I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 163044478068.jpg - (1.38MB, 1689x2400, BigNyongNyong-1364694760800219137-img1.jpg) [iqdb]
Making me post up another thing, god damn...

A few people wanted to do 30 updates a month. More people just wanted "any kind of story fitting the theme, short or otherwise". I don't care how you go about it, but for September of this year how about writing a "horror" themed story?

Wuzzat mean? Well after having talked about it a lot I and others have concluded that actual horror might not be in most THP writers' wheelhouses, so fast and loose is the idea. Ghost characters (Tojiko, Minamitsu, Mima, Yuyuko, (sorta) Youmu), spookier characters (fortune teller, Rumia, Kisume, Yuuka)---that's fair game with whatever scenario. Bonus for trying to make things creepy with any character, OC or not, that you choose? There's no prizes here, and no winners. Well, we all win with some participation.

If you do a comedy, that's fine. Slice of life, that's fine. "Scary" story, also fine. Porn? Fine.

I want you to write. A short, a full story, whatever you like.

Let's fill the site with life a little by dabbling in some themes of death, and have a chilling or chill September.

Post here or the other thread idgaf I'll be linking my story here when I'm ready to post it because the other thread is pushing a rule I don't agree with.
'Eyyy it's porn. Youmu porn >>/at/41127 . That's mine.
Awesome, expect an story from me by Saturday then.

Already have a idea for an story on Rumia I'm still working on.

Glad to become a part of this spookyness.

Here ya go, technically it's Sunday now but do forgive that transgression.

Happy to be a fellow Spooky
You can cross-board quote >>/forest/31398
I made a thing: >>/underground/16546
Let's do this - or abandon a story trying.
I'm chipping in for this, too
There we go.
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