reeks of my presence. Which should be a good enough repellent to most of those in the shop, as nobody gets to survive touching what is mine.”

“I’m not your pet.” you reply a bit defensively, because c’mon. She did just call you hers.

“Of course you aren’t.” She easily agrees, waving her feet around as she’s seated on the table. “But it’s best that your average youkai doesn’t know that. Lest, they’d want a piece out of you far more often then necessary. They’re stubborn like that, but let’s move on for I have other things to say…”

“Go on,” you reply hands on your own hips, a useless statement as she obviously will ‘go on’.

“...And many things to do.” She replies, a wink your way to show she did hear you. “But first off, I have to say that the more time I spend with you, the more and more you impress me, Renko~” your name is said so kindly and gently it almost gives you whiplash, but you pretend not to notice it, to her further bemusement. “Which is why I’ll keep the remaining questions I have for a later date and will now personally take the time to help you get your feet wet, before meeting some allies of ours.”

“And what will we be doing then? Grocery shopping?” you ask, curious and braced for adventure despite the deadpan tone. Who knows what you’ll get to see after all, and who you get to meet?!?

“Bingo.” Seija states at she moves to the door, stops midway, then talks with only half of her body faced your way as she tends out a hand. “We have many things to do, so many things to do…”

“So let’s start with…”

Before you knew it, the longest part of today began.

(Girls need a scenery transition...please wait warmly.)

“So which one’s prettier? The black and red one? Or the red and black one?”

Seija asks, while holding two dresses that look exactly the same. Then again, dress is an overstatement as neither of them protect the majority of one’s chest and stomach, only leaving a small bra and some pants without sleeves to protect one’s virtue. Clearly meant for seduction and titillation rather than protecting from any weapon or the climate outdoors. “Eh, you can have both!”

“No way!” you respond, deadpan again, instead of fidgeting and blushing in place as Seija would have wanted, seeing how the latter lets out a small ‘tsk’ and moves on to seek another pair for you.

“Oh come on!” once again, Seija takes the time to grumble in a comment. “Everyone knows that real adventurers wield big swords and skimpy leather skirts. It’s common sense, you know?”

Common sense is making you wonder why the two of you are now inside a clothes store, inside an ominous torture dungeon, inside the very depths of hell. Though observation can’t help but admit that as far you can care to see, this place looks no different from any other market-cloth selling one.

There’s coat-racks, stacks of shirts, pants and even armor everywhere. And the shop itself even has some of those figurines that you put clothes on for demonstrations even though the rooms themselves are obvious empty spaces in what was once a ware-house or bar re-appropriated.

“No, it’s not. And more importantly, WHY are we here?” you ask, even though part of you can already guess why. After all, if you’re going to be spending lots of time here then it’s only normal that you get to posses clothes your own size, lest you’d be smelly and dirty after only two days in this very warm place infested with might makes right philosophies. And you don’t want that at all.

“To change your class, dummy.” Seija did NOT answer, instead the voice came from above, followed by the sound of someone dropping right behind you. “If using weapons frequently gives you access to new skills, then wearing the proper clothes will naturally give you access to powers as well. Don’t think too hard about it.” the soft voice responds with a cheery manner, belonging to-

An absolute dwarf of a girl with brown eyes and blond hair tied in a bun with a ribbon, her dress is black and yellow but also absolutely poofy and though you don’t know why, you can’t help but feel like she’s your every day neighbor kind of gal. The type of person you could have a friendly chat with before you move on with your day without any further commitment and she wouldn’t mind it.

Oh and she’s looking at you upside down, a trail of web coming from the ceiling. “Kurodani Yamami, nice to meet you! Miss…?” and now she’s waiting for an introduction as well.

“Renko.” you state, rather politely. As you rightfully assume she owns this store. “And likewise.”

“A real darling.” the spider-youkai notes with amusement, before moving from the ceiling to the floor without losing eye-contact with you, a jolly smile painted on her face. “So, what brings a-”

“None of your business!” Seija interrupts with a stack of clothes, then promptly drops them all on the ground between you two. To her own pleasure and Yamame’s opposite. “Don’t bother trying to get a piece of her, spider. She’s already one of my own if you couldn’t tell, nice try though.”

“Oh, but I wasn’t.” The blond-haired girl replies as she scratches the back of her head with a casual smile, “The bracelet on her was proof enough of that. But can you fault a girl for wanting to say hi-”

“Yes.” Seija interupts with a cocky smile. “Yes, you can.”

“-hi to a newcomer, be they human or youkai?” but, as if used to her, Yamame simply continues the question and then looks your way, as if the rude girl doesn’t exist. “Oh and how has hell been treating you? I hope you haven’t had too much trouble coming here, people can be so rude.”

As nice as the girl is, you’re about to dismiss the interaction for what it is: Useless small talk.

But then, the questions ring back in your head again, like a gong bashing against a bell.

How has Hell been treating you? “Nothing too special really, other than the change of scenery and one or two attacks my way.” as brave as that sounds, that’s too apathetic to be true. “It’s a wonderful place?” and that would be an outright lie, for as unique as the place is, such a word is overkill.

“It’s an acquired taste.” you reply in the end, “I’ve only been here for so long so my opinion could change.” you add in afterwards, which seems to be the right spider-you mean answer as the girl…

Well, she beams up. “Wonderful. I’ve heard that answer only three times so far.” and moves cl-

She tries to move closer, only for you to be pulled back by the back of your shirt by Seija, “Back off, get any closer to her and we’ll have problems.” the warning in her voice alongside how she moves herself like a wall between the two of you makes you wonder what in the world is posses-

“Geez, you don’t have any faith in me do you? I don’t eat all of my customers.” Yamame interjects, her smile turning a bit more daring in response to Seija’s glare. “Oh, well, not anymore I mean.”

“You better don’t make an exception for her.” Seija warns her again, the heat in her flaring down before she lets go of you. But then her gaze turns your way, “Listen, if you start to feel even the slightest of discomforts in your body, mind or wherever else, let me know immediately, okay?”

You just nod to that, a sight that makes the spider-youkai raise an eyebrow to, before she lets out a small sigh and pokes her forehead with her ring-finger for some reason. “Maaaaan, trust is such a hard thing to obtain these days. But let’s get to business girls, is there anything I can help with?”

“Get this girl a class change, alongside clothes that won’t make her sweat bullets whenever we get close to any river of lava. Oh and some long-lasting shoes too. As much defense as can be put in.” Seija states her request with a neutral tone, before taking out a small pouch whose insides jingle from the mere motion. At the sight of said pouch, Yamame’s eyes glisten with interest as she nods.

Then turns her glance your way, obviously looking your body up and down, “Sounds like you’re going to go for a custom work then, right? In that case the total cost would be about 25000 P.”

“I doubt whatever you’ll make has 25000 molecules in it,” Seija scoffs, “You’ll get 10 grand at the most.”

“20000 as long as you don’t mind my children starving.” Yamame replies right back, smile and all.

“You don’t have children, and even if you did, no way any respectable youkai would actually take care of them.” Seija replies, hands on her hips as she returns a guarded smile. “14 thousand.”

“16000P and I’ll dye the clothes in whatever colour scheme you want for free.”

“Done!” Both youkais shake hands afterwards to seal the deal, the two of them looking content to haggle and prepare clothes without even asking for your input. Wait no, maybe you’re being hasty.

“So what kind of class will you going for?” and you were, for the spider turns your way in order to ask that. “If you want to be seen as the magician type, then some robes and a poofy hat could help.”

“Though if you want to be martial artist or a gunner.” Seija adds in, “You’ll need to wear a bandanna and gloves or some western outfit that gives cowboy vibes, all is in the appearance.”

Oh, so the reason both the youkai recruiter and the hell ravens from before looked that goofy was in order to posses abilities they otherwise wouldn’t have? That kind of sounds like magical cosplaying.

“Hmm…” which in hindsight, it totally is. “That’s kind of a hard question to ask on the spot,” you reply, as honestly, you can see many ways that this can turn out. Were you to wear a cowboy hat then you’d be capable of shooting trick shots like in those movies, or maybe if you were to dress in green caps and a hood, your sword skills would be like those of wuxia novels, what to choose?

“Don’t think too hard about it.” Seija advises, “You can choose whatever class you want as a first time privilege and besides, as long as you still have the necessary clothes (As in you unlocked it before) then changing classes won’t cost ya a dime. In other words, choose what’s fun to you!”

Even if she says that, the fact she’s paying for you makes it feel all the more important. What if you choose a class only to find out you don’t like it? Would she pay the price again? Is that even fair?

“It’s really that simple.” Yamame adds in before you can ask, “Though keep in mind all classes have a max cap of 5 levels. Which after you max it, lets you keep some skills on other classes too.”

“Alongside unlocking other classes which you can’t use, until you’ve mastered the necessary amount of classes. Like how a Spell Blade needs you to have 3 levels in Warrior and Mage each.”

“Or how an arch-mage needs you master all magic classes beforehand. But go on, choose one!”

“Yeah, just say whatever comes to mind, be it swordsman, berserker, anything will work here.”

Though the two of them make it sound that simple, you’re not sure if you can make such a decision care-freely, sure it’s heartpoundingly exciting, but it also has sense of commitment behind it. Specialization would be the better word, as you don’t know of the best way to get maximun pr-

Hold on, that’s just min-maxing. Geez, you really are the type to look up a guide online to see which class is the strongest before you make a decision. What a nostalgic feeling to have, but alas, there’s no guide out there, so instead you’ll just take in a deep breath, think for a second or two.

And then choose the class that appeals to you the most.

[ ] Warrior – Fighter-man! Figher-man! Overall the class is fairly bland. Swing your sword, swing it some more. Outside of combat, you’re quite a bore. Look out! Go choose the figher-maaaaan! Hammer, bow, sword and shield. There’s no limit to what you can wield! Plenty fights, you have fought. A princess of hell? Just an afterthought! This class! Great for a newbie’s first time, plenty of damage to chime, that’s what’s a fighter-maaaaaaaaaaaan! (High ATK, High DEF, Low Crit, Low Move, Decent Hit, Low Ev.)

[ ] Martial Artist – The monk class of every game, who needs a weapon when your fists are hard and swift enough to send a flurry of blows within an instant? Create tornadoes by clapping your hands, set your feet aflame with a blazing kick! There is nothing, NOTHING a monk can’t punch! And if there is, well then, my friend. Have you considered punching the thing EVEN HARDER?! (Ok ATK, Low Def, High Hit, High Crit, Ok Mov, Ok Ev.)

[] Mage- Evocate the elements to burn or shock or freeze your friends. Burn through SP to heal the dying or wait for them to die to resurrect em. MULTI-TARGET, because why punch one when you can lightning strike four? ABUSE POTIONS, because when your sp reaches 0, you may as well lie on the floor and have a snore. But until that happens, you may as well call yourself a god, because nobody in 10 spaces, can say you’re not, before they’re stunned, burned and all by a thundershot. (High ATK, Bad Def, Ok Hit, Ok Crit, Bad Ev, Ok Move)

[ ] Rogue- Steal someone’s wallet, steal their weapon, steal their armour, steal their buffs, move faster than anyone else on the map. For a rogue is someone who’s not afraid to play dirty, use plenty of tricks that nobody else has access to and uses offensive items better than any other class can. (High Move, High Crit, High Ev, OK everything else but Def which is bad.)

[ ] Shooter- Masters of all ranged combat alongside some affinity for blades and stealth, the shooter can wield bows, crossbows, nets and guns like no other and from any distance. Capable of crippling foes without moving a single space, they truly are masters of the zones in their range. Then again this leaves them with the lowest defense of all units, so you better know never to enter melee again. (High Hit, Ok Atk, High Move, Low Def, Low Ev, High Crit)

[ ] Alchemist/Scientist – People tend to see you as the healer of the group, the one that sits back and only jumps in occasionally to heal the boboos….they couldn’t be more wrong! While it is true that you’ve got the highest recovery ability of the bunch. You also posses a mastery over status conditions, be it inflicting them or curing them. Alongside better using supportive items, no group can call itself truly long-lasting without one of you inside of it. For no heals heal better than yours. (Low Atk, Low Crit, High Move, High Def, High Ev, Ok Hit)

[ ] Jack of all trades/remain an Ex-student – They say a master of none can never beat a master of one, however that is not always true. While it is fair to call the Ex-student one of the weaker classes due to it having no special characteristics short of being able to equip any weapon, armor and accessories. Their main strength is that unlike other classes, they can also equip the unique abilities of classes that you have mastered and gain all innate abilities without needing to make up space for them. Combine this with the fact that any weapon skill obtained under this class is obtained three times faster than others. The Ex-student has the potential to become the most powerful with time. (Ok everything)

After this, you’re free to do whatever again, be it visiting the weapon shop or youkai recruiter, or straight up pressing the plot button to continue with the story. (Which naturally leads to lore plus more combat) Also I just realized something goofy...imagine you had bought a weapon your class can't use, that would have been a waste of P, my bad.

In case you're wondering: Why not show all shops at once? Well, it'd be cluttery and I don't want you to get choice paralysis. Anyway, I'll await patiently for your choices, and if you have questions, lemme know.
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Fists and Guns are easily my favourite Disgaea weapons, so my immediate preferences would be Martial Artist or Shooter.
Since we don't really have a party yet, it's better to go with a frontliner instead of a ranged class.

[X] Martial Artist

Max Martial Artist > Become Gun-spec Shooter > Final Destination: Gun Fu??? (probably not)
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I mean that's quite possible, that route could unlock a gun fu class and even if it doesn't. Maxing Martial Artist would let you use Fist skills alongside your Shooter class and vice versa.

Max both and go for Ex-student again and you'd be a master of both fist and gun lategame wise.

Oh, I just remembered I never answered the semi question of before.

Ahem, insert answer to 'becoming violent here', aka "Yeah, again it's a system made to give y'all a fair chance fighting. So it's only natural to keep in mind the fact that the majority of you are wussies...hence the slight mental aid to encourage more fighting if the simple formula of getting stronger isn't enough to get you addicted. I guess it doesn't discriminate on what kind of fight it is though, as long as it happens." - Seija.
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Basically the route I had in mind, but hearing it straight from the horse's mouth reinvigorates my desire to become a tornado of fists and bullets TENFOLD.
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[X] Martial Artist
i cast fist
if we make our powers as reasonably mundane as possible, some of them might stay in a normally unwinnable encounter where a big honcho disables the power system like reaction time
and also cast fist
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[X] Martial Artist
Punching and eventual shooting in Hell sounds great to ULTRAKILL enemies.
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Remaining as an Ex-student seems outright dumb, as just about everything they've said makes it look like or designated late-game class. You know, the one we use after making a whole bunch of other classes for the crazy flexibility and stats. Leveling it now is genuinely a waste of EXP.

As for which class first, well early game when I need a main character to be able to potentially solo and fit in with a team, mobility is usually king. Then, you can use some good positioning to pick off enemies one by one and avoid being ganged up on. Rouge not only gives us that, but it doesn't really give up anything in turn. Sure it has bad DEF, but High EVA just as easily provides survivability, balancing out its only real weakness.

Martial Artist sounds best as the class to level up after, as pushes for damage at the expense of other important things, like survivability.

[x] Rogue
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You'd be quite right about the ex-student part. That said, I'll update tommorow just to see if other rogue or other class lovers are out there before making the final decision.

Have a nice weekend y'all.
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File 168539298942.png - (1.57MB, 1920x1849, renko wearing monk suit.png)
renko wearing monk suit
[X] Martial Artist

“You look great!” and “Not too shabby.” are the remarks your nearby youkais give you once you’re done dressing up. For some reason, both of them are looking you upside down in the process. Not like it matters why they do so, just that it’s a bit strange and utterly harmless but anyway that aside.

Your own opinion is kind of a meh, sure you’re absolutely rocking the whole robes and black belt attire without even trying. But the clothes themselves, as in their fabric feel far softer and more comfy than any other clothes you’ve worn. Like you wouldn’t notice their presence with your eyes closed kind of comfy. And that’s a good thing, it just makes you wonder whether this actually has more defense than your previous clothes.

And why are your clothes white when you’re in an environment where they’ll most likely get dirty real quickly?

It’s just not...efficient, you think.

“Ah, she hates it.” Seija casually calls out, sitting upside down with one hand under her chin. “See the way she fidgets one eyebrow there? That’s her ‘tell’ spider. And right now, it’s telling me that either you’ve lost your touch or she’s one picky pickle. So which one is it, hmm?” her tone is blatantly taunting, far less subtle than before even, as if daring the other to do something about it.

“Hmm.” Unfortunately for her, Yamame makes no motion of hearing her, instead focusing her gaze over your body as she slowly flies around to get a good view of it all, “Try doing a kick, Renko.”

“Hm?” you turn your gaze her way at the request, “Why? To see if I have monk powers now?”

“Yes.” her answer is to the point and obvious, so naturally you take in a deep breath, put more energy in your left leg and try to swing your leg up for a simple and basic front-kick.

Instead, you find yourself a few feet in the air again, the unwilling drag-along of a beautiful rising kick, the one-in-a-million kind of attack that combines practice with sheer luck and even then is only seen in fighting games. The rising arc of it is perfect, one drawn to easily kick an opponent into the air in order to continue the beatdown in mid-air. Unfortunately your opponent ends up being the ceiling, which refuses to crack against your heavy blow and instead has you fall flat on your ass after another second, leaving you stunned on the ground with a hurt posterior and pride.

A mocking whistle comes from above you and when you open your eyes again, you see Seija and Yamame loom over you, neither of them give you a polite ‘Are you allright?’ and instead contend themselves with looking down on you with wise-looking nods to hide their shit-eating grins.

“As...unique as that was.” Yamame finally continues while you move to stand up, “The promised effects have shown it’s magic. So, the clothes are working and so, are you all ready to pay up?”

“Hold on.” Seija again, rubs her chin in order to look thoughtful, “As much as I like to see myself as the positive type. I’ve seen her achieve a similar feat without the suit on before. So…” A no-good smile appears on her again, “I’m afraid we’ll need more than one test to really see if it’s working.”

“Ah,” Immediately, a similar smile appears on Yamame. “I guess I have no choice but to let you do so, the customer is king after all.” finally, she quits the upside down-bit and lands on her solid feet, then moves to block the only door with her figure. “Though for the sake of safety, I’ll remain too.”

“A wise choice, wouldn’t want the human to crack her skull by accident.” Seija agrees again, and as much as you’re annoyed by them blatantly talking about you like that, a part of you’s also confused on why she’s acting affably with someone she clearly showed dislike to earlier.

Moodswinger much? Then again it doesn’t really matter, both parts don’t matter.

And honestly you don’t mind trying more moves, because come on! You just kicked the ceiling! If that doesn’t give anyone a rush of power, then they’ve never been alive before. Besides the sooner you get the hang of it, the less likely similar accidents will happen later on.

Also it’s fun.

Very fun.

And that is why you spend the next five minutes punching and kicking the air in front of you, like you’re facing down a bunch of angry mobs in those old-school Jackie Chan movies. Whatever embarrassment you feel from doing so in front of other people pushed back by the sheer fun of it.

For a moment, just a moment, life is good.
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File 168539312396.png - (2.74MB, 1989x1400, orin is on the hunt.png)
orin is on the hunt
“So this is the place, huh?”

“Y-yes! They were heading north, so they have to be hiding in there!”

Two figures, one voice confident and the other fearful ring across the hot wasteland as they observe the iron dilapidated relic of a glorious age. Within, a dozen stone structures protrude from the stifling darkness, each containing the hideouts of worms that have nowhere else to live. Be it weaklings or those who sell wares nobody else wants, they squat, they mingle and they corrupt.

The Kasha cares for none of them, she is a being of power and legend. She is the symbol of what cats could become, and what some could only dream to be. Her sharp eyes reflect nothing, her predatory gaze unwavering despite the dust and heat around her, but her posture clearly reflects her boredom.

“Are you sure a human managed to find the shop all on their own?” She leans against a cart-like structure as the question leaves her, absentmindedly humming a chant that’s meant to drive her away from her targets. Yet the impressive amount of corpses in her carriage told another story.

“Yes! For a thousand times, yes! The horned jerk took her with her after she let me go!” her companion peaks in exasperation, her silver hair and halo marking her as that zombie fairy.

“Let go?” The Kasha muses again, her claws turning sharp at the thought. “So she’s merciful…”

That means she won’t last long. As noble as it is to be kind, in these grounds they’re just opportunities for others to return betrayal, ingratitude and fair-weather loyalties.

“Well, if she managed to get this far. It’s only a mercy for me to take their corpse then.”

Stealing corpses, mostly those that have committed evil deeds in their life is her role. Definitely not the most fanciful job to have in life, but one the youkai enjoys every aspect of still. Be it the careful sneaking, the fast getaway and finally the gentle sight of her conquests fueling the flames of hell after a day of hard work. Coincidentally, this also brings the birth of a new evil spirit pal.

“Allright, it’s decided! Let’s play youkai and human once again!” Declaring her intent to hunt down her yet to be seen prey as if it were a game, Rin Kaenbyou takes everything in a positive light.

Flutters of wings above are beckoned by her declaration, finally sensing her presence, the lithe figures increase their pace and finally three raven girls descend from above, weapons ready.
Upon seeing them, the fairy hides behind her, while Rin lets out a ‘hoh’ and grins mischievously.

“This isn’t a place for the likes of you.” one of the raven starts, their hand held tight on their weapon, ready to make the shot at the slightest movement. “Turn around and leave at once.”

“Mmmm? What’s this? Discrimination? Am I not just an innocent, beautiful, harmless little catgirl nya?” Rin asks with one hand held her side while the other is posed straight down, she leans forward a bit to look cuter and accompanies it all with a wink and a smile. “Can I get in, pwease?”

Her cutesy speak, whatever it was she was hoping for, only serves to disturb the ravens even more, a sight to which she lets out an even less comforting giggle to. “This place is a harbor...the only safe place for the weaklings amongst weaklings to feel in their skin, far away from your lot.”

“Aww, the way you say that makes me sound like a bully!” Rin protests again, inflating her cheeks with air to give off the appearance of a pout. Only to chuckle again at their lack of reactions, “Seriously...relax, relax foooolks~ I ain’t here for trouble at all! Just looking for an easy afternoon snack.” she moves to take a step, but stops the moment all guns are raised her way. “Really?”

“Leave, this is your final warning.” The raven who spoke first repeats again, their voice holds in a lot of menace, but that sight isn’t as powerful when her companions have visibly trembling legs.

“Y-yeah, there’s three of us and one of you!” Another raven girl has the courage to add in.

“Three versus little o’l me?” Rin gasps, one paw held in front of her mouth to hide her shock, after which she starts looking around the place back and forth. “Oh my, oh my, that’s no good is it?”

“How about I even the odds?” she declares as she pulls out a card.
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File 168539326474.png - (0.96MB, 961x796, you and what army .png)
you and what army
Cursed Sprite - "Zombie Fairy"
Image Source
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File 16853938968.png - (1.64MB, 1593x751, fairies attaccking the store oh no.png)
fairies attaccking the store oh no
“Okay, I think that’s enough.” Yamame replies after your 60th kick or so, most likely she has only so much patience for someone playing around in her shop. “You’re going to dry yourself out, Renko. How about I go fetch some water for all of us before the two of you head on your way now?”

“Much obliged.” you reply, though you haven’t felt much of a sweat yet, your body is starting to feel a bit hotter than you’re comfy with. If anything, you’re happy hospitality is a thing in hell.

“I’ve got a bit of dry throat myself.” Seija easily agrees, lazily seated on the ceiling. “Remember to add some salt to mine, or don’t bother giving me anything in the first place.”

“Sure, sure.” Yamame rolls her eyes at the request, then stops a second at the door to look your way, well yours and Seija’s way with a smile. “Don’t go running off now, I’ll hunt you down otherwise~”

“Wouldn’t be able to catch me if I did.” Seija retorts, tongue childishly out. A sight that makes Yamame roll her eyes again before she turns around and moves to fetch what she promised.

“So what’s your deal with her?” you ask, before even the slightest silence can take place.


“With Yamame, one second you’re all ready to tumble and the next you’re bantering.” you continue.

“Ah, that’s cause she’s a happy bitch.” Seija replies as if she’s talking about the weather, like her profanity isn’t something offensive. “Incompatible personalities you can call it even. I’m fighting so that we all can see the sunrise and grass again while she casually spins her web around the underworld and puts a little shop here and there everywhere with a smile on her face.”

“So you think she’s a loser for finding happiness in the underground?”

“Don’t be daft, ain’t nothing pathetic about that. It’s not like she’s lying to herself in a desperate attempt to cope with reality.” A scoff leaves her throat, but her smile swiftly returns. “Like I said before, we all have our choices to make and if she’s happy with the results, who am I to judge?”

“Then what’s the problem?” and for that matter, why do you even care that much about it?

“Are you friends with every shmuck whose name you know? It’s like that.” She answers curtly, starting to get a bit annoyed. “We can banter, we can fight, I can mess with her wares, she can give me a disease that makes me unable to see and vomit blood for three weeks. Oh, did I forget to tell you she can control diseases? Well, combine that with a gal who loves to fight and you’ve got someone I deem too troublesome to get close to. That’s my deal, you happy now?”


“A rhetorical answer to a rhetorical question, how clever of you.”

“Thank you.”

“Go fu-” the sound of shattering glass interrupts her insult. “The fuck?” Followed by shouting in the main room, which is enough to make Seija drop down in order to take a peek through the door.

“Shit.” Whatever she saw, she didn’t like it. As she immediately moves towards the sole window in the room, opens it, and quickly tends a hand your way. “The hounds are on your ass, we gotta bail.”

“Hounds?” naturally guided by your curiosity, you immediately move to take a peek yourself.

Only to see about, one, two, about seven fairies wielding guns and swords have entered the shop. To Yamame’s immense displeasure as she’s already shouting at a few to pay the repairs for breaking her windows and then get the hell out of her shop before she gets nasty. The fairies on the other hand don’t seem too intimidated by the blonde short stack and are currently trashing the place.

Opening closets, looking in shoe boxes, it’s clear that they’re looking for somebody. Aka, you.

“Stop poking your head out like an idiot,” Seija scolds as she drags you back further in the room by the back of your robe, before you slap her hand off you. “Anyway, the situation’s real easy to understand, those dumbos are just the tracking dogs. Which means the real honcho is somewhere out here now, which means the more time you spend here and the more of these chumps see your face. The more likely you’re going to have to deal with something you can’t deal with yet.”

“So here’s the plan.” Seija speaks, well whispers in a conspiratorial tone. “We leave through the window while we can, sneak through the alleys and I’ll get you a nice spot where none of them can find you. After an hour or two, they’ll get bored and we can continue today like nothing happened.”

“What about Yamame though?” she doesn’t seem the type to take the trashing of her shop lightly, and as strong as she might be. She is most definitely outnumbered here, “Do we just leave her?”

“She can take care of herself. Besides, you’re the target. Remember that, so let’s bail already.”

[ ] She’s right. They’re here for you, so the best you can do is leave at once. Even if you fight these ones, you don’t know how many others are out there. Sorry, but your own well-being goes first here. You can only hope that whatever fight happens isn’t something that ends too badly.

[ ] ...Even if that’s true, a part of you just doesn’t agree with that. You like to call that part, the sappy one. The one that makes you turn around and do the right thing even when it’s the dumbest possible option you could have taken at the time. And right now? It’s screaming that just leaving ain’t it.

TLDR, this is a flee or fight option in short.
Additional fun facts: There are no art of hell raven girls that I could find on the web, so use your waifu vision on those crows wearing cowboy hats if you can. Also look! The fairies also have classes now! I bet you can tell which.

Also always remember, just press red/blue/whatever on the image to make it larger!
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[X] ...Even if that’s true, a part of you just doesn’t agree with that. You like to call that part, the sappy one. The one that makes you turn around and do the right thing even when it’s the dumbest possible option you could have taken at the time. And right now? It’s screaming that just leaving ain’t it.

Aw, hell no. We ain't walking away from the one person who actually treated us nicely (without being smarmy or trying to rope us into her revolution).

I'm still satisfied with my vote to let the fairy go. A betrayal was expected; we were even warned about it.
But now we get to the fun part: making good on our promise that she shouldn't pull anything, or else... by breaking every bone in her body.
Just because we show mercy doesn't mean we're soft.

But before that it's HERO COMPLEX TIME!
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[x] She’s right. They’re here for you, so the best you can do is leave at once. Even if you fight these ones, you don’t know how many others are out there. Sorry, but your own well-being goes first here. You can only hope that whatever fight happens isn’t something that ends too badly.
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[X] ...Even if that’s true, a part of you just doesn’t agree with that.
A classic mistake made by the fairies, trashing the shopkeeper's place. I'm going to take a guess and say if we fight here, we'll have a 2 vs. 7 situation unless we can rope in Seija for an additional combatant. The spider probably got some plague aoe attack or something.
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[x] She’s right. They’re here for you, so the best you can do is leave at once. Even if you fight these ones, you don’t know how many others are out there. Sorry, but your own well-being goes first here. You can only hope that whatever fight happens isn’t something that ends too badly.
On one hand my instincts are screaming to farm EXP off of trash mobs while we're still able, on the other we're pretty much told straight up that we end up with an unwinnable encounter if we do that. Let's not tempt fate just yet, there'll be other battlefields to do that in.
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Part of the reason I voted to fight is so we might get into the good graces of the person making our class clothes, perhaps even making an ally.
Seija might take it as kickstarting the revolution (or just us being an upstart).
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[x] She’s right. They’re here for you, so the best you can do is leave at once. Even if you fight these ones, you don’t know how many others are out there. Sorry, but your own well-being goes first here. You can only hope that whatever fight happens isn’t something that ends too badly.
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File 168546754052.png - (1.43MB, 1381x901, time to sneak out.png)
time to sneak out
[x] She’s right. They’re here for you, so the best you can do is leave at once. Even if you fight these ones, you don’t know how many others are out there. Sorry, but your own well-being goes first here. You can only hope that whatever fight happens isn’t something that ends too badly.

“Smart girl,” Seija whispers as you take her hand and climb through the window to escape. Leaving Yamame to fend off against the intruders on her own in order to keep your own hide intact…

“Relax, once they realize you’re not there. They’ll be on their way.” another comforting lie comes out of her when she sees you giving the window another glance. But there’s no need for those words, no, you’ve made your decision and so, you will follow through by leaving this alley.

And Seija will swiftly bring you to a safe space. Speaking of the gal, she’s currently pressing her back against one of the corner walls in order to sight any incoming threats ahead like in those stealth games. Then she rises onto the air in order to do the same roof-wise, analyzing everything.

“We’re surrounded.” She concludes with a casual tone, one you would have given a flat what to in any other situation but right now, you wisely substitute with a "So what do we do?" instead.

“Don’t worry though,” She continues, her tone turning more confident as her grin turns full-toothed once more. “I’ll have you know I was once hunted for 10 days and still lived to tell the tale.”

“So you can sneak us out of here?” you whisper-ask, more to confirm her words than doubt. She absolutely looks the type to cause trouble and then hide away, so you can perhaps rely on that skill.

“In the midst of dark alleyways? While we’re hunted by tiny immortal morons whose sight don’t have even have dark vision? Believe me, girl. That kind of challenge is like breakfast to me.”

Vibe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMy-4BNRtWI

Uh oh, looks like there’s too opponents for you to fight here. Lucky for you, your companion is an expert at getting out of sticky situations. Now I’m sure all of you know what will happen if you are to enter the blue vision cones, you’ll be caught! But don’t worry, you’ve got more than one way to get past these troublesome ruble-rousers. Those being…

A) You can now use Seija’s ability to flip positions with anyone and anyone within 10 spaces. (It cost 1 MA though and if used on an opponent will temporarily confuse them, before they head back to their own spaces eventually, so you better slip past fast!)

B) Any opponent that’s instantly killed doesn’t count as having detected you. (As in swiftly killed, it doesn't have to be ONE exact blow per se.)

Those are your options, yes, it’s only two but it’s clearly more than one so I was being truthful!

Oh and the one fairy to the left of the dead crow will be able to see you if you just cross, I just messed up the cone vision for them. And going up is NOT an option either, you've gotta find an exit at the west, south or east. Not North cause that's where more foes are coming from.

That said good luck!


You/Usami RenkoLevel 0 Martial ArtistHP: 20/20 MP: 10/10
|Atk: 6| Hit 120%| Crit 30% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: 1 Evd: 20%| Will: 18% | (EQP: Basic Monk Clothes)
|Move: 5 (Walking) ; 3 (Jump) (That's high enough to reach the roofs)

Seija KishinLevel 0 Trustworthy YoukaiHP: ??/?? MP: ???/???
|Atk: ??| Hit ??%| Crit ??% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: ?? Evd: ??%| Will: ??% | (EQP: Basic Youkai Girl Clothes)
| Move: 6 (Walking) ; 6 (Flying)

Main actions left: 2

[ ] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
[ ] Attack (Choose a target/1 main action)
[ ] Tech
> Usami Hook! (Deals ATK+50% dmg and hits all foes in a 1 square circle / 2 mp
> Flip Positions! (Tell Seija to flip positions with anyone/anything within 10 squares/ No mp.)
[ ] Talk (To who? / free once per turn, has a range of 2 squares.)
[ ] Defend (Halves all dmg, restores 25% hp and ignores weaknesses/ 1 main action)
[ ] Pick up and throw (Need a foe or ally nearby/ 1 main action)
[ ] Use Item (1 main action)
> X1 Flashlight (Inflicts BLIND on all foes 3 squares in front of you x1 times per fight
> X3 small survival kits (Heal 5 hp each)

If you're not gonna fight, then you gotta sneak your way out.

The first move oughta be easy, so have at it, anon.
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Darn. Well, sneaking it is.

Couldn't we just... jump up the roof to the east, take out the fairy and leave on the rooftops eastwards?

Like this:
[X] Move L1 > O3
[X] Attack O4 Fairy
[X] Move East off the map

Or will the map open up from there?
Delete Post
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You most definitely can.

The map will open up indeed, though are you sure you want to travel on the very visible rooftops?

Good eyes there, bud. The most obvouis route would be the south alleyways but yeah the east rooftops you can use too.

If so, then I'll update soon. I'm not gonna bother mentioning what could happen were you to miss one blow cause short of a nat 1 that aint happening lol.
Delete Post
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Funny number aside, these don't look like flat roofs, so combined with the fairy's poor night vision it should actually disguise our silhouette rather well if we keep a low profile.

That aside south would be the safest direction since the enemies are coming from the north, but having a look down the east street from a higher vantage point might offer a better opportunity to cross if escaping east ceases to be an option.
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Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to add that simply swapping with the dead crow in the south alleyway would be rather risky as we'd basically be jumping in blind.

Taking a look around after taking out the rooftop fairy would also give us insight into anything that might be in that alley.

Basically, that crow is dead for a reason. That reason might still be there.
Image Source
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File 168547354045.png - (1.50MB, 1496x913, sneaking part 2 electric boogaloo.png)
sneaking part 2 electric boogaloo
“So far, so good.” Seija quips as she easily skirts the two of you past the first patrol, unlike what you might believe, the darkness alongside the constant shifts of the roofs make for a prime sneaking route as long as you keep your head down. Though since you can’t see much either yourself, you’re currently being guided by her voice and hand through the landscape, until she suddenly stops again.

“What is it?” You naturally ask, but the many flickering halos ahead says it all.

“Looks like we’ve ran until another bunch heading their way to the store...our way.” Seija observes and indeed they are, for though slowly, they surely are moving to the left now, still unaware of us.

“Whatever, this still ain’t nothing.” Seija scoffs, “Just gotta keep their movement in mind and we’ll be dandy. Come on now, now isn’t the time to daddle.” And that said, the sneaking continues!


You/Usami RenkoLevel 0 Martial ArtistHP: 20/20 MP: 10/10
|Atk: 6| Hit 120%| Crit 30% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: 1 Evd: 20%| Will: 18% | (EQP: Basic Monk Clothes)
|Move: 5 (Walking) ; 3 (Jump)

Seija KishinLevel 0 Trustworthy YoukaiHP: ??/?? MP: ???/???
|Atk: ??| Hit ??%| Crit ??% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: ?? Evd: ??%| Will: ??% | (EQP: Basic Youkai Girl Clothes)
| Move: 6 (Walking) ; 6 (Flying)

Main actions left: 2

[ ] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
[ ] Attack (Choose a target/1 main action)
[ ] Tech
> Usami Hook! (Deals ATK+50% dmg and hits all foes in a 1 square circle / 2 mp
> Flip Positions! (Tell Seija to flip positions with anyone/anything within 10 squares/ No mp.)
[ ] Talk (To who? / free once per turn, has a range of 2 squares.)
[ ] Defend (Halves all dmg, restores 25% hp and ignores weaknesses/ 1 main action)
[ ] Pick up and throw (Need a foe or ally nearby/ 1 main action)
[ ] Use Item (1 main action)
> X1 Flashlight (Inflicts BLIND on all foes 3 squares in front of you x1 times per fight
> X3 small survival kits (Heal 5 hp each)

Actually the south, west and east paths each lead to different patrols, but you’re also right about the crow part. Sadly you won’t see what caused it on the east path.

Anyway to be clear, the gimmick of this map is that every foe with a red arrow will move one space to where it points once you’re out of actions. So keep that in mind!

I wonder if this is too high a difficulty spike...but hey, you can always thin the numbers through violence!

I was genuinely tempted to allow one to throw someone past their vision cones before...so hey, tell you what? If this is too hard, then you can use that as well as some cheat of sorts. (Your throwing range is 4, Seija's is 4 too) So go ahead and use that if you want, but keep in mind this wasn't intended with that in mind!

Oh and turning back IS an option, but I'll feel very jockblocked if you do. Just making sure you don't think the maps are an one way street.
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I have one question: does them moving in a certain direction turn their vision cone if they're not facing that way or are some strafing?

I'm asking because if they strafe then we could prepare to ambush O3 fairy as she moves left to N3 by following this sequence:

[X] Move A3 > D3
[X] Swap with M1 dead crow
[X] Move M1 > M3

If I understand the map correctly we'd still be just out of the vision range of the L8 fairy as she moves up. Next turn we'd bash the fairy we just set up for and have an easy escape route east by going up and around M6's vision cone.

Problems with this would be them turning as they go to move and M6 having vision on N3 i.e. spot the ambush, which I'm not sure of.

Separate note: I only plan only swapping with crows because swapping with an alert guard is a great way to raise an alarm, confusion or not.
Delete Post
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They're too stupid to cause an alarm when swapped, and nope, their vision cone stays faced the same way unless they're startled.

I urge you to use your willing suspension of disbelief for it, for if they reacted too realistically then any stealth whatsoever would most likely be impossible.

But yeah your move would trigger M6 as they can see N3, also do keep in mind you've gotta get both characters to the other side. Other than that, you can also wait for a more advantagouis route when they all move.

That said I'll be retiring for the day a bit sooner than usual as I've got early business in the morn.

Afterwards I'll be free all day tmrw, so expect an update once you and the others have made their choice first thing in the tmrw afternoon.
Delete Post
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>Move A3 > D3
Doesn't that placement mean Renko will get spotted by the fairy on E6 as she's moving left?
Delete Post
Report Post

Funny enough, am still here for a bit so I'll answer now:

It would if she were to run out of main actions there, cause the fairies only move once your round is over.
Delete Post
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Ah. It'd make sense that we'd need to move Seija since we were even provided her (partial) statblock.
Was under the impression that green dots were uncontrollable "AI" allies, my bad.

In that case I only immediately see one easy 2-turn way out, which somewhat depends on another question.

Is Seija's swap range centered on herself, or is it the targets that need to be up to 10 squares away from each other? Or is it both (10 from Seija and each other)?

If it is just the former, Seija moves to D3 and swaps with the crow instead and moves down to M3.
Renko would free move to B3 to be within 10 range of Seija.
Next turn Seija would swap both Renko and herself with the P8 and P10 fairies that will have moved left.
Then they both free move east or south across the southside rooftops, depending on which direction looks safer.

Easier to read version:
[X] Move Seija A1 > D3
[X] Swap Seija with M1 dead crow
[X] Move Seija M1 > M3
[X] Move Renko A3 > B3

Next turn:
[X] Swap Renko with either O8 or O10 fairy (which one shouldn't matter)
[X] Swap Seija with the other fairy
[X] Move both towards safety (East or South)

Will keep thinking about alternatives in the meantime as "just 10 aoe around Seija" seems almost too strong.
Delete Post
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Seija can flip the position of any target in a 10 square raduis around herself. It's a very cheat-like power in the strategy rpg meduim. So have fun abusing it.

Orin can summon a fairy army with just a spellcard, so expect your opponents in the future to have even more ridiculouis powers the further you get.

This IS inspired by Disgaea after all, so powers will be WACK.

You read the green part right though, as in most cases that is how it is like. Rn is an exception as she's actively aiding you but she isn't blue as you don't have access to every trick in her pocket.

As for your strategy, I don't see any flaw in it rn. But I'll double check on my pc later.

For now specify whether you go south or east anyway as one of them will lead to something juicy.

And now, I'll see you all tmrw for realsies.
Delete Post
Report Post
Alright then. I'll make absolutely sure we abuse the shenanigans as much as possible!

I'd thought up an alternative route that would've satisfied both requirements and I'll just post it in case I made an error in the original plan.

1st turn:
[X] Move Seija A1 > D3
[X] Swap Renko with D10 fairy
[X] Swap Seija with M1 dead crow
[X] Move Renko to I11

2nd turn:
[X] Swap Seija with O8 fairy
[X] Swap Renko with O10 fairy
[X] Move both towards safety

Whatever ends up being used I'll put my vote towards escaping East as there seems to be more fairies coming from the south if L8 and L11 are any indication.

[X] Escape to the East.

>Sadly you won’t see what caused it on the east path.

Also this makes me think that maybe that crow wasn't taken out by just a fairy and we'll find whatever it is that did it to the South as a "juicy surprise".
Or I'm just paranoid.
Delete Post
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You get my vote for this plan.
Delete Post
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my vote too
if I don't have to think at all then it is optimal
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 168587117178.png - (771.95KB, 1260x812, a new challenger appears.png)
a new challenger appears

Never mind my words and never trust them schedule wise again.
That said, your strategy looks legit, is legit and definitely works sooooo...

Update time.

Sneaking isn’t as easy as media makes it look like. People don’t have convenient vision cones after all, nor are there bright shadows that make you outright invisible by crouching next to them. In most cases, sneaking is part caution and part luck, because who knows if somebody is at the corner?

Seija doesn’t seem to care, instead of crouching or doing anything to lower the sound of her footsteps. She boldly runs and jumps across rooftops, turns alleys right before someone can sight, swaps places with others before they can notice her and continues her pace unabated, clearly she memorized the entire area to heart, where to turn, how to run, where to escape. That’s why she’s fast. You’ve got no doubt whatsoever that this is an impressive feat, but seeing how your stomach ends up in the brunt of all these sudden movements. You’re not eager to do these kind of runs again.

“Easy, girl. We’re almost there, so don’t go vomiting on me now.” The horned youkai teases after yet another sudden flip. This time having flipped the very direction a squad of fairies was heading towards, to their confusion and our easy passage. Easier for you as you’re seated on her back.

Not that you’re lazy or nonathletic. This was simply deemed to be the simpler solution when you happened to lose sight of her more than once. “Why say that when I’m not even sick?”

“It’s just a fair warning.” She replies mid-jump, then stops at the roof of a specific trashy building, jumps down to street-level and easily opens the half-destroyed door. “And we’re finally here.”

Here being the so-called safe house you assume. Said safe house is more of a dirt house when you look at all the garbage piled haphazardly around the ground alongside the muck and dust growing in every corner. “We’re not staying here for long, are we?” you ask and stand on your own two feet with reluctance, part of the ground already sinking from mere contact with your shoes in a gross way.

“No, we aren’t.” Seija thankfully confirms, then points to a door leading to the next room. “I bet you can tell from the fact there’s a village in the fortress that’s bigger than its inside. But this place doesn’t exactly obey common laws of architecture. As it should, as how else would the place fit hundreds of sinners, their torturers and other management? History lesson made short, this place got passages that lead to other passages. Call them shortcuts, and one of them is right in that room.”

“Well, that’s good news.” you let out a sigh, posture turning more relaxed as you no longer need to worry about being zerg-rushed by a never ending stream of enemies. “Why so many of them?”

“Hm?” Seija makes a humming sound, to confirm she heard and prompt you to continue.

You do, “I mean, I can guess it’s because of that one fairy that got away. But even if she came back, it’s not like she could bring more than a bunch of her friends, right? Yet there are dozen around…”

“And they’re well-armed, patrolling and showing off a level of discipline, which means…?” Seija asks as she awaits your answer, clearly knowing the answer herself and knowing that you do too.

“I’ve gotten the attention of someone I’m better off without.” you conclude. “Do you know who?”

“Rin Kaenbyou. It’s the Kasha I talked about, master of all spirits in blazing hell and also standing outside our window this very moment.” Seija notes with a smile as she looks at the outsi-wait.

She’s kidding, right? She has to be, there’s no way either of you were noticed. But even so, you quickly move to the window as well, ready to be dissapointed and annoyed when you see nothing.

Turns out, you don’t get to be dissapointed. The hell-cat can clearly be seen at the next rooftop, seeming occupied with some green-haired girl while her fairies watch by the sides. You don’t know why either are here of all places, but at the very least your luck isn’t so bad as to make them allies.

How do you know they’re not friends? Easy, the green one in a bucket is shouting while the catgirl just takes the cacophony with a smile on her face. You’re not sure of the context of things here.

But it kind of feels like the banter that comes before a telegraphed fight, like in movies.

“Hey.” Seija regains your attention by tapping your shoulder. “You’re not being subtle here.”

“Oh,” you wisely back away from the window then, not wanting to be caught gawping.

“Let me help with that,” she moves some hole-covered curtain in front of the window. “Ain’t much of a hiding thing, but at least now you can look your heart out without being seen in return.”

“Hm, I half expected you to tell me to hurry up and enter your secret entrance.” you respond, as even if that’s kind of a pain to hear, it would have been the responsible option in this situation.

“I’m not your parent, or your boss.” Seija just shrugs the comment away, “I’m your partner now, and if you want to gain some intel on your enemy before facing them one day, who am I to stop ya?”

Oh, gaining intel. Yes, you suppose it can be seen that way rather than indulging your inherent curiosity. But even so, is now really the time to do so? You’ve already got a convenient sack of info inside a person called Seija who can tell you about the kasha from a far safer distance.

But then again, if a fight is about to break out. Then seeing the abilities of your opponent first-hand could be far more valuable than just hearing about it. And not to be an optimist, but if the bucket girl is the enemy of your enemy, then she could potentially be your ally in some way, you guess.

So then, the question is: Between curiosity and safety, who wins this encounter?

[ ] Curiosity, you want to see the fight with your own eyes. So you can later face the cat prepared!

[ ] Safety, you can always get that info far away from here, don’t risk being exposed for it.

Funny enough, the sneaking had a part 3, but I figured since I was gone for a few days, may as well skip that part and head straight for plot again. Though if you can tell me how you felt about it, I'd apreciate it.
Delete Post
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[X] Curiosity, you want to see the fight with your own eyes. So you can later face the cat prepared!
Curiosity killed the ex-student.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Safety, you can always get that info far away from here, don’t risk being exposed for it.
Safety dance killed the safety dance...r?
Delete Post
Report Post
Don't worry about taking as long as you need/want, it's cool.

>Though if you can tell me how you felt about it, I'd apreciate it.

I dunno how much my opinion is worth but I enjoyed it quite a bit.
The tutorial fight was fun but this kind of puzzle every now and then is also fun to think about.
The jump in difficulty from the first screen to the second was a little jarring, but not unappreciated.

As for this choice:
Sure, Seija can tell us all we need to know, but nothing beats first-hand experience; or witnessing it first-hand anyway.
As long as we keep alert so we don't get snuck up on by fairies or something from a different angle (like, say, the east side of the building); we have an escape route ready, so we should learn as much as we can now.

[X] Curiosity, you want to see the fight with your own eyes. So you can later face the cat prepared!
-[X] (Seija can) stay alert for flankers.

On this day we swear vengeance on Orin for Yamame's shop and on that fairy that snitched!

>Curiosity killed the ex-student.

Good thing we class changed then, eh? Heh.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 168590673249.png - (1.60MB, 1426x1089, a fight is about to happen.png)
a fight is about to happen
[X] Curiosity, you want to see the fight with your own eyes. So you can later face the cat prepared!
-[X] (Seija can) stay alert for flankers.

Too tempted to NOT take this opportunity, you go ahead and put your hands behind the curtain again, intensifying your gaze so you can properly see more about them through the hole.

You can hear Seija’s footsteps moving away from you as you do so, but you feel no worry, as you’re certain that she’s simply taking the initiative to stay alert for any sudden visitors or flankers that may come. Perhaps another day, you’d feel a bit worried about entrusting your own back to her.

But right now, there’s a fight about to happen and there’s no way you’re going to miss it!

(And with that comes a change of perspective…)

They stand fifteen meters apart, a distance that can be easily closed by either of them.

In other words, the distance might as well not be taken into consideration in this fight.

“I’ll only say it one more time, you’re being too noisy. So leave or I’ll make you.”

The green-haired girl’s gaze remains firmly on the cat-girl as she says so, her eyes betraying the slight discomfort she feels at the latter’s presence. And her voice is now hoarse from prior shouts.

“But I know you won’t. So let’s hurry along and face each other.” the girl drawls as she takes a slight hop forward, the frown on her face and the heavy tone in her soft voice lowering the humor of such a whimsical action. A greenish flame-like aura appears around her body as she gathers power.

The grin on the Kasha’s face on the other hand, grows larger and more predatory in response.

“That’s right, Kisume. Or should I call you…Bucket Girly?”

“Hmph, your silly taunts won’t work on me, Orin. I’d ask why you even bother, but that much is obvious.”

“Are you implying sadism?” The so-called Orin scratches the back of her neck with an innocent smile, yet her claws are already extended. “My, it’s nothing like that! It’s just that this is the only way to have fun with weaklings like you! Besides, the fight would end in less than a few rounds.”

Kisume growls in response, her hands firmly clenched around the edge of her bucket. “Oh, you’ll be surprised to see what new tricks I’ve learned thanks to this system of yours!” the last part wasn’t a shout, but the way she waves her fist at Orin implies an unsaid one. “Besides, you’re small fry too.”

“Not compared to you.” Orin replies in a sing-song voice. “I don’t know what kind of lame excuse being too noisy is, but I like to consider myself a good girl. So hey, how about we make a deal?”

“Oh? Really now?” Kisume raises her eyebrows at that, “You, being reasonable, just like that?”

Orin’s red eyes narrow in excitement as she puts her hands together in an iconic merchant pose. “Oh, yes, yes, surely you’ve heard there’s a new human around? If you help me find her, then I’ll let you have an arm and a leg once I’m done playing with her. And after that we can watch her burn!”

A thoughtful hum comes of Kisume. “That...explains everything nicely, and doesn’t sound too bad.”

“See? Kisume, you have n--”

“But,” she cuts in, smoothing her pigtails with her left hand, “Why go for a hand, when I can have it all?”


“You seem to be having a misunderstanding here. I couldn’t care less about why you’re here. Or who the human is.” Kisume clarifies, taking out a bone and pointing it straight at Orin. “Hell is a place for the wicked. A home for sinners, bla bla, we all heard it a thousand times.” she pauses only for a small roll of the eyes before she continues. Pointing her bone lazily at the surroundings. “Wherever you go, the strong will trample on the weak. The famous youkai are valued more than their lesser known counterparts. You, being who you are, will never understand what it is like to have a place where one can be themselves. To be met with a smile in the disgusting, dingy, dark cave filled with other losers that you strangely have never felt more at home at than anywhere else.”

“So you’re defending your home, is that it?” Orin guesses, body swaying calmly as if carried by a nighttime breeze. “Yet, the way you speak of it...I can’t help but wonder who you’ve been talking to. Surely you haven’t led a certain delinquent’s sweet words poison your brain with false honey?”

“What I’m saying is.” Kisume replies flippantly, her childish voice reaching for more steel. “This is my turf and I don’t like the way you’re walking around like you own the place, so GTFO, bitch.”

Orin pauses her swaying for a moment. Then--

Another smile appears on her voice, “I’m sorry, Kisume. But no can do~” not one to stop there, she looks up for a moment, as if staring at the moon instead of a dark void in the sky. “I brought these girls all the way here so having them leave for no reason isn’t something I have the heart to do.”

Kisume nods to herself, then tenses her body into a more aggressive posture. “Then, if you’re truly the head of this army and not a pawn for once….All I’ll need to do to quiet things down is CUTT OFF THE ONE BETWEEN YOUR SHOULDERS! C’MON!!”

“Well then, let’s play everyone~”

:: Battle start! ::

Battle Theme: https://youtu.be/5waQy5A70gE

(Transitioning to battle map, please wait warmly…)
Image Source
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File 168590709625.jpg - (73.02KB, 850x1133, __kisume_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_chahan_fried_r.jpg)
Kisume - Level 3 Bucket Lord - HP: 50/50 MP: 25/25
|Atk: 7 | Hit: 85%| Crit: 10%| (EQP: Silver Branch Spear)
|Def: 10|Evd: 15%|Will: 40%| (EQP: Wooden Bucket)
|Move: 3 (Walking) ; 4 (Jump); 2 (Flying)
Resist: Fire.
Weak: Light.

> Drop Down! (Rise into the air and gain the SKYBOUND status for 1 turn, then on the next turn inflict ATK+75% dmg to every foe within MOVE (jumping) range/ 3 mp/ 1 main action)
> Horror "Tsurube-Otoshi”! (Put all DEF into ATK, set EVD to 0/ no cost/ free action/ lasts 3 turns.)
> Bucket Guard (When choosing the Defend command, regain also 25% of your mp/passive)

> Will-O-Orb! (Inflict Atk+50% FIRE dmg on 1 foe. Has a 50% chance of inflicting ON-FIRE/ 5 mp/ 1 MA)
> Final Bucket! (Summon the most powerful bucket of all, gain the GIANT status for 2 rounds/ 10 mp/ free action/ Requires you to be at 50% hp or lower to be usable)

ON-FIRE = Deal 20% of max HP fire dmg every turn. (10% if you Resist, 0% if you're immune, heal 20% if you absorb).

SKY BOUND = Your evasion is treated as 100% against non-ranged attacks, additionally you also ignore any terrain in your way.

GIANT = Try it, and you’ll find out.

Spear Weapons have the ability to hit diagonally and also pierce through foes when used as a basic attack. (Aka, you can hit one foe and the one right behind them in one attack)

Tsurube otoshi (lit. bucket dropper) are a type of youkai believed to have originated in the Chuubu region of Japan. They usually live atop trees, and when humans come close to the tree a bucket or a severed head drops down and eats them. In this scenario, this basically makes Kisume’s personal job a high DEF Dragoon class. Giving her the ability to jump high and inflict fire dmg while also taking any of the heat that is thrown her way. She’d make a fine ally if you manage to recruit her.
Image Source
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File 168590742196.png - (689.70KB, 1017x906, kisume go go go .png)
kisume go go go
Oh, and you’re playing as her right now.

Of course, seeing as you’re not Renko. You don’t HAVE to win the fight, per se.

But eh, win or lose, I won’t spoil what happens. So do your best folks!


Look at sheet.

Main actions left: 2

[ ] Move (Move anywhere up to MOVE spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
[ ] Attack (Choose a target/1 main action)
[ ] Tech and Spells
> Look at sheet above
[ ] Talk (To who? / free once per turn, has a range of 2 squares.)
[ ] Defend (Halves all dmg, restores 25% hp and ignores weaknesses/ 1 main action)
[ ] Pick up and throw (Need a foe or ally nearby/ 1 main action)
[ ] Use Item (1 main action)
> You have NOTHING on you.

[ ] SKIP (Because the fight isn't obligatory, you can also just auto-lose it.)

You can of course, still controll the other chars you did before. This is just the ally status from Kisume's pov. (She doesn't even know you're here though)
Delete Post
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Nah we playing to WIN here; Kisume's gonna valiantly try to beat bullies encroaching on her turf.
Now, she probably won't win, this is Kisume vs Orin, but we might as well give her a fight.

The tempting option is move up to Orin, set her on fire and then jump to take out every fairy stupid enough to stick around.

The problem with that is that it's Orin and she probably resists or more likely absorbs fire.
I don't think the ON-FIRE absorb interaction was given for no reason when there was none given for weakness.

If we set up Horror when this outnumbered we're asking for trouble, but it would guarantee the jump blasting every fairy to smithereens.
Leaving ourselves open to getting smacked in the face by Orin at 0 DEF is very unappealing, however.

Instead this first turn should probably be used to focus on thinning the horde.

[X] Move B3 > D3
[X] Attack E2 Fairy. (This should also pierce to F1 fairy?)
[X] Tech "Drop Down!"

This puts all fairies in range for the slam. The warrior fairies might have some armour, but this should be enough to take out the two that get stabbed and the gunners provided there are no misses.
It leaves us right next to Orin but at least Kisume is relatively durable (hopefully).

Ideally, once it's just Orin we can do a burst turn with Horror, but she might just summon more fairies, which is pretty scary.

Maybe go GIANT to go with the burst when we get low enough?
Delete Post
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[X] Move B3 > D3
[X] Attack E2 Fairy. (This should also pierce to F1 fairy?)
[X] Tech "Drop Down!"
It’s slam time.
Delete Post
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[X] Move B3 > D3
[X] Attack E2 Fairy. (This should also pierce to F1 fairy?)
[X] Tech "Drop Down!"
Image Source
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File 168598956481.png - (633.32KB, 871x751, kisume jump.png)
kisume jump
“Take this!” you shout as you bravely close the distance, spear in hand.

You swiftly thrust said spear out to hit 2 fairies in a single motion, sadly it fails to skewer either of them. As the first one has the sword skill to actually deflect the attack while the latter is mildly grazed, only unable to do the same due to surprise.

You ‘tsk’ in displeasure at the anticlimax.

“Don’t go thinking the fairies I hang with are just your average joe.” Orin replies with the same sing-song voice, not a worry in the world even though she’s close enough to be attacked too. "I have standards after all~"

“Don’t go thinking that’s all I have in me either!” you shout back, nowhere close to done.

With a flick of the rope attached to your bucket, you’re flung straight into the air.

Higher than the roofs belows, while the people below are forced to witness your ascension. Some of the fairies swing their swords where you once where to no avail, while others shoot and fail to do more than make your bucket sway slightly from the impact. A useless miracle on its own.

Even so, your ascension doesn’t stop.

This is not a good thing.
Image Source
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File 168598974451.png - (1.46MB, 1920x1080, kisume stuck in space.png)
kisume stuck in space
Which is why soon enough you’ve left Earth’s Orbit.

Yes, your bucket smashed through the dark void hiding solid stone that was the Fortress ceiling.

Burst past even more stone as your rapid rise carved your way out of the underground, past heaven itself, now to find yourself amongst the stars.

Stars amongst which you continue to drift endlessly.

But even so, you never stopped thinking.

Years begin to pass. Decades. Centuries.

But even so, you are still thinking.

Over the course of billion of years, your body solidified into ice and stone.

Space debris gathered and hardened over the hull of your prison.

But deep inside, calmly waiting, you are still there. Thinking.

You will always be thinking. Never giving up, because there is something you have to do.

Eons pass.

Space and time area meaningless now.

Your existence, the only thing you’re aware off, stretched onwards to infinity.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 16859898654.png - (890.00KB, 1570x752, metoerite about to hit earth.png)
metoerite about to hit earth
But then there it is again.

A bright blue marble, directly in your path.

After all this time, your attack will land after all.

You could hardly believe it.

It’s a miracle.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168599007261.png - (794.31KB, 1158x882, situation after jump.png)
situation after jump
Your landing is no less amazing.

As the moment, all of your foes are engulfed in a massive shock wave of energy that consumes them, pushes them away, disintegrates them with it’s sheer power. With you as the lone survivor.


“Wow, that wasn’t too bad.”

Orin looks completely unharmed.

“What? It doesn’t matter how flashy your attack is, if it can’t hit me. Wasn’t that obvouis?”

Even if she says that, you highly doubt anyone could have done so, catlike agility or not.

“I guess I’ll just have to hit you even harder then!” you reply, not allowing your confidence to falter.

“Guess you do,” She easily agrees, then grins dangerously. “But since it’s my turn now….~”

Looming both of her clawed hands in the air, Orin’s eyes show a dangerous glint as she--

Extends them both to her side, as if ready to receive a warm hug.

“Actually, doing that would be way too soon now that I think of it. People don’t use their most powerful attack straight from the start now do they? Hmm, in that case, why don’t you go again?”

“What?” you mutter as you don’t understand her.

“I’m telling you to take your turn again, I’m delaying my own. Show me more of your tricks, Bucket Girl~”


[ ] Take your turn again, wipe that smug look of her face by making her regret this. (Naturally, then tell me what move you will do with your two main actions)

[ ] No way! Don’t look down on me! (Gain the Rage! status effect)

Rage: Increased attack damage by 50%. Increases damage taken by 50%. Attacks twice with normal attacks. Increase all movements options by 2. Lower accuracy by 20%. Lasts 3 turns.


*Warrior-Fairy A takes 5 damage!
*Warrior-Fairy C takes 5 damage!
*Kisume becomes SkyBound!
*Warrior C fails to hit Kisume!
*Gunner A hits Kisume for 1 damage!
*Gunner B hits Kisume for 1 damage!
*Gunner C hits Kisume for 1 damage!
*Kisume returns to the field!
*Kisume unleashes a massive shockwave!
*All fairies take 18 damage and poof! (7+75%= 9, plus crit makes 18 dmg to all)
*Kisume fails to hit Orin!
*Orin skips her turn and smiles.



- Level 3 Bucket Lord - HP: 47/50 MP: 22/25

Look for the rest on the sheet.


Your move anon. I’ll have more time tmrw too so expect the pace to be quicker then.
Also thanks for the stealth review, I forgot to answer but I really apreciate the input and will keep it in mind for later use.

Also yes, the reason you read all that was because the attack was a crit, which was very, very, unlikely and thus deserves a narration, as most team attacks and special stuff do.
Delete Post
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>Increases damage taken by 50%
eheheheheh no


This is mainly to scout out Orin's DEF stat and get her to act first, because evasion means that we still don't know how effective our attacks are.
Delete Post
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First of all, what a time to get a crit hot damn.

Completely wiping the adds means we get to focus on Orin.

However, there's either some gimmick with her or she's so strong Kisume just cannot hit her to begin with.

>“What? It doesn’t matter how flashy your attack is, if it can’t hit me. Wasn’t that obvouis?”

This line could mean either option, so it doesn't tell us anything beyond that Orin thinks us missing her was a foregone conclusion.

>Even if she says that, you highly doubt anyone could have done so, catlike agility or not.

This is just Kisume's take, but it could hint at some kind of gimmick; since she's at least somewhat familiar with Orin, far more than Renko would be anyway.

>*Kisume fails to hit Orin!

This could just be a miss message, or an indicator that she is unhittable i.e. protected by a gimmick

Since being so outmatched that we can't hit her barring a miracle is pointless to strategise for, let's consider what could be some gimmicks/cheat abilities.

Theory 1: Fake Orin?
The Orin on the field is a fake of some kind; an illusion, or maybe some form of spirit taking her shape?
I suppose this is possible, but Orin doesn't seem like an illusionist. She can control spirits, but I don't think spirits are shapeshifters..

Theory 2: Cat-Sense tingling?
Some kind of passive that just gives insane dodge, maybe with a caveat to trigger/limit.
Far more normal, far more likely. The problem with this is actually knowing what the specifics entail, but I don't see any immediate arguments against this.

Theory 3: Iron/Ghost Kasha?
Orin flat out ignores physical damage, whether through a simple immunity or some form of intangibility.
I suppose it's not too crazy; but also why would a beast youkai be no-selling physical damage?

Theory 4: Nekoromancer Life-link?
All those fairies are hers, maybe she has some form of link to her zombies. Whether that is protecting her from damage while they're alive, healing her when killed, or their death being what shields her; who knows, the possibilities of this are rather broad.
It does seem somewhat fitting for a necromancer-type horde summoner, but we just wiped all her mooks in the immediate vicinity, so there's no real way to tell.
Maybe she's ultra-bluffing and she's vulnerable now, but I genuinely have no clue either which way.
Otherwise same issues as with 3.

So this all boils down to me wildly guessing and I'm actually at quite a loss for the moment.

The choices both have their merits and demerits:

The 2nd turn is pretty self-explanatory.
We get a whole turn to prep for what might be a scary attack while probing her abilities by doing something simple like >>Move (Jump) behind her >>Attack >>Defend and see if we can or can't hit her.
The problem is that it's almost too safe. If we follow caution we're basically doing nothing of note which could be a problem by giving her extra time; not entirely sure what that could entail though.

Raging is a risk.
Maybe the damage boost is what we need to actually do some form of damage to her, but taking 50% more damage from a foe we know nothing about is obviously dangerous. Lowering ACC when we apparently already can't hit her is either moot or a death sentence.
Obviously we also take the hit without getting to prep.

A lot of words to say I have no hecking clue on the choice to go with right now.
Would welcome alternate theories or criticisms on mine that I didn't already mention.
Will be back after stewing on it.

P.S. Wouldn't it be hilarious if it was just an unlucky miss and I read way too deep into this.
Delete Post
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I see the point of scoping out her defenses but using fire on Orin of all people seems very counterproductive or even problematic if she absorbs fire, gets set on fire, and starts healing from it.
On the other hand we've done no damage anyway, so it wouldn't change much as it stands.
Delete Post
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Kisume really did bring everyone to slam town! I do not know Digsea's mechanics, but are crits unavoidable things?
>The Kasha is not taking any damage
I am a fan of Theory 3: Iron Kasha, but how does Kisume deal with this? Fire is my knee-jerk guess, but as others have pointed out, that might heal her somehow, but Kisume is resistant to fire. The insane idea of possibly setting Kisume on fire and fighting that way, but I can not see any tangible benefit to that. Maybe try talking; it is a free option.
>The two spectators
So, do we do anything with Seija and Renko while they're watching? If we wanted them to join the fight, the swap place ability could work with all those dead fairies. Perhaps they could do some talking to each other. Who knows what insight they might have.
Delete Post
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Our wincon isn't winning the fight, it's learning things from it. If she heals from fire, let her. Jeez.
Delete Post
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>>69029 & >>69030 here (yeah, oops sorry double post because I spent way too long on that wall and missed a reply as I hit send)

>Otherwise same issues as with 3.

this should be "as with 2", don't you love just typoing important parts.

But yeah, we lack a lot of info since it's only been the one round, so I largely agree with >>69028 on that we should play it safe.

I still don't like the idea of using fire though, so I'll instead vote to try and just stab her.


I don't quite remember for sure if crits are unavoidable, but I want to say they're not; i.e. you can dodge crits.

A different disgaea system that might matter though is Side/Back attacks, kinda self-explanatory what they are: raise hitrate/damage done if you're to the side/behind, but I don't think those are used here on a 2d map. Would probably be too confusing to keep track of.


I vehemently disagree.
We're playing Kisume right now and her wincon is winning the fight; not feeding info to people she doesn't even know are there (unless this is some omegabrain Seija scheme).

Walk and jump are pretty self explanatory, does fly mean train/unit ignoring movement?

If so might as well try and fly behind her, if only narratively; if we do get to move with the "free turn" she gave us.

[X] Move (Fly) D3 > F3 if possible
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Defend

As for my own theories I'm leaning 2, maybe 4.
Delete Post
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Same thing as the comment above me, but I would rather use Kisume's ability to launch attacks diagonally instead due to reasons.
[X] Move (Fly) D3 > F4 if possible
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Defend
Delete Post
Report Post
Kisume is only fly 2 and diagonals count as 2 squares, but she could just walk there instead.

Just pointing it out for later strategising.

Interesting approach though, hadn't thought of the diagonal attack.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Talk to Orin
[X] Move (Fly) D3 > F3 if possible
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Defend
Delete Post
Report Post
>>69033 here

Changing move destination to F4 like >>69034 suggested.

This way we can check for passives that dodge directly adjacent attacks as diagonals are 2 squares away.


What would you want to say?

I can't think of anything, personally.
Delete Post
Report Post
>What would you want to say?
Trash talk. Perhaps a hint might get revealed about the Kasha's ability that way.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 168606667381.png - (718.06KB, 1026x835, the fight is still ongoing lol.png)
the fight is still ongoing lol

There are indeed no side or back attacks, due to this not being an isometric meduim it'd be far too complicated yeah. Of course, there's still the iconic 'gang up on someone to beat the snot out of them' that's available.

And yes, flying lets you ignore most terrains and units, like horses in chess.
[X] Move (Fly) D3 > F4 if possible
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Defend
[X] Talk to Orin

“I’ll show you more than that!” you shout again, then with an acrobatics nobody ever expected from you, your bucket flies over your opponent and lands right behind her. Orin looks surprised at such an action, but there is no time to delay. Having let her guard down, having underestimated you…

You jab your spear straight on, intent on piercing it through her beating heart!

Her tail swiftly comes your way as an attempt to deflect the blow, but it’s little too late as you instead twirl your spear around, changing the attack from a stab into a slash that grazes her left shoulder. You smirk as some of her hair falls to the ground, for this was not an easy move to do.

“Not bad, not bad.” Orin comments as she turns your way, observing your defensive posture as she puts one paw where her new, small, but still bloody wound now is. Then rubs it onto her dress, “You actually managed to hit me this time~. But then again, anyone can be lucky can’t they?”

Your first through is to not even bother replying, but then an idea comes to mind.

“Indeed they can, which is why you won’t be dodging the next strike either!” you state with confidence, turning her own statement right back at her and reaffirming your resolve to win.

“Hm, confidence sure is a fickle thing. On one side, having it can make one quite admirable...”


You are already bracing for impact before she even finished her statement. From your experience, when an opponent trails off their monologue, it always, always means that they’re about to do something very dangerous. You duck downwards, just in time to see a red slash cut into the space where your head was just a second ago. And before the air is even done whistling from its insane speed, two more attacks come your way, to which you barely have enough time to deflect with your spear by spinning it like a helicopter. (For lack of a better word, the writefag doesn’t know any better spin-spin objects)

“On the other side, it sure does cause a lot of people to grow big heads, until they meet bigger fish.”


At the cost of it feeling like both of your arms have been torn off.

“But, to think you could actually see the attack….even if it was half-hearted, but…” Orin mutters just loud enough for you to hear her, hand comically on her chin. “Was it because of your instincts?”

You don’t answer, ready to charge at her again. But then, she interrupts you again.

With a bizarre sentence and another smile, “Well, I’m starting to gain a liking to you!”

Having confessed that she doesn’t even see you as an opponent, but more like a temporary playmate. Orin tends out a hand with a friendly smile. “So, how about we stop this now, huh?”

“It’d be such a shame if I have to trounce you for some silly reason.”

[ ] Glare at Orin.

[ ] Smile at Orin.

[ ] Ignore Orin.

Because you chose the Talk option and Orin isn’t a mid-battle recruitable enemy. You get the boss only privilege of having to choose the right option in this conversation. Do so correctly and you’ll gain a buff, fail and it’ll be a debuff. Or you can just ignore her to not risk it at all.


*Kisume hits Orin for 7 damage!
*Orin hits Kisume for 3 damage!
*Orin hits Kisume for 3 damage!
*Kisume regains 13 hp and 6 mp! (The Defend restores always comes at the most convenient moment)


Kisume - Level 3 Bucket Lord - HP: 50/50 MP: 25/25

2 main actions left (Act again, anon.)


“Man, that looks boring as heck.”

Seija’s sudden voice almost makes Renko jump, but the human has the composure to instead hold onto her left arm and turn around with an annoyed glare on her face. “Don’t just jump on me like that.”

“Sure, sure.” Seija replies apologetically, but Renko knows she doesn’t mean it. “And anyway I came to warn you that the moment their skerfuffle goes all fire-works and big booms. Every single fairy and whatever flunky the catgirl has will be making their way here. Aka, it’s time to bail, bub.”

“Just let me watch a little bit longer.” Renko replies, still attached to the window and through her face shows no clear emotion, her eyes glimmer with curiosity. “This is all for the sake of research.”

“Oh, so you want to know who will win?” Seija inquires, lowering the hand she was about to put on the girl’s shoulder, and instead moving to their side, a bit too close for comfort. “The Kasha, d’uh.”

That sounds like the obvious answer but even so, “What makes you think that?” Renko asks.

“I highly doubt, that some nobody could beat a BOSS character, all on their own.” Seija scoffs.

“Boss?” Renko echoes back, “Are you saying this Orin has been made super strong on purpose?”

“Ayup, some people have had the ‘honour’ of getting some classes that are better than most in order to do their job more easily.” her saying the word honour like it means mud, aside. “Orin here is one of those, seeing how she’s the one manages all the undead spirits and keeps the blazing fires, blazing. If some evil spirit managed to become stronger than her, then all hell would go down.”

“So if I were to fight her now, my odds of winning are effectively nil.” Renko concludes. Part of her shivers at the thought, and some of the excitement makes way to more wariness and caution.

“Well,” Seija replies with the exact same vibe as ‘um actually’ , “Individual strenght is meaningless when you compare it to the sheer bloated numbers that BOSSES unfairly tend to possess.”

“So unless you’re someone with an extreme amount of power…” her tone darkens, and a visible edge comes into her eyes despite the smile never leaving. “That completely defies all logic.”

“Then don’t bother.” She concludes, the overall message being very pessimistic for once.

“…” It’s enough to give Renko pause for a moment, but soon enough, she has a question.

“Do you...I mean, how could you even get a ridiculous power like that?”

“Dumbass.” is Seija’s curt response, “A revolution can’t be won by something as simple as that, sure, the cat is strong as hell. But even so, there are many more things you can substitute strength by.” Her left hand shows three fingers, “Besides, haven’t I said you can rely on me already?”

“Well, I would do so...more.” Yep, that’s a statement that makes sense. “If you told me one of those.” Renko asks, her voice a whisper of course, so the combatants can’t overhear them.



“First Phase: Attack 15, Defense 0, Hit 70, Evasion 40, Crit 25, Will 30,” Seija says slowly. And then walks over to the side of the room that contains the exit, a frown on her face. “Resist Fire, Weak Ice and Light.”

Renko’s eyes widen as she realises what Seija is talking about.

‘She knows Orin’s personal stats…? But how?’

“Her first phase gimmick,” Seija continues, paying no attention to Renko’s shock. “Is crowd control, not only can she summon zombie fairies and evil spirits, but she can combine both of them to create even more powerful allies. Additionally, for every ally that’s adjacent to her, her stats increase by another 10%. Making her virtually unhittable as long as she has mooks to stand next to.”

“Of course I don’t know her hp or mp. Seeing as she’d need to be beaten in a fight or actually run out on the latter to know them. But I am confident that with the right strategy, she will fall to us.”

“But to even start on that, we’re going to need to make you stronger, which is something we can do once I’ve introduced you to some allies of mine, given you some time to rest and regain your bearings in a place you can call safe. Afterwards, it’s training time, but first, we need to leave.”

“So...because she’s on her own. Kisume can’t win?” you conclude. “Unless she’s lucky?”

“Unless she has allies to flank the cat with in order to increase her atk and hit through battle formations, is capable of inflicting the paralyze status effect, can use Ice or Light skills/spells or has the durability to last 10 turns after setting the cat on-fire. A time during which even more fairies will come her way. She won’t be able to do jack shit without some help her way, you satisfied now?”

Not sure where this comes from, Renko voices the intruding thought. “So, if you helped her…?”

“I’d waste our cover, risk your life and overall screw everything up for the sake of a feel-good feeling inside the organ you call a heart.” Seija deadpans, then pauses, “Wait, oh, Renko, Renko, Renko. Don’t tell me you’re about to ask the impossible from me. It’d be very unfair if you did.”

[ ] Fine, you won’t ask it. But you still want to see the conclusion. What if the Catgirl tries to really badly maim the Bucket girl and you did nothing to stop it? You can’t have that on your conscience.

[ ] Well, can’t she help the girl in a subtle way? And even if not that, you could just enter the passage in advance while she helps out. Ok, in hindsight that’s a bad plan, but...it’s the right thing to do?

[ ] Let’s just leave then, if the fight is out of your mind, then it won’t come back, hopefully.


There you have it, folks. You can continue the fight and fight the odds, or do whatever.

Also yeah you did overthink it a bit as her first phase gimmick is bassically the zombie fairy passive but stronker.
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[x] Let’s just leave then, if the fight is out of your mind, then it won’t come back, hopefully.
While the promise of having a bucket girl recruit herself into our team for a RADICAL INSTAKILL FAIRY SLAM OUTTA SPACE (STRAIGHT OUTTA K. CRASH) is tempting, friendly neighborhood revolution leader just told us Orin's stats. And told us in no uncertain terms that we NEED TO FUCKING BAIL
Delete Post
Report Post
Well, at least my life-link theory was somewhat close.

Kisume's been pissed the entire time, so it might just make her angrier/start raging.
Alternatively we just play right into Orin's taunts so can go either way.

Hard to say, really.
Either it's that Kisume plays along for a cheap shot; or she does not give into Orin's taunts and just calms herself somewhat, clearing her head.
No obvious downsides come to mind, maybe losing her focus from acting too lax?
Could piss Orin off somehow?

Folding is always pretty safe, but Kisume probably needs a little something to even have a shot.

On that note: if 7 damage is just a scratch, which isn't that surprising, maybe it's just time to Horror and do as much as we can.
Orin's damage is no joke but not to the point where we can't at least do a turn without defending.

I'm thinking it's Horror time, if we don't defend we can go giant next turn and see from there.

I suppose we could attempt to set her on fire, but I'm not gonna vote for it.
The whole reason I was against it was because I was afraid of absorb and to change my mind because that was debunked in a different scene would be pure metagaming.

Anyway, I'd just be attacking her twice with horror.
Horror>Attack>Defend would be safer but going giant might be what we need (also I just want to just see Kaiju Kisume).

To just leave now would leave a sour taste in my mouth, so that's a no from me.

We already left Yamame, but that was just to some fairies. We'd just be leaving Kisume to a boss.

For that same reason, however, I'm more hesitant to interfere. There's decidedly more immediate risk involved with this fight so I'm kinda on the fence as to just watch or do something stupid.
This would be really stupid, though.
But I just can't bring myself to shoot down the idea completely.

Gonna have to leave the 2nd choice open for now, it'll be either watching or interfering.

[X] Smile

[X] Tech "Horror 'Tsurube-Otoshi'!"
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Attack Orin

I could be swayed on the talk choice if there's a good argument for it, not super sure about that one.
Delete Post
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But imagine the things she could do!

Picking up and throwing things is a disgaea standard.

What happens when you combine jumps worthy of the dragoon class with grabbing folks?

ZANGIEF PILEDRIVER/HEAVENLY POTEMKIN BUSTER/Your choice of over-the-top fighting game command throw

Yes, only wrestler-class units get to do stuff like this, but the image is just too glorious to not mention.
Delete Post
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From Kisume's perspective, she's doomed to fail no matter what. She has no apparent reinforcements, and even though she can contend with Rin's reinforcements for a bit, she has neither the dps or sufficient skills to defeat Rin. Rin might as well have infinite hp.
The whole purpose of this fight between Kisume and Rin is because Rin decided to intrude on Kisume's home (or territory).
If Kisume chooses to continue the fight, there is no apparent opportunity, moving forwards, for her to cease the fight.
She already has proven to Rin that she can resist a bit against Rin's superiority in forces, why bother in risking it all?
Kisume doesn't care about Renko, and as Rin's reason for being here is to find Renko, Kisume would probably just end the fight with Rin.
[x] Frown a bit
[x] Realize the situation that you're (Kisume's) in.
-[x] Think a bit.
[x] End the fight.
Interestingly, Rin is also in a tough situation where she can't afford to waste more time fighting Kisume, so Rin is unlikely to force Kisume to help her search for Renko after the fight ends.
As much as I would love to have Kisume join in on Renko & Seija, this is a bad situation for them to meet (Especially with Rin). Maybe later?
[x] Let’s just leave then, if the fight is out of your mind, then it won’t come back, hopefully.
-[x] Feel a bit sad for the bucket girl.

And now I sleep.
Delete Post
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>>69041 here

Scratch interfering, it'd be beyond stupid.
The risks are exponentially higher than the Yamame situation and even putting that aside, we'd effectively be throwing Seija under a bus (if she'd even comply).
Great way to build camaraderie.

I'll keep my vote for watching, but people have made fine arguments for just leaving, I will admit.


I don't think either of them will actually back down from the fight now, but it'd be an interesting development.

[X] Fine, you won’t ask it. But you still want to see the conclusion. What if the Catgirl tries to really badly maim the Bucket girl and you did nothing to stop it? You can’t have that on your conscience.

If we do leave I agree with at least feeling some guilt for the two people we've left to fend for themselves. Should probably do that anyway. Keeps us grounded; keeps us human.
Delete Post
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[X] Smile
[X] Tech "Horror 'Tsurube-Otoshi'!"
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Fine, you won’t ask it. But you still want to see the conclusion. What if the Catgirl tries to really badly maim the Bucket girl and you did nothing to stop it? You can’t have that on your conscience.
Image Source
Delete Image
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Report Post
File 168608414866.jpg - (197.87KB, 1200x1200, 4922.jpg)
Now, now Anons.

I-it seems like the majority is going for the option to have little Kisume go all-out with her attacks against O-o-o-her name ended with in-something.

And also to have the other two remain where they are if my eyes aren't making me misread this.

Unfortunately @Tacticalgrandma has reached her bedtime, so the update will come tommorow.

So you have until then to change your mind if you want or don't. I do not judge after all, only write.

Anyway, for now I wish you all a good night.
Delete Post
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I do believe we're actually at a tie right now for leaving (>>69040 and >>69043) or staying (>>69044 and >>69045)
Delete Post
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Oh, oops then don't mind me.

I'll just toss a coin later today.
Delete Post
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Renko's consternation will add character, yup.

Doesn't forget her conscience, even in hell.

Fist of Love route; a demon's greatest weakness.
Delete Post
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>>69043 here:
I'll switch my choices to:
[X] Smile
[X] Tech "Horror 'Tsurube-Otoshi'!"
[X] Attack Orin
[X] Attack Orin
[x] Fine, you won’t ask it. But you still want to see the conclusion. What if the Catgirl tries to really badly maim the Bucket girl and you did nothing to stop it? You can’t have that on your conscience.
Image Source
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File 168617306082.png - (187.71KB, 620x348, cute smile.png)
cute smile
[X] Smile

You smile at Orin. One lopsided and full of sharp teeth. It was a smile that screamed recklessness, blood lust, madness. You wouldn’t be surprised if your eyes looked empty now, leaving only red.

“What a filthy smile…!” Orin replies, smile faltering a bit as she tilts her head in cutesy intrigue. “It reeks of hypocrisy, like you’re trying to pretend to be some monk. Have it leave at once, before it blinds me.” Oh, somehow it does lower her mood, as if she wanted something else and didn’t get it.

“Wipe it off your face at once. Don’t look at me with those empty, rotting, eyes…!”


Orin’s stance faltered slightly!

Orin’s defense decreased!

But it’s already 0 and can’t go lower!

Your attack increases by 50%!
(As in maximum Atk, after buffs for the most impact.)


Using the opportunity and your newly-received boost, your clash with Orin actually happens to sway in your favor now. For every swing you throw, she has to deflect the second one and for every feint you make, she dodges a bit further away than need be, letting you easily regain your breath.

Even so, you’re not satisfied with this banal dance, no, if you don’t go all-out here and now, then you may as well pack your bucket and go home. So, with a glint of resolve in your eye and heart.

You pull out a spell card, “Horror “Tsurube-Otoshi!”” is what you’d say to activate it.

And you can do so, quite easily.

You know the scope of your power quite well. Having well-honed arms muscles from vigorous climbing activities. A durability obtained from taking many blows, and an understanding of how the legend of your race can empower you even further if you were to condense it and then release at once.

However doing such a thing is a two-edged sword. For in exchange of all this power, you abandon any and all ability to mitigate any damage that comes that your way, so in the worst scenario -
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 168617340579.png - (524.44KB, 800x600, spoopy.png)

You hold your breath and pour all magical energy into your limbs.
You pull out the spellcard with full understanding of what it will do.
You already know the precautions, so you move forward.
Now say the words.

“- I am the bucket of my girl.”
You stare at her.
You can see through her movement now.
You open your left hand and grasp tighter on the weapon that always used to feel a bit heavy.
But now it’s as light as a feather.
Though Kisume’s clumsy blows definitely were not able to use the weapon to it’s fullest.
You as you are now can definitely do so.

The cat notices your magical energy rapidly rising. Not even bothering with a comment, she swiftly turns to you and begins to speed towards you. You’d almost laugh at how it’s only now that she’s taking you seriously but now isn’t the time for you know that by the time you do so, she’ll have already cut you to pieces. And she wouldn’t even stop there, that you are sure off.

But worrying won’t do the trick, you can’t beat her anyway unless you go past your limits.


“Horror ‘Tsurube Otoshi’!”

One in your mind and body.

You flare up all the power you have and prepare to smash her apart with two blows when she's range.

Two seconds.

She’s right before you. She raises her arms.

Torrent and swirling vigour.


*Kisume hits Orin for 26 damage!
*Kisume hits Orin for 26 damage!
*Orin hits Kisume for 15 damage!
*Orin hits Kisume for 15 damage!
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 168617393810.png - (754.05KB, 1300x857, almost done.png)
almost done


Kisume - Level 3 Bucket Lord - HP: 20/50 MP: 25/25 (Peril and Atk+50%)

DEF is 0 rn, likewise for EVD.

Total ATK is currently: (7+10)+ ATK+50% aka a total of 17+9 making it 26.

OP as hell, I know. But again, things will get wacker as it all goes on.

Peril= A status that shows when you're at half hp and lower, some abilities can only be used under this condition)


You don’t feel any pain, but your toes are hidden beneath a red liquid that’s pouring into the bucket.

One of your hands lies uselessly at your side, still hanging onto your body, but feeling like an accessory.

But still you stand.

And so does your opponent.

The whole world freezes for a moment as you make eye contact with her again, for once she’s staring at you in shock. While her body is nowhere near injured like yours, you can still proudly declare that if her pride is like the sun, then yours is like a supernova, your very will gifting the world with a warm embrace.

...Or maybe you’re starting to lose too much blood.

But nonetheless, your opponent has stopped. Perhaps unable to move from your sheer audacity, before another moment passes and they promptly laugh, putting their hands together to make, with a wince, a single, loud, resounding clap of appreciation as she slowly backs away from you.

“Are you sane, girl?”

You acknowledge her question by thrusting your spear upwards, the blood on it, not your own.

“Ahaha,” she awkwardly laughs for a moment, then smiles as if she sees you in a new light. “I seem to have misjudged you, girl. I thought you to be a random encounter, but you…”

“You are a king of buckets!”

You’re not sure what it means, but it had respect behind it. So it’s definitely a compliment.

“Very well. Then I, Rin Kaenbyou. Shall treat you seriously now and fight with all my might!”


Your instincts scream at you. Something is very, very wrong. And she hasn’t even done anything yet! The Catgirl is standing just a few feet away, then drops to a more cat-like crouch, the fact she’s about to pounce at you is an obvious fact and with your spear, you should have the range advantage.

Still, something is very, very wrong. And no matter how large your pride is, your inclination to survive at any costs wins over you for once. You leap backwards instead of standing still for a counter.

And as if mocking your efforts to advance, you find yourself standing at exactly where you where when the battle started.

...with one exception.

“...you…” you mutter hesitantly. “What are you planning…?”

“What do you mean?” she replies, now standing behind you even though the one before you never left your sight, the fact she moved faster than you can see her at your best fueling you with dread.

Not only that, but the killing intent from her has exponentially increased. The feeling of impending death for you is gnawing at your sides, slowly chipping away your determination if you don’t act.

“Phase 2.” Orin replies, as if having read your mind. “I’m going to use my most powerful attack and see if you can survive it! Oh, but don’t worry, it’s not my turn yet, so hurry up and finish yours.”

...Phase 2? You’re not sure what she’s referring to, but before you can ask, a sudden chill blows over you.

“But to think you were perceptive enough to realise getting close to me now is too dangerous…”

You can feel your knees knocking together as you tremble under the powerful pressure from Orin. Every breath feels like you are swallowing a frozen dagger.

You know from experience that this so-called “killing intent” is but a way to intimidate you. It is not lethal or harmful so long as your mind is clear. But it is a good measure for how much the person wants to murder you.

Right now, you can feel that your opponent has marked you for death, and she will not back-down until she has your lifeless body in her grasp.

You swallow the saliva built up your in mouth, and take a cautious step backwards. And then-

[ ] You drop your weapon and give up, in the end is not she who defeated you. It is not her skill or power. Rather it is your own body that betrays you, it’s muscles locking you in place as you look on to a messenger of death. Your weapon now clattering on the ground, and any will to fight gone with it.

[ ] No. Summon the Final Bucket, it’s your only chance!

[ ] Or do something else, you're the one playing Anon. (Write in)


“Oh, wow, she’s dead.” Seija comments like she’s seeing the weather. Still she gives you yet another annoyed glance as you remain glued to the window. “So, can we go now? Or is watching someone by torn into pieces something you’re into? Cause if so, that’s one nasty fet-”

“Shut up.” you hiss, your stomach feels like it’s got a dozen of ropes twisted into it by now. Your common sense is telling you that the green-haired girl is getting what she deserves for messing with a bigger fish, but the infuriating part about you seems 100% convinced that it’s your business too.

Sure, maybe if you didn’t let that one fairy go, then Yamame wouldn’t have had her store trashed, the green-haired girl wouldn’t be beaten down by now and you wouldn’t be causing for S-

Actually scratch that last part, she’s been rude enough that you don’t care much for causing her trouble.

But still, part of this feels like it’s your fault. And it kind of is, isn’t it? Or wait, maybe it isn’t?

“Okay, that’s enough.” Seija interrupts your musing and puts a firm hand on your shoulder, her head motioning to the exit again. “I don’t like the look in your eyes, it’s screaming you’ll do something dumb the longer we stay...so let’s not do that, okay? Come on, we’ll get you some nice food and water and maybe even some stories so you don’t get your pants in a twist by guilt-tripping yourself for no reason.” Her hand squeezes a bit more firmly when you don’t answer. “Renko, look at me.”

You do so, albeit reluctantly. As not doing so would be childish. “I’m not-”

“Bull...and dare I say, shit.” She interrupts, her voice feeling like a shout even though she’s whispering just like you. Her other hand is put on your remaining shoulder and from this distance, you become firmly aware of...well, nothing. She’s not intimidating at all to you, but still her presence alone is enough to shut you up. “Let’s be honest with ourselves here, Renko…”

You are a good girl.” She states it like it’s a fact that partially shames her but she begrudgingly understands all the same. “But if you care about mercy, then the least you can do is not make the distraction she’s offering us into a waste. Can you imagine how she’d feel if some human tried to rescue her only to die immediately after to the very same youkai that just kicked her butt before?”

“But she’s going to die or get hurt really badly if we don’t do anything.” you protest, fully aware of how cheesy it sounds. “We could-”

“Could what?” Seija asks. “Throw a smoke bomb and fetch her? The girl is faster than us and has a whole army scouting the place. Swap her spot with something else? She’d notice and realize that I’m in the proximity if I did, because I fought her before and don’t want a round 2 right now. Renko, be serious for a moment. How dare you ask something unreasonable like that for your ego?”

“It’s not an ego thing.” you reply back, more bitter than you like. “It’s the right thing to do.”

“Renko,” She says your name again, without any friendliness, teasing, fake disgust, just authority. “I know your type. The one that acts tough to hide they’re not freaking softies when it matters. The ones that pride themselves on not being rotten no matter how dark their environment gets. So, I’ll take this out of your hands. You do not get a choice. You do not have a say. I am going to leave now, regardless of what you think WITH you, and you do not have the ability to stop me. So take the out, accept it as an inevitability, and consider it a mercy that you get to trick your brain into thinking that maybe you could have done something if I hadn’t forced your hand. Now, let’s get out of here.”

[ ] Stare firmly at her, then have your shoulders sag and glance away, take the out.

[ ] “We always have a choice...you just don’t want to help her, do you?” don’t take the out.

[ ] Do something else (write-in)
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[x] No. Summon the Final Bucket, it’s your only chance!
[x] Stare firmly at her, then have your shoulders sag and glance away, take the out.
Delete Post
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Truly a valiant stand, Kisume.

Giving up sounds more like accepting death. Kisume has gone all-in and I don't think Orin will stand down at this point either, but who knows.

Even if going GIANT gave a def buff or something, it'd be moot now with Horror active. Maybe it buffs health, but that's just a guess.
Also, could convince Orin to go even harder/kill her dead.

Orin went from a horde phase into what I assume is a more direct combat phase.
She already did over half of Kisume's health unmitigated before getting serious.
In other words, Kisume ain't gonna live this.
She needs a miracle now.

It's either accept death and maybe live, or fight to live and maybe put the final nail in your coffin yourself.

This is getting all too much for poor Renko.
Not taking the out and just spitting venom at Seija is... understandable, actually.
But ultimately it is just her averting her eyes from the truth and deflecting it at somebody else; infuriating as that somebody else may be or not.
The question is: can Renko admit that?
I suppose that's what anon is for.
Doesn't make the choice any easier, though.

[x] No. Summon the Final Bucket, it’s your only chance!

[x] Stare firmly at her, then have your shoulders sag and glance away, take the out.

Very interested in what others have to say or any potential write-ins.
Pretty on the fence either way.
Delete Post
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[x] No. Summon the Final Bucket, it’s your only chance!
[x] Stare firmly at her, then have your shoulders sag and glance away, take the out.
[x] Ask Seija if she has any explosives she could switch into the bucket before leaving.

Have you ever seen a character dying in media, but as one last act of spite, they decide to blow themselves and their enemies to kingdom come?
Kisume got the means to ignite stuff and probably more than enough spite.
I won't believe you if you say Seija doesn't have explosives on her.
Delete Post
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I almost want to recommend attempting to switch the flashlight in there to afflict blind, but Kisume evasion is set at 0 so I don't see that really helping.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 16862062745.jpg - (176.95KB, 850x1017, __kijin_seija_touhou_drawn_by_ten203159__sample-50.jpg)
[X] Summon the final bucket.

May as well go all or nothing for the rule of cool.

[X] “We always have a choice...you just don’t want to help her, do you?” don’t take the out.

Followed by [X] "You said I'd represent the 'hope' that every weakling has the right to exist and that'd you support me in this quest...were those just pretty words? Because right now, someone is in trouble and if we do nothing about then well...I'd have expected better from you."

[X] Refuse to leave, threaten to even shout if she doesn't do the right thing. Yes, you're being stubborn, but if Seija has even an ounce of good in her, now's the time to show it.

Tldr: Make Seija save Kisume at the last moment, it doesn't mean we have to recruit her or that Renko herself is seen. Just that our friendly neighborhood anarchist does a good thing (which she hates) because we just refuse to budge otherwise. (Which she can't show resenment for lest she breaks the whimsy persona she's shown us this far)

I think it'd be funny in a way, corrupt the corrupter right back with cheesy goodness. We could justify the harshness in her words as Renko being pissed.
Delete Post
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[x] No. Summon the Final Bucket, it’s your only chance!
[x] Stare firmly at her, then have your shoulders sag and glance away, take the out.
-[x] Feel a bit sad for Kisume.
Delete Post
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>>69055 here

I'll add the extra detail that Renko should feel bad about this

Though in my opinion only "a bit" would be underselling it.

-[X] Feel pretty bad about/sad for Kisume.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 168634267748.jpg - (83.84KB, 800x600, dead end f.jpg)
dead end f
[x] No. Summon the Final Bucket, it’s your only chance!

The answer is obvious to you. You are youkai. She is a youkai.

Only one of you will remain after this, regardless of your reaction.

You charge all the energy you have with the most speed you can muster, the wild energy feels like it’s burning your skin when you pour so much of it in so little time, but you have no choice. For at the same time, you flip and steady your spear to barely deflect three more blows your way.

“Too easy.” Orin comments, already standing beneath where you were going to land, but she is wrong to assume you’re helpless in that position. For you easily flip around and swing your spear across her neck in a swift arc…!

But just as perfect as your attack is, she parries your weapon with one of her own.

You realise that in her hands are two pink shovels, almost as if they were drawn out of thin air.



She does not give you time to think. She attacks you with the right one first. You barely manage to dodge it, yet blood is drawn as it skims your neck. As you ready your spear for payback, you hear a sickening sound.


The left shovel in Orin’s other hand stabs straight through your chest and out of your back. As you watch the world turn around you and your vision grows dark, one single thing dawns upon you.

*I’m about to die for nothing.*


And with that final scream, Kisume runs out of hp.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 16863428489.png - (314.66KB, 1888x1057, something stirs.png)
something stirs
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 16863447363.png - (2.75MB, 2467x1388, mech reveal.png)
mech reveal
“Now that was fun~” Orin replies in good cheer, then with the help of one foot on her opponent’s body, she tears out the shovel like it got stuck in a pile of dirt. “But aw, my toys always get dirty afterwards and washing is them is such a pain…” having already forgotten the name of whose she’s facing (if they even gave their name that is), the cat girl turns around, ready to go seek other prey.

She didn’t forget why she came here after all, sure, the human may have gotten a lot of distance during the time it took for her to finish here. But hey, what kind of chase is a chase if it doesn’t-

Final Bucket.

Battle theme (Now. Start at 40 seconds) : https://youtu.be/_-wh2WX5IbY

A mumble. Followed by a large pillar of hellfire shooting for the ceiling interrupts whatever metaphor Orin is going for. “Oh, what could this be?” not minding it one bit though, she promptly turns around to observe her new entrant, or well was dead a second ago entrant, you know what she meant.

“Well Destructor!” the childish voice of her former foe, revived by pure force of will can be heard as she, now with orange sunglasses on her head smiles a smug grin to Orin as she looks down on her from her just so summoned Steel Titan. A weapon of pure destruction that appropriately looks just like her, but is inappropriately far too techno-looking to have been made from her power alone.

“Going for rule of cool, huh? What, do you think some hunk of metal can beat me?” Orin asks.

“Yes.” Kisume replies. After which the titan aims all of it’s weapons Orin’s way and fires.

All hell breaks loose once again.

Bucket-shaped missiles appear and dissapear, either being blown out of the air or missing their target entirely as Orin dances past them, her red blur nimbly dodging lasers, steel fists, and even an attempt to crush her with a ‘Giant’ drop down version of the skill Kisume showed off earlier.

“Can’t take the heat, can you?” Kisume asks with confidence, aware that just because her opponent is dodging it all, that doesn’t mean she has the advantage. If anything being put on the defensive and forced to dodge it all will slowly but surely exhaust her. “That’s what ya get for acting smug!”

Of course, the commotion is loud enough to cause a whole bunch of fairies to appear on the battlefield, but as she is now, they are nothing more than background casualties, like a side dish.

“Is that a challenge?” Orin suddenly stops, looking the gigantic weapon’s way with only one shovel and absolutely no fear in her eyes. “Because if you think that being big makes you oh, so tough….”

Trailing off her sentence, the cat-girl gets on all-fours as a flare of energy surrounds her. Their intensity so high they automatically deflect any lasers thrown their way, not that many of them come her way anyway, as Kisume is more curious as to what her opponent is trying to achieve.

The answer comes in the form of a giant black cat surrounded by crimson rings of hell-fire.

“Then let’s see how you handle someone your own size! Let’s have a…!”

“GIANT BATTLE!” Both opponents shout and meet once again, for one last fight!
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File 168634505759.png - (888.04KB, 1188x907, the most fun fight to be never seen on screen lmao.png)
the most fun fight to be never seen on screen lmao
Unfortunately, none of you paid for the Mech Fight DLC.

Nor is Renko watching this fight anymore, so, no mech fight for you lots.
(unless you like really, really want it, then Ill give you one anyway)
Also we don't want a fight to last two whole weeks so, we'll let it end there.

(Now back to Renko...)

Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168634620682.png - (326.29KB, 893x558, girls on minecarts.png)
girls on minecarts
[x] Stare firmly at her, then have your shoulders sag and glance away, take the out.
-[x] Feel an [Apropriate amount of] sad for Kisume.

And I'll stop here for tonight, as it's the writefag's bedtime.

See you later tommorow, I'll send the rest then. Convo and choices and all.
Delete Post
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No, this was the exact right time to leave!
Imagine standing right next to a Kaiju battle and gawking at it.
Would've been obliterated as collateral damage like all those fairies.
Will probably hear the carnage for a while down the escape tunnel anyway.

As for the mech fight:
Strangely enough I feel no real need to watch it.
It's at a great point to leave on:
- Cliffhanger for Kisume right after she goes all "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM".
- Leaves the silly-high power level fights fresh for when Renko becomes that strong herself.
If others wanted it, I suppose I'd not be opposed, but I think this is perfect, actually.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168646733318.gif - (548.53KB, 1200x800, Perpetual Motion.gif)
Perpetual Motion
Seija has denied us the chance of being an onlooker victim of a giant mech catfight, unforgivable!
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168660099411.png - (310.71KB, 893x558, mincecraft upside down lmao.png)
mincecraft upside down lmao
Aye, cool. That confirms it then, no mech fight for y'all!

[x] Stare firmly at her, then have your shoulders sag and glance away, take the out.
-[x] Feel an [Appropriate amount of] sad for Kisume.

The swaying of the mine-cart is surprisingly relaxing. Though the surroundings reek of ash, stone and sulfur as per the usual. The air itself noticeably becomes colder the further your primitive transport dives into the dark caverns Seija called a shortcut. Even so, the constant grind of wheels against metal continues to be buried by sounds of conflict happening a few feet above, occasionally shaking the whole ground when the unimaginable sound of missile fire strikes the land. You doubt that they’re actual missiles though, but whether they are or not doesn’t change one simple thing.

“So, like the ride? It’s moving entirely on it’s own, no fuss or muss. Pretty cool, huh?”

That being the fact that every noise, every shake, has an intent to harm behind it. Harm that comes the way of others for reasons that are entirely your fault. And who you do not have the strength to correct...as usual as one might say. For no matter the world, you always had a knack for this.

Not that you ever mean for it to happen, no, of course not. Most of the times you simply poke your head where nobody else should have looked. And when those who didn’t want to be seen inevitably catch wind, they retaliate in ways that always cause pain to others. Sometimes it gets bad enough for you to disavow your passion entirely, only to return back to it a week or so later once the worst of the slump has passed on. Because in the end, you must keep moving, you have to, and you will.

“Um...hello? Earth to Renko, your supreme leader is addressing you, y’know.”

‘And so Renko is now responsible for the vandalizing of several shops, including one of a friendly Spider Youkai alongside the savage beating of another Youkai that looks like a small green-haired child. While she herself, bravely escapes during the distraction. What a hero, ladies and gentlemen.’

“Oh, well, if you’re going to keep frowning and saying nothing. Then…”

An ethereal force stretches around your surroundings, followed by a sudden motion that shocks you out of your revelry, as you realize you are...no, what was once up and down have swapped places.

“May as well turn that frown, upside down.” A soft giggle escapes Seija’s lips after the bad pun, her hands now put on her side to give a confident pose. “Oh, and that actually woke you up?”

You were never asleep, even so she mutters the word ‘nice’ to herself when the only answer you give her is that of a blank look, alongside a straight to the point, “What do you want now?”

“Many things.” She explains, most likely rhetorically. “The power to protect my loved ones, the right to walk around without being sneered at or assaulted. To make my dream of letting the weak surpass the strong become a reality, but as of right now, in this moment, I want only one thing.”

“That being?” you ask dryly, face filled with skepticism and weariness.

“Why, to make you happy!” She proclaims with cheer, shortly spinning her body in the air before she comes closer, now holding eye-contact with you upside down with a dumb smile on her face.


“Nope!” you’re interrupted by a soft tap on your nose, followed by her smile turning into a grin again, it’d be almost psychotic if that’s the only emotion she ever shows, but it is simply the one she shows the most, fake or not. “Don’t worry, I know how these situations work. You’re feeling guilty, and what human doesn’t? Always so sensitive but somehow also very withdrawn. For it’s obvious that were I to say things like ‘it’s not your fault, Renko’ or ‘Blame the culprit, not yourself’ you’d still have a vestige of guilt hidden deep within that red, beating organ you all call a heart.”

“Therefore…” she trails off, while one of her hands reaches behind her cloak.
Image Source
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File 168660202743.png - (80.47KB, 882x667, gift take or dont take it.png)
NSFW image
Happy Birthday, Renko!” Seija shouts with affection and another bright smile. Her eyes widening in size and gaining a bizzarre star-like sparkle in them, like a cartoon kitty trying to do the cutesy eyes.

Ignoring the fact it’s NOT your anniversary, Seija is now holding a doll with her own characteristics, one very amateurishly made, which you can tell from the number of scratches and few colored threads that don’t mix with the others. The face itself is way too white, like chalk instead of normal white skin. So, overall, whoever made it (Likely Seija) is a very poor doll-maker.

Of course, instead of such a blunt observation, a befuddled. “W-why?” comes out your mouth, one just as confused as it is unamused. Hands carefully kept to your side as she keeps holding it towards you with innocent stars sparkling in her eyes. “I mean, this isn’t the time for gifts. Not now or-”

“Au contraire!” She interrupts, again, a real habit she has, to the point you're starting to wonder whether her speaking over someone is an actual skill she gained or if she does it for the frustration of the one interupted, this time with blatant french. Then tends it to you again. No longer upside down and fixed in place despite the fact you're on an constant moving vessel, so is she faster than the mine cart after all?

“Are gifts not one you give to those you wish to see joy? Are they not the very vessel through which humans and the likes deepen their personal relationships? And even if none of those reasons satisfy, then why not go with the fact that is within my best interest to keep your morale high, partner? compadre? pal? chummy chum, pal, pal, chum, buddy, friend, bro, sis, bramigo, sismigo, and ever-oh wait, there's dawg left! Ahem, dawg, breadslice, breaddawg, hotdawg, pizzadawg, all of which have the perfect temperature of chummines, made by the oven of our friendship inside the kitchen of the good ol restaurant.....Hot Buns? Yes, that's a great name, a great name inspired by a great friend, that deserves a great reward, YOU!”


So in other words, she claims she wants you to be happy?

Hence this is...a gift to lift your mood?

How are you supposed to feel about that?

[ ] Write in.

And the answer to that is up to you anon, will you accept the thing reluctantly? Refuse it because it’s childish and feels like a joke? Or deflect the conversation by saying that if she truly wanted to help here. Then giving more real info would be more useful? Up to you!

Either way plot will advance soon after, this is just an opportunity to get Seija points! Not that they're a thing, life ain't a visual novel after all. But still, every small moment counts for something later on.
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[x] Write in.
-[x] :3

Just :3
Delete Post
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I have no idea what that means.

Well-played but I'll need some more than that.
Delete Post
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In a word: conflicted.

Obviously we'll be less useful to her if we go all mopey, so it's in her best interest to do something like this.

However, genuine intentions or not, she did apparently go through the effort to make a doll by hand, which is something.

On the other hand, this feels more like a situation she planned for beforehand: we only met her hours(?) ago and it's not like there was any point where she had the opportunity to make the doll for us specifically.
She probably made this thing in the past as a contigency plan for whatever shmuck took her interest.

Openly antagonising her about it is pointless, though. If anything it's just being counterproductive to cohesion and it's nothing to really get mad at her about... yet.
If she does something later that really doesn't fly then yeah we'll tell her what's what, but that isn't this; even if Renko is not in a good headspace right now.

If anything I'm just curious if there's more to the doll.
I say we might as well accept it and examine it closer under the guise of "appreciating" her gift.
Not saying we'll find a curse or something; we probably wouldn't even be able to detect it even if it was cursed. (Maybe being in the Hifuu Club gave Renko some sense for the occult?)
It'd really be to see if the hunch about it being a pre-prepared prop is correct.
The fact that the doll is so poorly made will make signs of age stand out a bit more, fraying thread and the like.

What does this accomplish? I dunno. Insight into Seija's character or something? Heh.
Gotta feed the ol' paranoia after all.

Aside from that it does sound like a decent time to broach the question on just how much she knows; Orin's stats can't be that easy to come by, for example.

[X] Accept the doll. It doesn't particularly make you feel better or anything, but refusing would be a headache.
-[X] Examine the doll a little closer. With care, of course. It's still a gift.
-[X] If there's time afterwards ask Seija about her intel: just how much does she know? Could she share more of it going forwards? Not gonna push it, though, there'll be other opportunities later.

Where it comes from is actually not that relevant, as long as it's reliable.
Image Source
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File 168660918381.jpg - (50.63KB, 750x1000, emoji.jpg)
It means picrelated. No more brooding, just :3.
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[X] Accept the doll.
-[X] Examine the doll a little closer. With care, of course. It's still a gift.
-[X] If there's time afterwards ask Seija about her intel: just how much does she know? Could she share more of it going forwards? Not gonna push it, though, there'll be other opportunities later.
Guess a Renko doll will have to be made eventually. Maybe if Mary is found, she can be given the Renko doll.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168677776939.png - (1.29MB, 1952x1391, spoomy.png)
===> Accept the doll.

Hm, knowing that there’s no reason to refuse such a gift without causing a dramatic reaction from Seija, most likely the crocodile tear kind of reaction, oh, how annoying those are. You accept the doll. Still wondering whether this is anything but a straightforward mood-lifter, yes, but accepting it still. As no matter the true intent, it fails to make you feel anything. Other than mild interest.

===> Examine the doll a little closer. With care, of course. It's still a gift

Ignoring Seija’s swift cue of “I knew you’d love it!” you instead, scratch your itch by putting the doll closer to your face, before turning it around left and right, up and down, for a moment you’re tempted to lift the clothes that the doll is wearing but obviously the gifter would call you a pervert.

Still on a closer look and touch, you realize that the hair of the doll is completely natural, not to say that the doll grew it’s own hair, no that’d be silly. It’s just that it wasn’t made of any synthetic material nor can you pull the thing off like a wig. No, the hair, is rooted into the skull of the doll.

The horns on the other hand are rocks shaped like them that are glued against it. Like a last-minute accessory that’s been put on a finished product. Likewise the black and red streaks of it’s have the slight smell of dye behind them. As in, the few strands of purple that are within the mix were the doll’s original hair color. Finally, even the doll’s clothes aren’t a perfect size, all of which means…

Seija didn’t make this doll herself, all she did was change it’s aesthetics. One could compare this to installing a tail-wing on a car and recoloring it. So in the end, the effort she put into this is minor.

“Guess you saw through me, huh?” Seija speaks up, her smile turning a bit wry when you glance her way. “Oh don’t be coy, there’s no grand deceit behind this. I just preferred my own style more!”

That’s...so simple it could be truth, then again, what’s the point in questioning this further? She gave you a doll and sure, even if it’s a second-hand gift. It still shows in a way that she cares in...hold on.

Second hand. Though there’s no mark of ownership on it, like under a foot or the back of it’s head, you can still see slight amount of damages all over the doll, like it’s been dropped, thrown, held, used repeatedly overall. Who knows how many people have been given this thing before you?

...Oh, that is an ominous question. Still, it’s the kind of thing you can’t just ignore for later. Else the idea festers in your mind and grows more and more ominous over time. Like in all those tv dramas.

==> If there's time afterwards ask Seija about her intel: just how much does she know? Could she share more of it going forwards? Not gonna push it, though, they'll be other opportunities later.

“Hey, Seija.” you start, tone serous but not too accusatory, lest the questioning ends before it starts.

“Yes, that’s me.” She nods, back on her cart by now, the swiveling thing continues to turn and move on it’s own and even now you can’t see any end to the tunnel ahead. “How can I help you, Renko?”

“How do you know all of this? Like Orin’s stats and stuff, it’s as if nothing escapes you.”

“Ah, that’s just silly, of course things escape me. I’m not omniscient.” Some bemusement is in her voice as she lies seated in her cart, hands over her shoulders in a pose of absolute comfort. “Street scum, vagabonds, orphans and those irreparably crippled. There’s plenty of those even in this world, combine that with a few bribes and my charisma. And being the first to hear a rumor ain’t hard.”

“I doubt it’s to such a small extent, you’ve mentioned allies and hidden bases before, so how large is your influence actually?” you’ve half a suspicion that her connections are anything but non-criminal but even so, what can you say about that? Rebels aren’t exactly the lawful types.

“It’s large enough for me to make sure you won’t meet your end at the claws of the Newbie Killer Orin, and perhaps even find your beau in the human zoo, all alive and intact if we don’t linger.”

“You’re not giving that many details though.” you realize that came off a bit too aggressive, seconds after it left your mouth. Seija doesn’t seem to mind, but you dial back anyway. “So much for trust..”

“Funny you say that, because you’re right: I don’t trust you, not on that kind of level, yet anyway.” Seija confesses, care-freely. “Don’t let it break your heart though, given time that trust will come.”

“Fine, then at least tell me how many humans have you given this doll to?”

“Just you.” She responds slyly, and you can’t detect any lie behind it. Then again you can’t tell for certain whenever she’s being truthful either. “I bet it’s my horns that aren’t doing me any favors.”

Nah, it's clearly her looks and personality/faking off one that are the problem. “Then, how many huma-”

“Too many have come, too few manage to ascend. You don’t want to know more and no, I don’t have some list that notes down the most notable deaths. I’m not some human obsessed creep.”

“…” That’s an awfully specific denial. “Is there anything more that you can tell me?”

“Sure, I could tell you what’s awaiting you further ahead. But I won’t tell you who I’ll be introducing you to as I want that to be a surprise. Other than that, go ahead and make your shot. I don’t mind sharing the non-incriminating stuff with you. Not that I care for the law, but you get it.”

Ah, in that case, may as well ask-

“Hold it.” Seija interrupts with a flat tone, waggling one of her fingers in a ‘tsk tsk’ motion. “You’ve asked several questions already, so now it’s my turn. That’s how we do this, remember?”

“Fine...so what do you want to know?” you ask.

Seija’s smile dies the moment you say that. And as she slowly stands up, her purple check-board patterned cloak grows larger and more twisted as an ethereal glow covers her body. Her now sharp nails dig into the handrails of her cart as she starts to stand on the edge of it, looking down at you like a vulture ready to pounce for flesh. Killing intent reeks in the air, “What if I just killed you?”

“Huh?” you reply with no amusement nor fear at the blatantly bad bluff. “Stop messing around.”

“What if I’m not though? What if all I wanted was to mess around a bit with some dumb girl before putting her in a position where she can’t possibly escape from me? And even if I didn’t, how would this girl possibly survive an encounter against someone who’s far, far stronger than her? I wonder.”

“Seija, stop.” you warn her, nowhere in the mood for any jokes or quizzes. And stare her down.

“Ah, geez, fine.” Her tone turns casual again as she obeys by returning to her own cart yet none of her aura dissapears. Even her face is hidden in shadow now, typical youka act. “Lemme ask something else then-”

“How will you deal with Miss Catgirl? A foe that a dozen you, as you are could not hope to beat.”

[ ] Level grinding? You just have to get a whole bunch of levels above her and she’ll be easy. That’s how the numbers work, just get some that are so bloated that the catgirl can’t do anything to you.

[ ] Why ask that when it’s her job to help change that? Seija’s the schemer here and it’s not like you know. Actually, with your lack of info, there’s no way you’d find the right answer to this!

[ ] Cheating, you guess. Figure out her weaknesses and abuse those, make her unable to use her gimmicks too and in the best case scenario, that would lower her every odd of winning then.

[ ] Write in, (Always an option I guess.)

Found a nice Seija with a cape pic that makes her look a bit like Spawn, felt like sharing it even if right now she's doing nothing menacing noteworthy. Just doing the ol youkai acts spoomy for no reason, anywya cya.
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Why not all?

I suppose my baseline answer would be grinding: it's versatile and relevant for every situation, especially the ones that don't have obvious or accessible ways of being cheated.
It's likely to be the slowest route, but the safest.

That is not to say we can't cheat. They set this up to be like a game, so why shouldn't we game the system?
However, going full on cheat mode and neutering every gimmick to somebody's encounter is a good way for them to get pissy and turn off the power juice, leaving us practically helpless.
So, at least abuse weaknesses and the like if we can; leave more drastic measures for drastic times.

However, we can't game the system without knowing the system. This is where Seija comes in.
We don't have to leave all the planning to her nor should we just blindly follow her every instruction.
If she starts sharing more info, we can start thinking of our own strategies.

Basically, being prepared for lots of things means said lots of things don't murder you.

[X] Level grinding? You just have to get a whole bunch of levels above her and she’ll be easy. That’s how the numbers work, just get some that are so bloated that the catgirl can’t do anything to you.
-[X] With a healthy dose of creative strategising where necessary.
--[X] Ideally planned thusly using intel from Seija.

I'm actually a proponent for fair fights, but these fights are anything but fair and it's better to be pragmatic and alive than fair and dead.
Still, I think we'll grow in power faster the more we play it straight, so it'll still be my default tactic whenever applicable.
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When the doll came up my mind thought it might be one of those dolls that collects misfortune, like Hina does. Well, guess we might be able to redesign the doll for Mary, a sort of passing on the doll.

[X] Level grinding? You just have to get a whole bunch of levels above her and she’ll be easy. That’s how the numbers work, just get some that are so bloated that the catgirl can’t do anything to you.
-[X] With a healthy dose of creative strategizing where necessary.
--[X] Ideally planned thusly using intel from Seija.

Don't fight fair, especially in hell. I don't know, this is a game system, but choosing to punch stuff in hell reminds me of Make a fist.
Image Source
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File 168716197531.png - (327.54KB, 758x459, seija and renko chilling in a mine.png)
seija and renko chilling in a mine
[X] Level grinding? You just have to get a whole bunch of levels above her and she’ll be easy. That’s how the numbers work, just get some that are so bloated that the catgirl can’t do anything to you.
-[X] With a healthy dose of creative strategizing where necessary.
--[X] Ideally planned thusly using intel from Seija.

"Aren't you a smart girl?" Seija replies again with a bemused tone, her dark aura vanishing as swiftly as she violates your personal space. One of her arms now around your shoulder as she points a thumbs up straight at your heart. "But that's a good enough answer, a really good answer, even. Yes, you are amusing me quite grandly. And I can see much potential in you."

"So you know what? Allow me to confess something..." she trails off, and though you're tempted to gently push her away from you, such a thought is interuptted when she whispers to your ear.

"That dollie I gave ya ain't just for decoration. Nor is that golden ring a simple accesory to show one's alliance." Her smile and eyes transform into a smirk that you recognize as between cups of condescension and curiosity, increasing your discomfort. "They're item of powers, my knight."

"What's this?" She remarks at your silence, still grinning. "You don't look like you believe me."

She'd be right on the money, because part of you doesn't. After all, if they had anything unique to them, then what would it say to your investigator pride if you were unable to see a smeck of it? In hindsight that's a silly thought to have because you can't absolutely know everything there ever is.

So, instead, you defend yourself by saying. "Can you show me what kind of powers they have?"

"No," Seija simply answers. No additional explanation as to why, she simply doesn't want to.

What an asshole. You grit your teeth together and refuse to say anything back as well, just glaring at the offensive creature standing in front of you, acting as if she has precouis that she knows you need, but refusing to straightforwardly share out of some desire you've got no time to decipher.

"Come now, Renko." Seija begins, letting go of you as she shows both of her empty palms. "Do not mistake my questions for teasings, know that everything I do is for the sake of making you bloom before others can pluck you."

You narrow your eyes at that. She has way too much fun for her every action to be of such a pragmatic nature.

"Clearly, I am starting to approach the limit of your patience." Seija remarks, her good humour unchanging. "In that case, let us continue our quest now, not that we can't anyway, the minecart will move regardless of what we do."

"Wait..." you start to realize a problem with that. "Are you telling me this cart doesn't have any brakes?"

"Why do you think there are spikes at the front and back of it?" She asks instead of giving a direct answer.
Image Source
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File 168716244095.png - (382.95KB, 594x494, Minecart shenanigans.png)
Minecart shenanigans
The direct answer is no.

Very much no.

The minecart increases in speed the further it goes, and nothing slows it down except the occasional turn so sharp you might've fallen out of it if you weren't holding onto it like your life depends on it. (It does) And the occasional monster it casually runs through while Seija looks like she's at the pinnacle of comfort.



Example being the gun-armed demon who's been pierced between it's three eyes by the cart, followed by it ending up decapitated by the sheer force of momentum as the vehicle keeps going. Sure, the thing would have probably tried to shoot the two of you, but hearing the mad laugher of your current companion...

Makes you wonder whether or not you truly made the right decision, sticking with her.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168716522297.jpg - (79.58KB, 612x408, istockphoto-462463109-612x612.jpg)
"Ah, man. I always forget how much fun that is." Seija notes with some nostalgia, eyeing down the completely destroyed wreck that was once the cart.

You very much disagree, the whole trip made your stomach feel like it got ambushed in an alleway, smashed in the back of the head and disemboweled by some mask-wearing pyscho on the eve of halloween or in other words...

You're on the ground right now, miraculously unharmed but you know, you just know that the sligthest movement will make you empty the entire cannister.

"Tsk, that took much out of your human flesh, huh?" Seija notes, then seizes you by the arm to make you stand up, though not unkindly. Still the simulation makes you dry-heave yet she doesn't back away, as if she has no care whatsoever about you potentially covering her lower body in vomit.

"There, there, don't spit out your heart, now." She follows it up by tapping your back and just as casually lending a shoulder to lean on as you both continue moving. Naturally you glare at her all the while and mentally resolve to find retribution one way or another, when the opportunity comes. But as of now, you just stay quiet, take the occasional deep breath and before you know it, the two of you have ascended some stairs.

And end up in some dark alleyway, well, as in, only a few alleyways are dark. The rest of the area is covered in shady lights red, blue, yellow, whatever looked as exotic company to a bunch of sign boards depicting the figures of woman in unwholesome positions alongside depictions of junk food and alcohol. Apropriately the alleys reek of alcohol, puke, blood and even have some stains on the ground the two of you make a point to walk around. The former category of signs is of the majority and if that didn't make it obvouis where you are, the sounds of moans in the air definitely did.

"Seija..." you make sure your tone conveys all of your frustration in an icy manner as you ask. "Why are we here?"

"Pretty sure, I said that I was going to have you meet some of my allies. Alongside a better base." She responds with a tone conveying utter innocence, yet her eyes betray her. "What's wrong though? You look very out of your element."

"This is a red light district, why would I feel like I belong here and why is one even here in the first place?"

"...You do know sex isn't only for procreation right?" That wasn't a question, but she lets out a fake chuckle when she sees you look on the verge of doing something. "Jeez, relax. You have to be the only girl in the world who would step inside a place where people practice the 'universal langauge' and look as if you are walking to your execution instead."

"Seija." you warn her one last time, she's really getting close to the 'this is unforgiveable' line.

"Okay Okay!" She wisely relents, but still has the gall to look dissapointed. "I'm being completely serouis though! Orin is a good girl you know? And good girls don't go where bad girls have fun! It's as simple as that and I really do have important business here. We'll be going to a bar anyway, so it's not like I'm telling you to go fuck some whores."

"That's not the point." you answer curtly.

"Sheesh, then what is this point? You guys are the ones to have invented this anyway." She asks, yet instead of wanting to have the last word, she for once, sounds genuinely confused by your reaction.

[ ] She should have told where you were going in advance then! She wilfully witheld this info from you and that's not something alleged partners do. Youkai or not, you're scolding her for not properly respecting you.

[ ] That's it. She's getting the silent treatement, it may not look like much but it's effiency has never failed you before. You'd be surprised at how uncomfortable people get when you glare silently at them for hours on end.

[ ]Okay, now you're partly confused. What kind of twisted views does she have on humans for her to not think this would unnerve you? Is this a culture clash or something? Is their normal? Are you the weird one here?

[ ] Take a deep breath and show NOTHING. Don't let her make a fool out of you, just glare at her and then keep going. You know what she did, she knows what she did, and you know what they say: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Write ins are always an option too, and that said, update is done.
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[x] She should have told where you were going in advance then! She willfully withheld this info from you and that's not something alleged partners do. Youkai or not, you're scolding her for not properly respecting you.
Delete Post
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Renko may be a prude but I don't really see the problem here.

Yes, it's not exactly comfortable to walk around a place like this, but what is the real harm here?
Seija actually gave a perfectly valid reason to be here for once; the usual smarmy delivery aside.

If anything I like the idea of clearing some misunderstandings in viewpoints. Not that we can expect to understand or agree with the views of an inhabitant of Hell, but it might give some more insight into Seija's character and just Hell in general.

[X]Okay, now you're partly confused. What kind of twisted views does she have on humans for her to not think this would unnerve you? Is this a culture clash or something? Is their normal? Are you the weird one here?
-[X] Swallow your indignation, tune out the unpleasantness around you and simply explain why this situation has made you uncomfortable. Yes, you're not happy about it, but there's no reason to get mad.

We're a Martial Artist/Monk now, might as well try to be zen when it matters.
If she really is just messing with Renko as Seija is wont to do, don't give her the satisfaction of having our buttons pushed.
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File 16872297527.jpg - (40.38KB, 850x478, __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_hikibee__sample-15ad.jpg)
Hiding in brothels as a wanted figure makes sense, don't quite see Renko's indignance, especially considering that this is Hell. It could've been a worse hiding place, like a smelly sewer or something. We might as well see if we can get Renko's thoughts on why this makes her uncomfortable in greater detail. Whether it's a personal view or reflective of the future world she came from. That or she still feels bad about leaving the fight.

[X]Okay, now you're partly confused. What kind of twisted views does she have on humans for her to not think this would unnerve you? Is this a culture clash or something? Is their normal? Are you the weird one here?
-[X] Swallow your indignation, tune out the unpleasantness around you and simply explain why this situation has made you uncomfortable. Yes, you're not happy about it, but there's no reason to get mad.
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File 168743457479.jpg - (100.13KB, 850x1206, dont trust the evil gremlin DO NOT.jpg)
dont trust the evil gremlin DO NOT
It’s more the fact that Seija didn’t bother to warn you about the fact that the two of you are heading into that kind of neighborhood. Which, if you want to, you can interpret as her disrespecting you.

Anyway, update time!

===> Okay, now you're partly confused. What kind of twisted views does she have on humans for her to not think this would unnerve you? Is this a culture clash or something? Is their normal? Are you the weird one here?

Doubt starts to wash over some of the hot brimstone that are your thoughts, is Seija playing dumb or does she truly not understand what the matter here is? Did she not withhold this info so she could watch you guffaw with a dumb look on your face? With some confusion, you ask her about it.

“Huh?” she responds dumbly, one of her eyebrows rising with her disbelief. “What do you mean?” The insufferable smile is no longer etched on her face, replaced with a neutral look that betrays nothing. But if anything, says more than enough. “Like I’d waste both of our times doing that.”

“Well, why didn’t you say anything then? Do you think this is some normal place to be at?” you ask, less rhetorically then you’d like. “Whatever image you have of humans, it’s clearly wrong.”

“Is that so?” She responds, not asks, it’s more something she says to herself as she muses her thoughts, before looking back at you. “I suppose I’ve mistakenly projected onto you then.”


“Yes, after all it doesn’t mean anything to me or my fellows wherever we go or what we do, us youkai are creatures of wants. So, anything they do for the sake of satisfying their itch is good.” She notes, then awkwardly scratches the back of her neck. “I must apologize, I’ve forgotten that the majority of you aren’t so straightforward and tend to embrace virtues chosen by the majority.”

Speaking in such a smarmy way doesn’t really make her sound smarter to you, but even so, that’s a clear and hard to misunderstand apology you got there. “Can you elaborate on your values more?”

You ask because you want to understand her more. Why wouldn’t you want to? When at this point you’ve decided to tag along with her. It would only make your life easier along the way. That’s all.

“Hm?” Seija tilts her head at the sudden question, but sighs soon after. “I get why you’d ask that, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’ll give you a very negative image of those around you in your current disposition. And there’s honestly no sugar-coating it either. Do you still want to know?”

“Of course I do,” you respond, but first, there’s something else you need to get out the bag first.

==> Swallow your indignation, tune out the unpleasantness around you and simply explain why this situation has made you uncomfortable. Yes, you're not happy about it, but there's no reason to get mad.

You take in a few deep breaths, before explaining why this place makes you feel very uncomfortable. You don’t really elaborate on what made you feel that way as that’s none of her business, but in the end. You make a clear and point case on how this has made you feel.

“I see…” Seija notes with the same nuetral look, “Once again, I apologize.” she adds a polite half-bow as she says that, before looking at you with eyes tinged with regret. “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Or at the very least, not completely unsafe. I will try to do better.”

“Then, I’m sorry too.” you reply back, most of your heat reduced to a negligible ember. “For acting too harsh and uh, everything.” not content with just that, you try to continue. “It’s just that I-”

“Not a fan of compromising with your own values?” Seija guesses, half-smug. “Eh, plenty of people are that way so it’s easy to understand.” she waves one of her hands, to non-verbally say this isn't a big deal. “Just, hm, hey why don’t you tell me yours once we’ve got the time? Can’t say I can get everyone to respect em, cause hell. But I’ll make an effort to keep your butt warm and comfy. Like it’s sitting on a soft pillow, of respect.” She trails off for a moment, her face looking a bit like she swallowed some disgusting lemon or something sour. “Cause I respect...your rights!”

“Great.” you reply in a better mood, not outright skipping in your steps, but a good enough that you’re willing to turn a blind eye to her obvious disgust for saying those words. Perhaps it’s considered ‘weak’ of youkais to say such things like that. But just to be sure. “So, values?”

“Sure, sure. I love the sound of my own voice so let’s do this.” Seija confesses a thing you’re more than willing to believe even if she didn’t coat it with sarcasm. “But we can have that at a better…”

She doesn’t elaborate. Just pointing at your disgusting surroundings, but also making you realize that anyone who would monologue on the open street would look like a crazy person and get unwanted attention. “So, bar, meeting allies, elaboration on how to take down the Catgirl and then a good night of rest of you, where we can have nice long talk before you snooze, does that work?”

You nod, as long it happens you’ll be satisfied. And frankly, being listened to feels very good.

“Then let’s go.” She says then nods to the open street, “Oh and stay close, don’t want to get robbed or stabbed out of nowhere. Not that that always happens, just that it could.”

“I’ll be fine.” you reply, and actually believe it as you get closer. Ready to follow her.

And so, the two of you move once more.


“Oh wait.” She suddenly stops moving and you only have a second to not bump into her.

“What?” you ask, and watch as she takes a moment to fiddle with her coat again. Strangely enough you don’t see anything special about the gesture even from this side, so you can’t help but wonder how it is that she pulls out items that her clothes couldn’t possibly pocket on their own like that.

The answer never comes, but an item does.“No...never mind.” except it doesn’t, Seija returns with an empty hand instead, alongside a shrug. “You wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it and I’m-”

“Hey, hold on.” you interrupt, a bit curious. “Don’t just assume things for me, if you’ve got a good reason then I promise I won’t get mad.” even so you brace yourself for whatever it could be.

“Really?” She asks, and oh boy doesn’t that make it sound like a bad idea.

“Really.” you confirm anyway.

“Okay then. But first, I want you to know two things: One, the majority of youkais here are as perceptive as your average 10 year old and two, you’re going to need a disguise lest you’ll be assaulted every 10 seconds the moment you’re not in my peripheral vision. Thus…”

“Ah, so the disguise’s humiliating.” you conclude, completely deadpan.

“That...depends on how one sees things.”

“Just take it out.”


(Real transition...)
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File 168743493256.jpg - (267.97KB, 1920x1080, holy pumpkin mask.jpg)
holy pumpkin mask

It’s a pumpkin mask, hollow from the inside, yet you can’t see through it’s eyes. Most likely to actually hide your eyes, it’s kind of a dumb disguise and you honestly expected far worse.

Like animal ears, or something that y’know would make the average girl blush in outrage.

This however is pretty much nothing.

“Look.” Seija starts, tone already appeasing, as if she expects your fury. “I know how it looks like…” her facial expression the perfect picture of someone with their hand in the cookie jar.

[ ] Interrupt her, this is literally nothing. If it works, it’s the youkais that’ll look dumb, not you.

[ ] Say nothing. Let her embarrass herself. You won’t stop it when the option is dropped in your lap.

[ ] Okay...let’s have this values talk now after all, cause seriously, how is a pumpkin inappropriate?

[ ] “Stop messing around, Seija.” because clearly, this must be some attempt at being bizarre and you won't be fooled.
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[X] Say nothing. Let her embarrass herself. You won’t stop it when the option is dropped in your lap

Don't feed the Amanojaku.
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[x] Interrupt her, this is literally nothing. If it works, it’s the youkais that’ll look dumb, not you.
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It's either interrupt her or let her go on for me.

The chance to take a jab at Seija is pretty tempting, but we'd just be standing around out here again.

Interrupting her is just the pragmatic route: wear it and move on.
If she is just making fun of you, whatever.

But why couldn't we have a little fun? Play into it just a little.

[X] "Yo, that's a sick-ass pumpkin mask!" ... "But really---"
-[X] Interrupt her, this is literally nothing. If it works, it’s the youkais that’ll look dumb, not you.
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File 168745373748.png - (663.61KB, 924x959, 45d7cc9e02d6b5b4ffe88342ffa444bd - copy.png)
NSFW image
[X] Okay...let’s have this values talk now after all, cause seriously, how is a pumpkin inappropriate?
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[x] Interrupt her, this is literally nothing. If it works, it’s the youkais that’ll look dumb, not you.

Give me the pumpkin head.
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File 168868028444.png - (1.33MB, 1136x842, bar fun.png)
bar fun
[X] "Yo, that's a sick-ass pumpkin mask!"... "But really---"
-[X] Interrupt her, this is literally nothing. If it works, it’s the youkais that’ll look dumb, not you.

Not one to just be made fun off, you quickly join her momentum by growing a sly smile and letting out a small whistle as you pick up her gift. “Yo, that’s a sick-ass pumpkin mask!” you reply, smile growing a bit wider when she looks a bit surprised at the reaction. “But really…”

“This is nothing, I can wear this no problem.” you finally clarify, voice back to normal. “So, go on.”

“Oh, well, aren’t you awfully nice right now!” Seija recovers while you put the thing on, after which she just puts one hand around your arm and keeps moving as instructed. “But you’re right, time is off the essence, so let’s waste no more off it and be on our way!”


The first thing you notice about the inn you’re lead into is that it is packed.

People or to be more precise monsters of all kind are chatting amongst each other, music is playing from somewhere above, and though the mood is very festive, there is only one clear path to the bar while the sides are cluttered with tables and chairs. Which meant that everyone could easily see whoever had the gall to enter this place, thus causing you to become the unfortunate target of a few curious glances.

Your eyes naturally dart back to them in response, which ain’t the best thing to do when a few of them answer to the eye-contact by gaining frowns on their faces or outright putting their maces on the table, though that only comes from the left most group of four...things. The mood now somber.

You have half a feeling that most of them aren’t fooled at all by your disguise, but your mouth doesn’t have the time to say anything before a firm grip on your shoulder, courtesy of Seija puts you closer to her side as she gives the whole room a mock salute and says, “Sup, fuckers. Miss me?”

What follows is something you can only call a display of charisma, for the somber mood immediately returns to a festive one in a matter of moments. Seija looks like she knows pretty much everybody in the room and has no difficulty being the center of attention. A bit of laughter here, handshakes and hugs there, she is playing the crowd and even the ones glaring your way seem to return to their own business.

Of course, she kept you close at all times and even introduced you to a few of them as being a ‘jack o lantern gal’ with a smile on her face before the two of you finally take a seat by the bar.

“Ah, there you are!” The barman, some masked monster, shoves a mug between Seija’s hands before glancing your way. “You want one as well?”

“No, thank you,” you reply, not wanting to test your liver this soon. “I’m not one for alcohol.”

“I’ll pick something else for you then! On the house!”

Now that you couldn’t outright deny, seeing how happy the barman seems to be. At least, you didn’t get a mug, but a clay cup with what looked like a harmless fruit juice. You thank them with a nod, though you’re still unsure whether or not you want to take more than a sip of two of it.

Seija chuckles under her breath at the sight, then lifts her mug. “Hey, why not have a cheer? To the lucky event of you meeting me and getting to be under wise and oh so helpful guidance~”

At that, you do not comply, instead circling one finger around the upper side of your mug while you give her a flat look. “Speaking of guidance, where are those friends of yours?” your answer is her clicking her cup against yours anyway before she takes a sip. Blatantly ignoring you, “Seija…”

“Sh, sh, shhh. Just let me enjoy this.” She tuts, enjoying her drink like a man drinking water after a trip in the desert. A few more sips and seconds after, she finally puts it down. “They’re upstairs.”

“Oh, okay. So we just take those stairs over there.” you quickly notice them being at the bottom right, standing right next to a bunch of stairs that also lead downstairs. “After you, then.”

“Nah.” Her casual rejection is quickly followed by an explanation, as it should. “See, the thing here is...if I just waltz in there with some weak and defenseless level 0 human, well, the worst thing that would happen to me is that I’d be laughed at. And for you, well, you’d look like a very easy snack And I don't mean the sexual kind...not that some wouldn't look at you that way.”


“Which is why we won’t let them know that!” Seija whisper shouts a bit too loudly, but nobody seemed to notice as most people amused themselves in their own circles, the atmosphere warm and friendly but still composed of monsters that will try to shred you apart the moment your mask is off.

“So you’ll lie about me? To your allies of all people?” she’s really willing to do that for you, huh.

“Nah, you’re having a misunderstanding here. See, the word ally to you means someone you could work with to achieve a common goal. But to us youkai, it means a whole different thing entirely. To us, it means someone’s who you haven’t gotten the chance or time to back-stab yet. Shit’s wild here. You’re an exception of course~ But enough politics, I’ll make this real simple to understand: We need to make you look tough. And I mean ‘you mess with this girl, you’ll wake up staked to a cross on fire’ kind of tough. Get me? I think you do, hence it’s time to fake-your-backstory-for-profit.”

“Faking a backstory? So what, am I supposed to say I’m some elite demon hunter?”

“That’d be helpful. Personally I’d like to go back to the Hakurei lie we used earlier, names like those have real power within them after all. And well, making it seem like a goddamn Hakurei spawn is out to wreck the Oni’s shits in...that will really get you respect, deserved or not, far faster than you, Renko, the not so average outsider could do on her own in like... ten or so years.”

“I feel like there would be a massive risk if we did that, what if I got outed as a faker?”

“Everyone who joined you for that reason would most likely leave or immediately turn hostile, but don’t you worry about that. You kind of look like her already and besides…”

A red-white ying yang ball is set on the bar, it’s own aura reeks with an intense amount of blood lust. You don't try to touch it, nor does so she seem to have wanted you to, as she soon retrieves it.

“We can fake the little details~ Besides, maybe it’ll unlock a special class or something? Who knows...the risk could be worth your while, though if you’re really against it. Then I guess you’ll have to share some tidbits of your real backstory with me and we’ll see how it can be improved.”

“That’s quite a leap to make, why not just make another lie?”

“Because the best lies have hints of truth in them, besides, haven’t I amassed enough affection points out of you already? What more do you need to trust little old me? Some flowers?”

[ ] ...Ok, fine. You’re totally a Hakurei. Just because it makes things easier.

[ ] You’ll share some facts about yourself, it’s not like most of it is that exciting anyway.

[ ] Wait, wait, if you’re going to share anything. She’ll have to share her own story first!

[ ] Affection points, how the hell does she know a dating sim term, demand answers!!!!
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As expected of a natural-born liar, she has a point when she says the best lies have a hint of truth in them.
She's clearly fishing, but it beats going full bullshit and risk having our house of cards collapse at the worst time.
We'll make a concession just this once, but she better know we'll know her story eventually.

I am also so insanely tempted to ask Seija about dating sims, not gonna lie.

[X] Affection points, how the hell does she know a dating sim term, demand answers!!!!
[X] You’ll share some facts about yourself, it’s not like most of it is that exciting anyway.

Honestly we might even be able to spin it like we're hakurei branch family from before the border went up or something and thus got estranged.
Spiritual bloodline with plausible deniability.
Not a big fan of that route though.
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[x] Affection points, how the hell does she know a dating sim term, demand answers!!!!

Doki Doki Revolution Club!!!
Delete Post
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[X] Affection points, how the hell does she know a dating sim term, demand answers!!!!
[X] ...Ok, fine. You’re totally a Hakurei. Just because it makes things easier.

Delete Post
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[X] Affection points, how the hell does she know a dating sim term, demand answers!!!!
[X] ...Ok, fine. You’re totally a Hakurei. Just because it makes things easier.
Delete Post
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Seija mentions that "maybe it'll unlock a special class" and people immediately jump at the crazy risk?

You are being played!!!
DO NOT buy into a revolutionist's lies!
We can't save Mary if we're too busy getting killed by mutinous ex-conspirators!

If it wasn't obvious, that was a joke. However, I do think this Hakurei plan is too risky.
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File 16917928523.png - (469.86KB, 863x646, Seija date.png)
Seija date
I have no excuse other than that being forced to do garden shit made me too tired to do pc stuff for a long time. That and my dreaded procrastination. Either way I'm back and ready to rumbble.

=====> Affection points, how the hell does she know a dating sim term, demand answers!!!!

"Of course, I'm aware off your silly mating rituals, Renko~" Seija replies, the same smile that promises nothing good returning to her face the moment you show any inkling of interest. "Well, ritual wouldn't be a proper term now would it? Nah, it's more like fetishized expectations of romance put into a tool that displays fiction for its user so they can have the ideal romance within their hands without ever needing the courage to obtain the real deal. That's a dating sim, no?" Already used to her words, you just nod in response, mostly surprised at her 'modern' knowledge to which her smile grows larger. "In that case...."

"What kind of dating sims have you been playing?" She asks.

"None." you reply bluntly, then hold in a groan when you realize that sounded like a deflection.

"Aw, you little prude. Does even the slightest tittilating thing offend you somehow?" she says as she slowly moves one of her feet under the table above your own before you kick it away, to which she giggles again. "Oh, can I guess why?" She continues regardless of your answer, "Is it because daddy was overprotective? Nah, you're a smart girl. I bet you know plenty of things already. Ehehehe-" the following five seconds are filled with similar shitty jokes aimed at you.

You wisely tune them out.

She finally relents after you stop her sixth attempt at foot-fucking with a hard stomp. "Fine, fine....!" she drawls out as if in agony as she leans back on her own stool, clearly unhurt. "I guess if you don't want to talk about whether you like little boys or mature old men in the carnal ways. Then how about something more girly? Like la romance~❤️❤️"

Uh, that sounds like it's too good to be true. Besides, "I thought we were talking about more important things...?"

"Oh, we were." Seija admits. "But you're the one that changed the subject. Besides, some banter is fun, hmm?"

You frown at that, and clutch the table a bit harder. Even if it's true, it's not like you have time to waste here.

“Hey, hey, it’s fine, if you don't want to, I won't force you.” Seija wavers like a flower stalk, then pulls a revolver out of nowhere, putting it on the table . “I don’t need to know anyway. I got no interest at all. Any time I want a little romance I just put this baby between my legs. A little powder-action action, ha ha.” You stare in judgement. “Sometimes I keep it loaded, just for that extra thrill.” You tense in worry. “I’m fucking with you.” You relax a bit. “Or am I?”

Seija throws back her head and laughs. She trails off into hiccupping giggles, one hand over her eyes, the other smacking the gunbutt on the table as if calling for order. The other youkai's don't seem to notice or care about this behavoir, as they're all still in their own little social groups.

“Sorry,” she says eventually. “No, really, I’m sorry. It’s just been a while since I met someone who wasn’t sick of my shit by now.” She sniffs and wipes her face. “Hey, be honest. What do you think of this place?”

You take a while to answer. Empty cups are replaced with full ones. The light flickers in the room, the cause of which are balls of magical light.

“Everyone seems tired,” you say. "I mean, catgirl and spidergirl aside. Everyone seems really tired."

"Is it like that outside? Whatever's happening on the surface world, beyond the border. I mean.”

“I don’t know. I couldn’t go outside without some monster trying to shred me apart. But sometimes it felt like the people I did know had just given up.” Images of finding dead people into locked houses come to your mind. “Or were trying really hard not to." Alcohol, and alcohol, and a very vivid someone come to mind. Also alcohol. All for her to consume without getting sick. "Here it’s different. It feels like everyone’s waiting for something.”

“They were waiting for you. And now, here you are.” Seija's voice is deadpan. “The Hakurei has cometh.

“Is that why you brought me here?” you ask. "Because I happen to look slightly like her?"

This time it was her turn to pause, genuinely pause. Seija sucks at a tooth as if trying to dislodge the answer. When she speaks her voice is quieter than usual.

“You’re someone new,” she says. “That mattered more, to me.”


“It’s nice talking like this. While it lasts.”

“Same,” You say, and Seija perked up. “I mean, usually, any youkai I meet is more concerned with acting overly mysterouis or standoffish. It’s nice to meet someone who doesn’t really care about impressing me.”

“Well, fuck you too, bitch,” Seija says, and you stiffen in reflex until you see that she is smiling again. “You gonna finish that?”

You hand over the new cup and Seija takes a swig and puts down what was left. That being nothing. She stands, and despite her apparent drunkenness (most likely faking being a light shot) she doesn’t appear unsteady on her feet.

“You still owe me one,” she says. “Remember?”

“I remember.”

“The person you're about to talk to. ” She twirls the gun, then sheathes it into a pocket into which it dissapears. “She’ll probably make you some kind of offer. Meant to see if you're smart enough to know when someone's trying to fuck you over and I probably won't be alone to haunt both of your sides during your 'talk'. She calls herself the 'Black Baronesss' but her real name's Cyerra. That alone tells you she's the kind of dumb bitch that thinks herself a bigshot pimp or something. But between you and me? She's an opportunistic coward, so long as it looks like siding with you is safer than letting you roam around free she won't be any problem to you. So capitalize on that once we go up, you get that?”

“So it will be all up to me?”

“I’ll stick around if you need me. Even if it might piss her off. This place just got a little more bearable with you in it.”

"Thanks." that's kind of soothing in a way.

"Yeah, you better be grateful." And she ruins the mood instantly. "I mean had you appeared tomorrow then right now I could be doing something productive. Like sneaking into the home of some maiden. Even better if she's married. While her husband is out of the house. I'll take care of her food. Help her take baths, make her wear the clothes I like. Take care of her bathroom trips. Take care of her nightlife too. That kind of NTR just feels right~"

"That kind of 'taking care' is over the top and disgusting."

"Wait, you don't understand?" Seija's face turns confused. "How is that even possible?"

But she's pretending of course, she has to be. "I'd sooner be dead than understand that."

"Ehhh--- isn't that kind of harsh? Isn't it obvouis that while being embraced and told "Please become my true husband" by a married woman. Getting to say "Shut it. Filty whore" makes for a happy ending? If it doesn't reach that point, then why live at all..???"

"Do you think this is funny to me?"

Seija is given momentarily pause, as your voice turned quiet and full of ice. Like she got hit by whiplash.

“No,” she admits. “None of this is funny. That’s why you should laugh.”

You stare uncomprehending. Seija's face is solemn and she grasped her side of the table with both hands, such force in them that creaks are visibly made. That unmarked face. Those intact and half-lidded eyes. Creature of ruin, acting so young and yet verging on some age that had never been. That or she's secretly a cat in disguise.

“It’s been like this for as long as I can remember down here,” she continues. “Everyone miserable and miserable to be around. They always act like they’re in mourning. They’re always thinking of the world they lost.” Her teeth flash. “The world that me and you never got to see. But that means we’re better off, get it? We don’t need to be so depressed over everything. We never knew the world that was lost and what you never knew you can’t lose. We’re not chained down to any sort of past. We’re floating free.”

She rests her head against her hands and her lips peel back in a grimace or grin; it was hard to be sure which.

“Most of them hate me for that. Oh, do they ever. I think they hate me more for it than surviving to be the very last 'me' that exists. Don’t think I can’t put two and two together. You know how those Onis are always honest and fair? Even though some stories depict them as cruel monsters? Guess what they sacrificed in order to become as 'pure' as they are now.” She points at your chest, at where the heart is. “Now that their little hiding spot is running low on faith juice, it's only normal to put humans through this little game of survival. Every youkai from the top to the bottom of the Underworld to will try to get you, if only to get that 'keep existing' juice that's somehow constantly being created by you all simply believing in us.”

"If that's all they want from me, then why would anyone follow me as you earlier sugggested?"

"Because the morons around us are desperate to believe in anything, be it the start of a new age brought by a human that somehow defeated the entire underground or something else unlikely. Not that that changes the truth at all."

"And what's that truth?"

"That what they want can’t be recovered,” Seija says grimly. “Can’t be mended. Can’t be put right again. If that’s what these people have been living for then they’ve been living for nothing. The past is empty. The future is broken. All that matters is today.”

Her voice is low and crisp and without a hint of humor. Your hands dig into the rock of the table as you hold the thing tighter. If these were the thoughts which frothed in Seija's mind then it was maybe no small wonder why she often kept them drowned with stupid nonsense.

“So don’t let it get to you,” Seija went on. “Whatever happens to the other humans here, the youkais, your lovely princess, you’ll keep going. Someday there’ll come a time when you’ve lost everything you knew. And when that happens, laugh. Because if you can laugh at that, you can laugh at anything.”

“And what about you?” You ask. “Has that time come?”

“It came as soon as I was born,” She replies. Then giggles “Ow, fuck, the edge of that actually cut me! But who knows? You can always sink a little lower. Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to take my own advice.”

Chatter and cheer still surround you both. If anyone inside was eavesdropping then they were being exceptionally stealthy about it. Still, you hunch over, and speak quietly.

“What should I say to this Cyerra?”

“You tell me. Just act tough and kind of bitch-like like a fine Hakurei and you should be fine?”

You're not reasured by that flimsy response. “I don't think I've got enough charisma to pull that off unrehearsed. I'm not some trickster like you. I might say something wrong and if she sees through me, then what's the point?”

“She might. But yeah, we can rehearse things if you want.”

"We can?"

"Sure shit, you can. We can reserve a bedroom, lock the door and roleplay some tomfoolery. I'll be the dumb bitch crow, and you'll be the Hakurei. And once you're confident you can pull off the act, we go up and confront our destinies!"


"I mean, if you want to that is."

[ ] I'd like to rehearse things then. (Tuto for the next minigame/OPTIONAL)

[ ] I'm ready, let's just do things.

[ ] One more thing... (Ask your question now, or we'll move things along.)
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[x] I'd like to rehearse things then. (Tuto for the next minigame/OPTIONAL)
[x] One more thing... (Ask your question now, or we'll move things along.)
-[x] Thanks for saying all that. These kinds of things are hard to get off your chest, after all.
Delete Post
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[X] "Shut it. Filty whore"
[x] I'd like to rehearse things then. (Tuto for the next minigame/OPTIONAL)
[x] One more thing... (Ask your question now, or we'll move things along.)
-[x] Thanks for saying all that. These kinds of things are hard to get off your chest, after all.
Maybe if we find our friend we can get a happy ending.
Delete Post
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Offhand, is that image from an actual game?
Delete Post
Report Post
Votes called (I guess)

And to answer >>69146

Nah, it's not from a real game. I just use paint3d to do that.

As in I edited this image ( https://youkaiofdusk.tumblr.com/post/170259735662/touhou-dating-sim ) in Paint 3d to make it look like Seija was in it, alongside changing the background and the options given. Editing stuff like that is surprisingly fun to me. But here you have your answer.

Oh and the seija image comes from https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2603846?q=kijin_seija++smug+

That's all my sources listed.
Delete Post
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oc like that's really nice!
Delete Post
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[x] I'd like to rehearse things then. (Tuto for the next minigame/OPTIONAL)

It's like datesim, but sus!
Delete Post
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[x] I'd like to rehearse things then. (Tuto for the next minigame/OPTIONAL)

Hey! Just wanted to pop here and say you've been doing great, i've never read this sort of story with this sort of format, and frankly, its been a nice read, keep up the good work mate.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 170612785851.jpg - (119.96KB, 900x1294, seija kijin totally trustworthy.jpg)
seija kijin totally trustworthy
[x] I'd like to rehearse things then.

“Great, follow me then,” and that is how you end up being led upstairs by Seija. The space ahead consists of a hall and several doors that each lead to their own room. Wisefully ignoring any groan or noise that sounds suspiciously like a moan, you stay right behind her as she leads you to the second to last door on the right, room number 02 to be precise.

Finally, you enter the room.

Whatever expectations you had off the room, you’re still disappointed. Hold on, that sounds too unpleasant, you mean nothing extravagant is in it. It’s the classic hotel room with a bed, some place to put ones clothes and a lamp set on a tiny desk in arms reach of whoever sleeps. Seija immediately jumps belly first onto the bed and then shakes her legs in order to drop her flip flops to the floor.

“What are you waiting for? Come lie with me,” she beckons at you with a lazy wave when she sees you stay at the edge of the door. Her smile just as low energy as she teases you with a, “I won’t bite and besides, I’ll let you have the covers too~”. Clearly challenging your ‘prude’ status.

You’re not the type of person to fall for that, but you’re not the kind to be flustered over one bed either hence you find yourself walking over, removing your own shoes before sitting on the edge.

The mattress sinks in a bit when you do so, surprising you with its softness. That alone almost convinces you to lie down since it’s been a while since you’ve had a soft bed. But you’re certain that if you did, Seija would inevitably joke about how the two of you slept in a bed together to someone and you wouldn’t be able to fully deny the claim as it’d be technically correct in a way.

Your thoughts end up interrupted when you feel two hands set upon your face, blocking your eyesight and enhancing the touch of the youkai who is now leaning on your back. “Alright, let’s begin shall we?” Seija says as if talking about the weather, fully aware of her breath on your neck.


“Ahah” Her voice scolds you, “It’s Cyerra remember? And you’re the Hakurei right now. Imagine an office, any kind. With two muscular bodyguards on either side, race doesn’t matter, finally-”

“Seija.” you speak up again and put a firm grip on the hands covering your eyes. “I’m not in the mood for some silly game-”

“Oh, but it’s not a game.” she replies placatingly, “Haven’t you heard, Hakurei? The mind becomes more active when deprived of it’s vision. So, this should help you. Besides, don’t you trust me?”


“And another thing..” She interrupts again, then pulls a little on you to have you be the one leaning instead. “I get you’re a tough girl, but everyone needs some time to let their body rest. It’s not like I’m planning to snap your neck or do something outrageous. So...come on, and ease up a bit~”

[ ] ….Fine. But the moment she tries anything suspicious, you’re getting up.

[ ] If she won’t let go of you right now, you might actually push her off.

AN: I’m back, and yes, it’s totally essential to include this.
Delete Post
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[x] ….Fine. But the moment she tries anything suspicious, you’re getting up.
heck u for disappearing for five months
bribe me with some yuribait seija and I'll look the other way
Delete Post
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[X] ….Fine. But the moment she tries anything suspicious, you’re getting up.
Delete Post
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[X] ….Fine. But the moment she tries anything suspicious, you’re getting up.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 170621074761.png - (69.79KB, 280x315, blushing renko.png)
blushing renko
Noted Anon, is this enough bait for you?

[X] ….Fine. But the moment she tries anything suspicious, you’re getting up.

“There you go,” Seija says with a pleased tone, shifting a bit so she can get a better grip on your back which ends with you basically sitting in her lap now. “You won’t regret this, I assure you.”

“I’m starting to already feel like I should,” you reply, deadpan, “Just no wandering hands.”

“I’ll have you know,” says Seija, removing the decorative black belt and starting to poke your back with a nail or two. “There are plenty of men who’d tell you all about how nice my hands are.”

“Is that so,” you keep up the deadpan tone, refusing to flinch when she starts drawing circles.

“Women, too.” Seija offers, helpfully. The groan you let out in return is flat exasperation.

“Are you going to actually help me unwind? Or keep teasing me for no reason?”

“I suppose I should start,” she relents, “Try not too moan too loudly, okay?”

You don’t reply to her crude joke. Then her massage begins and you realize it wasn’t one.

Seija starts with broad strokes down your back. It’s like she’s spreading non existent oil, not even digging into the muscle yet, but it’s like every nerve in your body fires at once, and you realize how skin-hungry your body truly is. The only touches you’ve had in a while were to meant to hurt, or impersonal. Nothing meant just to please you, nothing this… alien.

Endorphins flood into your system and you feel like your body starts floating off the bed.

As time goes on, Seija works on the muscles in your back and shoulders in a firm, steady pattern. Time passes in a dust-scented blur. Maybe you do let out an embarrassing noise, or a grunt or two, maybe you don’t. It’s not worth noticing, for either you or her. Though you definitely do.

Grunts when she hits a particularly sore spot, restrained moans when she works it loose, little huffs and snarls like a dying cat when she applies extra pressure and pushes the air right out of you. You don’t have it in you to be embarrassed and Seija doesn’t draw any attention to any of it.

Any pain you have or have had drains away, and you melt down onto the bed like butter. Screw whoever sees you like this, those hands are sinful. And she could open a shop with them.

You don’t even realize you’re close to dozing off when you notice that Seija has gone from a deep massage back to long, light strokes of your skin. At last, she rests her palms on the middle of your lower back, right where the pain used to be the worst, and just holds them there for a minute.

“We’re done,” she says softly. “Did you remember all that?”

“Huh?” you blurt out like some drunk, too blissed to make words.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Seija says, and you can hear the smile in her voice. You feel a sheet being tugged up over you, all the way up to your neck. “Tell you what, I’ll let you doze off for a little bit, so if you want to snooze for an hour or so, go ahead. When you’re up or once that hour is over, just head back to where we sat earlier. Consider this a reward for doing well so far.”

There’s the sound of the door opening and closing, and then there’s just you, floating in space.

Eventually, you roll carefully to your mostly intact side and you’re amazed to feel no pain in the movement. You sit up and your back gives no more complaints. There’s a bit of residual tightness when you bend down to pick up the fallen belt, but compared to the little flashes of pain you were willfully ignoring a minute ago, now you feel like the recipient of a genuine miracle.

After you fix your disheveled clothes, you exit the room, and head back downstairs. Seija is sitting back on her chair with yet another drink beside her. She pushes it aside and then smiles at you before saying:

“So, do you understand the importance of resting now?”

You nod with no hesitation, knowing she’d want a greater reaction. “Sure, I’ll keep it in mind.”

“Good, and hey-” a shit eating grin returns on her face, “If you want me to make you feel go-”

“I’ll keep it in mind.” you interrupt, then take an additional step to enter melee range. She doesn’t finish her sentence, realizing your unsaid threat. “So, what now? Do we still rehearse things?”

“Nah.” She replies flatly, one hand picking the drink again before she quickly gulps it down and waves with one hand for another. “I’m no longer in the mood for that,” indeed, for some reason it looks like she’s suffering from a headache or something. “So one last drink and off we go.”

“Go where?”

“Why, to the bitch we were talking about earlier.” she says calmly instead of dramatically shouting it as you would have expected. “In hindsight, I don’t think you can act for your life so let’s just go straight in and seal the deal with your grumpy girl charisma that screams Hakurei to all.”

That’s not how things were supposed to go. And why is she acting so differently now?

“Look,” she speaks up again, seeing the doubt on your face. “I’m the girl with the plan and it’s not like I’m throwing you into some trap. Just sit down already and like, have a drink too if ya want.”

[ ] Don’t comment on her attitude. That can be done at a better time, just sit down and get ready for yet another trip. (TLDR: Skip even more talking and swiftlly transition to the next location)

[ ] Why just sit when she offered a free drink? Take that offer and maybe she’ll start blabbing.

[ ] Write in.
Delete Post
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Stay on target, Renko.
We fell to literal (former) Hell for a reason; can't just turn to putty for the first girl with nimble fingers you meet.
What would Merry think.

Anyway, let's see what she has to say.
Just let's not get smashed on oni-liquor before a serious meeting, alright?

[X] Why just sit when she offered a free drink? Take that offer and maybe she’ll start blabbing.
-[X] Ideally non-alcoholic, if that gets bad looks or isn't possible something on the light side instead.
Delete Post
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[x] Why just sit when she offered a free drink? Take that offer and maybe she’ll start blabbing.
I was baited and it was glorious
Delete Post
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[X] Why just sit when she offered a free drink? Take that offer and maybe she’ll start blabbing.
Underworld food, surely this hasn't gone badly before in legends.
Delete Post
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[X] Why just sit when she offered a free drink? Take that offer and maybe she’ll start blabbing.
-[X] Ideally non-alcoholic, if that gets bad looks or isn't possible something on the light side instead.
Delete Post
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[x] Why just sit when she offered a free drink? Take that offer and maybe she’ll start blabbing.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 170785185129.jpg - (276.17KB, 504x832, __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_denciu__d2290b76368a.jpg)
[X] Why just sit when she offered a free drink? Take that offer and maybe she’ll start blabbing.
-[X] Ideally non-alcoholic, if that gets bad looks or isn't possible something on the light side instead.

Fine, you’re just gonna assume it’s a youkai thing and move to take a seat next to her. The move doesn’t go unnoticed as Seija and the bar tender share a glance before she nods their way.

“What will it be, pretty lady?” the masked server says with a chirp and a cheerful wink.

“Oh.” You furrow your eyebrows, before realizing what they truly meant. “Thanks and I’d like..”

“Nothing that would toss me up, even better if it has no alcohol.” This hadn’t been the first time someone acted a bit ‘friendly’ with you and you responded accordingly.

A skill gained after many an awkward moment where you did not posses the insight yet to realize that it wasn’t truly flirting and so the clarification that you were flattered but not looking for any relationship was taken at the best of times as cheeky jest, or at worst, a sign of you being outright a stick taking things too seriously.

“She wants a Nasty Strawberry,” Seija clarified and less than five seconds after the bartender had their hands turn into a blur that ends with a resort like looking drink standing before you.

As the name suggested, it was a drink with two strawberries floating in the middle of a red liquid that looked and smelled like syrup.

However a puff of smoke appearing above it turned into a skull with crossbones and the like before vanishing.

“Perfectly safe and alcohol free,” Seija insists after.

Doubtful, but feeling that this isn’t a genuine poisoning attempt as much as it’s a trial of guts. You bring the drink up to your lips and inhale, taking in the sweet scent before downing it whole. The burn was similar to any other carbonated drink, but the moment you finished the drink, a warm sensation spreads through your neck, to your stomach and eventually to the rest of the body.

Your hands shake slightly for a moment while your eyes dilate, for some reason the drink feels like it has a bigger oomph than any energy drink you’ve ever had above ground. A few more seconds after the rush turns more manageable though you feel like you could run several marathons right now.

+20 temp hp. (Yes, drinking at bars can give you stat boosts. Only one stat at a time though.)

“Well, well, looks like you’ve got a tougher body than expected.” Seija leaned her cheek on her hand as she stared you down. “Most first timers would be jumping up and about by now.”

“I-I can handle myself.” you raise an eyebrow cuatouisly. “Though I won’t say I’m a fan of having strange effects added to my drinks without being aware of it beforehand.”

“Fair, fair, I’ll behave myself then lest you cut my head clean off with just your tone.” Another large glass slid its way across the table to her, filled to the brim with brown liquor. “One more for the road?”

“How about you tell me what makes you need to drink that badly?” you just bluntly ask instead.

That makes her freeze, study you for a moment, shrug and knock back a healthy swig of her drink. You watch in silence as the liquid spilled down the back of her throat, causing the muscles to contract and expose a bit of the flesh under her neck, showing hints of pale injuries that have already scared, one of them a long line all the way across, a sign someone tried to either choke or strangulate her to death before if your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

“It’s hard to drink in peace when you’re staring at me.” she says after wiping her mouth and setting the glass down the bar top.

You blink, had you been staring? If so, you let out an honest, “Sorry.”

“Blegh. Hearing you say that, let alone twice in one day just feels wrong to me.” Her annoying little smile returns to her face, some humor back in her eyes. “But I suppose you’ve advanced my social link far enough for me to at least reveal some more about the mystery of my youkaihood.”

You say nothing. Not wanting her to suddenly change her mind in order to bait you.

“If you’ve remembered the little spiel I had about how contrary to humans, youkai have to act a certain way. Then I’m sure you can understand there will be some ‘encouragements’ for them to correct their behavior if they dare to err too much of the road they’ve been given to trod on.”

You can’t help but speak up then, interested in the topic. “So then, getting a headache would be one of the symptoms? And assuming one keeps erring, the ‘warnings’ would get worse and worse…?”

“Ding. Ding. Ding! We have a winner!” Seija replies with a whistle, then abruptly stands up from her chair. “You think about whatever that implies later, drinking time is over! So let’s head out.”

With that, the both of you finally leave the tavern. Albeit with some more questions for you.

Image Source
Delete Image
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File 17078519315.png - (37.65KB, 472x473, crow dungeon.png)
crow dungeon
Soon enough, you’re led to a foreboding mansion with eastern settings (tiled roofs, big gate at the front, some garden round the whole place, yada yada) somehow put straight in the middle of a bunch of other less fortunate houses. Or to be blunt, a straight japanase mansion is set in the middle of what looks like a slum and in front of the stairs that lead to the big entrance gate lie two guards.

Two (hell) raven youkais, both in the form of young looking girls with black hair and professional suits. You don’t see any weapon on them, nor do they pull out one as Seija casually approaches them.

“Hey there, pals!” She greets them with a cheery tone. Before wrapping one arm around your shoulder, a move you don’t pull away from because she told you to stay still just a moment ago.

“Guess who got the perfect tribute for your boss?” She continues speaking, one hand displaying you as if you’re some sport car out to be sold to the highest bidder. “That’s right, I’ve got me a human!”

It takes your every focus to fake a fearful expression as the two guards look you up and down, their gazes held on you as one whispers something to the other. Before one of them comes closer to her.

“The boss accepts your generous offer, we shall let her know about your kind donation.” her hand comes your way in an attempt to grab your arm and tug you along. Instead you keep up your stupid role by jumping back in ‘fright’ and hold on to Seija even tighter while the latter starts her BS.

“Woops, I forgot to tell you lads, but this girl’s been badly traumatized you know?” Seija puts another hand on your head to give you condescending supportive pats. “If I don’t tag along I’m sure she’ll throw a massive tantrum. And besides, haven’t I given enough to be worthy of meeting her?”

“That’s not up to you decide,” the same youkai says harshly. “And besides we can handle one human,” she says with even more derision. As if you’re something unsightly and below them.

Once again her hand comes your way, in a completely telegraphed and slow manner.

[ ] Immediately counter her effort and knock her out. While Seija does the same for the other.

[ ] Let her grab you, this is the fastest and easiest way to this supposed Cyerra.

Dungeon time? Dungeon Bypass?

Your choice, anon.
Delete Post
Report Post
Honestly a hp buff for a relatively squishy frontline class is pretty perfect.
Even more so since it quite literally doubled our old hp pool. (It might have gone up in the meantime, but I don't think so.)


If we're selling the whole grumpy Hakurei shtick, what better way to do so than trashing EVERYONE in our way.
If nothing it'll prove our strength to the boss.
Besides, we're a Martial Artist now, a "grapple" this clumsy is just insulting.

[X] Immediately counter her effort and knock her out. While Seija does the same for the other.

Hell yeah Dungeon time.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Immediately counter her effort and knock her out. While Seija does the same for the other.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Immediately counter her effort and knock her out. While Seija does the same for the other.
Delete Post
Report Post
>>69357 here.

Here I am invoking our class without even mentioning the fact that Martial Artists are counter monsters; it's just what they do as a matter of course.

The choice makes itself.

For shame, me.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Immediately counter her effort and knock her out. While Seija does the same for the other.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 170809082520.jpg - (44.81KB, 512x353, mansion map.jpg)
mansion map
AN: Replace the forest with a japanese garden, add tiles to the roof and pretend you can't see the inside and viola, you'd have a close enough view of what Renko and co see the mansion as.

[X] Immediately counter her effort and knock her out. While Seija does the same for the other.

She didn’t see you close the distance, hadn’t felt the hard grip on their right wrist as you put your back under them and pulled with all your might. It wasn’t until you smashed her back first into the ground that she realized she was attacked. Before she can move further or say a word, a knee is pressed hard against her temple, choking and immobilizing her until the guard’s eyes turn to the back of her head and she lies still unconscious. Seija achieved the same result against the other guard, albeit through the form of pulling out a giant mallet and smashing it at the back of her head.

“Mm, nothing more nostalgic than a swift duo take-down.” she muses, pleased with the result. Before heading towards the door and keeping it open for you to enter, “Alright, follow me.”

You do so, and step about two steps from her when she presses herself against a wall and carefully opens part of the door before taking a peek ahead. “The coast’s clear,” having said that, Seija commits, of all things, a forward roll that ends with her lying stomach first on the ground before she waits for another second, after which she stands in a strange crouched position and keeps moving.

In other words, she’s pulling a Solid Snake and it is with some reluctance (not) that you mimic the stance (you nerd).

The two of you enter so the first front garden of the mansion, hugging the shadowed sides with bushes as natural cover before finally getting a good look at the real entrance into the mansion. Movement can be seen among the rooftops and two more guards can be seen standing guard on this entrance as well. Except these ones hold firearms, have their back firmly against an iron wall each and the magical lamps above them illuminate their nearby surroundings.

Making approaching them hard. Without them shooting their weapon and alerting everyone else that is.

With a harder squint of your surroundings, you do notice a possible point of egress. Several.

The walls had rusted through in places, the nearby hole to your left would allow you to crawl into the left-most graveyard and use said gravestones as natural cover as you end up closer to the northern west wall so you can jump over it and then look for a possible open window on the left side of the mansion, or scratching that, try to sneak in via the lesser guarded northern side. The same plan could be attempted at the eastern side since there’s a graveyard there as well for some reason.

Finally, you could just make for the roof itself. Although you’d need to either distract or dispose of the front guards once more. Or you could just go gun-ho and just rush the two, bash in the door and go on a fighting marathon throughout the entire mansion worthy of a fighting game character.

“So, did you obtain an idea?” Seija asks, the reason why being to give you ‘experience’ taking charge of things before sooner or later you’d have to handle more complicated situations with confidence. That or she just wants to amuse herself by seeing the choices you’ll make if prompted.

“Also, not to be too helpful. But if you need a distraction, you can always use my little gift. Just throw it somewhere visible like a pebble and voila, you’ll see it’s magic come to use for once.”

Does she meant the doll by that? If so, you’ll keep it in mind. But for now, let’s make a decision.

If Seija’s info is right, your target lies at the second floor. Getting there is the victory condition, as no matter how many guards or servants she has, she’d never risk a fight in which she can get harmed. Or so Seija says. Whether you believe it or not, is, of course, entirely up to you.

So then, what will be your approach?

[ ] Head for the left/right (choose which direction) graveyard, jump over wall, infiltrate through window or backdoor is a go. It’s simple, the most stealthy and overall the lowest risk one too.

[ ] Head for the roof, nobody expects to the jumped from there. Just gotta use a fitting distraction or knock the guards out beforehand and finding the crow’s boss office should be a cinch after.

[ ] Head through the guards, through the front door and anyone that stands in your way. Better to try and beat the exp out of people that won’t eat you alive this early then be too weak to do so later.

[ ] Write in, (because something like throwing a rock to break a window and then sneaking in the opposite way is also valid, or anything else you might have in mind, the writefag cant read minds)
Delete Post
Report Post
Well, the Hakurei way would be to bust in, beat them up; beat their extended family up; beat their acquaintances up; and then beat them all up once again for good measure.

But Renko, are you really that battle-hungry already?
You've only just fallen into hell.
Still, being nice has gotten us nearly killed by a curious cat already. (That fairy will never be able to sleep soundly again.)

Getting stronger, faster is definitely something we need to think about considering how bullshit the big shots are.
So getting into fights here and there sounds... acceptable, but we cannot forget who we are and who we are doing this for.
Turning into an Asura isn't gonna save Merry.

Anyway, sneaking is an option, but I think we should make a show of force to make the crow boss turn chicken.
The main problem is we don't know for sure how many guards there will be, so my suggestion is to try and "thin the herd" outside as much as we can and then bust the door down.

The front guards are too well entrenched for a sneak attack. (The roof guys probably have overwatch on them, too.)
So we should head to the roof to take the guys up there out stealthily first.
Then we head back down to (or drop down on) the front guards.
Secondly, hitting the roof first allows us to get a better look at the place and maybe change the plan if something comes up.
If it all works out they'll obviously yell for reinforcements when we bust in, but then when nobody from outside shows up it'll hit their morale pretty good.

[X] Head for the roof first to knock out the watchmen and get a better view of the place.
[X] Head through the guards, through the front door and anyone that stands in your way. Better to try and beat the exp out of people that won’t eat you alive this early then be too weak to do so later.

Ideally we're somehow so intimidating we don't have to hurt too many people(?) in the end, but this is how we incorporate a suitable show of force to "prove ourselves" while somewhat mitigating the risk by thinning the numbers.

If writefag or interested anons need additional details or I missed something feel free to mention it.
Delete Post
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[x] Head for the roof, nobody expects to the jumped from there. Just gotta use a fitting distraction or knock the guards out beforehand and finding the crow’s boss office should be a cinch after.

this is doing framing frame in stealth all over again
let's not kill 4 guards and run out of pagers
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Head for the roof first to knock out the watchmen and get a better view of the place.
[X] Head through the guards, through the front door and anyone that stands in your way. Better to try and beat the exp out of people that won’t eat you alive this early then be too weak to do so later.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Head for the roof, nobody expects to the jumped from there. Just gotta use a fitting distraction or knock the guards out beforehand and finding the crow’s boss office should be a cinch after.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 170890014167.png - (1.38MB, 1152x838, roof map.png)
roof map
AN: Remember, press the red, blue linky thingy to increase the image size or open it in a new tab for visability.


Remember what you said about the roof being a place nobody would expect? Turns out you were wrong about that, if anything it’s far more guarded than the front entrance for some reason. Perhaps it’s because everyone in this world shows no trouble whatsoever in flying whenever they want to.

Still, some luck is on your side. For if the roof’s edge wasn’t lowered, one of the almost a dozen (9) guards would have noticed you now, sounded the alarm and they all would have ganged up on you.

You’d rather not take your chances there, sure, you might take out one or two but if more and more come than the result will be inevitable. Better to find a way to take em down...without being seen?

But how would you do that? You’re not some super spy. And this isn’t a stealth videogame.

“That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.” Seija whispers beside you, look calm and confident as usual. “As always, birds aren’t the most perceptive type here. The place’s hot, gloomy and only a fool would try to take a way that’s obviously very guarded and so their confidence allows some gaps.”

“It is a question of seeing that moment and properly taking it, that will let you prevail.”

Uhuh, vague words as always. Oh, how thankful you are for the youkai’s advice.

“Oh, so you want me to be straightforward then? In that case allow me…”
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 170890028056.jpg - (104.37KB, 850x830, __onozuka_komachi_touhou_drawn_by_meso_meso__sampl.jpg)
TEACH ME Komachi-Sensei!

Welcome, welcome to the hint corner for the protagonist, who has ended up in this Dead End with no idea of what is happening! It is time for “Teach me, Komachi-sensei!”

Oh...but you’re not dead? Why are you here…?

Ah, I see now. You’re rather bold, trying to have someone else teach you game mechanics because a certain someone is too lazy to do so herself. Ah, what a bother, but very well, I shall help you out.

But only once! I’m a grim reaper for a reason y’know? So if you want to see me, die more often!

Actually don’t take that advice, it’d be troublesome if you actually did that, but that aside…

Ok, see that eye-demon with the whole blueish circle around it? That’s what we call an aura, just like a vision cone, entering it means being detected. It’s that simple, so let’s move on now.

If you zoom, zoom, zoom in. You’ll notice that most foes have an eye icon. That means they’re on guard, meaning at the end of every round (when you’re done making yourself and allies move and stuff) they’ll change their vision in a clock-wise manner. Keep that in mind if you want to sneak.

Want being the emphasis here, because, as attacking an unaware foe...is an instant crit. Yes, really.

So if you want to take em down one by one. Go ahead and try.

Finally the green spaces are entrances into the mansion, reach one and its your win. Though if you were seen it will naturally lead to a fight inside the mansion, so keep that in mind too.

Alright then, this ends our short lesson! I hope you’ll meet a lot more (involuntary) bad ends later on, protagonist~

Image Source
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File 170890060780.png - (19.33KB, 137x191, cheating item get.png)
cheating item get
“So, are you going to say anything?” you speak up. For Seija has just been giving you a smiling stare for about half a minute, the attention of which is starting to put you a bit on edge.

“Ah, of course. Of course.” She says, before coming closer and casually putting one of her hands into your pocket like a blur before pulling out a familiar doll, showing it off to you again.

“Remember what I said about everything I give being a boon?” you nod apprehensively which makes her smile turn a bit wilder, “In that case, go ahead and use this baby here and now!”

The doll is once again put into your hands. For a moment you wonder whether or not you should lob the thing as some distraction item, but that kind of sounds like a silly idea...or is that exactly it?

“Trust your intuition.” Seija says vaguely, so you shrug and focus more on the doll.

You stare into its eyes, it stares into yours, yada, yada, and before you know it, your hands feel like some slight electricity is running into them and with it the knowledge to properly use it.


Throw it as far as you can or set it next to you and any enemy in it’s aura (2 square circle) will end up distracted by it and if in a combat phase, will be compelled to attack it instead of you or any ally that is within it’s zone. Possessing double the hp of it’s wielder, it has no defense or evasion but is still a useful tool for avoiding blows that you’d rather not or cannot deal with by yourself. Also yes, it means they'll actually LOOK at the doll.


You/Usami RenkoLevel 0 Martial ArtistHP: 40/20 MP: 10/10
|Atk: 6| Hit 120%| Crit 30% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: 1 Evd: 20%| Will: 18% | (EQP: Basic Monk Clothes)
|Move: 5 (Walking) ; 3 (Jump)

Seija KishinLevel 0 Trustworthy YoukaiHP: ??/?? MP: ???/???
|Atk: ??| Hit ??%| Crit ??% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: ?? Evd: ??%| Will: ??% | (EQP: Basic Youkai Girl Clothes)
| Move: 6 (Walking) ; 6 (Flying)

Main actions left: 2

[ ] Move (Move anywhere up to 5 spaces/ free first time every turn for all chars, additional move cost 1 main action)
[ ] Attack (Choose a target/1 main action)
[ ] Tech
> Usami Hook! (Deals ATK+50% dmg and hits all foes in a 1 square circle / 2 mp
> Flip Positions! (Tell Seija to flip positions with anyone/anything within 10 squares/ No mp.)
[ ] Talk (To who? / free once per turn, has a range of 2 squares.)
[ ] Defend (Halves all dmg, restores 25% hp and ignores weaknesses/ 1 main action)
[ ] Pick up and throw (Need a foe or ally nearby/ 1 main action)
[ ] Use Item (1 main action)
> X1 Flashlight (Inflicts BLIND on all foes 3 squares in front of you x1 times per fight
> X3 small survival kits (Heal 5 hp each)
> Cursed Decoy Doll (Effects listed above)

Sneak past em, eliminate em all without being seen, eliminate em all and be seen.

It’s your choice, anon.

Oh and yeah, Seija’s status is still hidden cause….well, cause she’s being a nuisance. You could talk to her but right now she’s assuming you ARE capable of handling this on your own.
Delete Post
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If we snuck up and, without doing anything inbetween, landed two attacks against unaware mooks; would we do two crits or a crit and a regular hit?
I'm leaning the latter but might as well ask.
Mainly because we get double hits from bare hands.
It's very likely the latter if it was two separate main actions, but yeah.

Anyway, I'm all for thinning the herd here.
Then bust in through the main door afterwards for shock value.

How we do it depends on how tanky these guys are.
We did insta-knockout the burly birds at the gate, so it's possible we can true stealth everything except possibly the eyeball.

...I just realised that both X and Y axes are letter coded.
Oh well, no matter, since I wanted to point out that the bird at DD is probably the best to take out first.
Otherwise the one at BG (top-left) could be good to test how much of a beating the gunbirds can take.

The doll is not yet necessary, probably better when we get to the more congested southern half of the roof.

The main problem is leaving a body in plain sight.
The birds on the edges we can just toss off the side (they'll be fine), but the ones in the middle are more difficult to take care of.
At least the muscle birds don't seem to turn so taking out DD will not immediately raise an alarm.
Unless eyeball moves, that flag marker worries me.

Is the vision cone a hard limit or can some of these birds see each other right now?

I'm gonna say that taking DD out opens up the map the most, and gives us a route to left muscle bird and AB gunbird next turn.
Technically if gunbirds are real squishy we could have Seija take out GB after we find out the hp of DD (by beating the stuffing out of 'em).
Otherwise I can't really think of a particular use for the second main action aside from reserving it for DD in case one (sneak) double attack doesn't do it.

Something like this:

[X] Move Renko CA>DC
[X] Attack DD
Attack again if not enough damage
[X] Move Renko DC>CD

This sets up positioning for next turn, but possibly leaves a body (which might not even be visible anyway) and possibly floats an action.
Throwing the body around is asking to get spotted, so that's out.
If we kill gunbirds in one action Seija might be able to do so as well so we could ask her to take care of BG with the action we have left.
Otherwise we just put her on "follow" so she doesn't get spotted if we want to do this "true solo".

I could change to just taking out BG first, it'd be a lot safer but we'd be here for a lot more turns because the timings of their vision cones turning would be off.
If the vision cone thing turns out to be exact, we could instead take out AB and DD turn 1 and dismantling this rooftop would be a cakewalk from there.
So I might change my vote later.
Delete Post
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>>69395 here.

Realise I accidentally did the notation opposite from standard, which would be X-axis first then Y-axis.
Oh well, I hope it's obvious what squares I'm referring to.
Image Source
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File 170891660178.png - (1.24MB, 1152x838, 170890014167.png)
[x] Move (free)
[x] Move twice for 6 spaces.

SCREW complicated Metal Gear missions. Just instantly complete the map. No fuss!
Delete Post
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And yes I just realized the second move is 5 spaces, not 6. So we could technically not use the second action.
Delete Post
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Seija needs to get out too, so you'd use both actions if you want to instacomplete.

But also I'd rather take the chimney exit if we're gonna go fast stealth, less likely for somebody inside to have eyes on that entrance.

Not that I want to do that; just showing up in the bird's bedroom is less of a message not to fuck with us and not stab us in the back down the line than us busting the door down.

Clearing the roof just makes it easier on us that way.
Delete Post
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*Puts on comical large glasses*

Let's start with the simplest thing first.


This is a legal move, if only cause the edge of the balcony is within Renko's jump range.

Though keep in mind if you're going the perfect sneak route, that being caught WILL make all guards, be they inside or outside head to your location (or search for you if you like escape swiftly enough) and so you might regret the opportunity not thin the numbers before.

Now to the more complicated stuff.


[X] Move Renko CA>DC
[X] Attack DD

This will kill, as both attacks definitely crit.
[X] Move Renko DC>CD Also a legit move but be careful! The crow at AB will spot Renko if she doesn't move again next round (as his vision cone will hit her diagonally, to be more speficic, the guards look at North, East, South, West and so forth in a loop)

Seija can definitely follow, be she now on DD or at her starting position. She won't be seen either way.

Also the flag icon was a mistake on my part, worry not about it.

That said I hope this clarifies things and in a day or two, if no majority is decided, I'll roll a die.
Delete Post
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>>69395 here.

Thanks, currently drafting up a plan to wipe the whole roof (minus the eyeball as that's a wildcard) using Renko solo (minus two swaps by Seija) that is both safer than rushing the middle and accounts for possibly needing two hits for musclecrows.
I failed to properly visualise AB's vision cone in my initial post, so that strat's gotta go anyway.
Current estimate is 9 turns to complete for 2 attacks (so 4 hits) on musclecrows and 7 if it turns out to be 1.

Question: A square is considered seen if the cone crosses into it even a little, but just touching the edge (without going over) means it isn't in vision, right?
eg. Does knocking DD make the crow 3 squares east (DG) see it in 3 turns
Delete Post
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The edge doesn't count, aka DG will not see it in 3 turns.
Delete Post
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Hm. so neither left muscle crow (AE) nor DD see AB and BB squares T1.
Already figured out Seijaless, but I might make it a turn shorter now.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 170898461326.jpg - (314.69KB, 1152x838, Seijaless.jpg)
>>69395 here once again.
Scratch that old crap, here's the new hotness.

I ended up with a T7 Seijaless that ends close enough to the eye to give it Renko's full attention immediately afterwards.
I also played it extra safe by never ending our turn adjacent to conscious mobs, even if facing away. Just in case.

Assume every input is Renko unless it's specified to be Seija

Move CA>BB
Attack AB
Move BB>DC
Attack DD

Move DC>FB
Attack GB
Move + Dash FB>DE

Move DE>DF
Attack DG
Move DF>DJ
Move Seija DA>DF (Keeps her central and out of vision, also lets her watch the carnage and that sounds like something she'd do.)

Move DJ>AJ
Attack AI
Move AJ>AI

Move AI>AH
Attack AG
Attack AG
Move AH>AG

Move AG>AF
Attack AE
Attack AE
Move AF>CH

Move CH>FJ
Attack GJ

Just rush the eye and hit it until it can't take no more.
Don't think you get sneak attack for that but who knows, the blitz might catch it by surprise.

And there you go.

It could be up to 2 turns shorter.

The first would be either not going Seijaless or forgoing the enemy adjacency precaution.
Either we sack Seija on GJ from her central position or we save a square of movement that turns out to allow us to use every action every turn (which saves a turn, but leaves no action floating for Seija to attack GJ with).

The second either just happens or doesn't: if we knock the AG out t5 with one action, just immediately smack AE on the head as well. Free timesave if it happens.

Routed map provided for reference.
Every unbroken arrow is the combined movement for a turn.

In short:
[X] Seijaless. We decided on level grinding as our main way to beat the catgirl back on that minecart; time to get started and show what we can do.

It's literally free real estate (EXP).
I really hope what I said in >>69405 was true. Oh well, I'll fix the strat if it ain't.
Delete Post
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you are aware that while rotation patterns are specified, movement patterns aren't, right? a dying monster can let out a noise, prompting a nearby mob to investigate

(QM, hush, this is code to fuck us over)
Delete Post
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Nah, they're birdbrains.

We're a highly-trained™ martial artist of about... half a day? (How long ago was Yamame, in-canon?)

Clearly we've got the stealth KOs under wraps.

On a serious note, in the other stealth sections the mobs were pretty... stupid. By design.

To quote writefag:

>I urge you to use your willing suspension of disbelief for it, for if they reacted too realistically then any stealth whatsoever would most likely be impossible.

Now, of course this was in a different situation and the mobs in question were braindead fairies, but it stands to reason to assume the spirit of the statement still stands.

Otherwise a "stealth" mission with this many guards this closely packed would indeed be all but impossible.

Anyway, set movement would've been marked and if they reacted to noises then the full clear wouldn't even be a real option.
Delete Post
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Write fag here.

Sorry for the delay, I'm now checking the legibility of the moves. And yeah the spirit definitely still stands. Expect an update soonish enough. (I've learned not to make promises I'll most likely break. Anyway expect a reward if it works).
Delete Post
Report Post
Hey, no worries, take all the time you need/want.

Thanks for the confirmation though, even if my plan (the full clear) doesn't win it's nice to know it could've worked. If I didn't mess a line of sight up somewhere.

Having a plan I took a couple hours to optimise be regarded as some ploy to screw the story felt a little rough.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 170965705979.jpg - (177.70KB, 850x638, __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_sooru0720__sample-32.jpg)
AN: I can understand that feeling. And it’d really suck if someone saw it that way. I’m just going to assume the best from you anons, after all we’re all here to enjoy the game. Also the move’s legit.

“Ok, let’s do this…” You sigh under your breath as you gather your courage, before slowly creeping up towards the nearest guard. Your heart races as you climb up their outpost as part of you can’t believe that it’s going to be that easy. You fight against the urge to close your eyes once you are close enough and throw your arms over the youkai’s head, tightening one hand against their mouth and the other against their neck as she gasps from the sudden shock of getting caught. The two of you struggle for a moment, and you swear that someone would see this if they only bothered looking up or to their left depending on their position but that doesn’t happen.

Eventually the struggle stopped, your opponent’s arms going limp before you push her down and watch her fall face first. Unsure on whether you just knocked her out or killed her. A glance at Seija’s way shows that she’s beaming with approval, clearly awaiting you to go on with this.

And you do, be it suddenly grabbing someone by the foot to drag em down and stomping on their head to swiftly take em down. Dive kicking another straight in the knocker, or simply giving one a one-two-three combo of punches that ends with a straight hook so hard that the girl spins around like a ballerina before falling concussed into the ground. Nobody sees or hears your takedowns.

None of that makes sense to you, then again this isn’t the kind of place where common sense matters. Focusing on the lone remaining one-eyed creature, you forgo all subtlety and simply jump them from above. Their eye immediately focuses on your location once you do so and it’s two tentacle arms extend like whips in your direction, a downward kick against one gives you the momentum needed to dodge the other and you carry the momentum of your fall into one single punch that jams into the creature’s eye, knocking them to the ground before your fist goes through.

“! I-” you move back to dodge another attack, before realizing that its rapid movements are nothing more than its death flails, slowing down with each second before finally stopping. You can feel your hand is warm and wet from its prior intrusion, and looking down, see that it is covered in blood.

“Nicely done! Very brutal!” you hear a familiar voice say, but the tightness in your chest and the dirt in your hands is simply too distracting. Recognizing the sensation of rising panic, you force yourself to take a few deep breaths and once that’s calmed down a bit, you mutter a quiet apology.

They were in your way and would have done worse to you, you can live with that logic. Whatever the reward for doing this is, you really hope that it is worth it. Something is dropped in your hands.

“Earth to human? Might want to clean that up.” Seija pokes your shoulder, having given you a handkerchief with the other. Wordlessly you use it to clean your bloodied fist and then give it back, upon which she takes a moment to admire your new artwork. “Still, phoeey! That was some psycho style finisher you pulled off, I loveeeed it. Didn’t know you were the type-”

“I’m not.” you say defensively. It was an accident. You thought it could take it.

“Fine, fine, so you didn’t go out of your way to kill everyone on the roof. Still, Renko. You’re a grade A star in the making!” she says as if she is some parent that saw her child excel in a competitive sport. Finally realizing their worth. “Oh, but don’t worry though! Those gals will be back in a day or two anyway, none of us youkai tend to stay dead like you after all.”

“I know that.”

“All the more reason not to feel bad then, but enough of that, we ain’t here for morality, let’s keep-a-moving here.” Seija says before taking a better look around the roof, then notices the two entrances that you did. “Looks like we can take the balcony or the um, you know the thing some old man in a red suit goes through to deliver presents. I’ll leave the decision to you, superstar.”

You open your mouth to reply again, only to feel a sudden burst of warmth from within you. Like a pipe that gained a crack, golden smoke burst out of your body and slowly dissipates in the air as sparkling ashes. Though sudden, the change was not painful in any way and somehow…

You feel stronger. A lot stronger than before. And with that, abilities that were once considered impossible are now open to you. From the grin Seija shows, it’s clear that she can see it too.

“Aha, so you leveled up, huh? Good job. While I’d love to see your level now, let’s handle those details later. For now just uh, try to feel out which way you want to grow your monk class and-” she stops for a moment, making a ‘hmm’ sound in thought. “Eh, you’ll understand it innately.”

“Now then, choose the path to take, Renko!”

Again, you’re about to do so. But end up interrupted by the sound of a pained groan. The one crow you simply dive-kicked into a knock-out seems to be regaining their bearings. A red arrow appears above them and swiftly pierces through their chest, causing them to disintegrate into ashes.

Motioning her hands like she’s wielding an invisible bow, Seija has several more arrows adorn the sky.
Each one destined to end the life of another guard that your blows didn’t kill by accident.


[ ] Tell her to Stop.

[ ] Do nothing.

Where to?

[ ] Balcony.

[ ] The other one (Writefag legit forgot the word)

[ ] Back down to the front door, take out those two guards and barge LOUDLY in.

Bestiary about to be updated, but first level up time…

Also I’m not going to say whether killing or not killing is the optimal way here as I feel that would cheapen the decision in a way. (Why spare anyone if murder gives extra exp, right?)

Also yeah write ins still allowed.
Delete Post
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No. Stop it. Right now.
We just wanted to knock them out.
It doesn't matter if they come back.
We're not some murderer who kills helpless people(?) lying on the floor.


Frankly the (accidental) murder has killed Renko's drive to bust in, if you ask me.
If she can get over what she's going through right now to begin with.
Maybe resolve what's happening here before picking an entry point?
Unless anon already has a choice in mind.
Holding that vote for a moment.

The word you're looking for is: Chimney. (Incidentally probably what I'd choose as an entry point after that massacre.)
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 170966175954.png - (84.71KB, 576x288, battle is over 2.png)
battle is over 2
Status update:

You/Usami RenkoLevel 1 Martial ArtistHP: 55/35 MP: 12/12
|Atk: 8| Hit 140%| Crit 38% | (EQP: Bare hands/knuckle type)
|Def: 2 Evd: 25%| Will: 20% | (EQP: Basic Monk Clothes)
|Move: 5 (Walking) ; 3 (Jump)

Exp math: 0 to 1 = 100 xp. 1 to 2: 200 xp.
Exp remaining: 180-60 to lv1. 120 Exp left, so 60 more needed to reach lv2.

Items obtained:

Black Feather (x4): Lets you cast Wind Shot for free (Ranged Attack (can hit anyone in move range without actually moving), Atk+3, Wind Element. 20% chance to inflict Dizzy.)

Eye of the Beholder (1): Reveals enemy stat of chosen foe on the map.

Total P points/currency: 330 P.


OVERWHELMING STRIKES: Whenever you hit a weakness or hit a critical hit, you gain another free attack against your target or another in range enemy. This can chain in on itself until no such opportunities remain. Additionaly, you can forego your free chance to move to remain where you are and attack again. (Aka if you don't move, fist weapons attack three times.)

COUNTER STRIKE: Gain the Counter Stat (Hit/2) as an innate chance to attack for free the moment someone tries an melee attack against you. If they die from the hit or this makes them unable to continue their attack, it'll be like you never took damage in the first place. Every succesful counter lowers the chance by 20% until your next turn.

ELEMENTAL DABBLER: Choose 3 elements, you can infuse your fists with them for 2 mp . Treating any attack (for the sake of abusing weaknesses) as both melee and said element (Atk+50%). For 4 mp you can make it a ranged attack instead. (Flaming uppercuts, Thunderouis Hadoken, you name it, it's possible, for 3 elements of your choice)

DEATH HAND: For 4 mp, your next attacks have you regain half of the damage you deal as absorbed health. Additionally, the death of an enemy has you regain 2 mp and gives you ATK+.

MONSTER ARTS: Gain the Analyze ability. For the cost of 2 mp, you can see the stats of an enemy of your choice and Mark them. If said marked enemy uses a skill, you can use that ability as well for the remainder of the fight. (You can store 1+Lv moves out of combat, in combat you can use as many as you learn during it.)

HOLY FIST: Give yourself and any ally within 2 squares Atk+ ; Def+ and hit+ for 2 mp. Additionaly, you learn Healing Fist (You can choose to heal someone instead of doing dmg with fist attacks self excluded/no mp) and Fist of Justice! (Deal Atk+50% light dmg to any foe, increase this to 100% if said foe has felled an ally of yours/ 2 mp.)

STREET FIGHTER: You can choose to have your attack do half dmg in order to inflict an status effect instead: Blight (Lose 20% health when you use an attack, this is not removed at the end of one's turn) ; Fear (You cannot attack the person you're afraid off, but if you manage to do so anyway your hit and damage is cut in half) ; Immobilize (You cannot move and your evasion is treated as 0.) ; Snare (When a character applies this, you’re pulled adjacent to them. While your ensnarer is on the board, you can’t willingly move away until you free yourself, when they move you are pulled adjacent via the path of least resistance. Your evasion is halved) ; Shred (Def becomes 0). Daze (You cannot take any action, bosses can instead only take one action per turn.)

Moves are to be buffed or debuffed by the dm's will. And yes, as you level up you can gain access to the others or choose to advance the moves you already have instead. Each class at lv5 also has an ultimate ability of course.

So yeah, choose what appeals to you the most, be it more attacks, the ability to counter, inflicting status effects, yada, yada, and yeah, some of these have an obvouis synergy or are very different from the others.

You can always ask questions too, that said, until uh, you vote I guess.
Delete Post
Report Post

Oh, you already voted.

That was quick, and yeah, dw, you can definitely resolve that first.

Cause obvouisly a certain youkai is gonna go, "Why not? They ain't that smart, but even they can tell that their ass got floored by an intruder if you let em live. The fact they don't stay dead, this is clearly the simplest way to handle this!'.

To which you get to choose an answer to and ya get my gist.

Figured I'd know in advance which exit you take after. As for the guilt, from my pov it's a 'it had to be done' moment, like, she didn't mean for it to happen, but she still has to keep moving, lest she'd have done it for nothing.

Though you can always choose how she feels about it in a write in and I'd accept that.
Delete Post
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Well, whatever happens, Overwhelming Strikes is in.
The action economy boost against anything we don't oneshot or dares approach us on their turn is too powerful

The second choice is a bit more difficult.
Overwhelm makes us an infighter, so we can go all in on that or spread our options.

Elemental dabbler: Good, but personally not that interested
Gives us a ranged option and weakness abuse.
Pretty good, but I prefer my fist to do fist.

Counter strike and Death hand: Infighting spec is good
both help with infighting by way of a sustain option.
I'm more inclined to go counter as it prevents damage sometimes and lets us output more.

Monster arts: Probably not bad.
Eh. I wanna punch shit, not copy getting high off fairy dust or something.

Holy Fist: Very interesting, but better for when we have more recruits.
Good damage type. (Ostensibly. Since we're in hell.)
Support in the form of an AoE buff and a healing option.
Pretty much made for large parties, though.
Since there's only use two for now I wouldn't pick this.
Definitely worth thinking about down the line, though.

Street Fighter: Kinda nutty
Status on command is actually really freaking strong.
There doesn't seem to be any condition except hit and pay half your damage.

Street fighter is good, but I'd rather get counters going first; we're a monk, it's what we do, it's how we live.


Maybe you'd consider this bland, but it's only the first level, gotta get the basics going.

Btw writefag you want me to wipe and repost >>69425 so your update isn't broken up?

Well, you've responded now so nevermind.
Sorry 'bout that.

Fair on the guilt thing, we're in it now.
She can crash about it later when the adrenaline wears off fully.
I'll stick with telling her to stop for now, if only for the token resistance.
Seija will probably make a fair case for it, too.

If you'd rather I vote for the entry point now that's fine too, was just wondering.
Delete Post
Report Post

I don't really know what's so special about having an update not be broken up anyway. As for the entry point you can hold it as long as you want, I ain't pressuring nobody.

As for the builds available, yeah Streetfighter is kinda nutty, but eh, if its too much I can just nerf as I said before. Oh and I almost forgot: Thanks for telling me the word chimney.

Going for a strong basic is never a wrong decision.

And in case I never said it, just know that your posts make my day. It's real fun to know someone's interested in what you're writing. Hope that doesn't sound sappy.
Delete Post
Report Post

1) So far skills like that honestly include all info, so yeah you'd be able to see the enemy weaknesses and resistances. hence a synergy there. (Bassicaly makes you a blue mage that can use elemental weaknesses, and use enemy skills. Might increase the amount of skills one could hold it out of combat to make it stronger since fights don't last that long in hindsight.)

2) And honestly yeah, I might have gone overboard with that one, I might show a nerfed version of it if anyone's actually interested in that class path but if not, then there's no need to change what won't be used in the first place.

Elemental plus Overwhelming works too, since you can later just buy items that let you see enemy stats anyway (like the one beholder eye you have) and then go ORA ORA indeed.

Counter plus Death also makes a nice combo since counters ARE attacks so they'd heal you too, add in the fact the odds of countering more often becomes higher as your hit increases anyway and someday you might just heal more dmg than someone can inflict on you.

Anyway you're not that far away from leveling up again. So if something looks tempting, you can always pick it later or increase the skills you already have to a higher level.

Hope that helped.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 170967441925.jpg - (414.24KB, 1451x2048, __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_mouryou_chimimouryou.jpg)
Maybe we should...
[-] Do nothing.
It's not homicide if they will respawn.
[-] Chimney.
I'm not sure where we should drop off. Shall we try to get to the chimney for more unexpected entrance?

I am currently leaning towards to:
[-] COUNTER STRIKE - Counter, unlike Owerwhelm, can be triggered even if we don't crit / exploit weakness.
[-] DEATH HAND - I want more healing that doesn't rely on consumables / other allies.
I preferring self-sustainability.

There's also option of combining ELEMENTAL DABBLER with OVERWHELMING STRIKES for maximum amount of ORAORAORA-

I have couple of questions for OP:
1) MONSTER ARTS only display stats and not skills / weaknesses, right? If we can analyse weaknesses of each enemy, we can use ELEMENTAL DABBLER more effectively.
2) Can we choose that status ailment will be inflicted by STREET FIGHTER? That changes this move from good to Unnerved, Unbalanced... We could Snare enemy to us using ranged attack from ELEMENTAL DABBLER then Daze to gang up on him without retaliation.

I will wait couple of days to make my vote. Maybe someone will convince me to select other options.
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>>69430 >>69432 here.
Oops, i wanted to expand 2nd question and got ninja'd.
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Oh, you're back. (well, you updated your choice, but welcome back anyway)

Also I realized I never answered 2) the right way.

But yeah, you get to choose the status effect you inflict in exchange for doing half damage.

And also yeah, Monster Arts shows like the whole char sheet so stat, skills, weaknesses and resist, all of it.

And waiting a few days is fine, let nobody say I'm a hypocrite in that domain.
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Ey, man.
I love Touhou and I love Disgaea.
This thread is just plain fun and it shows.
No way I ain't gonna put in my own time into writing responses worthy of the effort that goes into running a story.
I mean, far be it from me to call you sappy for the shit I write half most of the time.
Keep on keepin' on.
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I forgot to refresh the page for a few hours and I miss so much discussion.
How foolish of me.

Well, I've already written out my reasonings, so I don't really know how else I could convince you.
I could elaborate on why I think Overwhelm should be a hardlock, suppose.

To put it simply, to get a third attack per turn in bigger fights.
The second half of the skill is much more important than the first half.
That part by itself is simply massive, the crit thing is just bonus.
In games like this action economy is king.

Reading it again tho: Writefag, the weakness thing needs rewriting or changing, RAW if we elemental weakness hit someone we can literally infinite combo a shmuck unless their weakness changes during our turn.
Maybe you meant to imply it's 1 free bonus attack per round per target, but I don't think that's what it currently says.
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>>69432 here.
Nerfs incoming, so I'll wait for skills update.
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[x] Tell her to stop
I'm feeling Lawful Good today
Delete Post
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[x] Tell her to stop

King of Iron Fisting Tournament.
Delete Post
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[x] Tell her to stop


Renko is a Dudley main
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[x] Tell her to stop
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 170975854366.jpg - (161.75KB, 2000x1497, merf.jpg)

Fair, in that case.


Overwhelming Strike: Whenever you hit a weakness or hit a critical hit, you gain one more free attack against your target or another in range enemy. If another enemy is attacked and you hit a weakness or critical hit then you can continue the flurry until every enemy in range that qualifies for this has been hit.

Example: You posses Elemental Dabbler and chose the flame element. Three Ice fairies (weak fire) are surrounding you, so you choose to flame punch one, hit and trigger a weakness, you can then choose to attack the same target again or hit another one, which if hit lets you another one. Until all three are hit.

The extra attack upon not using your free movement remains (Making sure you don't think it's been removed).

So the infinite combo should no longer be posssible, aka a hardlock has been put in place.

STREET FIGHTER has been removed for now due to balancing issues. (Lucky me nobody chose it, fhew!)

That handled, if my math is correct, the current votes are:

Overwhelming Strikes: 4
Counter Strike: 4
Death Hand: 1
Elemental Dabbler: 2
Holy Fist: 1

Seems the basics are currently in the lead. I'll still wait a bit more just in case.
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Fair, I prioritised basics anyway, but would've picked Street 100/100 times next level up, so it's probably better this way.

The Overwhelm nerf is fine, the triple attack is actually the real reason to pick it anyway.

By the way, how exactly does it work.

Do we get an extra attack per action spent, or do we get an extra "action" to spend on just attacking?

Ie. 2x3 attacks or 3x2 attacks.

Amount of total attacks won't differ, but the latter is better because we can retarget the extra attacks if we want.
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In short.

Move for free and attack: 2 fist attacks. (+1 if weakness/crit is hit against the same opponent or try to go for a flurry against another one)

Do NOT move for free and attack: 3 fist attack (and the other stuff here)"

Also yeah, you're not forced to use all attacks on the same target.
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[X] Do nothing.
[X] Chimney.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 171018775097.jpg - (199.99KB, 740x740, __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_pozesuke__513f38d0be.jpg)

That makes it.

Overwhelming Strikes: 4
Counter Strike: 5
Death Hand: 2
Elemental Dabbler: 2
Holy Fist: 1

So Overwhelming Strikes and Counter Strike it is.

Likewise, stopping Seija and heading down the Chimney like Santa Claus is a go.

Update incoming......soon. Like actually tommorow at best. BUT I PROMISE NOTHING!
Who knows, I might fall down a sewer hole and dissapear for several years with my luck.
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Oh, I figured we'd get an in-between vote when all the other people also didn't vote for what to do afterwards.
But fair is fair, I probably would've voted chimney now anyways instead of busting the front door down.

Anyway, take you time.
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I did NOT read that social cue properly then.

Forgot the Chimney then, I'll go with Stop Seija for now.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 17107879424.jpg - (127.12KB, 618x913, __kijin_seija_touhou_drawn_by_massakasama__6e6f782.jpg)
[x] Tell her to stop


The word didn't seem to emerge from your throat. Less a voice than a tectonic scrape, some hateful mutter rising from beneath the earth.

"Stop what?" said Seija, her arrows still in the air, unmoving but still deadly.

"Killing the helpless. 'Heroes' don't do that." You close the distance, coming close enough to grab her by the shoulders and make her look your way. No need for that though, as she's already glancing your way.

"Or were you lying to me?" you ask, not bothering to hide your disappointment. "Were you joking?"

A tedious question, for it makes Seija's grin dissapear, followed by a loud groan. "Ugh, so you are that type of a person, huh? Can't say I didn't have my suspicion. But no, I wasn't lying or joking about anything..."

"Then what are you doing right now?" you ask her again. The tone of which makes her frown in annoyance.

"Cleaning up loose ends." she responds seriously, the whimsy in her own voice gone in turn. Her ruby eyes gleam with indifference, apathy, it marks a bizarre sight with the spotless grin she bares her teeth. "Come now, Renko. Surely you understand that if these people aren't taken care off, they'll just regain their bearings and sound the alarm? Us folks are sturdy like that, which is why the only way to be safe is with lethal force."

You just cross your arms in disapproval, not satisfied with her answer.

"Serouisly? The dissapointed mom stare? That's what you're throwing at me? Ok!" Seija guffaws at the sight, some seen humor in that returning a smile to her. "Come now, don't make me bust out the 'its kill or be killed here!' spiel of all things. Not to be condescending but this place is called HELL for a reason, it's a place where the strong torturing the weak is common sense. A place where violence is as casual as breathing. I'd hate to rain on your parade, but if you insist on playing things fair and honorable the only reward you'll get is a knife in the back, ambushes aplenty and other slaps on the cheek because things like that...make you predictable, easy to manipulate. Looked down on too, cause if you ain't got the grit, that means everyone that lost to you is nothing more than a bitch. And boy, that kinda sentiment stings real bad. So bad in fact, that no matter where you go, people will try again and again to get a piece of your meat because you're not playing the game their way. And that must mean you've been cheating. Gaming the system, their losses were nothing more than flukes that one more challenge will rectify. Do you get what I am saying, Renko?"

Oh, you get it. Still...

"Who gives a shit what the world thinks?" The way that sentence alone gets most of her attention is a bit much, still you continue. "If people want a piece of us, then they'll get it. It'll only make me stronger anyway, that's how the game works, right? No matter where you go, people will always look for trouble anyway and I can't be bothered to remember every rule out there. I'm moving for a reason, a reason that's only there for me myself. Everyone else who isn't ok with that? Fuck them, I'll make them move."

There's no response, but that's okay.

"That and well...why not just knock them out? Same result, less chance of pissing of this mansion's owner for all I know. Don't tell me you don't have bullets that can do that. You're the type to have them."

More quiet. But it's tense, a cord on the verge of snapping. Then Seija laughs. It's an ugly laugh, the type you'd hear from a cruel imp in the movies or from a villain on the top of a castle where lightning dramatically flashes. In her case, Seija lifts one hand to remove a tear or two from her eyes before looking your way again.

"Shit, fine, you got me there." She relents, "God, for a second I thought-ah, it's nothing! Good to know I wasn't wrong for taking a shine to ya." another snicker, then with a click of her hands, the arrows dissapear, instead replaced with more harmless looking energy balls. "Convenient knock out bullets, also known as Danmaku. At my service for sure...or am I lying to you? I'm not. Gotta keep the mind games for the better moments."

"Anyway, my bad! my bad!" she continues, back to her usual self. Shifty smile and all. "Looks like I misread something, I'll admit to my error. So then, Miss Hero, shall I use the knock out bullets as you wish me to? I'll have to warn that unlike the 'good ol solution' that means our infiltration henceforth will have a time-limit. So we'll have to hurry and reach her office pronto if we wanna play this the stealthy way before the others wake up in...a few minutes instead of 30 seconds."

"Noted." you nod in understanding.

"Oh, I hope you do! Make no mistake, I'm not some murder fan, it's just the more convenient option since, again, us youkai don't stay dead. Still, I'm also the understandable sort, yes I am! Hence I listen to my partners..."

"And speaking of listening." she waves a hand over the area, "Which way do we go, oh, merciful hero?"

Use 'knock out' bullets?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No.
[ ] Write in (Cuz you don't trust her or something else and also cuz if you say no, the default is murder)

Head to where?
[ ] The Balcony.
[ ] The Chimney.
[ ] Write in. (Cuz you want to jump the front gate guards or something else.)
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Very satisfied with this outcome.
Seija seems to like/not mind it either.
We put our foot down, while still being very clear that that doesn't mean we'll take getting fucked with lying down.
People mess with us, they get smashed; they don't, they get to keep their kneecaps.
It's hard to tell basic fairies apart, but if we somehow find that one that ratted us out to Orin after we very nicely asked her not to...
Well, luckily fairies can fly without intact bones.

Anyway, the bloodlust has settled; if anything, accidentally killing some people in the haze is kind of a downer, really.
I'm all for taking the sneaky way in, now.
Chimney seems the least likely to have overwatch on it, so that's my vote.
Balcony's a bit risky.

Knockout bullets: Yes
It's MGS speedrun time.
We'll show some trust by letting her use her weirdo non-lethal bullets.
Why don't people use those more often?
Sounds a lot more fun than the constant killing.
Maybe could make a videogame out of it.

[X] Yes
[X] The Chimney
Delete Post
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[x] Yes

[x] The Chimney
Delete Post
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[X] No.
[X] The Chimney.
Leave no witnesses.
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