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File 161965247934.jpg - (209.09KB, 1200x1600, 83711549_p0.jpg)
Komano Aunn contended not to moan. Once that fell through, she applied herself to, in the worst event, not be heard by Miss Reimu.

The day was very fine, to Aunn’s good fortune, for such undertakings, as the shrine maiden had taken it to spend around her husband in the Human Village. The wind-chime was tinkling above the shrine’s porch, which eased the matters some; and, omitted though she had to mention when precisely she’d planned her return, Aunn had heeled long enough at Miss Reimu’s side to scent it when the shrine maiden needed most a moment of respite from her duties. The fact of her husband, an able carpenter of some renown, living by necessity among his kin in town, married to Miss Reimu by must manning the faraway Hakurei shrine, presented just so apt an opportunity. The shrine then, by way of course, falling under Aunn’s dogged vigil.

Some gossiped, contingent on whether the fierce Hakurei shrine maiden was nearby or not, that either she or her husband showcased in this fashion the troubledness of their marriage. Aunn knew of nothing farther from the truth. Miss Reimu’s was a pliant soul; distance was its least foe.

“We’ll at least not grow bored of each other soon, yes?” she’d said once when pressed, in that come-what-may attitude she had.

Aunn leaned harder on the ever-empty offertory box, knees wobbling beneath the weight of her own, stuck-out butt. A whine fled her clamped throat, of a like which would’ve made Miss Reimu’s cheeks burn pink and her husband’s knuckles to go white.

Yet she did love the stolid carpenter, did the eremite shrine maiden. She’d loved him enough to have given him a single, precious child; and now, a sea’s worth of water under the bridge, she loved him still enough that she sought his solitary affection on especially fraught weeks.

Which left the remaining two dearest mainstays of Miss Reimu’s life in Aunn’s custody.

Aunn dared a peek over her shoulder. The strapping youth at her back perked up and gave her a perfunctory smile, which was more preoccupied than those seen as a rule on those his age. His head was full of hair: blackish-brown like his mother’s and, while short-changed in the burly, workmanlike department, he’d been quick to inherit the surety of his father’s grip. The grip which, right this moment, was being applied in its full to Aunn’s as-yet-clothed hips. Soaked inside and out, the fabric of her bottoms squelched obscenely as the teen crammed his long, stiff erection back up the gap between Aunn’s trembling thighs. Her crotch rode its curve until her butt bumped his waist, the intervening shorts and panties so wet they may as good hadn’t been there. Silently, Aunn wished they hadn’t. Her tail swept his bare chest under his undone shirt. The angle of insertion had spread her hidden kitty wide open, further moistening her underwear. Aunn mourned it through her teeth.

It was, these stories tend to go, all her fault. Taichi, because that’d been the Hakurei shrine maiden’s name for her first-born, was at that age. He had been at it running on to three years, and Aunn, the true-blue, loyal Aunn, had seen him – and helped him – through every one.

It had begun innocently not at all. In but one night, the boy who’d pulled Aunn’s tail and played with her hide-and-seek around the shrine had turned into a confused, young man who’d crawled into her futon, pushed her knees up to her ears and frantically buffed the oblong rise in his hakama on the soft, smooth front of Aunn’s panties. It’d been she, too, whose heart and conscience would be wrenched by the shamed distress on Taichi’s usually determined face; it’d been nobody but she who would give in, draw aside the panties and extricate from the boy’s sweaty nightwear what would prove itself to be an unduly mature and female-ready manhood. And Aunn, who had released it, would be its willing female.

Taichi’s first time wouldn’t go on for two minutes, his virgin glans rubbing itself raw on the creases of Aunn’s kitty, even if its girth would cause in return a fair few pleased, feminine cramps in her belly. The boy’s first-ever ejaculation from sex would end where few ever had the luck to; with his groin mashed against Aunn’s mons and his throbbing tip pressed up to her cervix, Taichi’s entire, pent-up load would gush, spurt after spurt, right into her womb where, for the remainder of the night, it’d find a warm yet ultimately uninhabitable home. That’d dissuade the oblivious teen not whatsoever; and, by the time he’d slid his penis free, trailing Aunn’s honey and his milk, he had sported a new, purple-tipped, yet now more experienced erection.

All throughout this, in a neighbouring futon, Miss Reimu had snored softly away while her son had become one-, two-, and then threefold a man grown.

Since then, Taichi’s manhood had made fast and frequent friends of areas of Aunn’s body he’d hardly ever remarked before. Once broached, the developing teen’s libido would overflow and pain every one of his interactions with the shrine’s dutiful, komainu guardian. There would not be a morning or afternoon, which Tachi had whiled away at his mother’s place over his father’s, when Aunn would be spared the sight, smell, taste or touch of his newfound manhood. Whenever she’d stood on lookout beneath the shrine’s ancient toori, he would sidle in from behind and stick his penis into her hands; whenever he’d taken her out “for a walk,” inevitably he’d haul Aunn behind a bush to unbutton her shirt, take out, stare at and then jerk off between her breasts. He’d declare a round of hide-and-seek, only to drag the stunned komainu into a clothes-closet where, eyes watering from his pubescent musk, she would be made to submit to several rounds of tiring, upright doggystyle sex, all the while his mother had cluelessly walked by or busied outside. He’d sit evenings on the shrine’s back-terrace with Aunn’s head in his lap, his fist around her horn and her lips touring his penis, enjoying blowjob after blowjob, from one straight into the next, even as she’d struggled to contain and gulp down the effects of the last. He’d pass crass jokes at supper, which Miss Reimu, out from her bath, would blandly reprimand, and Aunn would tut along… often having to ignore that, by then, her womb had been chock-full of the shrine maiden’s son’s thick, virile come.

And later, with his mother sound asleep, the insatiable teen would again sneak into Aunn’s futon to polish his stiff wood on the slippery walls of her kitty.

The worst by far… and the best… had, however, been the days Miss Reimu hadn’t been home to pose a constant, looming danger of discovery. Alone with Aunn, Tachi would go hog-wild, a veritable beast in rut – coaxing from the kindly komainu sex and service and more sex, coming inside her kitty and mouth, on her face and her breasts, in her hands and up the crack of her butt, until the head of his penis had been so red as to hurt. Only the windfall visit from a fairy or three could bring Aunn reprieve on those days, and only since the fairies had been altogether too glad themselves to “play doctor” on the young man’s lap and receive their own, sticky injections.

Three years on, and not a thing had changed… excepting Taichi had grown and learned. It’d been Aunn’s undoing that she’d ever thought to teach him.

A head-and-a-half taller now than the Hakurei shrine’s averred guardian, Tachi hustled Aunn’s hips forward, off of his immoderately swollen penis. The tip, which otherwise was a regular guest at the entrance of her womb, poked her kitty’s opening through the drenched shorts and underwear – intimating that, had it not been for those, then Aunn’s womanhood would’ve now been filled up all the way to the top. Twice more, Taichi prodded her covered kitty, for no reason but to drive the suggestion home. Aunn, who had gotten it from the beginning, mewled her helpless, useless consent. But the teen had been dead-set on doing her through the shorts.

Upwards of her waist, however, no such restrictions applied. Aunn’s hefty puppies (Taichi’s name for them) lolled out of her undone shirt, dangled over the offertory box’s grille, their big, walnut-cream nipples so distended she was afeared to touch them. Anybody climbed the Hakurei hill’s hundred steps for a prayer and a ring of the shrine’s Suzu bell would instead be granted a vision out of a teenaged boy’s wet dream. Or, as it were, a komainu’s waking routine. Taichi added to its reality by guiding Aunn’s crotch back down his rigid, sloping length. Until her tummy quit fluttering, Aunn yielded to the pleasure, nails etching the offertory box’s weatherworn wood. Then, with her derriere smushed against the teen’s denuded hips, she looked down at the penis jutting out from between her pant-legs. It thrust out so far, she could well see the top third trained straight up at her cleavage.

There was a distinct and not too cheerful hunch in Aunn’s mind that, should Taichi grow any further than his seventeen years, then her kitty could no longer accept him. Not the whole way to his base. And then, she fretted, a right disheartened hound she owner he would make.

… Then again, Aunn considered as he bade her close her tingly thighs around his shaft, neither could “auntie Suika,” and whatever criticism Taichi had performed of the little Oni’s carriage, it hadn’t extended to her figure. Miss Reimu may have taken pains aplenty to keep the drunken deva wide of her son until she and her could weren’t liable to kill or stunt him; still, it hadn’t an hour away their introductions or moment of his mother’s leaving the room when Taichi had crept up to the Oni on his knuckles and spoke into her sake-flushed ear.

“Hey. I want to screw you. Can I?” he had said.

Aunn hadn’t ever seen so well-adjusted an Oni lapse so fast back to its traditional colour. And yet, the two had vanished somewhere no sooner than Taichi had done everybody’s dishes after supper. Aunn would light upon them behind the shrine’s storage-shed: both out of their bottoms and with great dispatch fitting the Oni’s little, hairless kitty onto the teen’s uncompromising hard-on. Heedless that a faithful komainu might’ve been peeping around the cornerstone, the two had tried position after position, from the wheelbarrow to a clumsy mating press, to get the best out of the difference in their sizes. And Aunn would never notice the dampness in her panties, never mind the air, until Miss Reimu had called for the three of them from across the shrine grounds to help her fix up the storm doors and lay out the beds.

The drumming of the rain would make it easy for Miss Suika to creep under Taichi’s blankets and give him disciplinary oral sex until the wee hours without alerting his slumbering mother. But not so the watchful komainu.

“Hey, Aunn.”

Taichi’s summons jarred her out of a memory of scowling at a youkai other than her trusty self licking the spit and pre-come from the Hakurei shrine maiden’s son’s vulnerable manhood. The present was one of the same manhood once again withdrawing from between her clothed thighs, grinding on the roof of its slimy prison before being prodded – glans first – one more time at the wettest spot on her lower wear with a pointed, carnal implication. Aunn’s shoulders went weak with submission as she felt her petals spread and the fabric of her panties touched her kitty’s inner lips. Taichi wiggled his tip inside the oozy dimple, as though his inability to enter were a mystery to be figured out: slowly, sensually, with the maximum side of pleasure. Aunn let the teen to it… inasmuch as she would’ve done otherwise if otherwise she had wanted. She was a komainu. Stoicism was written in her stone.

“… This is boring,” Taichi announced out of nowhere, untactfully drawing away. “It’s making me ache. I’m through.”

On the other hand, stone too could crack when hot or wet. Or both. Aunn’s hand cracked atop Taichi’s and her wobbly hip.

“How meeean,” she whined. All of her dominion over age was poured into the backwards peer. The teen returned it – a bully’s leer attached. Aunn’s tousled, curly tail swept it from his face. “Wasn’t it your idea? Yours?” she chided. “To do it with clothes… on?”

The teen minced the accusation. “Yeah. Yeah, no,” he changed the tack. “Not mine, in actual. Got it from auntie Marisa. Cred’s hers.”

“Miss… Miss Marisa?” said Aunn, warily.

“Uh, yeah,” plunged on Taichi. “Came to overnight last weekend, right? So, um, when mum and she got soused, after you took mum to bed… well, auntie Marisa wanted to know about me and girls. Got me in a chokehold and went prying. Couldn’t give the credence that I hadn’t had a girlfriend yet. And, uh…”

“… Yes? What?” Aunn prompted, dreading what was coming.

Taichi essayed for a shrug – with his eyes, on account of his arms being hippily preoccupied. “Got it into her head I might be a ‘fruit, like Kourin,’” he said, quote marks scrupulously tweezing the ugly hearsay, “laid me out on the floor, skinned my pants, sat on me and rode me through her bloomers. Starting off, I got maybe a halfsie on at most, but… er, auntie Marisa has those flacons and flasks she lugs around, yeah? She poured one out on me, and when she tucked her shirt up to show me her titties…”

He left the ellipsis hanging there evocatively like a middle-aged witch’s nipples.

Aunn throttled a harsh word. Miss Marisa had remained staunchly single throughout her mortal years and had given every indication of heightened resistance to shifts in her marital status following Miss Reimu’s unlikely wedding. She shouldn’t have been doing those things with a teenaged boy. With Aunn’s Miss Reimu’s teenaged boy. It wasn’t moral.

“Tell me you didn’t,” the komainu despaired. “Tell me you and she didn’t—”

“No,” groaned Taichi. “I remember—”

“Human females are fertile, therefore off-limits,” Aunn recited, drawing on the force of habit; “youkai are dangerous but fine; and fairies—”

“—fairies are good to play with, except the one under the shrine,” filled in the teen, sufferingly. “I remember. Said so, we did it through her bloomers. After I’d splooged, she did let me put it inside her once or twice, but only as a ‘try-out.’”

“Once or twice?”

Taichi’s mouth opened, and then a sheepish expression suffused his features. “… Might be it was three times,” he confessed, “before I got it all the way inside. A—And then one more time, to see how it felt from start to finish. And, uh, I may have held it there, pressed to her baby-room…”

“Oh, Taichi…” said Aunn, with every ounce of her heavy heart. And, because there was an education to be had, and not at all because playing second fiddle to another woman’s bloomers had rankled her feminine sensibilities, she added on, “If Miss Marisa has your children, you are going to have to marry her, you know?”

The teen grimaced the marked grimace of a young man who could see his carefree lifestyle plummeting down a witch’s cauldron if he weren’t cautious. “… I didn’t come once inside her,” he said uncommittedly.

“Then, everything is good,” Aunn relented. “Good boy Taichi.”

And for a moment, everything was good. For a moment, they were three years in the past, a contrite boy and his longanimous guardian.

Then, Aunn recalled she was in the great outdoors, breasts swaying outside of her shirt, her lower wear soaked through from a session of exploratory, clothed thigh-sex that’d lasted altogether too long for comfort. The same boy was now manhandling her hips rather than boy-handling them; never mind his manhood by itself which was, it should suffice to say, symptomatic. The moment broke, rarely to be relevant again, much like Taichi’s virginity.

There was but one question left, a tinny flea, niggling at Aunn’s dishevelled pride. “Why, this?” she asked. “I’m not… off-limits. Why with clothes on?”

Not a trace, not a smidgen of artfulness crooked the teen’s face as he explained. “It’d been nice with auntie Marisa,” he said; “so’s bound to feel even better with you. I thought. Cause, you’re the best, Aunn. The clothes is just coarse.”

A warm, fulfilled sensation spread outwards from the komainu’s humble soul to the farthest of her extremities. It dawned on her later it’d been explicitly what an artful boy would say, especially to a woman he meant to please, and even likelier to one who would presumably then return the favour, but the treacle of praise was too sweet not to swallow. Aunn purred her happy gratitude; and, having relieved the teen’s hand of her admonishing grip, she hooked both of her thumbs under the band of her shorts. She eased them, together with her panties, around her hips and off of her rear then down her tail and smooth thighs, until the former sprang with a shake out of its designed hole. The sex-soiled bottoms skidded down the remainder of Aunn’s legs to bunch at her ankles while, her mind now wholly set, the shrine’s guardian komainu propped her arms on the lonely offertory box, the small of her back arched into a steep, chest-forward, butt-thrust-out, mating bow. The puffy peaks of her round, plush breasts tickled from the tepid, late-Summer breeze.

The young man behind her let go of a sound. It’d been as that of a rottweiler spotted a stray cat across the yard. He wasted no time in cuffing the base of her wagging tail, sliding his fist up and grabbing a purchase around the middle, like the precocious boy he had used to be. He’d lose even less in laying his long, honey-smeared manhood out lengthwise the cleft of Aunn’s plentiful behind. There was a tense, gruff murmur, a few sticky slaps; and then, Taichi dragged the head of his penis down between Aunn’s buttocks, to where her precious womanhood waited him in wet, puffed-up readiness. He paused, poised at her sopping entrance as the komainu cautioned.

“… Wait,” she said. “Wait. What… do you say, Taichi?”

The teen mulled. “… I love you, Aunn?”

Aunn was glad she hadn’t looked back. “The other thing!”

Taichi ground out a sigh. “Thank you,” he reeled off; “I’ll be in your care; many thanks for having me. I’m putting it in now, OK?”

“Good boy,” she managed to reply. “Goodhnn, boooyyy…”

At no more than a prod from his blunt tip, without the intervening cloth, Aunn’s petals flowered out and wrapped flush around the head of Taichi’s manhood. Honey in profusion slickened his foreskin, peeling it back, leaving the glans bared and its vulnerable ridge exposed to her kitty’s soft creases. The teen loosed a growl from impatience and stimulation, his hips juddering, stumbling, pushing him suddenly half-way up to Aunn’s womb. Stripped raw of his composure, straining hard in her snug embrace, Taichi roughly completed the insertion. Aunn’s rear crashed into his waist with a resounding clap that would’ve alerted Miss Reimu from three rooms over that her son was having promiscuous, doggystyle sex with the shrine’s butty guardian. Taichi dispensed with the final pretences of a pervy accident by leaning forward, pinning her hands under his on the offertory box and mounting the fluffy komainu in earnest.

All the while, Aunn stood impossibly still, pushed up onto her tiptoes, orgasmic spasms wracking her half-nude body from the bellybutton to mid-thigh. The mushroom-shaped head of the teen’s long, erect manhood, sheathed to the deepest end of Aunn’s writhing kitty, had ground along her best, most spectacular spots to climax with. Not because Taichi had retained any of the many pointers Aunn had given him on how to make her a woman feel good; nor because the savage curve and impressive girth of the teen’s manhood made it an irresistible morsel for any kitty lucky enough to descend its length for a “try-out.” Aunn’s delicate, satiny insides wrung around her ward’s robust hard-on, threatening a vicious, squirting orgasm should she but tip off of her toes and press her G-spot against its stiff, arched underbelly – because Aunn had made it so. She had positioned and angled her hips expertly so that his first thrust would reimburse her kitty in full for all the teasing he’d done to it through Aunn’s clothes. She’d made it so she could come at a moment’s notice just in case Taichi’s endurance proved today to be lesser than his daunting usual.

That it was… though it shouldn’t, thrilled Aunn to the end of her ruffled tail. Taichi’s manhood throbbed beneath her womb, its meaty base swelling and contracting in the ring of her kitty’s inner lips. Honey and pre-come were, Aunn could tell without looking, trickling down the teen’s Hakurei family jewels, sticking to his sparse, adolescent pubes. He had not come… but not for lack of enticement. Aunn’s was simply too long denied a prize to let slip after but one tour of her sugary walls. That Taichi had denied it to himself didn’t appear to have registered in the teen’s kitty-narrow worldview. His pulsing, flexing shaft told her volumes of its disagreement.

So, too, did Taichi’s bravado. The teen breathed hotly down the open collar of Aunn’s shirt, with a nudge of his hips reasserting his complete dominance of Aunn’s tight, quivering womanhood.

“‘Amm—” he slurred, arousal miring every syllable to brush the komainu’s glossy skin, “‘Am gonna p-p-put a baby in your belleh, just mark me—”

Aunn swooned from the intensity and the masculine heat of his only just broken voice. “You caaan’t~” she whined. “Aunn is a youkai, ‘memberrr?”

“That s’posed t’ stop me?!” snarled Taichi.

It wasn’t. In more meanings and for more purposes than one, it wasn’t – but Taichi needn’t know it. Nor did he, given the way he was retracting his hips for another thrust at his cute guardian’s precious place. The edge of his chubby glans scooped the folds of her kitty out on its retreat; Aunn hadn’t to focus in order to feel the fresh honey and hot pre-come streaking down her outspread thighs. There was a bath in Aunn and the teen’s nearby future and no three words about it. A great, warm, gooey glob of liquid arousal pattered on Aunn’s discarded bottoms once the widest part of Taichi’s glans had passed the floodgates of her opening. The teen halted his withdrawal, the tip of his meaty spear remaining trained square on Aunn’s wet slot.

And then, with little any sense of diplomacy, he slammed his young, hard penis down to the hilt inside her defenceless womanhood.

Aunn squealed. The impact of her butt slapping his hips shook her unrestrained, pendulous puppies. Shocks of base, female pleasure firing off from where the teen’s had had snagged first then ridden all along the sensitive, front wall of her kitty wrung the shrine’s youkai guardian’s voice into a rich, womanly moan. Taichi stiff, unbendable manhood reared, almost upright, inside the komainu’s plump belly, its girth crowding her G-spot and flattening out her kitty’s folds. The tubby head smooched and rubbed up against her cervix, as though it were the most urgent thing in the world that Aunn allow her owner’s son to plant his seed in her womb.

There was nothing else to do but so. Aunn’s gasped go-ahead was her final, wilting shame.

A rutting hound in everything except species, the teen began sawing his hard-on back and forth, recklessly, in and out from between her slick, palpitating walls. Aunn’s chest pinched and her eyes rolled up in their sockets as her ward plugged away at her pregnable depths, each and every trip up to then down from her inhuman baby-room a struggle to prolong the steady, gruelling pleasure to its utmost. And Aunn, who’d been instinctively gritting her teeth and shaking her rear in rhythm with the boy’s to guide the majority of his thrusts along her best spots, would lose it out sooner than the furious fifteenth.

The proud komainu guardian on the Hakurei shrine tumbled forward, knees buckling from the incipient fits of an uncontrollable, vaginal orgasm. Stars burst behind her teary eyes, having shot there like tiny fireworks up from her overworked womanhood, across the slope of her belly and over the peaks of her breasts. Squirt gushed from her cramping, coming kitty while, everywhere else, Aunn’s tingly, blissed-out body went as weak as a leaf on the wind.

And Taichi, who had chosen the worst of possible moments to buttress her faltering butt with his hips, would see his already fatigued manhood scrubbed harshly from tip to base by her vising walls.

A geyser of potent, human seed, bottled up nightlong in the teen’s overactive privates, flooded the inside of Aunn’s squirming womanhood before Taichi could scramble to hilt his length and shove the head of his spewing penis up against the mouth of her womb. Then and only then, safe in the sensation of his load pumping inside her surrendered baby-room, did he dare vocalise gruffly into one of his youkai warden’s inhuman, stone ears.

“I, hff, love you, Aunn,” was his winded, boyish confession; “lllhove you, love you, love you…”

It was the best and the worst thing a conscientious komainu, currently having her moral fibre strummed by an ear-melting orgasm, could ask for.
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File 161965254880.jpg - (138.25KB, 960x1280, 83711549_p4.jpg)
Later, because nothing ever went just “once or twice” with Taichi, the two would find themselves in the shrine’s decidedly profane, wooden annexe where, beginning with Miss Reimu, then Aunn and last but not least Taichi, baths were taken by the expanded Hakurei family. And, since he had been moving all morning and she had a soft streak for her ward a mile wide, Aunn would perform the cleaning routines on the naked teen by herself.

Notably at present, she was gently sponging his inescapably erect manhood. The sponges being her squishy, foamed-up puppies.

Seated on the bathroom stool, Taichi scratched Aunn behind the wet ears while she half-cleaned, half-pleased him with her breasts. For reasons he mightn’t guess at but visibly appreciated, Aunn had insisted on keeping on her gaily-patterned shirt inside the bath. Soaked through, its fabric clung translucently to the komainu’s skin; at least, it did where she wasn’t brazenly nude and servicing his hard-on. The teen watched on, obediently trusting, even as Aunn reached beside them for a basin of warm water, which she then poured out over her bust and the long, hard penis trapped in the middle. The spectacle of her shiny, streaming breasts caused him to worm on his seat.

“… Hey, Aunn?” he spoke up.

“Mm?” she complied, not looking away from his more interesting parts.

“… Think I could go hang out at auntie Marisa’s for a few hours after?”

Or maybe not her breasts at all.

Aunn sat back on the bath’s varnished floor, scissored between Taichi’s spread knees, her wet puppies spilling outwards as she let them go. There was no prevailing a thing on this boy. There really wasn’t. When would he learn?

You did not fool around with human females while your komainu was yet unsatisfied that your jewels were completely empty.

There were, at least, no nitwitted questions when Aunn mimed one of his mother’s irascible sighs, stood up, stepped over the teen’s legs and hovered astride his populous lap. No. Taichi knew what was coming and where. He propped his still-erect penis up by the base as Aunn gingerly lowered her hips.

Komano Aunn was a komainu. Stone from stone, soul from soul. Jealousy did not factor into what she was. No way. Only loyalty toward the woman who had given her a home to guard and a boy-child to play with. Only those.

She was Taichi’s lion-dog, yes. His childhood pet. But he was also hers to watch over. And Aunn could keep a young man out of trouble. Of the adolescent kind as well.

One day, she was sure, Taichi would grow into an understanding mind and thank Aunn for her tireless efforts.

Until then, however, by need, she would be like a dog with his bone.
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NOT for lewd!
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Isn't he a bit too young to be such a promiscuous manslut?

Next you'll tell me he's also engaging in sordid interviews with a peeping crow, or god forbid, with his own mother.
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Next you'll tell me he's being adopted by a mountain hag.
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>his own mother
I've come to believe people don't appreciate incest in their porn the same way I do. So that's a no.
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Incest is relative.
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Next you'll tell me he's being eaten by a grue.
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