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File 159029214281.jpg - (300.16KB, 800x800, shizuwipeout.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>38360
Thread 2: >>39475

[x] Find a restraint to ambush Shizuha with.

You twist around and look through a nearby crate, finding… belts. A huge pile of belts mixed with thin, wooden blocks and small widgets. You find some of the belts long, some short, some with, wait a second. Some are very short. Far too small for her waist. Too small even for a fairy’s waist.

What on earth…

Shizuha takes her first step up the ladder. Forget the belts, you need-

Those smaller ones might just fit around her wrists. If that’s so…

No time to think. You reach in, scoop out a large handful, and leap toward the ladder. Shizuha flinches as you dump them beside that ladder.

“What the…”

She turns her head sideways just as you grip her ankle and tug. She clings for a second. You tug again, tearing her free.

There’s a moment of slow, dawning realization, just before she crashes into the wood before you.

Groaning, she starts to pick herself up. Panicking, you reach into the pile and pull one of the smaller belts out. Dropping to your knees, you swing it around her exposed ankles and bind them together, buckling it tight.

“Wh- the hell?” She kicks out, half-groggy. You lean to the side, avoiding her feet just as she throws a hand out, firing out a small cluster of yellow bullets . She plants her hands under herself, pushing herself sluggishly upward.

Snagging another, wider belt, you throw it over her back. Another sloppy, wild volley launches out from her, forcing you to lurch to the side. The moment it’s gone, you drop yourself atop her back, knocking her back down.

“Who the fuck? How did you get out?”

You grunt, pulling the belt around her left arm, then around her torso. She flails, kicking the ground. You feel a burning pop as something strikes your gut, knocking the belt out of one hand. Groaning, you snap it back up and, dragging it up her right side, buckle it tight, underneath the arm.

She squirms, her left shoulder twisting as she strains to free her arm. Soon giving up, she flails her free arm, smacking it against your side as you grab another belt.

Another, loose smattering of bullets sail out from her flailing arm, all of them scattering, barely flying anywhere near you. You wrap the next belt around her free arm and torso, pinning them together.

“Seriously, what the hell!”

She twists and tugs her arms, shifting the belts just slightly.

Shit. If she gets those loose…

Sweating, you grab a few smaller belts and, folding her forearms together, snap the first on, buckling it tight before moving to the-

A swarm of dry, brittle stuff swarms around you, blocking your eyes and filling your mouth. Coughing, you spit it back out and tear it off your face. Watching them as they fall, you recognize the red, orange, and yellow leaves a split-second before they fly back to your face. Grunting, you tear them back off only to find that Shizuha’s wriggling again.

Groaning, you press her arms hard against her back and wrap another belt around those arms. You blink, amazed at your success. This was the woman whose power you depended on?

You buckle it tight and watch the way her arms strain. The split-second she gets out, you’re fucked. Sweating, you roll a third belt around those arms.

You snap the belt shut and, breathing hard, pull back. She’s still twisting and wiggling, but her arms barely budge now.

Good, good.

You exhale, long and slow. Then, jerking one leg up behind you, she slams her heel into your back. You grunt, shift her back toward the crates, grab a few more belts, and shuffle down her legs until you’re sitting on the underside of her knees. You wrap one belt around her upper thighs, then another just above those knees.

You feel a shift, then a quiet gasp. “Who the hell are you!”

Her movements grow more frantic by the time you grab the next belt and turn around, but they amount to little more than wild twisting and bucking. Panting, you slam her flailing ankles to the floor and lock one last belt around them, then pull yourself back to your feet. Her skin dips hard around some of the belts.

You’ll want to change her out of those before too long.

“For autumn’s sake, say something!”

Leaning down, you grab her by the shoulders and haul her to her feet. “Sorry, Shizuha. I can’t let you-”

She freezes, shuddering. “N… Naoko? No. It’s not you, it’s not…”

“Wrh! Haoho? Haoho! Hweh hph!”

Ignoring Kogasa’s inanity, you snatch another, longer belt from the floor and turn to Shizuha, staring her in her twitching, devious eyes. “Why does this place exist, Shizuha?”

Her lip twitches. “I, I…”

Her dress explodes. In a flash, your vision fills once more with Shizuha’s colors. Then black. A tight, leafy strip seals over your lips as more of them cling to your hands, hindering their movements.

Leather creaks in front of you as you poke and prod at your mummified face. The smell of autumn fills your nose as its taste smothers your tongue. Mercifully, after a few seconds of beating, the leaves trail off your hands. As they do, you grip at the leaves on your face and rip them off. Spitting leaves out once more, you rip them off your eyes and look around to find…

Shizuha still twisting in that mess of belts. They still dig into her skin as hard as before, in all the same places.

…As far as you can tell.

Dragging her to the nearest pillar, you drop her at its base and run your belt behind it. “Shizuha. Why does this place exist?”

“Why did you…”

Another mass of leaves rises from the floor and floats toward you, barely clinging to your sides before they fall off.

You growl, buckling the belt around her arms, just under her breasts. You step away to grab another…

You glance back. The belt sits just under Shizuha’s modest, naked breasts, pushing them up just slightly. You glance down, finding a familiar patch of blonde hair just between her thighs. Her eyes follow yours, narrowing as her skin turns red. With the dress gone, her leaves cover the floor beneath you more than her smooth, supple…

You glance away, grabbing the next belt to secure her with.

She groans. “What? Your orgy wasn’t enough?” Her breath hitches. “Now you need to fuck me, too?”

You shake your head, returning to wrap the belt around her waist, barely above the floor. Securing it, too, to the pole, you sigh. “Shizuha, you of all people know I’d never do that!”

She spits on the ground. “You just attacked me! And, and now this… how the hell am I supposed to interpret it?”

You flinch back, but grab one more belt. “Shizuha! Wh-”

“Why? Why, Naoko? How could you!”

You flinch, your very bones quaking with nervous energy. “Why? Why?” You throw the belt away, staring her in the eyes. “Shizuha, look at this! We’re in a dungeon! Your dungeon! How am I supposed to take this!”

“You shouldn’t have looked! You said you trusted me! If you just let me do my job, I could have had them locked away and, and…”

“You have a dungeon, Shizuha. Why do you have a dungeon?”

“It’s not a dungeon!” Shizuha breathes hard, still twisting her body, what little the belts allow. “It’s just, just a storeroom.” You glare. She flinches. “A… a secure storeroom.”

“With a hidden prison cell. And look at this!” You pat the belt around her wrists. “What possible waist would it fit?”

“That’s… that’s…” She sags. “It’s not what it looks like, I swear.”

“What else could it even be?”

Chest shaking, she swallows, still tugging at her belts as she looks down. “Can’t you trust people? Can’t you trust anyone? I just want to help you, to protect you. I…” her voice trembles, “I made a promise, Naoko. I had to protect you somehow.”

“Protect-” You breathe in. “Shizuha. You know who I am. What I am. I need to know what the hell this is.”

She twists, thrusting her body against the belts. She then sags, breathing hard. “It’s not important, Naoko. Please, who else are you going to trust? Them?” She nods to the cell.

You kneel down, picking the belt back off the floor. “Just tell me why you have the prison cell. What is it for?”

She gulps. “It’s not, it…” She strains, shoving herself against the belts before once more collapsing into the pole. “I never planned to use it, anyway. I was just in case, just in-”

She freezes, looking the other way.

You frown, folding the belt in your hand. “Just in case what, Shizuha?”

She glances to you, eyes wide and lips tight. “Nothing! That’s not important, I sw-”

“Shizuha. Just tell me. If you-”

Crack! Your belt delivers a resounding blow across her breasts. You pause a moment, listening in disbelief to that sound. You just… whipped her. Shaking your head, you clear your throat. Your voice takes on a harsh, brittle edge. “Tell me, Shizuha. What was this place for?”

Her mouth opens, then locks. She shakes her head, looking down.


She yelps, but keeps her lips shut. You grit your teeth.


She whimpers. Your lips shift, a small sneer forming.

“Just tell me!”

Thwack! Thwack!

Something feels wrong about this. The way she twitches, whimpers, tries to avoid your blows. Even worse, the excitement that grows and bubbles within you as you deliver each strike. But… this place, the way she tried to hide it, and now that you’re here, still refusing to just say what it’s for…

You bring the belt back down to-

“It was for you, okay? Was that what you wanted to hear?”

You lower the belt, shaking. “So, you really were just like the rest? You’d come to me, gotten me to trust you, to, to…” Your breath is shuddering, even breaking.

Red marks cover her chest and stomach. She looks down. “No, no.” She shakes her head, bringing it back up to stare at you. “Of course, not! Listen, Naoko. You’re… you’re hard to protect, you know? I’m weak, so…”

“So you had to keep me somewhere else, so you could have my body all to yourself.”

“No! Damn it, Naoko, no!” She shudders, sniffling. “It was to protect you! They couldn’t hurt you if they couldn’t find you, so…”

“A cell doesn’t keep people out, Shizuha.”

“It could have! I could’ve locked it, taken the key, and…” her voice trails off. She glances up at you. “I know it sounds bad, but you would have been safe, Naoko. No one could have gotten you.”

You slap the belt on your palm. She flinches.

“Except you.”

“I, I wouldn’t have…”

“You got awfully sore to learn I fucked other girls.”

“That, that was…”

Thwack! She yelps, twisting her torso.

“You wanted my body, admit it!”

She hisses. “I wanted to keep you out of trouble.”


“You wanted to control me! To keep me under your heel!”

“You kept getting yourself fucked! I was better than any of them, wasn’t I?”


You knewit. She really was just like the rest.


Then, just like the rest, you can toss her into cell, put one of those collars on her, and...

She sniffles, breath shuddering. Glimmering moisture builds around her clenched-shut eyes. She… she’s crying. A warm, pleasant tingle crawls down your spine as you raise the belt again. Finally, now you can…

“I’m sorry!”

Your hand lowers back down. What?

“I, I, I…” She sniffles again. “I thought I was doing it for you, I swear!” She hiccups. “I, I… didn’t… I don’t know when I, when it…” She shudders. “Somehow, s-somewhere… it just, it…” She takes a moment to breath, chest quaking. “I’m sorry, Naoko. I’m s-so, so sorry. I don’t…”

She gulps, staring down her chest as she bites her lip. “I wanted you. I wanted you the way they did. I just… I just kept telling myself it’s for your good.”

Your hands fall limp, dropping the belt to the floor. Shaking, your legs stagger backwards.

Your lips tremble. She sounds so broken. And yet, you were going to, you were thinking of…

You gulp. “Then, when we, last night…”

She shivers. “Do I even have to say it?”

It’s true. It’s all true. Your heart pounds as you stare her down. What do you do? Punish her? Punish yourself? No, not here. Not now.

She quakes, voice small. “Please, Naoko. Give me just one more chance.”

A garbled chirp floats through the air, accompanied by Wriggle’s similarly incoherent, mocking shout. You glance back to the cell. Now… now what? You have four captives and no one to help you. All of them are too corrupted to trust, but you can’t control them all alone. You can’t just hole up here, and you don’t dare leave on your own. You’ll need to give some freedom to someone here.

But… who?

You’ve trusted Shizuha until now, but that was clearly a mistake. If she’s hidden this for so long, she may be even more dangerous than the others. Maybe Kogasa? You did get her kind of obedient up until now. Her mastery over tools and restraints means you’d always be one step away from bondage if she ever slipped out of her leash, but would make her very helpful in the meantime.

Mystia’s obnoxious as hell, but may be less likely to try to outright enslave you if she broke free. And Wriggle, maybe if you… no. Terrible idea. You glance back to Shizuha. She’s dangerous, but she seems contrite. If you exercised your authority now, maybe you could get her back?

Do you dare try to exercise that level of control, given how close you’d come to abusing it?

Either way, you need to rely on someone. To reduce their restraints just enough to be useful, until you can settle down somewhere safer.

[ ] Utilize Kogasa. She’s been the most obedient and you need a good binder, anyway.

[ ] Utilize Mystia. She’s the least dangerous if she tries to overpower you.

[ ] Gag Shizuha. She’s your best bet, but you’ve got too much to worry about right now..

[ ] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.

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[X] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.

Poor Shizuha. She's helped us out of many a pickle, she doesn't deserve this.
[ ] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.
[x] Utilize Kogasa. She’s been the most obedient and you need a good binder, anyway.
Continuing to rely on Shizuha is a purely emotional move, contrite or not she managed to keep us fooled for who knows how long. Giving her a chance now is the same as telling her to backstab us when it's convenient for her. Thus, the real choice is between Mystia and Kogasa. And it does seem to me like Kogasa enjoys being used enough that that alone makes her "trustworthy" to some degree. Well, at least within the shitty choices we have.
[x] Utilize Kogasa. She’s been the most obedient and you need a good binder, anyway.

She giggles. “Aren’t they amazing? I made them so they’d keep even an oni restrained.”

Kogasa's restraints are likely the best defense against youkai. It'll be needed since Myouren Temple might be an issue soon.
None of the choices are great. From a less emotional standpoint Naoko can probably manipulate Shizuha because she cares about Naoko on some level, or at least she cares about her sister. More worrying is the fact that Shizuha is weak, if we can overpower her then how useful is she going to be really?
Besides that point, if we want restraints, we don't really need Kogasa free. We can just take her restraints. And Sizuha is the only one who hasn't actually confined us. She's might have been planning some stuff in the far future, but she's been alone with us a bunch of times without issue and she seems to be the only one actively resisting our influence instead of riding it into depravity.
And none of the others are really powerful either. Nobody here would really be able to take any real threats in a fight, loyalty is the bigger concern.
[X] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.

Every option is pretty bad, but, Shizuha despite her rather dubious intent for the future has helped out Naoko far too much just to throw away. And, compared to the other who have raped her before and she still seems sane-ish.
From and optimal standpoint we should take like a couple of weeks to properly break all four of our prisoners and turn them into loyal slaves, but unfortunately PLOT is not going to give us the time.

None of them are powerful, and none of them are loyal either.


She's also the sneakiest one about NOT being able to resist our influence, making her the most dangerous. Better to deal with the devil you know rather than the devil you don't.


>turn them into loyal slaves

Bit of a stretch innit? This ain't one of those Chinese cartoons.

Truly, for this, there can be only one remedy;

[X] Kill. Them. All.
[X] Utilize Kogasa. She’s been the most obedient and you need a good binder, anyway.

Simple, we voluntarily keep her sexed, and she'll help us out willingly. Her motivations aren't shrouded in secrecy.
[x] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.
keep yaself smart
[x] Utilize Kogasa. She’s been the most obedient and you need a good binder, anyway.
Dont know how to edit so im just changing my vote
[X] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.
[x] Utilize Kogasa. She’s been the most obedient and you need a good binder, anyway.

Ugh sorry i dont know how to edit my vote but after thinking about it some i changed it again ignore my other one please, sorry T_T
Again sorry, I know im not the deciding vote but i just wanted to let you know that the last two posts above this are mine im sure theirs some way you can tellthat but im not entirely sure what it is as i have no idea what im doing

Who is your favorite Touhou?
Flandre lol
Also is there a freaking instruction manual for this site or something for the ui jeez
If you kept your deletion password the same (shown a little bit below the text entry field), you should be able to hit the check-mark by the comment you made (just to the left of "Anonymous") and scroll to the very, very bottom-right corner of the page to hit the Delete button.

Yeah, it's kind of awkward to figure out.
File 159193179546.jpg - (48.69KB, 870x552, shizuhaleaves.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Rely on Shizuha. After your outburst, you need someone like her to keep you sane.

You sigh and kneel down before Shizuha. Shaking, you swallow the lump in your throat as you stare her down. She shivers, her breasts barely…

You glance away, listening to the creak of her belts. You breathe in and out a few times, slowly calming back down. “...Okay.”

Those creaks pause. You turn back to face her, keeping your eyes away from… on her face. She stares back, eyes narrow.


Slowly, you nod. “Yes, I’ll give you another chance.”

She twists, what little she can. “Great. Then, about these…”

“Oh, yes. Of course.”

Nervous, you reach around and unbuckle the upper belt tying her to the pole. Then, pulling it back, you peel off the one around her waist. Freed from the pole, she sags forward just slightly.


Wiggling her shoulders, she turns her tired eyes your way.

You glance away. “So, do you keep any futons around here?”

She grunts, straining against the belts she still wears. “Uh, hello? I’m still smothered in these things. What, are you just going to… you’re not leaving me like this, are you?”

You fiddle with her belts, loosening up the tightest ones by a notch. “I need some time to think, Shizuha. Now, do we have any futons to use?”

She sighs. “No.”

“Great. What about blankets or cushions?”

That leather creaks again. “Please, Naoko. At least let me walk.”

You take a step toward the ladder. “Maybe later. Do you want to sleep like that, out in the open?”

The creaks pause. A moment later, you hear a garbled squeal from Kogasa, inside the cage.

“Wrh ahrh hwuf?”

“I don’t keep bedding here, Naoko.”

Of course, she doesn’t. But you need something to rest on, so you approach the ladder, only to hear a rustle of leaves behind you. Spinning around, you find them gathered in a small pile beside Shizuha.

You glance to her. She glances away, still wiggling her shoulders.

“You’re giving me another chance, right?”

“Um, yes?”

She huffs, voice tense and half-sarcastic. “Then, this is as good as I can do tonight. Enjoy.”

A small smile returns to your lips. “We’ll see.”

You step forward and settle down by the leaves, just in front of Shizuha and her smooth, nipples. You wiggle around a bit. They’re fluffy, but too coarse and rough to try to sleep on. You clear your throat.

“Shizuha. Smooth these out.”

She grimaces, but then sighs. A moment later, a smooth, soft surface forms on the top.

With the slightest tremor in your breath, you scoot to the edge, away from her, and pat the makeshift bed.

Her eyes narrow, face flushing. “What are you…”

“You’ve got nowhere else to sleep, right?”

She hisses, wiggling her body. “Get me out of these things already!”

You level a cool stare her way. “Soon, Shizuha, soon. If you don’t try anything strange first.”

She groans, but then wiggles her legs, inching toward the leaves. You roll over, facing away from you as she sidles up, pressing her belt-wrapped arms to your back.

A few muffled squeals float through the air, through the cell wall, from Mystia. Struggling to muster the energy, you manage to conjure a couple glowing hearts, which, carefully, you guide between the cell bars and slam into the far wall, earning three startled, incoherent yelps. Followed by blissful quiet.

You close your eyes, shutting out the dungeon’s lantern light. You struggle to calm a fast-beating heart, from the subtle shifts of Shizuha’s bound, naked form against your back. The way her shoulder blades rub along yours, the way her firm ass bumps against you every now and then. But as a few leaves shift, floating up, over your body to transform into a paper-thin blanket, that calm slowly, painfully, arrives. Slowly, ever so slowly, you drift to sleep.


The first thing you feel, as you return to waking, is the soft but brittle touch of leaves beneath you. Then you feel the modest breast, cupped in your right hand, draped over her side. And the firm, inner thigh underneath your left, running underneath her. As you stir, you feel Shizuha’s locked arms once more… pressing into your belly, rather than your back. Shizuha twitches, just slightly.

Why are you… what did you…

With a start, you realize there’s a faint hint of moisture at the base of your thumb, right where it rubs against her…

You didn’t fall asleep like this, did you?

Did she do this? Did you? She’s not… is she awake?

Does she want you to keep going? To stop?

Thoughtlessly, you find yourself squeezing her breast just slightly. It barely fills your hand, but the barest hint of gentle softness in its otherwise firm, strong texture drives you to a second squeeze before you fully wake. The way the areola raises ever so slightly from the breast, the way she moistens your other hand, the way her nipple…

She lets out a quiet yelp, twisting her body. Your eyes fly open. One hand jerks back, off the breast, while the other falls to the floor and you wiggling it back from underneath her. Grunting, you pull yourself to your feet and knock the leaves off your rumpled kimono.

Shizuha grumbles, wiggling in her belts. “Oh, you’re awake. Do y-”

“Wrheh hf.”

You turn upon hearing Wriggle’s dour, bitter voice. A clump of leaves barely clinging to the sides of her head, she stares at you through wooden bars, that ring still between her teeth.

“Wrh! Haoho? Hfee huh?”

Mystia. You barely catch Kogasa behind the bars, her blindfolded face downturned. Is Mystia lying down or just further in?

Shizuha glances to the cage briefly, then back to you, quizzical.

You turn away, forcing out a loud, dramatic yawn as you stretch your arms and legs. Limbs shaking a little, you make your way to the ladder.

Feeling a subtle pang of hunger, you decide you’ll eat first, then decide what to do next.

You grip the ladder just as Shizuha speaks up again.

“Not going to…” She glances down her body, inhaling. “You’re not leaving m-us, are you?”

You glance back. Shizuha lies on her bound back, looking up at you. You turn around and climb up. “I’m getting something to eat.”


That’s all she says before you reach the trap-door. Pushing it open, you crawl out to the mess of crates above. Popping the lids off of them, you find a chisel and wooden mallet, a few brushes, and loose rope. Among the crates are a few clay pots which, upon opening, appear to store either water or various, rustic-colored powders. Paints? You shake your head and keep looking. There’s a couple bales of rice, but you’d need a fire or hot coals to make much use of them.

Finally, you find a crate with bags full of pickled meat and fruits. Scooping out a handful of the fruits, you pop them in your mouth one at a time. To no one’s surprise, they’re smothered in salt and near-tasteless otherwise. But as you keep munching, your hunger fades. Mixing in a little of the meat, you close your eyes to enjoy what little taste there is, feeling…


The expected four clusters of it crawl up from below you, but they’re not alone. The same dripping lust from yesterday flies overhead. What’s it doing and why is it here?

Scooping up a bag of fruits, you scramble over to the trapdoor and gingerly climb back down.

“Good. You’re back. Now get these…”

You drop to the floor, set the bag down, and climb back up to the top. Gripping the door, you shut it over yourself and return to the floor below.

Shizuha, face flushed, cocks a brow as you turn to the bag. She’s sitting now, resting her back against the rock wall.

Pulling out a few slices of dried ume, you turn and, crouching before her, extend a hand out. She wiggles.

She turns her head away a moment. She grimaces, then huffs and returns to face you. Grumbling, she presses her lips to your hand, then bites down on a slice, pulls it into her mouth, and chews. She then eats the next in the same way, then the next.

Getting up, you turn, reach into the bag, and offer her a few more slices. As she finishes those, you haul the bag toward the cage.

Feet shuffle and you soon find Kogasa and Mystia pressing themselves to the bars. Mystia lets out a garbled but amorous coo.

“Hey! I didn’t-” She huffs, glancing down. “It won’t last long if you feed it to everyone.”

You stare back, eyes narrow. “Of course. You didn’t plan to keep anyone else here, did you?”

She turns away. You turn to the cell door and the keyhole therein.

“Shizuha. Key.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“You’d let them starve?”

“You nee…” She catches herself, then takes a breath. “Be careful, Naoko. You know what they’re like.”

You answer with a curt nod. “Key, Shizuha.”


“I don’t know, okay? I had it when you att- when you showed up.” She flexes her useless hands. “I must’ve lost it when I used my dress, but it’s got to be in here somewhere.”

You frown. She squirms, craning her neck as she scans the room.

“It’s… it’s small, dark...”

You glance around. There’s the crates, the pillars, the chair…

There. Right up against the cell walls, in the corner. You rush over and, bending over, pick it up. Cheap, dark iron from the looks of it. Palming it, you step over to the door, slip it in, and turn.


Whistling in satisfaction, you swing the door open and step inside.

Like the rest of this place, you find bare wood under your feet and uneven rock walls to your sides. But just stepping in puts you almost at the far wall. Still twitching, Mystia curls into the far left corner, rubbing up against Kogasa’s cuffed shins, a slight red tint to the skin just around her ropes. Chains clinking, Kogasa kneels down, offering a slight bow.

Both their generous, naked breasts draw your eye before you drag it back up to their faces.

A metal bar runs between her teeth, thinner than the wooden one between Mystia’s. You barely have to turn to run your hands along her cheeks. She shivers as you slide them behind her head, unbuckling the gag and rebuckling it underneath her chin.

She swallows, licking her lips. “I’ll be good, Naoko. I promise. But, uh… would now be a bad time to ask when I get to f…”

“Yes.” You step around her and to Mystia. She shudders as you approach. You crouch down and pop the wooden bar free of her lips as well, once more draping the gag over her shoulders instead.

“Please, Naoko… I can’t take it. At least let me touch…”

You ignore her, turning to Wriggle. Despite the way her legs are forced apart, and the bar trapping her wrists behind her back, she’s managed to get her shorts back over her crotch. Or… Shizuha jerked them back up? Either way, she stares back, defiant, as you undo her gag and peel the ring from between her teeth. She works her jaw as you affix it around her neck and step back.

You turn to the back for-

“I’m never going to be made your bitch, you know.”

You level a stern glare at Wriggle. She puffs out her chest. “Just you watch. I will break free, then your ass will be mine! Do you hear me? You’ll scream for mercy, but I’ll have none to give! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be begging to eat my a-”

You jam the ring behind her teeth and reaffix the gag, pulling the straps tight around her cheeks.

“Hrph hwuu!”

“I’ll feed you later… maybe.”

Leaving her to twist, squirm, and sputter angry, gurgling shouts, you grab some of the food from the sack and offer it first to Kogasa.

She smiles. “Thanks for the food.” Rather hastily, she gobbles the food from your palm. You turn to grab more. “Um, Naoko. You know, my cage is better than this dusty old cell. You don’t suppose we could go back there, do you?”

“No!” You both turn toward Mystia at her outburst. She squirms, shifting her hips. “I, I mean… it’s eas-no, bigger here. This is already too cramped. I can’t go back to somewhere that small.”

You scoop out the next handful, bringing it close to Mystia. She gives it a cautious look. “You’re not feeding me like this because I’m a bird, are you?”

You growl. “Do you want the Wriggle treatment?”

She yelps. “No, no. I’m good, I’m good.” She buries her face in your hand, snapping up each slice, then chewing.

As she eats, Kogasa glances to her, then to you. “Um, Naoko. We are going to fuck again sometime, right?”

“That depends on whether or not I want it. Right now, we have more important things to worry about.”

She glances downward, hips twitching. “Oh. Okay…”

You let Mystia finish eating, waiting for her to finish licking your palm before unbuckling the bar hanging from her shoulders and lifting it to her lips. She gives only a defeated sigh.

“Just… let me cum again soon, okay?”

With that, she lets you jam the bar back in and reaffix the gag. You turn to Kogasa and readjust hers as well, locking it between her teeth once more. Then, taking one last look at their nervous faces, you turn and step out of the cage, hauling the sack with you. Then, setting it down, you close the door and slip the key in to lock it. Once you hear the click, you pull it out and turn to Shizuha.

Her breathing picks up as you approach, those lovely, firm breasts…

You shake your head, keeping your eyes fixed on her face as you squat down before her. She glances away.

“Looking to finish what you started this morning?”

You pause. There’s something… strange in the way she says that. Her voice is bitter, worried, and… something else. Still, you hold your gaze on her, eyes hard.

“No. You screwed up, Shizuha. I don’t know if I can trust you anymore.”

She mumbles something, looking away. “Yeah, yeah.” She then looks back. “...Sorry.”

“But…” You slide your hands around the belt above her breasts. “I don’t know if I can trust myself, either.” Gingerly, you unbuckle the top belt and slide it away.

She stares at you, eyes wide.

You release the belt below her breasts, then start to work on her legs. “I need someone to help me out around here, and I need someone to talk to. Right now, you’re the best I have.”

She lets out a clipped, sarcastic laugh. “Well, who am I to refuse?”

“I’m sorry about this morning. I don’t… know what came over me.”

“That’s… fine. It’s just… fine, Naoko.”

Your heart clenches as you recognize that tone. That need to placate, mired by wounded uncertainty.

At least she holds still, twitching just slightly as you remove her belts one at a time, working down her bare legs. Peeling the last belt off her ankles, you kneel down, slide your arms around her back, and start undoing the ones around her forearms.

You can’t help but notice how close her breasts are to yours now, or the way her uneven breaths blow across your cheek as you work. Still, one by one, you peel the belts off until the last one. Hands shaking, you finger the clasp.

“I’m not… not ready to free you entirely just yet, okay?”

She frowns. “What do you mean?”

“I-I just-I’m scared, Shizuha. I’m really, really scared. I need you to let me keep your wrists secure right now, okay?”

She jerks on the last belt a couple times, then, with a clipped sigh, she levels a cool stare at you. “...Fine, if that’s what it takes to calm you down.”

You breathe out, peeling the belt’s slack, slowly, from its buckle.

Shizuha shifts her arms, flexing her fingers. You take a sharp inhale.

“Shizuha, Shizuha. I’m trusting you here, okay? You’re not going to… use this dungeon the way you’d planned to, right?”

She flinches. “I… won’t.”

“Really? I… I, I, I really need someone to trust. I’m trusting you, so you won’t…”

“It’s fine, Naoko. I swear I won’t betray you, okay?”

“Oh… okay.” Breathing in again, you undo the final belt. In an instant, she jerks her hands away. You lurch back, drawing on your near-nonexistent magic as she flinches, then drops her hands in her lap. You snap her wrists up, sliding the belt back around them. You hear her breath catch, her whole body shaking as you draw the belt tight. She gulps, looking away as you finally buckle the belt shut.

Grumbling, Shizuha pulls herself to her feet and, with a flutter, your ‘bed’ disintegrates, recreating her yellow and orange dress once more. She rubs her hands. “So, what now, Naoko?”

You look up, into the small cavern’s uneven ceiling and the thick bar of wood running between the columns, with the dungeon’s single lantern hanging from it. “Hm…” You fold your arms. “Three dangerous, barely compliant youkai, held back only by a mix of restraints and a wooden wall, another youkai lurking overhead…”

“Another one? Damn it, Naoko. How many predators do you have?”

You fight back a whimper. “Too many.” You lean back. “Do you think Yuyuko will leave us alone for now?”

“Without you or Kogasa? I have no idea.”

“Hm…” Your lower your eyes back to Shizuha. “What would you do?”

“Me?” She groans. “We…” She lays back, pondering. “If we’re keeping these b… girls, we’ll need supplies. My shed will last us a few days with them, at best. We should probably clear out your old house, too. And above all…” she lifts back up, staring straight at you, “we need to talk, Naoko. I think we should return to the village for a bit.”

She’s probably right about the supplies and, if you’re going to rely on her, her loyalty will be most important. But… you glance back at the cell. You worry about leaving the other three to their own devices for too long. And then there’s the youkai above. If she finds you here, you’ll have nowhere to run, and no one to help you. If you look around, you may be able to get the drop on her first. And then there’s Yuyuko. If she does get pissed, there won’t be much you can do. Even if you don’t want to trade Kogasa away, maybe you could… lend her to Yuyuko for a few hours or something?

[ ] Take Kogasa and look for Yuyuko. You need to be sure she doesn’t decide to do anything strange.

[ ] Investigate the outside presence. If it finds you down here, you’ll have nowhere to run.

[ ] “Train” the captives. You need more support as soon as possible.

[ ] Return to the village with Shizuha. You need her loyalty.

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[X] Return to the village with Shizuha. You need her loyalty.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Full commit to Shizuha Route. Besides, the unidentified flying object didn't interrupt during the night so it's probably at least neutral.
[X] “Train” the captives. You need more support as soon as possible.

Do youkai even need material food? Maybe we can just let them snack on some fear for a few days.
[X] Take Kogasa and look for Yuyuko. You need to be sure she doesn’t decide to do anything strange.
[x] “Train” the captives. You need more support as soon as possible.
Shizuha route? How about a harem route.
[X] “Train” the captives. You need more support as soon as possible.

As our only real defense, we may as well get used to using our new tools. We should probably give Kogasa over to Yuyuko if we run into her though.
[X] “Train” the captives. You need more support as soon as possible.
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[x] “Train” the captives. You need more support as soon as possible.

You hum, putting a hand to your chin as you glance between her and the cell. “Alright. We’ll do that next.”

Shizuha stammers. “W-what? Next?” She breathes in. “…Okay, of course. But what are you doing first?”

You glance back, licking your lips. “I need to see if I can make any use of the others.”

“Oh.” She turns her head aside, glaring at the chamber walls and wiggling her bound wrists. “Are you s…”

You study her. She grunts. “We can do without them, Naoko. You said you’d rely on me, right?”

You keep your eyes flat. “To help. I’m sorry, Shizuha, but you’re just not enough anymore. I’m… not sure you ever were.”

She turns from you to her belt, twisting her wrists. She groans. “Fine. Then, um…” She looks up. “How about I go get those supplies while you do that?”

“Sure, sure.” You turn back to the cage, walking…

“Um, Naoko.”

You glance back. She holds out her wrists. “I can’t go to the village like this, you know.”

Your eyes narrow. She raises her hands, defensive. “You wanted my help, right? This is the best way to help you, so…”

You sigh. You did choose to trust her. Swallowing, you reach forward and pull the buckle loose. Sweating, you undo it and let the belt drop to the floor. Then, you take a step back, readying your…

As your gaze returns to her eyes, you catch the hint of what almost looked like a sneer, only for it to give way to a flat, neutral gaze. She gives a curt nod, then spins on her heel and climbs up the ladder.

You wait until she disappears, then closes the trap door behind her. You breathe out a long sigh of relief before returning to the cell. Snapping up the key, you-

You pause. Mystia or Kogasa may be trainable, but Wriggle’s not. At least, not yet. You’ll need to… soften her up, first. And you should get started on that now. You could set her up somewhere close, so you can play with her while you work on the more promising captives. A light tingle climbs up your spine as you study the small chamber for a good spot. Somewhere secure, but uncomfortable…

There’s the chair with odd straps by the left wall, but you’d need to release her restraints to get her in it. That’s not happening. Otherwise, there’s…

The crates, the loose belts, the cell itself, the pillars, and the beam between…

And those ropes, hanging from the upper beam.

With a short, magic-assisted jump, you snatch the ropes and yank them down. Three of them, moderate length. No need to risk freeing Wriggle if you can just tie her down with these. But what to…

You could bind her to the pillars, but at that point, you may as well just leave her in the cell. No, you want her somewhere you could wear down on her while working. Oh, oh…

You drag them over to the crate of belts, place the lid back in position and, with some straining, get the ropes laid out underneath it.

Then, with a skip in your step, you spin around, unlock the cell door, and stride inside. Kogasa stares back at you while Mys-


Mystia rushes toward you, barely holding back from a full tackle as she presses her bound, naked breasts into your chest, nuzzling her gagged, sticky face into your neck.

This won’t work. You need to get her under control, but how, how…

You shove her back, panting. “Obey me, would you?”

She shakes her head. “Hu hoph! Hiwwee hoph hwifh.”

You growl. She pulls back, shrinking. You know what? Fine. Clearly, you’ll need to speak the only language she understands anymore.

“You want a piece of me?”

Twitching, blushing, she nods.

“Then wait a moment so I can get ready.”

She sighs, then takes another step back. Heart pumping, you whirl around and level your glare at Wriggle. She keeps her eyes fixed on the cell wall, her legs spread wide in front of her. You lean down, grip her shirt, and haul her to her feet.

“C’mon, insect. Time to stretch your legs.”

She stares back, her eyes glaring hard enough to make up for her gaping mouth. “Hwuh hoo.”

You huff, tugging her shirt forward. “Would you rather fall on your face?”

She glances to the floor, then to you. You tug her back until she’s hanging from her tiptoes.

“Hwu hiph.”

Awkwardly, she swings one foot slightly forward, then the other. With a little careful maneuvering, you get her out of the cage and up to the crate. Her eyes narrow as you step back, behind her.

“Lean forward.”

“Hwo!” She wiggles her wrists, flexing her fingers.

You plant your foot on her back and shove.

Startled, she jerks down, onto the crate. Wasting no time, you drop down, grab the ends of the ropes on the right, drag them back up, and loop them around her right arm.

She sputters and gurgles, but by the time she’s mounted a meaningful resistance, you’re tying the ropes off. As she strains and tugs, you shift to the other side and pull those ropes up. She lifts her left side to avoid them, but a simple shove to her back gets her in position. You loop the ropes around and tie them off, then step back.

She’s still grunting and tugging, but she’s stuck and bent over. You feel another tingle as you watch her frantic, pointless struggles. Then an idea comes. Licking your lips, you lean over her and slip your hands beneath her waist, where you undo the buckle on her shorts.

“Wrh hu hu hueh!”

With a quick zip, you slide your hands back to her hips and grip the waistbands both of her shorts and the panties underneath.

“Woh! Woh!”

You tug them down, baring her firm, smooth ass. Sighing in satisfaction, you lift your hand, then deliver a couple hard whacks across it. She yelps, still squirming, as you turn back to the cage.

Kogasa huddles behind the door, spit trailing from the bar in her mouth. Mystia leans back, stretching her fingers and biting down on her own bar.

You gesture outward. “Get out here, now.”

Mystia hums and scampers to your side. As she arrives, Kogasa nods and trots out, hands bouncing off her bare ass. You give Wriggle’s ass another parting slap, earning an indignant yelp, then turn your attention to them. Finally, time to see just what you can do with these bitches.

Starting, of course, with… what? You blink, thinking. They glance at each other. Groaning, you settle on the first thing you can think of.

“Bow for me.”

They lower their heads a moment, then start to pull them up until you, rather loudly, clear your throat. They pause.


Mystia’s ropes creak and Kogasa’s cuffs jingle, but they lower their heads again. Still, you’re not quite satisfied. You frown.


They drop down, nearly to a right angle. That’s better, but they’re slow. You need active obedience, not minimal compliance.

You nod, hoping to hide your churning thoughts. “Good. I’m… feeling generous today, so…” So what? You offered Mystia a piece of yourself earlier, and that seemed to work. Perhaps you’ll need to keep pressing on that theme for now. “So, the girl who lasts the longest gets a reward from me.”

You can barely see their faces from this angle, but as you fondle Wriggle’s warm ass, you see both brows shift, seeming much harder than before.

And so you wait.

Soon, they start to twitch and shiver, but they both hold otherwise firm. You give Wriggle a few more swats, idly glancing down her rumpled cape as she jerks and grunts with each blow. Come to think of it, what did she force you to do, back at that house?

Amid the cloud of memories that resurface at this thought, one of them puts a long, sinister sneer on your face. “Hey, insect. Wanna lick my feet?”

She shakes her head.

You shrug, still grinning. Then strike her ass again. Her pained grunt makes your heart sing, but you find your right hand growing warm and sore itself. With a quick glance, you find and pick up one of the smaller belts.

Despite their bodies now shaking, Kogasa and Mystia still hold their bows. You pause. Should you just make them keep waiting, or… no. You shake your head and step around, behind them. Nothing wrong with dropping in a new surprise every now and then, right?

“I have a new rule. You must also remain silent to win.”

Seemingly on instinct, they both utter vaguely assenting gurgles. Gripping the belt in your right hand, you give it one light swat into your left. Both of the girls gulp. You then run your left hand along Mystia’s ass. You feel it clench just before you pull your hand back.


She jerks forward, her feet stumbling but managing to regain her balance. Kogasa mutters some strange, gurgling noise. You answer with a short, dismissive snort, then…


Kogasa squeals in indignation. You grin. “Mystia, you win.”

She shoots upright, a warm but garbled chirp floating past the bar between her teeth. Ropes creaking as she turns around, she smiles around her bit. You grin back and step around, behind her. She lets out another garbled chirp, this one vaguely questioning, until you lean in close and wrap your arms around her stomach.

In an instant, she melts to your touch. You slide both hands up to cup her rope-pressed breasts. She moans as you start to rub them, your uncertain hands starting from the bottom and working up to the sides.

“Wrh! Hwo hwearh!”

You send a cold glare Kogasa’s way. “Tell me. Just who was it that demanded I let her stuff her disgusting panties down my throat, because I had, what was it… lost fair and square?”

Her chains clink as she holds her indignant glare another moment, then she glances away.

For a second, you roll Mystia’s breasts around, pressing them to each other, incertain of what to do next. Ultimately, you return to kneading them as she rubs her back and ass into your body. Once she moans again, you slide your left hand down, to the ropes over her pussy and the dildo underneath them. Oh, crap. You can’t finger her, so… you give the dildo a little push, instead. She shivers.

You massage it, sending little, feathery quivers up and down her spine as you suppress a relieved sigh. Her bound wings twitch as your right hand continues playing with her bound breasts. Slowly, as your hands start to move faster, small quakes start to join the host of subtler shakes and shivers.

You close your eyes a moment to savor the raw, helpless desire rolling off her.

She’s panting and moaning, nestling her back into you as she presses her crotch on your hand. A small, hungry quake rolls through your own body. You hold her pleasure in your hands. So, of course…

Your hands leave her flesh and you take a step back. She twists and moans a little more, but, grinning ear to ear, you ignore her. You wonder just what she’ll do for the chance to touch you again, shuddering at each thought that rises to your mind.

Then, remembering your goal, you clear your throat. “Alright, girls. Time for your next challenge.”

Mystia sighs in audible disappointment. Kogasa’s face perks up.

You study their bodies a moment. They can’t do much for you like this, but what do you take off?

You reach through Mystia’s fluffy pink hair to grab the buckle to her gag. Snapping it open, you lift the bar out of her mouth and drop it on Wriggle’s cape. The insect flinches and snarls as it lands.

So, naturally, you pick the belt back up and deliver a resounding blow across Wriggle’s ass, earning a delicious, pained squeal.

Mystia shudders, twisting her bound shoulders to face you. “If I win the next one, you’ll pick up where you left off, right?”

You smile, setting the belt on Wriggle’s back. “Maybe. Or maybe you’ll just get a… kiss?”

A kiss? Really?

She stares, then sighs. “I’ll take it.”

“Good.” You step out and around, to face Kogasa. She grins around her bit and leans toward you, just slightly.

You unbuckle her gag and drop it on the wood below.

She works her jaw. “Is a kiss really all that’s left?”

You frown. “You’ll see what’s left.”

She pouts. “Okay. I guess I can’t let Mystia get everything.”

“Good.” You shake your head, taking a step back. “First things first…”

You wait a moment. Kogasa’s chains clink as she shifts her weight, rolls her shoulders, and tugs on her wrist chain. Mystia’s more subdued but keeps a slightly drooling stare fixated on you. You clear your throat and plant a bare foot out.

“Kiss my ankle.”

They both blink, the glance at each other, then-

You shake your head, a twitching sneer forming. “You both lost.”

Kogasa’s head droops. “What? But we didn’t even start!”

“Then move faster next time.” You clear your throat again, holding out a hand, palm down. “Kiss my hand.”

This time, they both lean forward, only for their heads to bump into each other on the way to your hand. Kogasa reels back, while Mystia swoops in and plants a quick peck on the back of your hand.

In response, you grab her scalp and plant a matching peck on her forehead. She blushes, giggling, which cracks into a hiss as you give her crotch rope a quick tug.

You pull back, thinking. Kogasa frowns, but you ignore her. “Hm. Roll over.”

Mystia’s mouth opens, but Kogasa drops to the floor. Seeing that, Mystia scrambles down, but Kogasa’s already rolling by then.

“Good, now back up.”

They both twist and stumble back to their feet and you place a kiss on Kogasa’s cheek, giving each breast a quick squeeze as you do so.

“Alright. Give me another kiss, this time on my…” You pause a moment, then stick your left foot out again. “My shin.”

Dropping backward, onto her cuffed wrists, Kogasa swings forward and plants her lips just below your knee. She then hops back up and you give her other cheek a kiss, this time accompanying it with a pat on her ass.

“Alright.” You reach outward, pulling your sleeve up to your shoulder. They’re already puckering up and leaning toward it. “Arm next.”

Both pairs of lips land on your arm, but Mystia’s just a hair faster this time. You reward her with a kiss to her cheek, leading into a short nibble on her fluffy ear. As she shivers, panting, you pull back and undo your sash.

Tossing it aside and letting your kimono fall open, you stick out your right leg, exposing it almost to your hip.


Once more, Mystia beats Kogasa by a hair. Kogasa huffs.

Your heart’s starting to beat faster. That orgy was one thing, but this… Why, they’re practically eating from your palm.

As Mystia pulls herself back up, you lean down and press your lips to her neck, sucking on it. She shudders at your touch. You pull your lips back, running a hand over the rope crossing her right shoulder to finger the base of her wing.

You step back, clearing your throat again. You pat your stomach. “Here.”

Kogasa elbows Mystia away and squats down, planting a wet kiss on your belly button. Pulling her back up, you reward her with a quick peck on the lips. Then, as you pull away, you offer a low-lidded, sensual grin.

Twitching, moistening, you shrug your kimono off and turn around, patting your back. In an instant, you feel one pair of lips pressed between your shoulder blades, just before the other lands further down, just above your waist. You turn around to see Kogasa lifting back up.

You pull Mystia in and plant your lips, gently, on her own. Then you pull back. She pants, almost sighing.

Finally, you lower your hands to cup your own breasts, giving them the slightest squeeze. “Here-”

Mystia presses her lips to your right breast and Kogasa your left. Almost thoughtlessly, they stay there, trailing spit around your areola before finding your nipples. You’re panting now, your body hot and wet at the wet devotion they apply to your breasts.

Kogasa lands there first, sucking hard. Sighing, you shove them both off and pull Kogasa in to plant a quick kiss on her lips.

They’re just so, so… obedient. So docile.

Shivering, you glance around. As your eyes land once more on Wriggle’s bare, twitching ass, you decide to pick the belt back up and give her a few more hard whacks.

She yelps, her voice slowly growing ragged, with each blow. You set the belt down, admiring the bright red hue of those cheeks. “So, how about now? Want to taste your mistress’s feet?”

“Hrwe hu!”

You shrug, drop the belt, and return to glance at Mystia and Kogasa’s uncertain, submissive stares. You shudder and step back, bumping into the wooden cell wall. You can’t take this anymore. You need to, to…

You yank your panties down and around one ankle, then spread your legs.

“Alright. You want something deeper? Make me cum!”

They both drop to their knees and scoot forward, butting heads to get themselves between your legs. Mystia shoves Kogasa out of the way and mashes her face in your crotch, burying her tongue inside you.

Kogasa squirms a bit. “Um, um. Naoko. Could you maybe step forward a little? I’m sure I could-”

You shiver as Mystia’s tongue shifts and presses into you. “No. You w-want the k-k-hiss, y-you get in here.”

A shudder rolls through you as Kogasa nods, dejected. Then, she jostles Mystia. Mystia jostles back, just barely managing to keep her tongue inside. She stretches it up, dragging a quake from your body before her head’s knocked aside and her tongue pops free of your pussy.

Kogasa mashes her face into your crotch, rubbing her nose over your clit as her tongue plunges deep inside, grinding into you until she pulls it back. Mystia jostles her, but she holds on long enough to pound her tongue back in.

You gasp, quaking again. Mystia knocks Kogasa back out and starts sucking on your pussy, gulping down the juices that flow out. You moan, long and loud as Kogasa slams herself back in position.

They’re fighting each other. Struggling for dominance. Not over you, but to serve you.

All because they want your body, your touch. Because you control when they get it. Because you’ve denied them and you still can, if they fail to please.


Kogasa’s tongue pounds you, your body jerking to her rhythm as you feel release coming. You freeze a moment, shuddering, before another couple quakes roll through you. Mystia knocks her back again, but it doesn’t matter. You climax, pouring your juices over Mystia’s face as you do.

Eager, almost desperate, Mystia licks your thighs clean. You sigh, almost giddy, as you slide down the wall. Mystia crouches lower and lower to keep licking, but you push her aside and pull Kogasa close.

She blinks, confused but happy, as you breathe in, attempting to steady your pounding heart. You mash your lips into hers, rolling them sloppily across her mouth before pressing your tongue inside. Your own perverted scent fills your nose as you drink your own juices off her tongue, but you don’t care.

You press your tongue deep inside to taste every corner of her mouth. Her own tongue, while fast and eager, only nudges at yours. She probes your tongue from every angle, panting, but never tries to overpower you. She lets you take the lead at every chance.

But your tongue slows and pulls back, leaving a dazed, happy Kogasa, as you remember your goal. The purpose of this whole exercise. You need to, to keep testing their control, their restraint, to that end…

Of course!

Panting, you reach around Kogasa. Carefully, you… find a lock on her handcuffs. Damn it. Your eyes spin around the room, finding the key to the cell, but that wouldn’t be it, would it? No, no. You step back and pace around the small, enclosed space until… there. Under the the chair. Snapping up another key, you grab Kogasa’s wrists and slip it in.


Sighing in relief, you snap her handcuffs open and drop them on the floor. You then shoo her back. “Take the other cuffs off while I work on Mystia.”

Kogasa nods, enthusiastic, and you turn to see Mystia sucking in a sharp, excited breath. It takes you longer to work out the harness running up and down her chest, pressing those fat tits out, and keeping the toy jammed inside her, but eventually you find one of the key knots. With a little wrangling, you get the knot loose and work from there to the rest of the harness.

Slowly, bit by bit, strands fall to the floor, ultimately spooling into a heaping pile of rope. You work your way around the bound wings, leaving one last symbol of her status behind. Red marks crisscross Mystia’s belly, chest, crotch, and back. As the last rope falls, you peel the dildo out and toss it into the cell. The last thing you need is to allow them access to that for this test.

“Alright, now step back.”

Kogasa and Mystia step back, both red and panting. Mystia reaches behind her back.


They kneel down, fidgeting. You can’t help but notice how hard both their nipples are, even as Mystia starts poking at the base of her right wing.

“Hands behind your backs.”

Kogasa’s arms snap behind her back. Mystia huffs, then follows suit

You pick the belt up and deliver one last blow across Wriggle’s ass. She yelps

You glance back to her. “Still feeling stubborn?”

She answers with a long, ragged grunt. You shrug and return to the naked, horny youkai in front of you.

“This one will be easy. I’m going to fuck one of you. All you have to do to win the privilege is sit still longer than the other. No complaints, no demands, no touching yourself. First to speak out of turn, to move, or to do anything with those arms, loses. Understood?”

They both nod.

“Good, now…”

You walk around and drop yourself into the strapped chair. Face a little red at the thought of what you’re about to do right in front of them, one hand wanders to your naked breast as the other slides to your bare, moist pussy. Offering a shaking but otherwise cocky smile, you roll your hips.

Slowly, blushing, you slide your left hand up and down your breast, rubbing your nipple, as your right hand grazes your hood. Despite your pleasure at the way you control these two, the way they bend and scamper after your every whim, your body’s still cooling down from its last release. You grunt, pawing at your breast as you part your hood.

In a moment of lucidity, you realize just how dangerous this is. Any moment, they could realize their advantage and overpower you, dragging you back to the very hell you hope to escape. But… despite your heart pounding and your breath shaking at the thought of it, you realize you’re in too deep now. Either this works and you walk away with semi-usable slaves, or it fails.

And you can’t afford to dwell on that thought now.

The two stare at you, their eyes locked on your pussy. Gulping, you slip a finger inside. Your pussy clenches, still sore, but moistening. You grunt again, sliding your left hand across to your right breast. Both girls shiver. Kogasa opens her mouth, then shuts it. Mystia’s elbow shifts, then returns to its position.

Very slightly, they lean forward, transfixed. Despite the heavy, almost overbearing waves of lust wafting over you, neither of them moves.

As shaky as your position is, that sense of raw power gets to you.

Unconsciously, you slip a second finger inside. As your body warms, as your pussy starts dripping once more, as you start to pant and groan, the other two follow suit. Mystia gulps, squirming and licking her lips. Kogasa merely stares, seemingly oblivious to the shimmering strand of drool trailing from her open jaw to her fat breasts.

Slowly, you part your legs, giving them as much of a show as you can. Mystia shifts one arm.

“Ah-ah-ah!” You hiss, still stirring your fingers, grinding them inside yourself. “R-remember! One, move. And, and y-you’re out!”

Mystia hesitates, then pulls back. But a quick glance Kogasa’s way show’s she’s been considering the same thing.

“U-urgh.” You roll your hips again, this time to push your fingers in further. You moan, light and almost shrill. You’re getting close.

But, but… You grunt, leaning forward and jamming another finger inside yourself. You’re not satisfied. You’ve seen some of your control. But you want more. What… what would happen if you brought your pussy near Mystia’s face? If you dragged your ass around Kogasa?

They’d be so close, but unable to so much as touch you, if they wanted any real pleasure. A small, choppy giggle escapes your throat at the thought. Maybe they’d forget the rules, but maybe your other captive could take care of that.

And-you hiss, pounding your fingers as far as they’ll go-maybe it would be worth it, just to see that moment of frustration.

Of course, if the first girl holds it in, you’ll bring that temptation to the other one, next.

Maybe there’s a way to taunt them both at once?

Gasping, you…

[ ] swing your dripping pussy around Mystia. It’s her own fault for pushing herself on you so often.

[ ] swing your bare ass around Kogasa. You haven’t forgotten that beating she gave you.

[ ] hold back. One of them will break, but it will happen fair and square.

[ ] stagger over to Wriggle and grind yourself on her face. Torment all three of them at once.

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[X] stagger over to Wriggle and grind yourself on her face. Torment all three of them at once.
[X] hold back. One of them will break, but it will happen fair and square.
[x] hold back. One of them will break, but it will happen fair and square.
[X] hold back. One of them will break, but it will happen fair and square.
File 159512726761.jpg - (63.95KB, 722x768, kogafucked.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] hold back. One of them will break, but it will happen fair and square.

Sweating, you shake your head. No, no. Grinding your palm over your hood, rubbing your exposed clit, you clench your teeth. You’re not here to play. You’re here to test. To test and to tr…

A deep, rumbling gasp boils in your gut, then rises through your quivering throat, to escape in the form of a shrill, needy moan.

Both Kogasa and Mystia jump at the sound, somehow turning redder. Kogasa fidgets, her hips twitching.

Your fingers slow. You’re almost there, but you can’t finish. Not… not yet. Gulping, you massage your hood and rub shove your fingers inward. You hunch over, breath shaking, sweat dripping from your chin and your breasts. Juices ooze from your pussy, staining Shizuha’s-no, your-chair.

Time seems to grind to a halt. Your body screams for release and yet, you hold it back. You must. You need to wait until one of these two break.

You rub, you massage, you gasp and pant and moan. Your sweat and juices drip. Your body shakes. More than anything else, you yearn to move a little faster. To finally cu-

“Urgh. Take me!”

You glance up to find Mystia’s full, curving body lunging your way. Your fingers freeze as you shrink back into your chair. In that split-second, you realize your mistake.

And the only way you can hope to recover.

“Kogasa! Get her!”

Mystia’s fluffy head crashes into your shoulder, her arms slipping around your sides. Frantic, you press your own hands against her gut, wincing at her frantic, loud sniffing.

“We’re gonna rut like wild animals, Nao…”

Then, just as you start pushing, she’s dragged back off you. Kogasa throws her away from you.

Shaking in both fear and need, you lurch off the chair as she turns around. Then, gulping, you stagger her way.

Kogasa levels a questioning gaze your way. You simply nod to her, then the chair. Mystia swings toward you, grabbing at your breasts as Kogasa holds her back.

“C’mon, c’mon! Just a little touch! A little lick! Something!”

“No! I held back. She’s m…”

You glare. She squeaks. Mystia stills.

“I didn’t mean that!”

You grunt and grab one arm, holding tight to keep it under control until Kogasa grabs the other. Struggling with her strong, squirming body, the two of you shove her into the chair. Gasping, unthinking, you yank the nearest armrest’s belt up and around her wrist, buckling it tight. She grunts, tugging at it. With a passing glance Kogasa’s way, you find she’s dutifully secured the other.

Sighing in relief, you drop down to secure her ankles to the chair’s legs as Kogasa steps back. Snapping the last belt shut, you wipe your brow and step back yourself.

The leather creaks as Mystia tugs and squirms, but it holds. At least, for now.

She hangs her head. “C-c’mon, Naoko. You forced me on edge for hours. What could I have done?”

Pulling yourself straight, you click your tongue. “You could have obeyed your mistress. Now…” You turn to Kogasa. Sliding one arm around her hips and the other across her shoulder, you pull her close. “Watch close, Mystia. Next time, if you learn to behave, this could be you.”

Mystia whines. Kogasa’s face lies in a state of frozen excitement. Even euphoria. You groan, then plant your lips on hers. Her arms snap around your back. One hand slides up, into your hair, as she presses her face to yours. Her tongue once more surges between your teeth.

You snort in disapproval, pressing your own tongue over hers. She squeaks in surprise as you press her tongue down. Obedient, she follows your lead, barely poking your tongue with her own as you explore her mouth.

But a moment later, you pull back, breaking the kiss. She sighs.

“Now, you get the privilege of using that tongue to pleasure m…”

“Um, Naoko-”


“Yes, mistress. Didn’t I already do that?”

You blink, stepping back. Shit. Shit, she did. Um, uh…

“Oh, hey!” She grins. “Since I already helped eat your pussy, maybe I could instead eat your…”

She waggles her brows as she leaves that thought hanging. Hopeful, she glances down toward your crotch. You narrow your eyes as she cranes her neck just slightly staring more at your hips.

Then it dawns on you. Of course. She wants to eat your ass. Shuddering, you plant your hands on Mystia’s knees. “Get to it, umbrella.”

“Yes, mistress!” Kogasa clambers around behind you and buries her face between your ass cheeks, bumping you forward.

You grunt, fixing your eyes on Mystia. She glances down, muttering.

“You know, I would have suggested something nicer, like rubbing our pussies together.”

Kogasa pulls back just far enough to slather her tongue across your ass. You groan. “No wonder you lost.”

She blinks. You sigh, flinching as Kogasa drags her lips all over your ass. “You’re still questioning me, when you could be f…”

You hold back a peep as Kogasa slides her tongue from your cheeks to your crack.

Cheeks warm, you force your flustered face to scowl. “Focus on what matters. Pleasing me.”

Your hands shake, your body warming back up as Kogasa rubs her tongue and nose up and down. Mystia frowns, eyes shimmering.

“But, but…”

You shake your head. “Give it up, Mystia. You need to learn y-”

You squeak as that tongue probes your sphincter. Gulping, you level a red, flinching stare on her. “You need to-” Kogasa starts pushing “-to learn your pla-ACE!”

You squeal as her tongue breaks through, gasping as a full-body shiver rolls down you.

Panting, you wince as that strange tongue surges through you, stuffing you tight as it snakes upward, deep inside. You sigh as she pulls back, only to jerk forward, hands pawing across Mystia’s lap, as she shoves back inside you. As Kogasa’s tongue presses through you, as she pounds it in and out, you catch glimpses of…

Of moisture between Mystia’s legs. Is, is she…

“Hrrgh!” Your body clenches, quaking. As Kogasa’s tongue pounds your ass, you find a devious desire burning inside you. She needs to practice her restraint, so why not… help her out?

Shuddering, you fumble your hands up, pawing at Mystia’s breasts until you reach her cheeks. Breath cracking, chest heaving, you yank her down and plant a wet kiss on her lips. She hums in confused pleasure as you pump your corruption into her, restraining it as you stuff it in.

Her breath hitches, her body shaking. The heat, the need eases up as you pull back to stare back at her red, shivering body. She hisses as…

You jerk upward at the force of Kogasa’s tongue, scraping through your flesh. Already, that heat’s flaring back up as your body settles back down. Gasping, you plant your hands on her head, struggling to shove her further inside you. Then you hear the rattle.

“N-Naoko, you, you…”

Vision cloudy, you stare forward to find Mystia shaking, tugging at the belts, and clawing at her armrests. “I’m, I’m going to fuck you, Naoko! I, I…” She trails off, panting as she beats the chair she’s bound to. Shivering at the sight, at her desperate, fruitless desire, you shake your head. Sweat drips from your chin as you…

That tongue shoots back down, emptying you. You groan, squirming as Kogasa tastes your rim. Then you screech as she shoots back up, knocking you forward again. A wave of… of something rolls through you.

It should have been euphoria, but instead you’d felt… frustration. A hint of pleasure, but nothing more. Already, your body starts to cool, leaving bare a vast sea of need.

You sag backward, resting your weight on Kogasa’s face for a moment before pulling yourself up, off Mystia, and swinging around. Then, lightheaded, you collapse back to the ground. Kogasa looks down on you, worried.

A subtle, crooked smile creeps across your face.

Eyes fixed on her blank, hopeful grin, you lean forward and crawl toward her. She gulps. Hot and shivering, you grab one leg and sling it over your left shoulder. Then, swinging your right leg over hers, you yank her back, pressing yourself up against her pussy.

She squeals. “H-hey. Isn’t this kind of like our first…”

You… you twist your body slightly. You rub your pussy near hers, grazing her hood. How did she do this?

She squirms, panting. “Um, do you need…”

You grunt, folding her leg tight to her body as you lean down, pressing yourself tighter to her pussy. She whimpers, smiling and blushing.

“Be gentle, okay?”

You let out a shuddering, low sigh, looking into her wincing eyes.

You drape your left hand across her cheek. “No.”

Gritting your teeth, you grind your pussy down her-

You groan, pleasure lancing through you. Kogasa still squirms, but you care little anymore. You grind yourself up and down her pussy, feeling the heat, the moisture, mix with your own. Your body burns and shakes. Your breath trembles. Kogasa winces, her arms folding by her sides as her body arches.

But she’s not quaking, she’s barely shivering. While you are about to…

The pleasure builds. Your head starts to swim. Hissing, you take your pleasure and shove it down into Kogasa.

She screams, her body twisting beneath you as you grind into her. The fog fades, letting you keep going, even as juices pour from her cunt, wetting your crotch. She twists, heavy quakes rolling through her body until, with one last squeal, she falls still.

But even as she goes limp, you keep rubbing yourself on her. Her hips bounce ever so slightly with each rub, each shift and twist, but she holds still. Every now and then, she jerks, some quiet, giddy mumble slipping from her slack lips.

You frown. This isn’t enough. You need to push her further. Much further.Still grinding yourself into her, you clear your throat.

She doesn’t respond, still bouncing to the rhythm of your hips. Then, a moment later, she stirs.

“Kogasa. Slave. Get back to work.”

“But, but…”

You slam your hips into her. She jerks. Holding her leg aloft with one hand, you smack the other across her bouncing tits. She yelps. “Okay, okay!”

Sluggishly, she wraps her free leg around your back and starts gyrating.

A light, airy giggle bubbles up from within you. You could get used to this.

You lean further down, savoring the way her leg resists folding any further. You roll and press your hips, grinding into her. She struggles to grind back.

Your body grows hot, your pussy dripping, your limbs shaking. Yes, yes, yes. Even mid-recovery, she’s trying to follow orders.

You grind harder, faster. Your breath hitches, your chest heaves, your skin drips with warm, eager sweat.

She wraps her shaking arms around your back, pressing herself back into you. She’s just so, so…

You scream, your vision flashing white as your hearing, your balance, even your sense of time start to fade. You hear a distant, concern squeal as you fall forward, toward a pair of wide, soft breasts.

She’s just so… servile.


You intertwine your hands, letting out a long yawn as you stretch your arms. Mystia sags into her chair, the wooden bar once more splitting her jaw. Drool drips down her chin, to her drooping breasts and, from there, down her bare stomach to pool with the mixture of her juices and your own, between her legs.

And from there, it drips down, to the wood beneath.

You need a good bath. You’ve needed a lot of those, lately. You sit on one crate, idly stretching a small belt between your hands. Just how long had Shizuha planned this? This dungeon, that is. And more importantly, how close did you cut it? If you just kept going along with her, how long would it have taken for her to… to use this place?

For what she’d first built it for, that is. To confine you.

You set the belt down. Gripping the fabric of your hastily-donned kimono, you glance up, toward the ladder. For that matter, how long does it take to fetch supplies? She must have left hours ago. Probably.


It’s hard to tell, down here. You stretch out, yawning. You rub the side of your sore ass. As sturdy as the crate beneath it is, its unyielding, rigid surface bites into your flesh. Obediently, Kogasa kneels by your side, still as naked as Mystia.

Mystia gives her restraints a few tugs. She’s done that a few times so far and, predictably, she once more gives up, sagging back into the chair. Her legs, even her torso, squirms. She shifts from side to side, pulling her legs inward. No doubt in a vain attempt to relieve her raging desire. Each struggle, each fruitless attempt to sate that need, triggers a warm, pleasant tingle with you. But it also leaves you too worried to try to peel her out of that seat just yet.

Idly, you stroke Kogasa’s soft, smooth hair. Where is Shizuha?

Nervous, agitated, you step off the crate.


You ignore Kogasa and take a step toward Mystia, then turn toward the empty cell. You walk up to the door, then spin on your heel and march to the ladder. You shut your eyes a moment, concentrating on the area above you.

It’s faint, but you can still feel a perverse presence somewhere outside. Whoever that youkai is, she’s still up there. You gulp. She should be back soon, right? She still wants to hold to her promise, right?

You rub your sides. What if she’s not coming back? You shake your head. No, she is. She has to be.

...Does she have to be?

You sigh, marching back toward the cage. Kogasa still sits by the crate, though she gives you frequent, hopeful glances. Maybe you can make do with these girls if needed. But…

“Whrh! Haoho!”

You blink, your eyes sliding toward the other crate. Wriggle still squirms atop it, her bare ass still sticking out. Grinning, you march toward her. Giving Kogasa’s head a quick pet on the way, you pick the belt back up and turn toward Wriggle. Her eyes fixate on the belt. She grunts and squirms.

You smile, stepping behind her. Those cheeks are still a rather tasty shade of red. You lift the belt.


She screeches, then whimpers.


You turn. Kogasa frowns. “That’s not what those are made for!”


Wriggle yelps as you pull the belt back. Squeezing its leather, you turn and march toward Kogasa. She shrinks back. You slap the belt across your palm.

“Excuse me, slave? Want to return to the cell?”

She pouts, then sighs and turns away.

“Good.” You turn on your heel, march up to Wriggle, and stand behind her. You lift the belt. “How about a few more for good measure, eh?”

You stroke her red ass. She twists and tugs at the bars and belts, gurgling incoherent pleas.

Whack! Whack!

Finally, you lower the belt and circle back around to stand before her. Grinning, you kneel down and lift the belt to her spit-slick chin, lifting it ever so slightly. “So, ready to start obeying, bitch?”

Clenching her moist eyes shut, she nods.

Your grin splits into a full-face, almost giddy leer.

Oh, you’re going to have fun with…

Wait, is this what you should focus on? You take a deep breath. “Hm…”

Wriggle’s finally cracked, but Shizuha’s missing and that youkai still lingers. Maybe you should climb out and poke around outside, just to see what you’re dealing with. It’s dangerous, but you’ve got no truly safe options. But then…

Looking out, over Wriggle’s back, you sweep your eyes across Kogasa and Mystia. Mystia needs a few more chances to prove herself. Maybe you could cuff her, pull her out of the chair, and send her up in your place?

But then, if she decides to try to work out a deal with the unknown youkai…

Maybe you should stay down here. Who knows, perhaps you could still pray to Shizuha, see what that does. And if not, well, you can always play with Wriggle.

[ ] Play with Wriggle. Getting these girls trained remains your priority.

[ ] Pray to Shizuha. She’s weak and flakey, but you’re still worried about her.

[ ] Send Mystia up. You need to know about the youkai, but you’re not going to take your chances.

[ ] Climb outside yourself. You need to see this with your own two eyes.

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[ ] Climb outside yourself. You need to see this with your own two eyes.

Trust noone except yourself
[x] Climb outside yourself. You need to see this with your own two eyes.
Bad end?
[X] Play with Wriggle. Getting these girls trained remains your priority.
File 159729432421.png - (591.10KB, 934x1006, cutesatono.png) [iqdb]
[x] Climb outside yourself. You need to see this with your own two eyes.

You sigh. You’d love, more than anything, to finally pay Wriggle back for all she’s put you through. Not just a little pain here, a little degradation there. No. You want to put her through what she’d forced you through.

But… What good would that be if some other youkai manages to snatch you away again before you’re really done with her? No. If you want her pain, her humiliation to last, you need to make damn certain that no one can swoop in and ruin your life.

And without Shizuha, there’s only one way to be sure. Mystia’s too flaky and not even Kogasa’s earned your trust just yet. You’re leaving the dungeon and studying that youkai with your own eyes. You take another look at Wriggle.

Ragged hair hangs from her dejected head, drool still trailing from her lips.

Groaning, you run a hand through her hair, squeeze, and wrench her head upward. She hisses in pain, biting into her ring. You hold her there a moment, savoring her wince. Then you sigh and drop her head. As she sags back down, you step around and finger the knots holding her to the crate.

“You’re getting off for now. But you’re going to leap to my commands when I’m back or I’ll find new and exciting ways to hurt you, do you understand?”

She holds still. You slap the belt across your palm again, hard enough to sting. She flinches back.

She takes a gurgling breath. Shaking, she answers with a curt nod.

“Good.” With a little work, you free one arm, then the other. As the ropes fall to the floor, she twists those arms, failing to rattle Kogasa’s wrist bar. Gurgling in defeat, she lies over the crate. You frown. “Up.”

She groans but pulls herself to her feet. You grip her shoulders and spin her around, then give her a hard shove toward the cell. “Move, bitch.”

She holds still, twisting around to glance back toward you. Then, angling her drooling face downward, she wiggles her bare ass. She stretches her arms downward, reaching toward the hem of her shorts.

You shove the hands away and…


She yelps, giving you a bitter glare. Then, groaning her whole body sags and she flicks her head away. Grumbling, she shuffles her barred feet toward her prison, jerking and twisting her hips on the way.

Face hard, you watch her take awkward, wobbling steps through the door. Then you breathe a sigh of relief and turn to Kogasa.

She pouts, staring at the crate. You clap your hands. She flinches.

Slowly, she raises her eyes toward you. You point to the cell. “Get in.”

“W-what? But, but, I’ve been good! And… and Myst--”

You take a step toward her, eyes narrow. “In, umbrella.”

She leaps to her feet, her bare breasts bouncing as she does so. Then, she lowers her head, not quite looking at you. “Okay, mistress.”

As she shuffles past you, you take a quick look toward Mystia. She stares back, skin still flushed, as she squirms in her chair.

You shake your head, waiting for both girls to step behind the wooden wall. As they do so, you grab the key, slam the door shut, and lock it in place.

Spinning on your heel, you march toward the ladder. You grab the nearest rung and…

“Wait, Naoko!”

You hiss, turning around. Kogasa grips the wooden bars.

“Um. If you’re going outside, could you look for my other half?”

You blink. What? Her other…

Her umbrella. That… no, you shake your head. “I’m just going for a quick walk outside. Maybe later.”


You turn back to the ladder, climbing up a couple rungs before she pipes up again.

“B-be careful, okay? I don’t think I’m being held by a good person…”

You shake your head. “I’ll be fine.”

You climb the rest of the way up, throwing the door aside and climbing out, into the mess of boxes. Daylight filters through the windows and you take the chance to breathe in the fresh air before dropping the trapdoor shut and settling atop it.

Slowly, you close your eyes, feeling out for the presence.

Small pinpricks of faint desire float through the air, all too weak and distant to care about, save the one that had caught your attention.

It’s slowed down, almost dead still, several paces behind you, outside. Good, you have some distance. Opening your eyes, you creep toward the door, breathing soft and slow.

You lean against the door, pausing to double-check that youkai’s location. Still calm, still a good distance. Gently, you slide the door open and slip through it. Once back outside, you nudge it shut and creep around the outside of the shed, stepping toward the figure.

Splitting your attention between the tightly-packed trees around you and the figure ahead, you realize that something feels… familiar. The lust drips off of her. It eddies and swirls, but it’s nothing like any of the girls you know. So why does it…

You shake your head. Nothing comes. Was it one of the first assailants? Someone who’d almost pinned you down, only for you to slip away? It certainly wasn’t anyone who attacked you after you’d learned to sense these things, or you’d know who…

A branch crunches under someone’s foot.

You flinch, ducking between a wide pine tree. The presence moves, accompanied by a faint sigh. She’s close. You wait there, heart beating, until you feel the presence shift, moving away. You twist and angle your out, around the tree.

Then you spot her.

The sailor girl. The one… from the temple? She struts between the trees, her eyes wandering. You return to pressing yourself up against the tree. Why is she here? Why does she want to fuck you?

You’d barely even met, only at the temple after you escaped from Mystia. Shou saved you, you met her and a monk, then there was a mock duel. She antagonized you, threatened to rape you, and then…

The beam. The first time you’d used your aura on anyone deliberately. You didn’t even mean to, but…

Was that it? Or was she sincere in her threats beforehand? If she was, how had you avoided her until now?

Just how are…


You bite back a scream and clench your eyes shut. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay…

You have some magic. You’ll just burst out, fire off…

She’s moving further away. You blink, gasping for breath. Shaking, you peek out again to find another figure among the trees. Something very… green.

Deep green dress, pale green hair, very long side bangs…

It’s one of Okina’s minions. Mai something.

What the hell is she doing here? Is she looking for you? If so…

The sailor-Murasa, that was her name-jogs up to her and starts talking. They’re too far away to hear.

Gulping, you slip out from the tree and creep forward. One step at a time, you tiptoe around the loose branches and roots. Slowly, bits and pieces float out from the conversation, just loud enough to make out.

Something about… balls? No, something small, or quiet…

Carefully, you creep from tree to tree, edging closer. Murasa steps back, frowning.

Mai steps forward, pleading.

You slip one more tree forward, now dangerously close.

“...some of the finest wine you’ve ever seen!”

Murasa rubs her chin. “Look, sorry. I’m kinda busy right now. I gotta…”

“Find Naoko, right?”

She flinches. “Uh, yeah? You’re not thinkin’ o’ tryin’ to stop me, are ya?”

She shakes her head. “Don’t worry. I’m on your…”

A finger pokes your shoulder, slamming your heart into your throat. Biting back a scream, you spin around to find another familiar face.

Soft brown hair cascading around a not-quite-vacant stare. An expression clouded by passive disinterest or amusement, but with something strange underneath.

A face topped by a floppy, shoe-shaped, black hat and flanked by absurdly long bangs.

You glance back to the couple and find them walking away, into the distance, Murasa asking Mai questions.

Softly, the intruder’s voice floats to your ears. “It’s time~”

You lick your lips, swallowing. “Time for…”

“Our mistress has decided to call in your favor. She’s throwing a party for you. Come, this way~”

You spin back around, studying her. She smiles, that faint hint of emptiness lingering in her eyes. “If I…”

“Now, now. Do you want to make her angry?”

Your jaws snap shut. A goddess who could steal you away at any moment, who could disappear you to do whatever she wanted, or even dump you anywhere in Gensokyo? Slowly, twitching, you shake your head.

“Good, now,” her eyes harden, “this way.”

She spins around and, dumbly, you nod. Then you follow. Together, you step back between the trees, return to the shed. You take one fleeting glance through the window, a nervous, fluttery sensation floating through your gut as she comes to a stop.

She’s not… going to ask for your captives, is she? Wait, what if she doesn’t know? Would that give her any…

She clears her throat, rapping her hand on the door. “Ready?”

Twitching, you nod. She grins and pushes the door open. A faint, warm light shines from inside, spilling out into the canopy’s shadow around you. A light you’re certain wasn’t there when you left.

Of course, you’re dealing with the mistress of back doors. That could be leading anywhere. She holds a hand out, gesturing inside.

You gulp. Once you walk in, you’ll be alone. Again.

As unreliable-no, dangerous-as those other girls have been, the world seems more sinister without them.

Somehow, you’ll need to do whatever this favor is alone, if you’re ever getting that goddess off your back.So, taking in one last, nervous breath, you step inside.

Inside is…

A shimmering mahogany desk, with a thin, shallow box on it and a tall chair behind it. The chair faces away from you, flanked by two smooth, oak doors as it rests against the desk. The materials alone are probably worth more than your entire family’s farm.

The door behind you clicks closed and the girl steps out from behind you. She stops at the desk, then turns back to you and gestures you approach. One step at a time, you walk up beside her.

“Now, all you need to do is serve a few drinks and entertain this party’s guests. You can do that, right?”

She runs her hand along the box.

You study the box, wondering what lies inside. “That’s it? No tricks? No…”

“No tricks.”

You flinch. That wasn’t her voice. That was…

The chair swings around, to reveal a familiar pair of dark, cutting eyes, framed by wild blonde hair and topped by a dark hat with little… bits pointing out to the right and left.

The goddess these girls serve. The one you owe the favor to.

She lounges in her hair, both elbows planted on the armrests and the heel of one arm wedged into her cheek. Faint wisps of lights radiate off her, like small, ethereal flames. Green, orange, blue…

She pulls herself upright and brings her hands together, interweaving her fingers as the faintest hint of a sharp smile graces her lips.

“Now, you also need to entertain me. That is, after all, why you’re here.”

You hold your stare as she takes another step forward. “Entertain you… how?”

“Oh, it’s easy. Just get my guests to make fools of themselves, would you?”


That smile disappears. “Oh, is that beyond your capabilities?”

You take a step back. “I don’t-”

Her lips curl into a faint snarl. “Now, now. Surely even you must realize what I’ve done for you. How many times I’ve saved your dainty little ass. You’re not going to turn your back on me now, are you?”

“I…” You sigh. “How do you want me to embarrass them?”

She beckons you closer. You lean forward. Flicking her hand out, she lifts a finger to your lower lip. “I’ll leave that to you. After all, I can’t ask anything… inappropriate of you, now can I?”

“What does that…”

The other girl clears her throat. “Satono, show her the uniform.”

You turn to Satono. She pops the lid off the box, revealing a deep red dress with pale lavender trim and a white… bib. A dress that looks oddly familiar. It’s…

It’s her dress, but in a different color.

Atop the dress, you find a pair of red shoes and a dark, floppy hat. Like the one she wears.

You turn back to Okina.

She shrugs. “You’re working for me right now, aren’t you?”

You turn from her to the dress, thinking. Why does she want you to do this? Just how would you make fools out of a crowd of people you don’t know? To make them act outside what they’d otherwise find acc…

Your aura. That’s why she’s using you. You glance back to her, eyes narrow. She grins back. You… can’t do that, can you? You shouldn’t, right? Your very future depends on precisely the opposite. But… to go up against her...

[ ] Reject the dress and walk out. You can’t trust someone who’d push you into this.

[ ] Accept the dress with protest. You’ll serve your role, but you’re not going to rile anyone up.

[ ] Accept the dress silently. You’ll serve your role and let the aura do as it pleases.

[ ] Accept your task. You’ll ace this to keep her off your back for good. A few horny youkai? Easy.

[ ] Snatch the dress. You’ll use your aura to its fullest, even on her and her minions. Better to try to disappear in the chaos than to trust her.

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So uh, yeah. That took too long. I realized it'd be delayed when I decided to try to put something up for the ongoing contest, and I should have let you all know when I figured that out. So uh... sorry.

Next update should come out sooner, but I also intend to try to be more transparent about these things in the future.
[X] Snatch the dress. You’ll use your aura to its fullest, even on her and her minions. Better to try to disappear in the chaos than to trust her.

Pay back the favor and don't get involved more than neccesary
[X] Snatch the dress. You’ll use your aura to its fullest, even on her and her minions. Better to try to disappear in the chaos than to trust her.
[X] Accept your task. You’ll ace this to keep her off your back for good. A few horny youkai? Easy.
[x] Accept your task. You’ll ace this to keep her off your back for good. A few horny youkai? Easy.
[x] Snatch the dress. You’ll use your aura to its fullest, even on her and her minions. Better to try to disappear in the chaos than to trust her.
This stinks of a sexy bad end. I like it.
[X] Accept your task. You’ll ace this to keep her off your back for good. A few horny youkai? Easy.
[x] Snatch the dress. You’ll use your aura to its fullest, even on her and her minions. Better to try to disappear in the chaos than to trust her.
[X] Accept your task. You’ll ace this to keep her off your back for good. A few horny youkai? Easy.

I'm here to make a mess of things
Alright, you all asked for it. Votes are tied, so the first new vote for one of the leading options wins, if it comes in before I start outlining. (I'll give you at least a few hours, but probably no more than a day.)
[X] Accept your task. You’ll ace this to keep her off your back for good. A few horny youkai? Easy.

This also stinks of a sexy bad end. I like it.
File 159910231839.jpg - (681.78KB, 1000x1000, drinkincapn.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Accept your task. You’ll ace this to keep her off your back for good. A few horny youkai? Easy.

You reach into the box and, running your hand through the surprisingly soft cotton, you lift the dress out. “You want me to make a mess? Fine. But we’re done after this, right?”

She leans back, chuckling. “Oh? No thanks? No appreciation for all the effort I, a great sage, put into protecting and aiding your sorry ass?.” Slowly, she positions one curling hand beneath her cheek and slouches to the side. “Well, no matter. There’s plenty of fish bigger and more exciting than you. Now, hurry up and change, would you?”


She snorts. “What? You want me to turn around for your modesty?”

You flinch back, hairs raising. How dare she… no, no. Whatever her game is, fighting her here won’t help you. So, swallowing your pride, you undo your sash and shrug off your kimono. You send a nervous glance Okina’s way, only to find her sharp eyes slanting in…


An irritated twitch flicks through your body, even as a quiet sense of relief rides beneath it. She’s disregarding you, entirely.

But, mercifully, she doesn’t want to fuck you. At least, as far as you can tell.

Grunting, you step out of the discarded kimono and lift the dress out of the box. You’re… going to wear this odd, ugly thing.

You groan. Better something ugly than trying to go naked, at least. With a little guidance from Satono, you get the dress up, over your head, then onto your shoulders. Soon afterward, you’ve got the shoes figured out and strapped around your feet, then…

You lift the floppy hat out of the box. This… this is going on your head. This stupid, floppy… thing.

“Ready, Naoko?”

You gasp, then turn to your left. Satono stands there, holding a silver tray with a bunch of cups on it, each filled with what smells like sake. You shake your head, then drop the thing on your scalp.

Adjusting the hat to sit better on your head, you level a firm, professional smile her way. At least, what you hope is professional. “Ready.”

“Good.” She extends the tray. Taking one last breath to calm your nerves, you accept it. She points to the door behind you. “Serve one of these to each guest, understood?”

You nod. She steps to your side and rests her hands on your shoulders, squeezing the soft fabric. Firmly, she guides you to the door you came from. Then, letting go, she steps aside and plants a hand on the door’s round handle.

For a moment, you close your eyes, breathing in and out. Corrupting a crowd of youkai will be easy, but getting out in one piece? Hoping Okina will protect you from the results, you adjust your grip on the tray and open your eyes.

She twists, then pushes the door open, revealing a brighter light beyond and the faint sound of feminine chatter. Wasting no time, you step through. A wide, low table of smooth, fine pine fills the room you walk into, surrounded by six familiar figures sitting on seven colored cushions, the one closest to you left empty.

Two polished doors rest in each wall, with tasteful portraits hanging between and around them. Each image depicts a rather striking, powerful figure, but holds no other meaning to you.

The six guests sit in three isolated pairs. To your left sits a prim looking woman, shoulders stiff, with a familiar, sailor-suited figure clapping her back through the mane of smooth brown hair running down it. Across from you, a pair of women clad in pastel colors whispering to one another and, once or twice, giggling. One, a soft face framed in fluffy pink hair, the other a sharper, red-eyed grin framed in lavender. You clench your teeth, fighting a shiver at their presence. To your right…

“Oh? Why, if it isn’t the talk of the town?”

A familiar, cocky grin bares down on you as the discussions cease and all faces swivel your way. Aya. And n…

There’s a hard thump on the table, as the girl next to her locks a pair of wide, frozen eyes with you. Frozen eyes with just that faint, dour hint you’re used to seeing.


Why is she… wait, Aya, Shizuha, Yuyuko…

A fist slams into the table, jolting you to attention. Murasa groans. “Oh, hey! Took you long enough!. Those are our drinks, right?”

You glance down to your tray.

A soft, lady-like giggle floats on the air. Remilia frowns.

You clear your throat. “Oh, right. Yes.”

Remembering your mission, you step up to Kagerou’s side, then kneel down. Carefully sliding your one hand further beneath the platter, you rest it partially against your gut and gingerly lift the other hand away. It wobbles slightly, but you manage to keep the cups from spilling. More eyes wander your way as you lift one cup from the tray and set it before her.

She smiles and nods, gently fingering her cup. As she does, you rest your eyes for a split-second, feeling out her aura. Her lust floats on the air toward you, but it’s slow and somewhat… muted. Gulping, you push your aura out, just slightly, and feel the way it clings to her.

Then, opening your eyes, you gingerly move around behind her, up to Murasa’s side.

She grins, her eyes sliding up and down you as she lifts the cup to her lips. “Finally, some drinks.”

Gulping, you feel her out as well. She’s…

Dripping, pouring out around you. You’re half-impressed she hasn’t jumped you yet. Moving along, you serve the women at the back, Remilia and Yuyuko. They answer with polite nods, but little else. You catch only the faintest hints of any desire from them and so make sure to push quite a bit more into them.

Aya is… not much different from before. Her corruption still swirls around you, wafting around you and clinging to you. As you set the cup by her side, she gives you a thin, amused grin.

After her, you place the last cup down by Shizuha’s side. As the cup touches the table, she jumps, her eyes leaping to you before they freeze, wide open.

“Naoko. Why are y-”

“She’s your server for the day, of course.”

You look up to find Satono pushing an elegant, rolling seat forward, which Okina lounges in. Satono stops shortly before the table. With a flourish, Okina stands up, then settles to her knees on the last cushion. She locks eyes with you, then glances downward to…

To your tray, with one cup remaining. Blushing, you slip around Shizuha to place that cup by her side. You take a step back, glancing back to Shizuha and…

“Now that we have our drinks, how about you serve us some snacks.”

You blink, opening your mouth just as a hand grasps your shoulder.

You glance back to find Satono staring back.

She gestures back to the door you came from. Without any further words, she nudges you back to your feet and away from the table, guiding you to the door. As she does so, Okina plants her hands on the table.

“Dear guests, in light of recent troubles, I’ve chosen to ease your burdens and get to know you…”

At a rather insistent tug from Satono, you tune her out. Grasping the empty tray, you find yourself shuffled to a new, dimmer room lined with shelves and counters. Carrots, potatoes, baskets of berries, and numerous other plants fill the upper shelves, while packaged meats fill the lower ones and, off to one side, you find a series of shelves filled entirely by assorted bottles.

“Over here.”

You blink to find Satono pointing to the counter, where Mai places the last few thin slices of meat onto a skewer. A skewer among another couple dozen or so, all laid out on another silver platter. She lifts it and turns to you.

Blinking, you set your own down on the counter and grab hers. But no sooner are you done then both of them nudge you around and push you back to the door. You stumble back out into the party, to the tune of Okina continuing her speech.

“Whether today, tomorrow, or some distant future, I hope you all…” She passes a sidelong glance your way. “Hope you enjoy this party. Cheers!”

She lifts her cup toward the center of the table. Reluctantly, the other guests follow suit. Except for Murasa, who thrusts her cup forward with aplomb. The cups click together and they all fall back to their chairs, drinking them down.

Crouching down, you pass the skewers from guest to guest, letting more of your aura out. Little has changed and, barring the occasional sidelong glance, no one’s paying any more attention to you. So, you…

A hand tugs your skirt. You turn back to find Murasa grinning your way. “Hey, cutie. Mind refilling my cup?”

You glance at Okina. She rolls her eyes. “Why don’t you get everyone here a refill?”

You blink but then, stiffly, nod and turn on your heel. You scurry back to scrounge up another tray, then grab the cups. Mai pulls a couple bottles from a nearby shelf and sets them down, beside you. Carefully, you pour the sake into each cup, then, setting the bottle back, nestle the tray into your gut and march back out.

In short order, you have the fresh cups set by each guest. You take a second, breathing, to slip behind Yuyuko and Remilia, both of whom carry very little of your aura, and push as much as you can hope to get away with into them.

Remilia twitches and you jump back, biting down a squeal.

But no sooner do you catch your breath than Okina orders you to do away with the old cups. And by the time you’re back in the kitchen, Satono pops in to order more snacks.

As you step back out, you notice a subtle shift, now. Murasa’s watching you more, Kagerou’s avoiding your eyes, and Shizuha’s just short of glowering.

While you were gone, Yuyuko had started a story about some vengeful ghost, who attacked…

Okina clears her throat, shaking an empty cup. You groan, then snatch it and return to the kitchen to get more drinks.

Then, barely a moment after you return, you’re called to fetch another round of drinks, then sweets. Around and around you go, barely finding time to squeeze more of your aura out each trip. Slowly, the girls finally start to demonstrate more interest in you. Aya and Shizuha’s eyes start following you every time you arrive. Kagerou keeps her attention fixed away each time, a blush staining her cheeks. Murasa openly leers. Remilia slumps over her drink, fingering the cup’s lip while Yuyuko shifts her weight. But both still give you only passing glances.

Just as you’ve set the latest platter down and start making your way back, Shizuha grips your shoulder and spins you around. She’s glaring at you as she pulls you close. Voice low, she whispers, “what the fuck, Naoko?”

You blink. “What do you…”

“You’re corrupting me, aren’t you?”

“Look, Shizuha-”

She inhales. “Look, Naoko. I’ve been patient. Even after you betrayed me, I’ve held back. I thought you might have been right. But if you keep doing this…”

“Please, Shizuha. It’s not my choice.”

Her voice grows ice cold. “Explain. Now.”

You glance back to Okina. She frowns, shaking her head. You return to Shizuha. Her glare…

You gulp, dropping your voice to the faintest whisper you can manage. “It’s my job. Okina’s orders. If I don’t, she could…”

Shizuha glances between you and her. Okina shrugs, as if she’d heard the whole thing.

Shizuha’s hand shakes. “Okina…”

She glances back around the room, speaking under her breath. “Me, Aya, Yuyuko, the vampire, and…”

“The wolf that attacked me, and the one I’d… um, blasted.”

A finger of hers points outward, bouncing from person to person. “Then, they’re all-no, we’re all…”

Shizuha pulls herself out from the table and staggers to her feet. The nearby chatter dies down. She straightens her back in response. “E-Excuse me.”

She marches around, behind you, straight to the left door behind Remilia and Yuyuko.

She throws the door open and marches through. Then comes out from the one to its right. Scanning the room, she turns and marches back through, only to come out from one behind Okina, the one you’d just been using. She blinks, glancing to you, then to Okina, who wears half of a vicious grin, slowly creeping across her face.

Yuyuko and Aya chuckle. Murasa snickers.

Spinning on her heel, she marches back through that door, only to come back out from behind you. The table breaks out into scattered giggles. Turning red, Shizuha studies the walls, then shuffles back up to your side. “Naoko, we need to-”

A hand taps your shoulder. You spin around to find Mai staring down at you. “Get these girls a few bottles. You know where they are.”

You offer an apologetic smile to Shizuha, then pull yourself away. You stride around behind Okina and, as you leave, find her minions stepping up onto the table.

Slipping through the door, you shut it behind you and take a moment to breathe. Something about that show with Shizuha sends a cold tingle down your back. You glance down your white bib and gaudy red dress.

If this goes poorly and Okina doesn’t bail you out, then…

No. You shake your head and reach for the booze shelf. Even here, a half-sigh escapes your lips. Even the sakes on display would likely cost more than your farm, to say nothing of the western wines, the beers, the spirits…

Grunting, you pull out a bottle of high-grade sake alongside one of some strange beer. Then, sparing one last glance for those shelves-you pause, staring at the shelf beneath.

A wide range of herbs and spices fill the shelf, but one in particular stands out to you. A very peculiar kind of ground root herb, one whose texture looks awfully familiar. Curious, you pull it off the shelf and peel the lid open. Even a brief whiff tells you exactly what it is. Something you’ve never heard the name of, but which you’d seen your neighbors use to sedate their cattle. Why would…

Whatever. Your whole mission was to please Okina and now is not the time to drag your feet. You spin and toss the door open once more, marching back through. As you do, you find Okina’s minions spinning around, elbows linked. Mai throws Satono around herself, then sets her back down. Somehow, they manage not to kick anyone’s cups away.

As you stride toward the table, you feel something different in the air. Something you can’t quite…

Aya’s eyes snap to you as you approach the table, but it’s another pair that gives you the willies. Murasa looks you up and down, a crooked, goofy smile plastered across her face. You ignore her and step up beside Okina-on the side away from Murasa-waiting for her minions to calm down.

A hand claps your ass. You spin to find Aya’s smug, sloppy grin.

Okina claps and they slow their motions, bowing to the women beneath them. You set the bottles by Okina’s cup and, slipping back around, step back to-

A hand grips your wrist and yanks you back to the table, followed by another one snapping around your shoulder.

Murasa gives you a sloppy, half-lidded gaze as she jerks you forward. “Why don’ you sit on m’lap?”

You hear an indignant screech. “Lay one finger on her and I’ll…”

You blink, twisting slightly as she presses down, shoving you to your knees.

You grab her arms, pushing on them. She responds by sliding her hands down your back and pulling you close. “C’mon… just gimme a little,” she hiccups, “kiss.”

You jerk again, straining to pull away from her lascivious gaze. “Ma’am, please. I have work to-”

She snarls, one hand reaching up your back to run through your hair. Gripping it tight, she yanks your head forward, smashing your lips into hers.

A couple airy, feminine gasps rise from the table, accompanied by a rather raucous whoop.

You squeal, twisting and pulling as her lips lazily part, a sake-drenched breath wafting across your nose. You grunt, pushing against her body as her right arm slides slightly, the elbow landing against your back.

She leans forward, her tongue beating into your teeth.

You fumble for her shoulders, still pushing and straining. She twists your hair. You bite back a pained hiss. Just barely, you manage to hold your jaw closed, denying her entry. She slides her left arm back to your ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

You grunt and yelp. Then a new pair of arms slides around your gut. Your eyes fly open, but all you see is Murasa’s eager, green eyes staring back. For a split-second, you freeze in confusion. Your lips part slightly and her revolting tongue slides…

The arms around your gut slide to one side, making room for a second pair. Someone’s fat bust presses into your left, a smoother chest pressing into your right. You start thrashing.

A moment later, they heave, ripping you from Murasa’s grip. As your lips part and you’re dragged off her, you glance to your left. Satono’s flat gaze stares back. To your right, Mai grins.

Lifting you back onto your unsteady legs, they step away. You stumble backward a half-step before recovering your balance. You gasp.

Murasa stairs back, her sour gaze sliding to either side of you. To Okina’s minions. Mai steps toward her, waggling a finger. “No harassing the staff.”

Murasa grunts, turning aside. “Oh, come on. You expect me to just ignore a girl that cute?”

Mai shrugs. “Yes.”

She huffs. Satono sighs. “Say, Naoko. How about you fetch her another drink?”

You flinch, locking eyes with her. “What? Why?”

“Well, we can’t trouble our guests too much, now can we?”

“She attacked me! Shouldn’t you kick her-”

Okina clears her throat. Loudly. You gulp as she turns to you. She’s still grinning. As if that attack was part of some master plan. “Get her a drink, now.”

Shrinking back, you meekly nod and turn back to the kitchen door. Striding through it, you shut it behind yourself and study the room. You take a few deep breaths. If your mission was to rile the youkai up, at least you’re succeeding, but…

If you go back out there, that will happen again. Okina might bail you out afterward, but she won’t protect you. Not fully, at least. What can you do, what can you do…

You shuffle back to the booze shelf. Okina wants you to keep as you’ve been going, no doubt. You don’t dare challenge her, but… Murasa’s far from the only girl in there who wants a piece of you and you’ve still got some corruption left in you. If you loaded them up on the hardest booze you could find and poured out everything you had left, maybe you could get them to fight each other for you.

It… didn’t work with Kogasa and the wolf, but if there’s enough of them, then maybe?

Your eyes wander back to that herb, another thought rising. You’re not sure if it’d work on youkai, nor how much you’d need, but you won’t piss her off if it fails, anyway. If it did, then… Okina couldn’t get too upset, could she?

Tapping your chin, you decide to…

[ ] Just get a normal drink and continue the show. Okina seems pleased and now’s not the time to risk spoiling that.

[ ] Load up on high-grade booze and ready your aura. She can’t complain about a wilder party.

[ ] Spike a particularly strong drink with the herb. You’ve already had enough of this party.

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[X] Just get a normal drink and continue the show. Okina seems pleased and now’s not the time to risk spoiling that.
Let's see this master plan
[X] Load up on high-grade booze and ready your aura. She can’t complain about a wilder party.

Chaos sounds wonderful.
[X] Just get a normal drink and continue the show. Okina seems pleased and now’s not the time to risk spoiling that.

Welp... Nakoko is totally screwed
File 160179087088.png - (719.59KB, 1024x768, eagermura.png) [iqdb]
[x] Just get a normal drink and continue the show. Okina seems pleased and now’s not the time to risk spoiling that.

You lick your lips, waiting a moment to calm the shivers in your arms. Once prepared, you pull out a bottle of sake and nestle it into your gut. Taking a few quick breaths, you turn and push back through the door, returning to the main room.

Murasa waves as you approach. You gulp, but keep your eyes on the table and march forward. One foot in front of the other, until you stand between the pervert and the wolf girl. Murasa’s hand pats your ass, rubbing it as you pour her drink.

You breathe in and out until the cup’s full. As you lift the bottle back up, you find the wolf girl staring your way, her own cup raised.

You turn the bottle her way, only for her to lower the cup back to the table. Frowning, you nudge Murasa’s hand away and kneel down, lowering the bottle toward the wolf’s cup. But as you start to pour, she leans toward you and slides a hand across your shoulder, fingering your hair.

“Please, miss, don’t…”

She slides her other hand across the opposite shoulder, giggling. As you finish filling her cup, you glance to her flushed, sloppy face and find her puckering her lips.

You shake your head, pulling back. But she growls and tightens her grip, forcing you forward as her sake-choked breath smothers you and she…

A pair of hands slip beneath your arms from behind and rub your breasts through your dress. You yelp, startling her.


You glance aside to find Aya grinning and sticking her thumb up. Okina chuckles, slouching back.

You shake your head and set the bottle down, then grab the wrists under your arms, tugging hard on them. You crane your neck, staring over your shoulder to Murasa’s drunken grin. She hiccups, rolling your breasts as she does so. Gripping her right wrist with both hands, you yank it off. She gasps, squeezing your left breast and she returns to your right.

You leap to your feet, snap the bottle back up, and take a step back. Yuyuko sighs, shaking her head. Okina frowns.

Breath shaking, you turn around and…

Feel a pair of sharp-nailed hands grab your thighs, accompanied by a low growl. You grab at Kagerou’s wrists, just in time for her to spin you around. Her hands then slide to your ass as she buries her fluffy brown mane in your crotch. Panting and taking long, loud sniffs, she rubs her face between your thighs.

Remilia whistles, Yuyuko giggles, and Aya whoops.

Okina snorts, smiling as she shakes her head.

With your hands full, you’re forced to stand, letting her sniff and rub you until, finally, Kagerou pulls back. A wide, sloppy grin sits plastered across her face.

The second she lets go of your hips, you stumble forward and swing around to Yuyuko’s side. She and Remilia giggle as you refill their cups, but hold back from touching you. Uncertain, you spare a brief glance Okina’s way. She still smiles, though with an edge of… expectation to it. Is she waiting for you to do something? For them to do something? Something other than what they’re already doing?

Whatever it is, it hasn’t happened yet. Which means you’re not done yet.

Gulping, you push just a hint more of your aura into Remilia and Yuyuko, then move on to Aya, then finally Shizuha. She glares across the table as you step away and…

Murasa slams her cup into the table. “Gimme another round, babe~”

You glance to Okina. She ignores you, but you catch Mai, standing behind her, frowning at you and nudging her head in Murasa’s direction. With a quick bow, you shuffle your way back to her. Stepping between her and the wolf again, you kneel down and-

Murasa swipes the bottle from your hands and slams it on the table before her. You barely have time to blink before she yanks you back down, shoving you into her lap.

You glance around, grabbing the arms that pin your waist against her. Then, holding you firm with her left arm, she lifts her right hand up, behind your head. “Alright, girls! What should I do with her?”

Yuyuko coos. “Tickle her, tickle her~”

Shizuha glares, leaning over her cup. “Let her go, she…”

Aya smacks a hand across Shizuha’s back. “If she’s not enough, there’s always me~”

“No, no, no…”

You squirm in Murasa’s lap as Remilia rolls her cup. She flashes a toothy, crooked grin your way. Satono and Mai prance off, peeling open the door behind her and disappearing.

“Do you just want to play with her, or make her beg for your touch?”

You tug on Murasa’s arm, then pause as Kagerou swings a leg over your lap and drops herself atop your thighs.

Murasa rubs your hair. “Begging, huh? I’m listening…”

Remilia pauses, her grin growing wider as she takes a slow, dramatic sip. Gently, she sets the cup back down. “Massage her. Rub her. Taunt her. Warm her up, then leave her to fester.”

Aya coos. “If you need some help, just watch me~” She slides her hands over her breasts and massages them through her blouse. Shizuha snorts, eyes dark and lips tight.

“Hm…” Murasa’s arm leaves your body, but Kagerou’s weight keeps you pinned in place. Her hands slide up and down your sides. “You say that, but where to begin…”

Yuyuko giggles. “Don’t forget to let the rest of us have a turn with her~”

You let out a shaky, quiet laugh. “Um, you don’t have to. If… if you need entertainment, then I could…” Kagerou’s hands slide up your cheeks and pull your eyes to hers. They’re low-lidded, looking straight at you.

She licks her lips. One hand leaves your cheek to slide down to your bust. She leans in close, her breath once more smothering you.

You gulp. “I, I could…” Nothing comes to mind. As she presses her lips to yours, whatever ideas you had fray away. As she bunches your bib into her not-quite-claws and breathes deep, you brace your hands on Murasa’s arms. Kagerou’s muscles tense. You want to fight, to resist, to assert yourself. But…

You can’t fight her. Where is Okina? Where are… plates clink and fluids pour into cups. They’re serving the guests. They’re ignoring-


She tears your bib away and claws at the rest of your dress.

Shizuha screeches. “Hey! She’s m-not your toy!”

Murasa cackles, rubbing her hands over your gut. “Oh, c’mon. You’ll get a turn! Just give us a moment, would ya?”

Remilia clicks her tongue. “Such barbarians. There are far classier ways to strip a girl.”

As Kagerou yanks the buttons off your blouse, Murasa unties the ribbon on your waist. The whole time, Kagerou mashes her face into yours, her tongue soon pounding against your teeth. Panic rises, pushing you to shove against her arms, but something’s come over her, now.

As she rips your blouse wide open, her lips pop free of yours. You sigh in shaking relief, having escaped a fast-deepening kiss. Until she plants her lips on your neck, sucking hard. Then Murasa pops your bra up, exposing your breasts.

Yuyuko and Remilia only giggle and grin at your troubles. Shizuha’s glaring, but hasn’t moved, and Aya…

She’s rubbing herself, right between her squirming hips.

Murasa rubs the underside of your breasts as Kagerou kisses lower, this time on the collar bone. Murasa’s hands slide up, cupping your breasts and pushing them together. As if on cue, Kagerou scoots back a hair and buries her face between them, breathing deep.

As Murasa’s hands leave your breasts to return to your stomach, Kagerou pops her face out and licks one breast, planting her lips over the nipple. You gulp.

Then a hand slides between your thighs, slipping under your panties. Shaking, a whisper falls from your lips.

“No, please…”

“Shshsh….” Murasa chuckles. “We’re all friends here~”

Kagerou lets go of your breast, kissing the other nipple as Murasa’s hand slides up and down. You shiver, a faint warmth igniting. Kagerou’s hands return to your dress, tearing it in half to expose your panties. The ones now bulging over Murasa’s knuckles.

In haste, she yanks your panties down hard enough for them to tear, almost peeling completely off your legs, then throws Murasa’s hand aside and buries her face in your crotch.

You yelp and reach for her head, only for Murasa to shove it out first.

“Back off, I got there first.”

Kagerou growls. Growls. “You’re barely touching her!”

“Give it a moment, would you?” With her left hand, she gropes your breast.

Kagerou glowers. “You’re wasting her.”

“I’m warming her up.”


“You’re both stealing my property!”

A plate crashes to the floor, shattering. All your heads turn to find Shizuha knocking a couple cups to the floor as she scrambles over the table toward you. You shrink back into Murasa’s body, uncertain who you’d…

Mai leaps to the table, blocking her path.

“Sit down.”

“Out of my way!”

Shizuha grips Mai’s shoulders, attempting to move her. But Satono leaps up behind her and yanks her arms away. Together, silently, they haul Shizuha off the table.

“Let me go! They’re spoiling my girl! My disciple! They’re…”

Murasa cackles. “Oh, come on! If you want it that badly, I’m sure we could…”

Red and yellow lights appear around Shizuha. “You’ll get her over my cold, d-”

There’s a flash of light and a crash, then Shizuha crumples to the ground, twitching and squirming as Okina’s minions carry her away, into a side door.

Okina growls. “You’ve caused enough of a scene, young goddess.” She sighs and rises to her feet, following a few steps behind them.

There’s a moment of tense quiet until Yuyuko clears her throat. “That tengu seems awfully frustrated, perhaps you should let her in, instead~”

You look up. At some point, Aya had crawled onto the table, stripped her shirt and skirt off, and started playing with her tits. She’d popped her bra up and slid her panties down to one ankle. She’d spread her legs wide, showing off, well… everything.

As your eyes meet, she breaks out into a wide grin. “Oh, I love that look you’re giving me. Please, feast on my body to your heart’s content~”

You shrink back, only for Murasa to grip your head and hold your gaze forward.

She snickers. “Hey, crow girl. Scoot closer, would you?”

She shudders. “With pleasure~”

She wiggles her hips, shuffling up to the edge of the table. Murasa nudges you up and pushes your head downward, lowering it between those firm, meaty thighs. Your face lands right on top of her wet, dripping pussy.

Remilia cackles. “The waitress never did get a chance to eat, did she?”

Yuyuko giggles. “No, I don’t think she did~”

“Oh? Well…” Aya shuffles her hips, rubbing your mostly-bare back, “how about I give you something to snack on?”

You lift your head above her crotch, wincing at the sticky fluids trailing from your cheek. “It’s okay, I don’t need…”

Murasa shoves your face back down. “C’mon. That ain’t in the spirit, is it? Eat her! Eat her!”

Her hand pulls back and you start lifting your head again. But this time, Aya slides her legs over your back and knocks Murasa’s hand away, running her fingers through your hair as it leaves.

“Aw… don’t be a party pooper~” She ruffles your hair, pushing your head down between her legs as she does so.

One hand strokes your ass as you twist and squirm. Aya’s scent fills your nostrils, her juices clinging to your face and sticking to your lips. You grunt, pushing on her hips, even as-

Murasa yanks your wrists back. “I think you’ve been squirming long enough, babe.” Pinning them to your back with one hand, she pulls a stretch of torn cloth over your twisting arms and around your belly. Entangling several strips together, she winds it down your wrists and over your hands, balling them together. Then, she drags a ribbon around your wrists, pulls tight, and ties it in place. Sighing in satisfaction, she reaches around your arms and grabs your breasts.

Someone shifts beneath you. Her fluffy hair ruffles against your shifting gut, a pair of erect, pointed ears grazing up and down it.

Your stomach clenches. Small giggles bubble up from your chest as she tickles your stomach. Murasa lets go of your ass to lean over you and grab both breasts, squeezing you as Aya presses her hips forward. She slides up and down as Aya’s thighs shift, rolling your head between them.

Aya chuckles. “Aw… you’re refusing my superior, tengu body. Are you too shy? Afraid to offend?”

The girl below you growls in frustration, then pulls away.

Murasa clicks her tongue. “Hm… Something’s missing. Gimme a sec.” Mercifully, her hands leave your breasts and her hips pull away.

You mumble a relieved sigh into Aya’s cunt. Then another pair of hands grabs your ass. The ones with the nails.

A ragged, hot breath pours down your crack, just before you feel a face slam inside it. You grunt, rolling your head through Aya’s pussy as Kagerou rubs your ass-cheeks.

You yelp as her tongue pokes your asshole.

You squirm, tugging your arms from your back and pulling your head up. You catch a glimpse of Okina’s twinkling grin as she settles back at the table, just before Aya leans back and shoves your head into her flesh, smothering you.

You gulp, twist, and even thrash. She clicks her tongue. “Aw. Now you’re hurting my feelings~”

Slowly, lungs clenching, your struggles slow. As they do, she lets go. You lift your head, sucking in air. As Aya smiles, stroking your hair, Kagerou’s tongue plunges inside you.

You squeal.

Then Murasa swings into view, leaning backward against the table, swinging the sake bottle in one hand. She takes a long swig, then eyes Aya.

“Hey, scoot back a little, would ya?”

Aya huffs. “Excuse me? We’re just getting started!”

“Sure, sure. But she didn’t drink yet.”

Aya shifts her hips, jostling your head.

“Fine.” She scoots back, letting go and freeing you of her pussy.

Your muscles sag for only a second before Murasa pinches your cheeks between her fingers and drags your face her direction. Then, still holding your face, she shoves the neck of that bottle between your teeth and forces your head backward. Sake pours down your throat, almost too fast to drink.

Just short of panicking, you gulp it down as fast as you can, until the last few drops trail down your tongue and Murasa pops the bottle from your lips. Then, she grins and steps backward.

For a few merciful moments. Nothing happens. Nervous, you pull yourself up and away from Aya’s legs. Knees shaking, you lift up and…

A hand grabs your shoulder, yanking you backward into another girl’s lap. Murasa chuckles as you squirm, then leans forward and slides the bottle, neck first, down the gap between your thighs.

You gulp, wiggling your shoulders and…

“Hwo pwuh hrh!”

Shizuha flops to the floor, behind Remilia and Yuyuko. Behind her, Mai and Satono exchange satisfied nods, then disappear into the kitchen. Shizuha’s fingers flex, trapped somewhere against her lower back. A red ball stretches her lips back, held in place by brown straps. She flails and twists on the ground, pulling at a short chain between her ankles, held firm to red, leather cuffs.

Her rumpled dress folds and shifts as she…

Murasa presses the bottle’s neck into your crotch. You yelp, clamping your legs shut as, slowly, she slides it down. You hiss as she rubs it up and down your pussy, sliding just between the lips. You gulp, shaking your head. “Please, please…”

“Shsh… You’ve made me feel real good so far. It’s only fair I returned the favor, isn’t it?”

You lick your lips, wincing. “It’s fine. Please, I can…”

“Hey,” Kagerou rubs your arms, “don’t leave me out.”

She slips her hands around your arms and cups your breasts as Murasa angles the bottle slightly, pressing the neck deeper inside you. You squirm. “You don’t, you don’t…”

Still pushing, Murasa creeps forward, licking her smooth, wet lips. You lean back into Kagerou’s heavy bust, even as she rolls your breasts in her hands. You wiggle your arms and push, barely loosening the cloth around them as Murasa leans further forward, her hot breath bathing your nose as she parts her lips.

“Hwrh hrh hwo! Howrah hr…”

Shizuha yelps. Craning your neck around Murasa, you catch her sitting in Yuyuko’s lap, a hand sliding up her stomach to-

“Hey, open her up for me, would you?”

Kagerou’s hands leave your bust to fondle your thighs. She pushes between them and, to your horror, peels them apart. Grinning, Murasa shoves the bottle forward. You gasp, squirming as it forces its way through you. You squeal, twisting as your pussy clenches down on it. No, no, no, no, no…

Murasa leans further forward, planting a quick peck on one of your nipples. Kagerou places a kiss of her own, much longer and wetter, on the back of your neck. Your arms twist and strain, wiggling just a bit more than before.

Remilia cackles. “Hey, save some for us, would you?”

Yuyuko sighs. “Oh, hush. Let them have their fun.”

This, this…

You arch your back, twisting to one side as the hard glass bottle pushes through you. Your arms flail, hands wringing as you stretch the fabric binding them together. Finally, there’s a quiet snap as the ribbon falls free of your wrists. Panting and straining, you wriggle free of the dress’s scraps. Your hands burst out, snapping to Murasa’s wrists.

You push back on her. In response, her eyes narrow. You glance around. Yuyuko whispers something to Remilia as she squeezes Shizuha’s breasts. Aya frowns, her hand returning to her crotch. Okina looks you in the eyes, frowning.

She… wants you to just let this happen, doesn’t she?

But you can’t just roll over for them, can you? But do you dare risk her wrath and resist?

You glance back to Remilia. She said something about wanting some of you. Maybe if you asked… but then, would she be any better than these two? And what if Okina just lets these girls keep you after the party?

You need to get out, right? But… how? They’re stronger than you. All you’ve got is some of your magic, maybe enough for a few volleys. That…

Shizuha squirms in Yuyuko’s lap, shutting her eyes at the steady, rhythmic pressure applied to her chest. If that’s how she turned out when she brought bullets out, will the same happen to you if you try?

Shivering as Murasa presses the bottle a hair deeper, you…

[ ] Let it happen. It’s your only hope of escaping whatever other hell Okina might put you through.

[ ] Ask to ‘serve’ Remilia and Yuyuko. They must be better than this.

[ ] Danmaku, then run. You can’t take this. You just can’t.

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[X] Let it happen. It’s your only hope of escaping whatever other hell Okina might put you through.

[X] Let it happen. It’s your only hope of escaping whatever other hell Okina might put you through.
[X] Let it happen. It’s your only hope of escaping whatever other hell Okina might put you through.

Must be rough being Naoko.
File 160324510195.jpg - (215.62KB, 1258x1071, ayapsread.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Let it happen. It’s your only hope of escaping whatever other hell Okina might put you through.

Wincing, you drop your shaking arms to your sides and let her push through. The lip pushes in, squeezing through you. Kagerou rubs her hands up and down your thighs. She places a soft kiss on your shoulder.

“There, there.”

You grunt, gulping as the neck pushes through your clenching pussy. Murasa leans closer, licking her lips.

Your lip trembles, fighting back a defiant frown only to freeze as those lips approach yours. You shut your eyes, breath quaking. Your body seizes for a second, clenching down on the bottle as she kisses you.

She holds that position, pressing her lips into yours as she twists the bottle, stuffing your cunt just that little bit more. She presses her tongue forward. You gulp and, trembling, part your lips for her. She rolls her head from side to side, shifting her lips and tasting your mouth.

Your chest heaves as you struggle to keep your hands down, to keep from pushing her away. You just, you just need to make it through this. To endure whatever she…

She grunts, pressing down on your tongue. Reluctant, you raise it to press back into her. She hums, rising up to sweep around and bat at yours..

Kagerou nestles into your neck, sniffing your twitching shoulders as Murasa pulls back. With a half-vacant grin, she licks the dripping saliva from her lips.

She flicks her curly black hair aside, then cups your cheek with her spare hand. “C’mon, babe. I’ll make this fun for both of us.” She adjusts her grip on the bottle.

You have only a second to widen your eyes, still catching your breath, before she shoves.

You gasp, muscles locking up as she pounds it into you. Kagerou’s long, pointed fingers leave your thighs to wrap around your breasts and Murasa jams the bottle up to the base of its neck, screwing it just slightly as it sinks all the way in.

You throw your head back, clenching your fists just to keep from pushing back on her. Slowly, haltingly, pulls it back. You hiss, face warming at the wet, squelching noise your body makes, clinging to and clamping down on the retreating neck.

Kagerou’s hands roll around your breasts, gently massaging them.

Murasa grins, then angles the bottle up and down, shoving it back in. Despite it’s hard, unyielding surface and the uncomfortable shape, your pussy welcomes it, dragging it further in. Your stomach clenches even as your heart pounds.

At every turn, your body betrays you.

Slowly, you shake your head. In response, she slows, still smiling. “Relax, babe. Relax.”

Kagerou squeezes your breasts as she nestles her face into your hair.

You turn away, shutting your eyes at the long, heaving breaths she takes.

Murasa rotates the bottle, angling it from side to side, as she pulls it back out. You sigh. She slams it back in, dragging a distressed yelp from your lungs. You clench your hands into fists, chest heaving as she pushes it back through you. Kagerou, still squeezing your breasts, plants another kiss on your shoulder. Your body twitches, stuffed. But Murasa keeps pressing and dragging the bottle through your dripping, squeezing flesh.

Your hips jerk, twitching and bouncing. You need to fight back, or slip away, or, or-You shake your head. No. Just a little longer, just a little…

You squirm around the shifting, pressing bottle. A small, relieved sigh floats up from your tiring lungs as Kagerou eases her grip. Then she lifts your breasts up, pinching your nipples between her fingers.

The pressure’s softer than you expected, her fingers tweak and roll your nipples. Almost playfully.

Your breath hitches, your skin growing warm and wet, as Murasa keeps pounding and twisting the bottle into you. Small shivers roll up and down your spine as Kagerou flicks your nipples between her knuckles.

You gulp as the bottle slows, shifting and shaking, pressing into-

Your back arches, little shivering moans slipping through your lips. Kagerou kisses your neck.

That bottle wiggles, shifting and angling into little-

You gasp, then utter a long, halting groan, as the pleasure recedes. The bottle pauses. Murasa stares into your eyes.

Shaking, you just barely manage to hold your eyes on hers. She frowns.

“That’s it?”

Remilia groans. “All this for that pathetic display? You lot couldn’t do better?”

Yuyuko sighs. “Now, now. It’s not their fault that their partner needs so much more… stimulation.”

Kagerou plants a kiss on your neck. “Oh, do you? How about another round, so I can make you feel even better?”

A hand snakes out from behind Murasa and grabs her shoulder. It then shoves her aside, revealing Aya’s red-faced frown.

“You had your turn, now it’s time for my round with her.”

“Wrh hrh he--iiii!”

Gulping, you glance aside to find Yuyuko sticking a hand down, between Shizuha’s twitching thighs. She flings her head from side to side, shuddering as Yuyuko slips it under her dress.

Murasa sighs. “Alright, fair’s fair.” She pops the bottle free of your pussy and sets it aside.

Kagerou twists your nipples, her nails digging into your skin. “Fine, but I’m getting her next.”

Finally, she lets go of your breasts. Shivering, naked, you rise to your feet. Aya scoots back along the table and beckons you forward. Looking at her, the way she grins, the intense focus in her eyes, you freeze up. She frowns.

“Go get her, babe!”

You glance back to find Murasa giving you a thumbs up. You turn back to Aya.

Gulping, you crawl up onto the table, after her. Grinning, she pats the open space beside her.

She licks her lips. “Lie down here, would you?”

Breathing in, you lower yourself down, then roll into your back, your shoulders rubbing up by Aya’s legs. You take another deep breath, wondering wh-

She swings a leg across, over your head, to drop the knee by your shoulder. Her firm thighs flank you. Her bare pussy hovers over you, her moisture dripping down and landing on your cheeks.

She drops her hands down, on either side of your hips, her breasts hanging just above your quivering stomach. She lowers her head down, licking your twitching pussy. You grit your teeth, struggling against the rising, foggy heat until her hips descend until her own dripping, rank cunt presses into your face.

Each shallow, halting breath fills your lungs with her scent as she kisses your inner thigh, then drags that tongue down. Blinded by her pussy, thighs, and ass, you shut your eyes. The overwhelming, swirling, smothering lust of the room brings a shriek to your lips, only to choke it back down. What sort of hell have you…

She dips between the lips of your pussy, dragging a muffled squeak out of you as she presses her entire body down. Her breasts push into your gut as she rolls her pussy over your face. You writhe beneath her, struggling to pull yourself out. Lifting her tongue back out, she laps up the juices still clinging to your crotch.

Then, as she dips back down, burying her face in your pussy, her thighs snap together, pressing into the sides of your head. You yelp as the pressure builds, as she grinds her legs into you. With her fat pussy still slathering its juices over your lips, her message is clear. Struggling to breathe under her weight, heart pounding, you thrust your tongue inside her.

The pressure eases, but you keep licking. You know what’s expected of you.

Small jolts and shocks run through your body, both of pain and pleasure, as Aya’s tongue digs into you. You grunt and gasp, plunging into her pussy and sucking the juices that flow out from her. Don’t think, just serve. Your body quakes, twitching into and away from Aya’s probing tongue. Your lungs clench and heave. Your muscles ache.

You’re tired. But you must keep going.

You sweep your tongue across the squeezing, quivering edges of her pussy. Corruption pulses out from her, pushing through you like heavy winds.

You need to get her off. Get her off before she…Y

She coos, still tasting and probing your own pussy. You’re hot and wet, but your tongue struggles to keep pushing.

You plunge deep into her, straining to reach as far as you can.

She moans, wiggling her hips and, with them, your head. You groan, but keep pushing, keep pumping.

Her whole body shakes as she pulls back, lifting her tongue out to-

Your tongue falls limp as she sucks on your clit. Then, as she returns to sucking the juices from your cunt, you pound your tongue into hers.

She’s already shaking and moaning, so soon she should-

She screams in pleasure, several long, shuddering quakes rolling up and down her body. Then, she falls limp. You yelp as her sopping wet cunt smothers you, as the entirety of her weight presses into you.

She responds only by squirming atop you. Idly, she drags her tongue over your pussy lips, still drinking up the slow, steady flow of juices you produce.

You grunt, planting your hands against her gut to…

Someone clears their throat. Aya sighs, then pulls herself up, into her knees.

…With her pussy still pressed to your face.

You grunt again and, finally, she slides a leg off. Precious, open air returns to your lungs. You breathe deep, until you feel a pair of hands gripping your sides. You blink, then find yourself dragged upward and into Aya’s naked lap. She grins.

She runs a hand through your hair, then jerks your head forward, smashing her lips into yours. Your stomach lurches at the taste of your own pussy. You yelp as she forces her tongue through your lips. Gripping your hair, she rolls her lips over yours as she bats your tongue around with her own.

She moans, breathing hard but not letting go. Hesitant, you lick at her tongue, more in the hopes of keeping her entertained than anything else. She pops her tongue free and pulls back, licking her lips.

You gasp, breathing hard. She just grins.

“Hey, turn her around! Let’s see the star herself!”

Aya grins, and pushes your shoulders, rotating you until your naked back rests against her firm breasts and hardened nipples.

Remilia cheers. Shizuha freezes, gurgling around the ball between her lips and squirming on Yuyuko’s hand. Something glistens on her face. Yuyuko smiles.

“Hm. Would you be so kind as to give us a better view of this fine lady?” She’s looking over your shoulder, at Aya. “Show us how much you’ve warmed her up, would you?”

Aya chuckles, then fondles your thighs. You turn away, squirming as she peels them apart and presents your pussy to those two women.

She then shuffles her hips forward, pushing you with her, scooting between two plates, until you’re both near the table’s edge. “Why don’t you take a closer look?”

Satono and Mai slip around the corners of your vision, snatching cups and plates off the table around you.

Yuyuko giggles. “Oh, that would just be too crass for someone such as myself~” She clicks her tongue. “But I know a goddess who’s worked so hard to help this girl. Maybe I should reward her?”

“Hwo hweh hahweh! Hwoh! Hwoh!”

You shudder, turning her way as she pulls a shimmering hand out from between Shizuha’s legs. Her hands then slide up the goddess’s arms to hold her by the shoulders. Shizuha twists and shoves her body into Yuyuko. Yuyuko clicks her tongue, then releases one and hurls it across Shizuha’s ass. Shizuha yelps, lurching forward until Yuyuko drags her back.

Yuyuko plants a hand on Shizuha’s head, holding it in place. “Now, now. You know better than to resist me, don’t you?”

Shizuha holds still, sulking.

“Good enough~” Yuyuko grabs both shoulders again and shoves Shizuha forward, until her trembling, gagged face approaches yours.

You shrink back, but Yuyuko just pushes her forward, pressing the hard red ball to your lips. Shizuha winces, her breath falling over your nose. Her breath and… something else. A smell you recognize.

Your own. The scent of your lust, your pussy. Why? How?

Her head shifts, pushed from behind. The ball rolls over your lips, to the point where you feel her own lips graze yours once or twice. Shizuha’s eyes… flutter. She looks at you as her face is mashed into yours, eyelids low. She breathes hard, her spit trailing to your chin.

She wiggles, thrusting her chest forward and-

Yuyuko yanks the goddess’s head back. She screeches, thrashing until Yuyuko’s hand jerks downward, striking her crotch. Gurgling, she hunches forward as Yuyuko returns to rubbing her. Yuyuko giggles, drawing Shizuha close to her wide, soft body.

“You really should learn how to behave around me, you know~”

“Hmhmhm…” Remilia looks you up and down, frowning. “You’re not much of a catch, are you? All soft and frail. Delicate, but not in the way of a refined flower, more…” she leans forward, hovering a hand over your breasts, “like a starved dog, I suppose.”

She snickers. “Still, at least you’ve got one thing going for you.”

You look to her, blinking. She smirks back.


She strikes a hand across your chest, blasting it across your bare breasts. You hiss in pain, squinting until-


You yelp as she backhands your breasts.

“You’ve got a decent pair of tits on you. Good enough to attract a proper owner, I imagine~” her hand slides down your gut, between your legs.

“Oh, Naoko~”

Remilia flinches back. Shuddering, you look up to see, to the left of Remilia and Yuyuko, Kagerou.

Part of her long brown mane drapes over her shoulders, almost reaching the erect brown nipples atop her wide, fat breasts. From there, you find nothing but smooth, bare skin until your eyes reach her hips, where a trio of black straps affix a shiny red cock to her crotch. And judging by the way it shifts as she approaches, it continues past those, inside her.

Remilia snickers, stepping back. “I’ll leave you to your betters.”

A wide grin splits Kagerou’s face, her body shivering, as she steps up and cups your cheek. Gently, she grabs your shoulder and nudges you forward, off of Aya’s lap. Swallowing, you let her turn you around until that cock rubs up against your taint from behind.

Until your neck is nestled between those heavy tits.

Gently, she swivels until both of you face Yuyuko and the girl who’s still twitching and gasping under her ministrations. Then, Kagerou drops down, wiggling her toy cock as she pulls you into her lap. Then, she leans back. As you fall with her, you find Murasa wearing her own sloppy, drunken grin.

And also wearing nothing but a fat, false cock strapped to her crotch. This one colored blue. She steps forward and crouches before you. Leaning forward, she grabs your thighs and lifts them into the air.

There’s a light click to your side, followed by a pop. With one hand, Kagerou grabs and massages your left breast. With the other, she…

Something pushes her dildo away, followed by a pair of hands gripping your ass-cheeks. Blinking, you glance to your sides, finding Mai to your right and Satono to your left. They both offer professional smiles as they peel your cheeks apart. Mai leans close and rubs something wet and slippery into your crack, pushing her fingers into your…

You gulp, shaking your head. Murasa tuts as, folding your legs backward, she lines her cock up with the lips of your pussy. Then, resting it between your thighs, she glances up. “Hey, Aya! Wanna join in?”

Aya slings her naked legs over the table’s edge. “Oh, I suppose I could participate a little~”

Then, grinning at you, she swings up and plants one foot on either side of your stomach. Mai forces her fingers through your asshole, slathering that weird, cool liquid inside you.

Murasa snickers, rubbing her shaft up and down your pussy.

Then, finally, Mai yanks her hand out. You exhale, relieved. Until, as she and Satono step away, Kagerou presses the tip of her dildo into your moistened asshole.

Aya scoots forward and lowers herself down, filling your vision once more with nothing but her pungent, dripping pussy. Then, as her wet slit touches your lips, you--

Kagerou slams her hard, sterile cock up, plunging it inside you. You jerk upward just as Murasa slams hers in, slamming you backward. You yelp, only for Aya to muffle it by dropping her pussy over your face. Gripping your hair, she saws her crotch up and down, trailing her juices over you and mashing her squelching pussy over your nose and mouth.

You grunt, tasting nothing but Aya’s hot, wet pussy as she grinds it up and down your face. Snapping up your hands, she rubs them over her ass as Murasa wiggles her hips, pressing her dildo deeper inside you.

Kagerou roars, her lust clawing and sinking to the hilt. Murasa teeters forward, the tidal wave of her hunger crashing into you. Your pussy clamps down, your ass clenching tight as they pour their desire, their need, deep inside you.

You hear a whistle, followed by the next overbearing wave. Aya’s oppressive lust hangs over you, pinning you down and choking with the steady, dripping flow of her choking desire. You writhe, tossed about by Murasa’s tide, by Kagerou’s fervor, and by Aya’s overbearing musk.

Everywhere you turn, Aya’s pussy finds you. Every breath you catche, Kagerou and Murasa slam back inside you. Your head swims, your heart pounds, your lungs and muscles ache. And somehow, they keep going.

You bounce and twist and strain and gasp. New waves of lust, of greed, and insane, unbearable fervor, crash over you, burrow inside you, and blanket themselves across you.

You grip tight on Aya’s ass-cheeks, clinging to anything for dear life as your body’s smothered and hurled about.

You bounce and groan, still enveloped by Aya’s unrelenting, inescapable pussy. Fluids drench your body, whether sweat, juices, or something else, you’re too far gone to tell. They bead up from your skin, they pour down your throat, and they slip and squelch around slick, rubbery cocks.

Soon, your breathing goes shallow and fast. Sweat pours from your skin as your body quakes. You pant and heave and moan. Your pussy clenches, your ass burns.

With each thrust, each yelp and groan, Aya squeals, sighs, and coos. Your body arches, your legs shaking as your breath catches. Pleasure boils up from your core, flaring through your body, searing through your nerves.

Your body shudders, then quakes, then shudders again. Your breaths, the few you can squeeze between the grinding trips of Aya’s cunt across your face, come short, halting, and shuddering. More wheezes than proper breath.

For a split-second, every part of you freezes, locking up as an explosion rocks your bouncing, heaving body. A scream, almost strangled by the unbearable release, rips and tears its way up your throat, across your tongue, and through your lips.

As the pleasure fades, as the mental haze clears, they’re still thrusting, pounding, and grinding. Soon after, your mind swims and fades.


Some time later, they’d finally fucked you to their satisfaction and peeled themselves off. Those two minions helped you to your feet and returned your kimono. Staggering, struggling to keep yourself upright, you managed to get it over your shoulders and the obi tied around your stomach. It hung loose, exposing some cleavage, but kept you mostly modest.

Okina acknowledged your service and expressed some interest in the effects of her party. Then, with a dismissive wave, she let you go. Whatever it was she had in mind, you were just too tired to care.

From there, you’d staggered through some door or other and found yourself back outside the forest shed. It was over. It was finally, finally over. You had your body back to yourself, at least for now.

Shaking your head, you shove the door open and drop to your knees. Pawing around at the floor, you snatch up your cell key, then find the trap door and lift it open. Almost drunkenly swinging yourself down, onto the ladder, you descend into Shizuha’s… no, your dungeon.

“Naoko? Naoko! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Belts rattle. You step onto the familiar, coarse floor and turn out to find Mystia twisting, tugging on the belts, straining to break free of her chair.

In the cage, Kogasa grips the door, eyes worried. Wriggle slumps in the corner, still locked in those bars. They both flinch as you approach.

“Um, mistress, did you see my other half?”

Shuffling forward, you groan. “No, I didn’t.”

“Oh, okay…”

You turn toward the crates and collapse into the floor, resting against them. A long, tired sigh falls from your worn-out lips.

“Mistress? You look like you need some help. If you let me out…”

You groan, but nod. Pulling yourself back to your feet, you shuffle over to the door and unlock it.

You pull it open, letting Kogasa step through, then shut and lock it again. Wriggle grumbles through her gag.

Kogasa throws her arms around you, then pauses, her hands hovering over your back. She looks into your eyes, uncertain.

Groaning, you nod. She squeals and wraps her arms tight around you, pressing you into her naked bust.

She wiggles from side to side, rubbing your hair. And your ass. She shivers, then lets go of you. Bashful, she glances between you and the the crates. “So, uh… have I been good?”

Despite yourself, you chuckle. “You’ve been…”

A pair of light feet thump into ladder rungs. Spinning around, you find Shizuha climbing down. Dropping to the floor, she levels a dour gaze your way and marches up to you.

You open your mouth, but she presses a finger to it. “Talk later.” She brushes past you, throws the cell door open, she shoves Kogasa inside. Then, shutting it, she grabs your sides and pulls you close.

Nestling her head into your shoulder, she lets out a long, frustrated groan.

“That was disgusting. How could they-how could you let them…” She sighs, pressing her body close. “Naoko, we need to do something. We can’t just let these things happen.”

You rub her back. “We had to, Shizuha. Okina’s not someone you can just ignore.”

Shizuha growls. “Maybe not her. But we can ignore everyone else!”

You blink. “How?”

She shakes her head, inhaling deep. “I-look, you may not like it, but we can just stay here. Where no one can find us. Where no one can find you. Just,” her chest beats against yours, “just for as long as it takes.”

A cold shiver rolls up your body. “And how long would that be?”

“I don’t know, okay? Maybe a few weeks. Maybe longer. Even if it takes forever, wouldn’t that be worth it? There’s too many predators out there. Too many women looking to abuse you, to rape you, to claim…”

She sighs. She’s… clinging awfully tight to you.

She’s not all wrong. If you just kept down here, you might be able to better protect yourself. But do you trust her enough to do that? She’d made a dungeon for you and almost used it. On the other hand, you do still need her help. At least, until you can count on some of your captives more.

You’d chosen to count on her before, but should you keep doing so? Wrapping your arms around her back, you…

[ ] Tenderly reassure her. You’ll still rely on her, regardless of her mistakes or excesses.

[ ] Firmly reassure her. You still want to be her friend, but you need her to work with you first.

[ ] Confine her. Her possessiveness is getting too alarming to ignore.

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[X] Tenderly reassure her. You’ll still rely on her, regardless of her mistakes or excesses.

Tenderize and marinate
[X] Tenderly reassure her. You’ll still rely on her, regardless of her mistakes or excesses.

The soft option.
[x] Firmly reassure her. You still want to be her friend, but you need her to work with you first.
[X] Tenderly reassure her. You’ll still rely on her, regardless of her mistakes or excesses.
File 160435634046.png - (796.28KB, 992x1403, nakedgasa.png) [iqdb]
[x] Tenderly reassure her. You’ll still rely on her, regardless of her mistakes or excesses.

You wrap both arms around Shizuha’s back and press her into your body. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here for you.”

She mutters into your shoulder. “Wasn’t that supposed to be my job?”

You sigh, tired and beaten. It was, wasn’t it? She never got you out of a mess before you’d suffered some abuse, but she did get you out. Eventually. …Sometimes. Is she the best place to put your faith?

Would it be a good idea, even if you could?You shake your head, nuzzling into her neck. “We’ll make it through all this, together. I promise.”

She snorts. “You’re too optimistic, Naoko. Way too optimistic.”

You sigh. “I need you, Shizuha. And you need some cheer. Please, let me…”

She groans, clenching parts of your kimono in her fists. “Someone’s going to take you away from me. Or they’re going to take us both. Something needs to be done before, before…”

She growls, but says nothing more. The two of you stand there, in her dungeon, clinging to one another. Her breath blows across your shoulder, the smell of leaves and pine fill your nose, her modest chest rises against yours, then falls away.

Finally, as her heartbeat slows, you clear your throat. “Why were you at that party, anyway?”

She grumbles. “Why do you think I was? That bitch knew about my cav-” she pauses, “she knew about this… cellar. She knew about you, about the girls, about everything. If I didn’t go, she’d take you away fr-she’d take you… you were right, Naoko. We couldn’t ignore her.” Her arms tighten. “We really couldn’t.”

You pat her back. “At least we’re done, now. She got what she wanted and we got away. I wonder what she wanted, anyway? She seemed like she had some grand plan in mind, but she never told me what it was…”

“Who cares? You saw who was there, didn’t you? Next to them, we were nothing. Nothing but pawns.”

The faintest giggle rises from your lungs. “Then we really are safe from her now, aren’t we?”

Shizuha sags into you. “Her, maybe. But the way everyone else looked at you… You really need to stay down here, Naoko. At least for a few days. At least give them a chance to forget about you, or stop looking in common places, or something.”

Your hands slide from her back to her sides. Gently, you push her back, separating from her. “You didn’t get to finish that supply run, did you?”

She frowns. “No. No, I did not.”

You shuffle over to a crate and drop down onto it. Your crotch aches at the sudden movement and your ass burns as it touches the hard wood, but tense muscles and heavy bones sag in relief. “What do we still need?”

She follows you and drops onto the other crate, resting her elbows on her knees. “Plates, chopsticks, oil, and something to sleep on.”

You cock a brow.

She shakes her head. “I like my leaves, but I don’t like sleeping on them any more than you do.”

You shift your hips, bringing only minor relief to your aching asshole, and glance around the dungeon. Mystia’s sagging into her chair, barely even squirming anymore. Kogasa clings to the bars, her wide, worried eyes focused on you. You drag a long, heavy groan from your worn-out lungs. You’re exhausted, but you can’t rest just yet. You need to take care of these girls.

You drag your aching bones off the crate, wincing at the pain flaring in your ass. Taking a few slow, shaking breaths, you wait for the pain to subside, then shuffle toward the cage. Picking up the key, you lift it to the lock.

“Hey, Naoko. What are you doing?”

You swing back to meet Shizuha’s questioning eyes. “Gotta put Mystia away. I’m sure you’d rather rest, so I’ll use Kogasa instead.”

She frowns, opens her mouth, then shuts it. She sags forward, wrapping her arms around her gut. “Hurry up, then.”

Returning to the door, you unlock it and swing it open.

Kogasa throws her arms out, then, hesitating, pulls them back. Eyes wide and waiting, she clears her throat. “I’m ready to serve, mistress.”

“Good. Get something to restrain Mystia’s hands, then help me peel her out of the seat.”

Kogasa smiles. “Yes, mistress!”

As she scampers off, you turn and shuffle to Mystia. She twists her arms, muscles pulling visibly taut as she struggles with the belts.

“Come on! I can be good, I promise. Just fuck me!”


The back of your hand stings from the blow, but Mystia shudders, her cheek pleasantly red.

Your voice drops, landing just above a whisper. “Do what I say, when I say it. Speak only when spoken to. No questions, no retorts, no complaints. If you ever want to see, feel, or taste my pussy again, you will obey all of this to the letter. Do you understand?”

Gulping, her eyes widen as the color drains from her face. She nods.

You sigh. “Good. Kogasa, did you find something?”

“Right here!” She hops to your side, holding a pair of leather cuffs.

“Good.” You reach down and unbuckle her right wrist from the chair.

She flexes her hand, looking between you and Kogasa. Gulping, she holds it in place as you buckle one of the cuffs around it.

You turn to Kogasa as you move to the other hand. “Hold her.”

She nods, pressing her hands to Mystia’s cuffed wrist. Gingerly, you release the second wrist.

Her hand snaps up, only for Kogasa to catch it. She drags Mystia’s wrists together, in her lap, and buckles the second cuff on. Mystia twists her wrists, pulling at the chain between them.

Then, frustrated, she sighs. You unbuckle her ankles and step back. As she rises from her chair, you stick your finger toward the open cell door.


You clear your throat. Loudly. “What was that?”

Mystia squeaks, then looks away. Kogasa nudges her toward the cell and, reluctantly, Mystia follows.

You follow close behind, watching the subtle twitches of her wings as Kogasa pushes her inside. Kogasa then turns to you.

“Naoko, do you need a hug? Because if you do, I’m here…”

You sigh, then pull her close, feeling her heavy, naked breasts press into you. “I’ll be fine. Just… give me some time.” Patting her back, you let her go and nudge her into the cell, after Mystia.

She hesitates, but heeds your guidance. As she steps in, you take one last peek. Hunched over in the corner, Wriggle locks eyes with you.

She glances away for a moment, then, groaning, her gaze returns. Shuddering, she lowers her head further.

Bowing, it seems.

“Hrheeph. Hweeh hee.”

Looks like she’s remembered her lesson. As a tired grin spreads across your face, you step out of the cell, grab a mix of dried fruits from the bag in the main chamber, and slip back inside.

Idly, you offer a few pieces to Kogasa and Mystia, who eagerly accept them, then turn your attention to Wriggle.

She flinches as you approach, her eyes fixating on your handful of food. With your spare hand, you reach behind her head, and loosen the gag as you did before. Once the ring pops free and hangs from her shoulders, you bring the food closer.

You stop before it reaches her lips, though.

“Now, Wriggle, tell me. Who do you belong to?”

She gulps, parting her lips. Then, clenching her teeth, she shakes her head.

You frown.

She shivers, her antennae flinching. Her breathes come out shallow and uneven. Her lips move, but she says nothing.

You grab her chin, clenching her cheeks between your fingers. “It’s a simple question, slave. Who. Do. You.Belong to?”

She winces and, slowly, bites out the words you’ve longed to hear.

“Y-you. I belong to you.”

Grinning, you let go of her cheeks and bring the fruits closer. Shuddering, she buries her face in your hand, eating them from your palm one at a time. As she does, you-

“Bed’s ready, Naoko! Let’s get some sleep!”

You flinch. Wriggle scrambles to stuff the remaining food into her mouth as you turn to find Shizuha stumbling to the cell door. She strides in and grabs your kimono. “C’mon. We gotta… do the thing, the shopping, tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep.”

Gripping fiercely tight, she starts dragging-

Kogasa grabs her arms, throwing them off. “Let her go! She’s…”

You wave Kogasa away. “It’s fine. I… I need to sleep, anyway.”

Wordlessly, Shizuha nods and grabs your hand. The two of you drag your weary bodies to her autumn-colored cushion and collapse into it. As the blanket forms over you, Shizuha wraps her arms tight around your stomach.

You wheeze, struggling to breath under her vice-like grip.

“Um, Shizuha. Ease up a little, would you?”

She mutters something you don’t understand, but her grip slackens. As you drift off, an odd thought strikes you.

She’s still wearing her dress, this time.


Shizuha’s hands slide off your gut and, with a rustle, she throws the leafy blanket off. You groan, one hand sliding down your side to rub your crotch. Your pussy and ass still ache from the party, utterly used and worn. Blearly, you rub your eyes and glance over the dimly-lit hole that is Shizuha’s ‘secure storage.’ A handful of loose belts litter the floor, but at least all the captives are still trapped in her cell.

Or is it yours, now?

She stretches, then stares down on you. “Wait right here for a moment, would you?”

You shrug. “Sure.”

“Good.” She swings up onto the ladder, then climbs up and out, closing the door behind her.

You lie back a moment, until...

“Um, you guys have something for breakfast, right?”

You blink, glancing to the cage. Kogasa clings to the door. “‘Cause I’m feeling a little hungry, and Mystia…”

Mystia presses herself to the bars beside the door, legs squirming. She nods.

You sigh and shuffle over to the sack, sling it over your shoulder, then approach the cell.

Snapping up the key, you raise it toward its hole. Gripping the sack as you slot it in, you…


Kogasa jerks back from the door. She squeals, twisting and squirming.

“Kogasa, what are you…”

She flinches, then yelps. Shuddering, she gasps. “My, other, half. Someone, hurting…” She gulps and falls back into the cell. She pants.

You twist the key, open the door, and reach for her to…

A hand snatches your wrist and yanks you out, then shuts the door. You turn to see Shizuha’s scowl.

“Come on, Naoko. We’re leaving.”

You blink. She groans.

“The supply run, Naoko. I need you sleeping somew… we’re not sleeping in my leaves again.”

“Weren’t you able to do that on your own before? What are you…”

She tugs on your wrist, dragging you toward the ladder. “We’re leaving, Naoko. Now.”

“But, you, her…” You turn from Shizuha to Kogasa and back. Sighing, you wait for her to let go, then follow her up, into the shed proper.

She stops at the door, studying your face. She frowns and peels open a crate. A swarm of warm-colored leaves flutter out and swirl around you. Clinging to your body, they take the shape of a heavy traveling cloak with a low hood.

She turns to the door. “Wear that. It should conceal your identity, at least.”

You poke at the leaves, hesitant. You saw what they did to Kogasa, how she tried to use them on you. Do you dare trust them now?

But what if it does help obscure your identity? If you’re going out into the open, even to the human village, that would help you. Gulping, you let it go and, as she opens the door, you follow her into the woods.

With her guiding you through the woods, you take a moment to breathe in and close your eyes, feeling out the world around you. Small scatterings of lust dot the skies, urging you to hold the dubious cloak close, even as you’re brought to the open road.

Eyes fluttering open, you watch the trees and after about a half hour, the approaching walls. Passing through the gates, you join the bustling throng. Shizuha pushes through it and you follow behind. She moves from the food stalls to tailors and toolmakers. Twitching, you glance around, eyes peeled for horns, ears, and other oddities. A quick feeling out reveals several dangerous youkai among the crowds. You hold close to Shizuha and keep your voice low.

“I don’t need to be here. How about you take care of this while I…”

Shizuha pulls you to her side. “I don’t like it either, but I, I… need you. We’ll be out of here just as soon as we…” She pulls you to a small tailor’s shop. Stepping through the curtain, you find a series of loose fabrics hanging behind the counter. On your side, you find sashes, ribbons, a few small cloths, and a couple futons hanging from the walls.

Behind the counter stands a man with a rugged, aged face, wearing a simple brown kimono.

You step up to the counter, glancing at the futons. “Excuse me, ms. How much is-”

Shizuha muscles her way in front of you. “We want the futon. How much?”

“Why, you’re in luck. It’s only 500 ryo.”

Shizuha’s eyes narrow. You clear your throat.

“Maybe we could-”

“200. We’ll take it for 200.”

The man flinches. “200? Are you crazy? 475, maybe. But there’s no way I could sell it for so little!”


You pat yourself down. You’ve got nothing to add.

“Look, lady. These may not be the most elaborate works, but they’re worth well more than that. Perhaps 460?”

Shizuha growls, looking into a pocket in her dress. “...208.”

You don’t recall seeing pockets on it before.

The man groans. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I really can’t go that low. Perhaps you’d be interested in something smaller? A cute bow, perhaps?”

Shizuha growls, grabs your wrist, and turns on her heel. Dragging you outside, she works her way through the streets to another shop, to similar results. Visibly agitated, she prowls the districts until you catch a head of blonde hair with cat ears, bouncing in your direction. You jerk Shizuha to the side and slip around the corner, flattening yourself up against a wall.

Shizuha follows your eyes, the flinches. She pulls you close, glaring at the cat-eared woman until she turns away. She breathes slow and heavy. “Don’t worry, Naoko. I won’t let them take you away.”

Slowly, the two of you return to walking the streets, but Shizuha keeps you close to her body, now. She searches the streets for another tailor as you search your memories for other stores.

Nothing comes up and she finds very…

“Naoko? Is that you?”

You suppress a scream and, shaking, turn around. Some woman with curly red hair approaches you, a familiar, inky sensasion floating off her. “It is. Oh, I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s you! Say, how about you ditch the blondie and come with me?”

You cling to Shizuha. “I, um, I’m busy. I need to find-”

“She’s not ditching anyone.” Shizuha turns and tugs you away.

“Wait! Please, just a moment. I need to…”

Shizuha starts jogging, then sprinting. You stumble forward, pumping your legs to keep up. Slowly, the corruption bleeds away into the murky background noise of the village. Eventually, the two of you slow down and return to a moderate pace. Shizuha returns to scanning buildings when you remember something.

“I have a futon back at my house. Perhaps we could-”

Shizuha stops. “Of course. That useless dump. We’ll strip it down and sell it. Whatever we need, we take to the shed. Sell everything else.”

“It’s not a dump. I need somewhere to live, Shizuha.”

“Of course, you do. That’s what the futon’s for.”

You blink. “What?”

Shizuha groans. “They know where your house is now, remember? You can’t live or sleep there, so we get your futon and move it somewhere you can live.”

You grumble, but start working your way toward the neighborhood you lived in. “Not the dungeon, though. That’s just a temporary measure.”

“Yeah. Right.”

Silence falls. Finally, the two of you break away from the markets into nicer, more residential streets. As a result, the presence of corruption fades. No youkai live in the village, as far as you’re aware, so very few venture into these parts. Eventually, the finer houses give way to smaller, more spartan ones and, eventually, to…

“Oh, my my. How strange to see you two here.”

Shizuha locks up. Shaking, you turn around.

A serene smile adorned in fluffy pink hair glances back. A frilly, light blue dress cascades over rounded breasts and a full, not-quite plump figure.

Spinning a familiar, purple umbrella in her hands. One with a big eye and a fat tongue.

Yuyuko steps forward. “I do apologize if I’m interrupting something, but I really must insist on a little chat, young woman.”

“What is-”

Shizuha pulls you tight to her side. “What is it?”

Yuyuko keeps her eyes fixed on you. “Have you been doing well, lately?”

Shizuha takes a step back. “We’ve been fine.”

The umbrella… squirms in Yuyuko’s hands. She gives it a hard jerk. It flinches, then stills.

She says nothing. Her eyes don’t leave you.

You gulp. “We’ve done okay.”

“Why, that’s great to hear~” Slowly, her smile fades. “Now, I do believe you owe me the other half of this umbrella.”

“I… do, do I?”

Her eyes narrow to slits. She frowns. “Are you sure that’s a question you wish to ask? Do you want me to forward it to my gardener? Why, I’m sure she’d love to tell you all about it.”

Gardener… Someone working for Yuyuko… Kogasa… Oh, the swordswoman.

Oh. That… had gone poorly.

Shizuha lets out an exasperated gasp. “We’ll give you the umbrella. Actually, how about a sparrow and a bug? We’ll give you those too!”

Yuyuko shakes her head. “So, Naoko. Will you deliver what you owe, or will you learn what it’s like to cross the ‘queen of the dead’, as you so eloquently put it?”

You lick your lips. Should you? Without her, all you really have is Shizuha. And Shizuha won’t work with Mystia or Wriggle. How far dare you trust her?

Shizuha nudges you. “Yes, we will. We’ll give her-”

“Well, Naoko?”

Shizuha’s glowering at Yuyuko, but that woman’s eyes and her endless light, airy smile remains fixed on you. You glance between them. “Is there… no other way to repay you?”

Yuyuko’s face darkens. “Oh? You’re not so ridiculous as to try to take her place, are you? Think carefully, little girl.”

“You’re not getting h…” Fant, glowing butterflies rise into the air. Staring daggers, Shizuha closes her mouth.

Is it ridiculous? You were powerless to help the swordswoman, but you doubt Yuyuko cares. You need to do something. To think of something. Failing to appease Yuyuko is…

Dangerous, to say the least.

But Kogasa’s easily your most helpful captive and the only one who’s shown herself ready to truly help you.. And if you just sold her off, how would that affect the obedience of the others?

Despite her tone, maybe you could try to bargain, somehow? As much as the thought terrifies you, offering to take her place temporarily may just appease her enough to let you keep the umbrella.

Shaking, you…

[ ] Give up Kogasa. You need to keep some captives, but you can’t take any chances with Yuyuko.

[ ] Give up all your captives. If you’re giving up Kogasa, you may as well go all the way and make Shizuha happy, too.

[ ] Bargain. You need Kogasa and you need Yuyuko happy. Any risks or sacrifices to that end are worth it.

[ ] Refuse. You’re not risking what little power you have for anything.

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[X] Bargain. You need Kogasa and you need Yuyuko happy. Any risks or sacrifices to that end are worth it.

I want to see a disaster
[x] Bargain. You need Kogasa and you need Yuyuko happy. Any risks or sacrifices to that end are worth it.
[X] Bargain. You need Kogasa and you need Yuyuko happy. Any risks or sacrifices to that end are worth it.
File 160556527311.png - (924.99KB, 800x1200, proudyuyu.png) [iqdb]
[x] Bargain. You need Kogasa and you need Yuyuko happy. Any risks or sacrifices to that end are worth it.

You gulp. “Ms. Yuyuko, would you… consider a compromise?”

Her eyes remain narrow, but she doesn’t say no.

You rub your arms. “Perhaps, perhaps…” The thought sends jittery twitches crawling up and down your body, but to keep Kogasa… “What if I did take her place, just for a moment? Would you let us both go then?”

The umbrella… shudders, somehow. Yuyuko giggles, taking a step closer.

Shizuha growls, then pulls you close. She whispers, “she’s not worth it, Naoko. You have-”

Yuyuko pushes her aside, still twirling the umbrella. Wearing a soft but foreboding smile, she leers down over you. “Do you have any idea what you’re suggesting, little girl? You know just what she did to my poor gardener, don’t you? Are you sure you can handle her… punishment?”

Your breath shakes. Idly, you slide a hand down to your hips. Your ass and pussy still ache from yesterday. Whatever she has in mind…

You shake your head, chest still quaking. You glance back to Shizuha. She frowns, eyes fixed on you. Kogasa’s the only girl other than her that you can even begin to trust. If you lose her, you’ll need to depend entirely on Shizuha’s reliability and good will.

She huffs, stilling glaring at you from the corner of her eye. That’s… not a gamble you’re ready to make.

You breathe in, then out. You turn to Yuyuko. The umbrella’s spin slows as she fixes her eyes on you. It winces, still wiggling ever so slightly.

“I, I can take it. Whatever I must.”

Her eyes widen, slowly. “All for a girl who raped you?”

You shudder. “Yes.”

To keep her.

She hums, twirling the umbrella again. “Such a curious proposition. Hm…”

“This is a bad idea, Naoko. You’ve got me. Why are you even-”

Yuyuko giggles. “No. This little umbrella abused my favorite servant.” She squeezes the umbrella shaft. It quivers. “I can reduce her penance, but nothing more. That’s not a problem, is it?”

You rub your arms. None of this sounds good, but… “That’s f-”

Shizuha grips your shoulder. “How long? When will Naoko be back?”

Yuyuko glances between the two of you, her expression worryingly flat. Slowly, you nod, silently requesting an answer.

She tuts. “You will be back before sunset tomorrow.” She extends a hand out. “Now, let’s fetch that little scamp, shall we?”


You both turn to Shizuha. She glares at Yuyuko. Yuyuko tuts. “Again? Do tell me, little goddess. What wise thoughts do you have this time?”

Shizuha flinches back, then clears her throat. “I-I’ll get her. You just… wait by, um, her forge. The one outside the village. The last thing we need is to make a scene.”

Yuyuko shakes her head. “Do be quick, then. I’d hate to think of what I’d do if you wasted any more of my time~”

Wordlessly, Shizuha nods and turns on her heel.

Yuyuko smiles, then places a firm hand on your shoulder. Propping the umbrella under her opposite arm, she waits for Shizuha to disappear.

“I do wonder what you see in her. Is it her firm ass, or her small tits?”

You turn away. “She protected me, when no one else did.”

She giggles. “So noble~ But why do you still keep her close. It’s that you prefer submitting to others, is it?”

“No. Why would you even…”

Yuyuko links arms with you. “This way~” She nudges you forward, through the streets. An awkward silence falls as she glides through the crowds, to the gate, and out onto the open roads. From there, she scoops you up and lazily drifts over the roads. Before you know it, she’s taken you off the major roads and straight to Kogasa’s home.

Finally, she stops just outside the fenced-in forge.

She hums, still holding your arm close. You glance around, looking out either for Shizuha, or signs of predators nearby.

There’s the occasional blip, the hint of a threat, but the wait is otherwise uneventful. Even as the sun climbs ever so slowly toward its peak, you merely stand there, waiting. You shift a little, finding Yuyuko’s arm pinning you tight to her. Idly, your spare hand wanders to your ass, massaging the cheeks.

“You weren’t a very good waitress, were you?”

You turn to Yuyuko. She keeps her eyes on the trail leading out from the house. She clicks her tongue.

“I’m sure that any other girl could have gotten us our refreshments much sooner, for one. And your choice of sake, really.”

You groan. “I did my best.”

She sighs. “I do believe your best would have been to let that poor sailor have what she wanted.”

Your hips squirm at the reminder, still sore. “But she got what she wanted! Everything she…”

She tuts. “I would jump at the chance to please, were I in your shoes. It would serve you much, much better.”

What do you even say to that? Give up on your life, your autonomy, completely? An awkward silence descends, stretching from seconds to minutes. Eventually, a sound catches your attention.


You focus your eyes on the trail. Shizuha appears, leading Kogasa on a rustic-colored leash, with a matching blindfold wrapped tight to the girl’s face.

And still, those round, heavy tits hang from her otherwise naked body. She shivers, turning her head this way and that.

Shizuha groans, steps behind her, and shoves her in your general direction. Blind, Kogasa stumbles forward but, somehow, manages to right herself. Finally, Yuyuko lets go of you to grab her bare shoulders.

Kogasa gulps. “Wh-where am I? Who is…”

Shizuha huffs. “There. She’s yours. You can keep her for all I care.”

Yuyuko’s eye twinkles. “Someone’s been a naughty, naughty girl. Now, what does she…”

Shizuha steps up to you and pulls you close. “You’re really doing this, Naoko? You’re trusting that bitch more than me?”

You keep your voice low, matching hers. “We can’t just ignore her, Shizuha. If she’s not satisfied-”

“You could have just given her Kogasa. We don’t need her. We never needed her. If you just trusted…”

Yuyuko clears her throat. Reluctantly, Shizuha pulls away.

Holding a firm grip around Kogasa’s shivering body, Yuyuko beckons to the sky. “Time to fulfill your promise, Naoko~”

You give one last, apologetic smile to Shizuha, then march up to Yuyuko. Shizuha glowers at Yuyuko and stomps off. Yuyuko wraps her arms around Kogasa and lifts up, into the air. “This way.”

Inhaling, you pull yourself into the air after her. Slow and wobbling, you float in her general direction.

Leaves descend from the air, first one at a time, then in small flurries.

Yuyuko looks down, frowning. “Do hurry up, Naoko. I don’t have…”

“Leave this to me!”

Kogasa breaks out of Yuyuko’s arms and floats down to you. She smiles at you, her leash and blindfold completely gone. Scooping you out of the air, she turns and swoops back up, soaring after Yuyuko. She cradles you close to her tits as she catches up.

Yuyuko looks down on you, her eyes open wide. She still holds Kogasa’s umbrella close to her body. She shakes her head and leads you to a great gate in the sky.

The same one you’d followed Youmu through when you left. Yuyuko shoves the gate open and sails through it.

On the other side, Kogasa carries you over the great stone stairs. As she crests them, you have a moment to witness the sprawling estate before you as she drops to her feet. Then, still carrying you, she follows Yuyuko down the wide, well-paved path to her mansion. Oddly, you can’t find a single guard, servant, or visitor around.

Faint, wispy mists and pale lights hang in the air. They cling to the walls and rise from the ground. With every step, you feel the presence of something watching you.

Kogasa gulps. “Um, that umbrella you’re holding. My umbrella. Could I have it back?”

Yuyuko shakes her head, giggling. “No, I don’t think so~”

“But, it’s a part of me! Literally!”

Yuyuko fondles the umbrella shaft. “Oh, I know~” One hand slides up, into the spokes, eliciting a faint, quivering yelp.

Kogasa cringes, shrinking back. “N-nevermind…”

Yuyuko smiles, then steps inside. “This way.”

Kogasa’s eyes wander around the wide hallway. “W-where are we going?”

Yuyuko titters. “Oh? You don’t know?”

“Shizuha just told me I was going away, so…”

“Well, why don’t you wait and see? I’m sure you’ll love what I have in store.”

Kogasa shudders.

You clear your throat. “I can walk, Kogasa.”

“Oh, right!” Kogasa giggles, abashed, and sets you on your feet.

Yuyuko leads the two of you through some wide, empty hallways and into a small, secluded room. She sets the umbrella down, outside the room. As she shuts the door behind you, you look around.

The room itself is similarly sparse, save a pile of rope in a near corner and a wooden, triangular object against the far wall. One with a shining metal tip running along the top. Yuyuko pats the wall between you and the hallway you entered from, across from the triangle.

“Over here, girls.”

You walk up to the wall. With both hands planted over her bare crotch, Kogasa follows you.

Yuyuko clears her throat. “Naoko, remove your clothing.”

Your face warms. “Wh-”

Yuyuko claps her hands, the room almost vibrating from the impact.

“Your clothing, Naoko. Remove it.”

“Y-yes, ma’am.” Shaking, you untie and discard your kimono. Yuyuko taps her feet. You remove your bra and panties too.

“Good. Now, both of you, kneel.”

You drop to your knees. Kogasa looks to you. You nod. She follows suit, settling down beside you.

Yuyuko hums, then strides to the pile of rope. Picking up a long strand, she coils it around her arm and walks back around, behind you. Humming, she folds the rope in half and slings it around your chest, just above your breasts. You quiver as she hooks it around itself behind your back and pulls it back around, beneath your breasts. She crosses the strands again and pulls them up, twisting them around each other as she winds it between your breasts. Then, tugging hard, she knots them into the upper rope.

“Um, Naoko. If you want her to stop…”

Yuyuko tuts, leaning over your shoulder. “If you want to keep your little umbrella, I suggest you muzzle her. Soon.”

You gulp, struggling to stay calm as the ropes bite into your breasts. “It’s… fine, Kogasa. We just need to, to what she says.” You shudder, wiggling as she pulls the ropes up and over your shoulders, then ties them into the knot on your back. “Whatever she says. If, if we do…” She pulls your arms behind your back and folds them together.

Kogasa shudders. “I don’t like where this is going…”

Yuyuko brings the ropes further down. You take a deep breath. “I’m ordering you to obey her, Kogasa.”


Yuyuko winds the ropes around your arms, lashes your wrists to your elbows, then brings the ropes up your sides. You wiggle your back as she lashes the ropes beneath your breasts, then the ones above them. Then, finally, she brings them back to the central knot and ties them off.

She wanders off, grabs a couple smaller coils of rope and brings them back. Kneeling down, she lifts one of your legs up. She keeps it folded as she winds the rope around it. Then, as it reaches the knee, she lashes the ropes together, one strand at a time, until she reaches your ankles, where she ties it off.

She ties the other leg in a similar manner, then steps back. You look back up at her, twisting in the ropes. She was… thorough. The ropes dig into your arms, your chest, your back… even your legs. It feels oppressive, overbearing, and so, so tight.

You flex your hands as she returns to the rope and brings it to Kogasa.

Kogasa yelps as Yuyuko gets started. “Um, uh, Naoko. I don’t know…”

Yuyuko turns a narrow gaze to you. You whimper. “O-obey me, Kogasa!”

Kogasa flinches as Yuyuko works the ropes. “Yes, ma’am!”

Yuyuko raises a brow as she winds the ropes around Kogasa’s soft, naked flesh.

Still, Kogasa keeps squirming with each loop and knot, pushing out those fat tits, pinning her arms to her back and, eventually, her legs to themselves.

Finally, Yuyuko steps back and smiles. The kind of smile that makes your skin crawl. “Good, now stay still and think about what you’ve done, okay?”

You lean back, feeling the ropes bite and creak at even the slight movement. “Yes, Ms. Yuyuko.”

Kogasa grunts, then tilts slightly to her side, toward you. “What did I-”

Yuyuko tuts as she picks up an angular, flat stone from beneath the ropes and carries it toward you. Gently, she lowers it into your lap. You take a sharp breath as its weight sinks into your legs, almost hard enough to grind them into the floor.

She picks up another one and holds it over Kogasa’s legs. “You should thank this generous young woman, you know. Both of these were meant for you~”

She unceremoniously dumps it into Kogasa’s lap, then presses her foot into it. Kogasa squeals.

“You really don’t remember the lovely young woman you assaulted? Why, do you know that, even now, she avoids going out without my presence?” Kogasa groans as Yuyuko leans forward, sinking more of her weight into the girl’s lap. She strokes Kogasa’s chin and forces her wincing gaze upward. “Now, tell me, why is she so afraid?”

Kogasa grunts. “D-did I do something?”

Yuyuko growls. “Cute young maiden. Short, white hair. Excellent with landscaping and swordplay. Strong, but easily flustered. Ring a bell?”

Kogasa shudders. “O-oh, her… I’m sorry! I thought she, I really, really thought she wa-”


You wince as Kogasa’s head jerks hard to the side, blasted aside by Yuyuko’s open palm. Clearing her throat, Yuyuko steps back and walks around to the door. Then, sliding it open, she steps outside.

The door slides closed, leaving the two of you alone, naked and constricted. You shift your hips, struggling to find a way to make the weight of the stone and the growing soreness in your legs more bearable.

It’s of little use. Your legs hurt, the ropes bite into your skin with every shift or twitch, and each breath comes out a little more ragged than the last.

Kogasa trembles. “I-I-I… I had no idea. I swear. I swear, I swear.”

You lean back. Your whole body aches. This, this is… fine. If this is all Yuyuko has in mind. You can, you can…

The door slides open again. Yuyuko strides in, carrying a long whip. Your eyes widen and in response, she grins. Shutting the door, she steps up to you and cracks it just by your thighs.

You flinch.

She steps to your side and…


It rips across Kogasa’s breasts. She yelps. Yuyuko hauls back and strikes it across Kogasa again. She whimpers.

She hauls back again. Giggling.


You screech as it tears across your chest. Searing pain blossoms in-


You gasp, hissing from the blow.

Yuyuko lets out a happy sigh. “Do you know how long it took me to get her out of the house after the little stunt you two pulled?”

You shiver, legs burning. “I, I tried to help, Yuyuko. I sw-”


You scream as your breasts burn, searing from her blow. You clench your eyes shut as she pulls back for the next one.

“I recall giving you one single task, Naoko. One thing you had to do. Did you do it?”

You look down, shuddering. “I, I tried. Really, I did everything I-”

The whip blasts across your breasts again. You screech. You lean forward, gasping for air. Sweat drips from your panting lips and down your burning breasts. She places the whip to your chin, forcing your eyes up, toward hers.

She frowns. “Did you do it?”

You wince. “N-no. Ms. Yuyuko. I, I didn’t.”

She huffs and turns away, planting her foot on your stone, digging it deeper into your burning legs. Even as she whips Kogasa, all you feel is relief that it’s not you. Even as Kogasa screams and squeals in pain, as she flinches and, fruitlessly, tries to squirm away from the blows.

The whip cracks across Kogasa’s poor body one last time, then stills. “And you. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please, have mercy! I’m begging you!”

Yuyuko tuts, then lifts the rock off her lap. “Very well, I shall let you go~”

Her tone, almost sing-songy, makes your gut sink. And judging by Kogasa’s shivers, she’s felt it too.

Yuyuko squats down and grabs Kogasa. Single-handedly lifting her into the air by her harness, she turns and strides to the triangular… thing.

Kogasa squirms as they approach, her ropes almost burrowing into her. “Wait, wait! What is that? What-”

Yuyuko lowers her down, centering Kogasa’s crotch on the metal tip as she lets go. Kogasa screams. Her bound legs hanging off either side as she shudders in pain.

She screeches as Yuyuko whips her from behind. You flinch away as the whip cracks across her back another couple times. Kogasa wiggles, desperate to avoid the blows.

“Hmhmhm~” Yuyuko turns back to you and approaches in slow, languid steps. With Kogasa still shifting and grunting behind her, she lifts the stone off your lap and sets it beside you.

You sigh in appreciation, however much your legs still hurt. She kneels and leans forward. Gripping your hips, she scoots you toward her, then stands up and steps back.

“Turn around for me, would you?”

Muscles tense, you nod and… and what? You wiggle your hips and twist your bound legs. Yuyuko growls. You wiggle harder. Eventually, you shift around until you’re facing the wall opposite her.

“Good. Now, bend over for me, would you?”

With your face obscured from her, you dare to mouth a silent protest. You close your locked hands into fists. Once more, you’re at a loss of how to proceed. Without any degree of control over your arms or legs, you can only rock your hips back and forth.

Yuyuko lets out a condescending sigh. Then, gripping your hip with one hand, she grabs your head with the other and shoves you forward, into the tatami floor. You yelp, then grunt as you land.

Finally, she strokes your ass. You shiver at the attention. That, from someone in her mood, is never, never-

Her hand slides off your ass and slips between your thighs, rubbing your hood. You gasp, shuddering as she slides her fingers between the lips.

“Now, tell me, Naoko. You also abused my gardener, didn’t you? If you would be so kind, I would love to hear what possessed you do think of such a thing~”

You clench your eyes shut as she pushes her thin, delicate fingers further inside you. Even as soft as they are, your well-worn pussy aches at the pressure. “I, I… I had no choice!”


You yelp as her hand strikes your ass. “No choice but to rape my gardener?”

You gulp, heart pounding. “She was already…”

She strikes your ass again. You squeal. She slides her fingers, slowly, in and out. “Oh? Was she going to do something to you? How terrible. But I’m sure my precious gardener’s purity was less important, wasn’t it?”

You grunt. “She was already fucking her! All I could do was take her more gently, I-”

Her backhand blasts across your ass, followed by a vicious open palm. You scream, then shudder as slaps your sore pussy, then shoves her fingers back in.

“And your reason for helping this terrible girl beforehand?”

You whimper. “I, I had to. She…”

The fingers slow. She doesn’t spank you. “Oh? Please, do tell~”

“She, she was…”

“I’m sorry, Mistress!”

You blink. The fingers slide out.

“I… I shouldn’t have gotten you into so much trouble. I’m, I… I’ll do better next time, I swear!”

“Mistress?” Yuyuko wipes her slick, sticky fingers over your thighs. “Tell me, little umbrella. Just what are you to her?”

“I’m her, her…” Her voice audibly warms. “I’m her cute little slave, right Naoko?”

You pant, your body aching. “Yes. That’s, what she… is. To me.”

She laughs, her voice high and haughty. “Oh-ho-ho. Well, in that case…”

Those fingers stroke your ass again.

“How about you take responsibility for your property’s misbehavior, hm?”

You blink. Twisting your head, you glance back to the triangle. Kogasa sags atop it, sweating. Catching your gaze, she tries to smile back, but it’s strained. She’s breathing hard. That…

That metal strip is wedged awfully tight against her pussy. That has to hurt.

You… can’t possibly take her place, can you? To sit there, like that… you shift your bound chest. To endure all that pain, for Kogasa? No, you can’t. Impossible.

Sure, she’d probably love it if you did. Maybe you could somehow hold it over her afterward, make her do something she’d otherwise refuse to. But there’s no way it could possibly be worth that kind of pain.

Could it?

Would that be worth it?

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